How to Hire an Interstate Moving Company

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Nancy Jenkins

Subject: Long distance moving

I, too am having a tough time trying to choose a long distance moving company! One company gave me a great low price, because they charged by cubic feet, rather than weight. When I checked their ratings on websites, they only received 1 1/2 stars! So now it's back to searching! I wish there was a way to make this an easier task. I have too many other things to do with my time!

Georgia Jeffreys

Subject: Long Distance Moving

Im moving from Ocala Fla to Prescott Arizona and am more confused after checking out the long distance moving companies. Either their prices are $2000 more than others that I am looking at or the customer reviews say they are terrible. Im moving in 6 or 8 months and NO ONE wants to tell me an estimate of what my cost will be

Beth Lamenskie

Subject: Moving Across the country

I, too, am moving across the country from middle GA to east of Phoenix, AZ. I have read reviews and all the big companies have terrible reviews. Who did you end up hiring and how did it work out for you? I keep reading about things broken and damaged and lost. I am getting in home quotes from Allied, Mayflower, and North American but the reviews for each online are awful. I don't know what to do.

Lily @ Realtor Lily

Subject: A very informative article on

A very informative article on moving. I have to relate this daily to all my clients that are looking for movers. It pains me to see my clients have a bad moving experience in their brand new home.

Subject: Very good tips

Moving to a new locality, city or country not only fills you with thrill and excitement of exploring a new place, but also brings along anxiety and tensions of packing and moving all your belongings. When you look around your house, you may find your home filled with different items, including furniture, beddings, kitchen equipment, home appliances, showpieces, clothes, accessories and more such items. Packing all of them in different boxes, according to their size and delicacy requires skill and proper tools. But now, with internet and the best moving companies at your disposal, you can easily keep all your tensions at bay.

fritz hilma

Subject: mover ratings

Like everyone else it's a nightmare trying to find a reputable mover. The reviews certainly don't instill confidence. The companies online reviewing the movers and the BBB are getting fees for these movers and are not truly independent/non profit like Consumer Reports. Maybe someone has a good cross country mover to recommend.

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Don't think of it as necessary because movers are paid low wages.  Tipping is always optional.  Some service industry's normally see tips, such as food service and moving.  Others such as plumbing and painting do not.  Why?  I don't know.

Generally, our movers are tipped and the prospect of a tip I believe keeps them moving with "a sense of urgency".

If you feel that the movers are already getting paid, and they are... you don't have to tip.  Some people that receive a service like to recognize service that is above normal with a tip.

Either way we hope your move went well.

Bryan Bloom
Priority Moving, Inc. - San Diego Movers


If you desire to attempt to save Dollars, offer the buyer a Discount , a % OFF the settling price  to accomodate New carpet installation . Typically the carpet is replaced  and floors REfinished , to present the house you are selling at the best possible appearance , not showing the wear of your stay there.

  Think about IT , which house would you rather BUY ?


A home with  New Flooring , or one where you see every  scratche and stain left by the former Owners ?


Discount the sell price  ,DO NOT Refinish the Floors at all and Sell  AS IS ,  or  refinish and install NEW CHEAP CARPET !