How Do I Know If I Have Mold In My Air Ducts?

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Brian M. Sweig

Subject: Mold,rodents and mold,duct board

So in the Northeast there are several factors that might make you think how you want your ducts cleaned.

If you have a rodent issue then realize in most cases the joints of the sections of ductwork are most likely not sealed with mastic sealer and allow fecal and debris in past the filter system- mucor mold can come from this as well as dander and allergens.
If you have ductboard ducts ( not metal but fiberglass that looks like metal but not) then you may need a viricide to be drawn through your system to kill the bacteria.
The mold industry is like the Wild West and most contractors have very little understanding and are only motivated by $- not your health.
I am proud to say I have found someone on Angies who actually has the knowledge and the caring attitude to be able to recommend.
Angies is the only site that I have not seen any meaningful manipulation of contractor reviews.
Thanks Angie!


Subject: Clean ducts before mold testing?

I am going to have both a mold test and an air duct cleaning done. Which should come first? the cleaning or the test?

Phil Seibert

Subject: Duct mold, identification & removal

I have just been told by a Texas company we hired to clean our ducts that we have mold and it would cost $1295 to get rid of it before they would be able to clean the ducts for an added cost. We had not expected this and sent them on their way. Come to find out that Texas does not allow companies to identify mold in ducts and then clean them. This makes some sense. Where does that leave me now? Any suggestions. I live in Katy, Texas, just west of Houston.


Subject: Phil in Katy, Texas

Your state Office of the Attorney General probably has a consumer protection division. You can report the company to this office and they might investigate and prosecute.

Cathie Hines

Subject: duct work mold

Wonder about duct work mold in Fl.

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