How to Develop Positive House Cleaning Habits

How to Develop Positive House Cleaning Habits

If your home is in shambles after the busy holiday season, you’re not alone. Along with the clutter and mess created by general foot traffic and guests, homeowners also have to deal with lingering decorations and piles of newly received gifts. How do you take the first steps toward creating a tidier home, and what can you do to ensure that you keep your home clean all year long?

On this episode of Chat with the Experts, we ask Mandy Boardman of Choice Cleaning in Indianapolis for tips on how to make cleaning your home simpler and get tips for creating an easy-to-follow house cleaning routine. Boardman also shares the value of hiring a professional house cleaner and what questions you should ask before welcoming a cleaner into your home. Listen in!

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About this Experts Contributor: Mandy Boardman is the owner of Choice Cleaning in Indianapolis. Since 2003, Choice Cleaning has provided residential and commercial house cleaning services in the Indianapolis area