How to Find a Reputable Person to Prepare Your Taxes

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Alicia Bales

Subject: My taxes

I am leery of taking my documents to the same tax preparer. I feel like I have had to work awfully hard when I pay someone $300. I am running to banks, calling soc sec where I am on hold for 30 mins to an hour. The tax person says I must make all calls or she will charge me by the min. Then I still owed the IRS and she didn't know why so I had to figure it out myself when she had the paperwork.
As for the IRS, I mailed the money they requested and they sent me back a check for the same amount. Not long after they wrote me to tell me I owed them the money they had just sent me back, which I had payed them originally.
This year My tax person sent me forms that look a lot like 1040s and wants me to fill out everything before coming in to file. I filled ou my name, address, bday etc, but if I knew how to do my own taxes I wouldn't need her. So now I am running out of time. Please respond.

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