How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

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Mr. Karl B. Hensel

Subject: Misinformed readers

There is no such thing as a descent home inspection! It either was done properly or not. All homes should have every system evaluated including the appliances that are staying with the home.


Subject: Home Inspections

I just read through your article and one thing that is not checked is the stove, your article shows the stove being checked. A little misleading when first checking out this article.

Bert Hull

Subject: home inspections

Sonya, I'm a home inspector. I always check the stove and range, as well as all appliances. I even check the microwave for leaks, not just that it heats up a glass of water quickly. Maybe your home inspector was not as thorough and did not follow state requirements (if your state has requirements and licensing). Not all states do.


Subject: RE: home inspections

We are in the process of selling our home and the inspector our buyers used checked the oven and stove and even made note of one of the burners taking longer to heat up in the report. I guess it all depends on how thorough the inspector is.

Jay H

Subject: It may depend on your local

It may depend on your local jurisdiction. I am a home inspector in Oregon and we test all built-in kitchen appliances including the range/stove.


Subject: home inspections

when I purchase my home and again when I sold my home, inspector checked everything including working condition of all of the appliances.


Subject: home inspection

1.-what is the average price for a Home inspection in Garden Grove,CA ?
2.- do I need to take a check or will the inspection will be paid through escrow?
3.-I want to give my agent the information on the inspector I choose wil that be ok or does she have to choose for me?

David Bonilla

Subject: Home Inspector

I've read your article about home inspectors..especially the comments from a Juan Jimenez. All Home inspector don't have to belong to a professional inspectors association. Inspectors do not have to purchase a membership to be consider legitimate. In Texas we go through a 430 hours of studying, and testing. We take a National and State Test, Passing is not a gimme... We're required to have insurance (E&O), we're fingerprinted, and background check by the state. All with continuing education to keep our license. It's not cheap to be an inspector in Texas. People want cheap. they should try and go get licensed, then they won't complaint, when they have to pay a real Home Inspector.

Victor M DaGraca

Subject: Home Inspectors

"you really don't need to consider which association your inspector purchased a membership from".....

"Any reputable home inspector should follow the guidelines of the association he or she is a member of, all of which have a standard of practice for examining all aspects of a home"

Perhaps you should also include that Inspectors that are State Licensed have state issued guidelines that they "MUST" follow, regardless of Association "standards of Practice"

Phil Thomasson

Subject: Your services & information

Supposedly, I'm a member. I don't even know how to check out my reputation with your firm. I know some of your information is in error. $250 for an inspection is absurd--even for a small condo. Do you have any idea of the educational and background requirements for a home inspector in Nevada?---not to mention the cost for E and O insurance.

Unfortunately, most people want the most for paying the least. All they want is a cheap inspection. And Real Estate agents usually have 3 requirements; Inspectors should be 1. cheap 2. fast 3 and somewhat blind. Even though agents do not pay for the inspection, they expect inspectors to wait for escrow to close before being paid, e.g. "lets make sure there's enough money to pay THEIR commission first.

Michael Jesse
Michael Jesse

Subject: Cost of a home inspection

This article has been updated with more current price estimates.  According to recent reviews submitted by Angie's List members, home inspections typically cost between $375 and $550.  And as with all professions, the cheapest price may not be the best choice.

Mike Chamberlain

Subject: This article

"Most home inspectors in the United States don't require a special license, nor are they regulated at the state level." This is an incorrect statement as 31 states in the U.S do require home inspectors to be licensed.Check with your states licensing agency to see if your state is one of them.

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It's a little unusual to do this except in cases of fixer-upper properties but you should call a local general contractor with experience renovating/remodeling homes in the neighborhood.  They'll know the typical problems with the homes there and what to look out & budget for.  For example, here in San Antonio many of the homes built in the mid-fifties to 60's have lead drains that were not put in properly or were installed in such a way that repairs are not quick or cheap.  Many homes even older have the same drains but seem to be less hassle to repair.  Homes in my neighborhood have a problem with improper supply lines (wrong type of copper) which break due to corrosion.  Just make sure the contractor you hire to go over the property with you has done significant work on homes in the area on similar homes.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services
It really depends on where you are and the type of work.  In Texas most home inspectors are only trained in general areas of interest and have no detailed knowledge of construction practices.  Some do after having carrerrs in other fields including engineering or as general contractors/home builders.  If you are wondering if a completed job was done in a professional manner appearance wise and have minor concerns an inspector can help you.  If it is more extensive hire professionals from the different fields to inspect the respective work.  Plumber for the plumbing, electrician for electrical, etc.  An experienced GC or inspector can do an initial inspection and advise you whether you should have the concerns further investigated by the trades.  Remember, they can't tell much about what they can't see so framing and insulation concerns will be hard to verify.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services
San Antonio, TX