How Much Does a Haircut Cost?

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Subject: Hair Cut Prices

I was charged $45 for getting my long hair cut. While I found that reasonable, I thought it was outrageous to pay $45 to get it trimmed a couple months later at the same salon

Victoria Melton

Subject: price of trim

Hello Kristen, I read your post and I wanted to comment on your concern about feeling over charged for a trim. There is no difference in the procedure and or process when you cut 5 inches of someones hair and when you cut one half inch . I understand you didnt know this and that is why you felt this way, I have been a licensed and working Cosmetologist for 32 years, And it is true the stylist does the very same thing on both the haircut and the trim. So they of course they would charge you the same price. The salon i previously worked for charged extra for hair that was longer than usual. In every process there would be added money for color haircut, blowdry all of these services would cost you more because of your long hair. So maybe you did ok as the pricing goes. I also thought i should tell you a bit about these stylist , the scissors they use are very expensive . mine cost over $500.00 i use three pairs on most clients ( they all do different things) my dryer is $160.00, my irons are $150.each I have 3 of them, then you get in to the brushes, the brushes i use sell for over $50.00 a piece. the clips we use cost us . No one buys our tools but us. then the owners of the salons take 50% and up to 70% of every dollar a client pays for our services .and it is true we do not get health insurance, or any other benifits, yet every single class we attend we have to pay for ourselves.. the stylists licensed under 25 years have to do manditory classes every year at like $100.00 a class ,( they require 24 hours of classes.)to renew their licenses. I am exempt from this because i have been licensed 32 years. I also had to pay for my education on 5 th AV in NYCITY and the 2 times i attended the Vidal Sassoon School and the Sassoon Acadamy located in London England. So you see my dear. When the stylist is working on your hair, if they really make your hair look great it is because they used great tools on you that cost money out of their pocket. When you pay 45 or less you are going to a stylist that probably cant afford 500 scissors and more than likely has not been to many classes or shows, so if you like your trim now you know what it really cost that girl that cut it for you. thank you Victoria from Victorias Salon South Park in Charlotte (704)430-0715


Subject: Haircut prices

My question to you is, do you work for nothing? Hairstylists spend a great deal of money going to classes to keep up with current trends. Not to mention they don't get what you pay. They get 40 to 50 percent of that. Stand on their feet eight hours straight, not to mention taxes are also taken out. People can also be very demanding and think they should look just like the picture they have shone. About the trim! A trim is still a haircut. You need to go through the same steps as the first haircut. Not to mention many salons don't offer any benefits, so stylist have to pay for health insurance on their own, no vacation pay, sick leave or pay. Think about that the next time you go in for a cut.

Ryan Kuhn

Subject: Total cost

Does the average cost per haircut include tip? If not, what is the total average cost?

Mary the Barber

Subject: Because

I own a barber shop and the answer to that question is...time. We base our prices on the amount of time it takes to provide a service. A man's haircut is $15. It includes the cut, neck shave and hot towel. If a woman gets her ends trimmed, it is also $15. However, if a woman gets a stylish cut, shampoo and blow dry style we add $5 for each service. Bringing the total to $30. Included in that is the cost of shampoo, conditioner and styling products.
Do not forget, all the money you're paying does not go directly to the person cutting your hair. 30-50% is going to pay for the rent, utilities, advertising and supplies for the shop. So, don't forget to tip your barber or stylist. Let me add that unlike servers, these are individuals that have been trained and licensed by the state to practice their trade. Therefore, a tip should be equal to 25-30% of the service as opposed to 15-20% for a server.


Subject: Tipping

So if I pay $45.00 for a haircut, I should be tipping $13.50? I cannot imagine doing that, and know I never will. Do you really get that amount for tips?


Subject: haircuts

why do womens get to pay the expensive for their haircut and mens are so cheap:(

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