How to Clean Your House in 10 Minutes a Day

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Judi Davis

Subject: Shower Doors

I put a curtain rod just inside the top of the door frame and hung a clear shower curtain liner...after getting out of the shower, I open both doors a little, and pull the curtain together a little. It's much easier to take down the liner and throw in the wash with towels. I never had to clean the doors.


Subject: Cleaning

Consumer Reports just did an article on cleaning products. Spoiler: vinegar and newspapers didn't make the cut.


Subject: How to clean your house in 10 minutes per day

The article would have been a bit more believable had the title been "How to Clean Your House In 45 Minutes Per Day If You Live Alone". If there are other people who live in the household, I would have to change that to "...In One Hour Per Day Per Person".
Note: that's not including time spent negotiating who does what and when, or cajoling to get it done!
This also assumes that those that live with me have the same sense of cleanliness and order as I. (FAT CHANCE!) For example, I wipe the bathroom counter/fixtures after washing my face and brushing my teeth and wipe the shower down after each use. Try to get others to do that and one will probably be spending much of one's time thinking up bribes, losing one's voice threatening punishment, sending the kids to live with relatives, or heading to divorce court!

BTW, who wrote this? Was it a witch who can wriggle her nose to effect an instant result?



To remark on the first comment, therein lies the "rub". Other sloppy people who have never embraced a running clean up!
But I love the idea of a quick daily effort, and I will cling to it like the dream that it is!


Subject: Clean Your House in 10 Mins Per Day

Seriously??? Maybe "Fool People Into Thinking Your House Is Clean By Throwing All the Out of Place and Dirty Items into a Closet, Spraying Air Freshener, and Dimming the Lights in 10 Mins Per Day" would be a more realistic article.


Subject: I agree with you. Members of

I agree with you. Members of my household don't share the same definition of "clean", "thorough", "completion", etc. It's a constant battle. 10 minutes is clearly a perfect world.


Subject: Fantasy Island

This article is about cleaning those tiny houses, right? Because no way can you clean a 1550 sf 3-bedroom, 2 bath house in 10 minutes a day. Come back to the real world, Angie. I'll stick with FlyLady myself.


Subject: So with Sunday off of the

So with Sunday off of the cleaning schedule, you are cleaning your whole house in 1 hour per week. This article is stupid. You can call and set up a cleaning service in 10 minutes. That's the only way I know how to clean your house in this time frame.

Barbara Renz

Subject: 10 min "mostly" clean

I think this is doable. This is not a "deep" clean, but if you are putting away things as you use them, cleaning up after yourself as you go, wiping your feet before you enter the house (even removing your shoes) then you are left with a quick vacuum, dusting and bathroom cleaning. And for everyone complaining about washing machines & dryers taking more than 10 minutes: you don't stand there and wait for them to be done. Really, how long do you spend loading, unloading? My clothes are sorted when they go into the divided hamper and hung up and folded as they come out of the dryer. You can schedule a once a month "thorough" cleaning if you are keeping up on a daily basis.

Diana Wiley

Subject: Clean bath/shower

There's a product called Clean Shower on the market. Before I get out of the shower I spray all the walls with Clean Shower including the glass doors. Then I dry off all the fixtures before I get out. So I NEVER have a hard water build up on any of the fixtures. It takes a few minutes, but I never have to deal with it again. Then I dry myself off. While I admit that it takes a little times, it takes far less time than figuring out what to do after everything looks grungy and mold has started to form.

Cindy Crom

Subject: Clean house in 10 minutes a day--ridiculous!

The only thing useful in the entire article is the advice to "maintain clutter, try to put things away after you use them. Much of our cleaning comes with relocating items that were not properly put away — also hold each family member responsible so you don't spend hours doing it for them."

Just one example of the impossibility of the advice of this article: it can easily take more than 10 minutes just to clean up after dinner--and that's from a person who cleans as she goes through the meal preparation. Just scraping the dinner dishes and loading the dishwasher, emptying the sink compost bin, putting any leftovers in containers and putting them in the fridge, wiping the table (or dinner trays) and the counters, and cleaning the stove top most often takes well over 10 minutes! What a bunch of nonsense to try to lead people to think they can keep a house clean in 10 minutes a day! Angie, you are a joke!


Subject: 10 min houseclean

Really was a waste of time article and so off the mark. A gold standard agency would not be behind this kind of misinformation. Did it not get proofed by the editor? And did anyone actually test out what they suggested? We readers deserve an explanation as to why we were subjected to such an absurd and completely inaccurate article. It really makes me feel concern about trusting your agency.

Wendy Brown

Subject: 10 Minutes?

Joke. This may work in a single person's 3 room apartment with no children and no pets. It would never work in a home with porches, garages, attics and a basement. Haven't seen any washer/dryer that can clean a load of laundry in less than ten minutes. Vacuuming in ten minutes or less? Please. Surely the folks at Angie's list can out think this idea.


Subject: 10 Minutes!!

Really? So you think 3 rooms can be cleaned in 10 minutes. It takes me over an hour to just clean my bathroom .

karen young

Subject: Hoarding

I am in the process of trying to get rid of stuff and have discovered that
I have been hoarding. It's pretty scary. I know that I have to have
help to let go of all this stuff and need people I can trust.

Any ideas will be helpful.

Thank you, Karen


Subject: Clutter

It does sound like you need some help in getting organized. I would first seek out a counselor who deals with this type of problem in an attempt to understand your motivation for hoarding and to work out an action/behavior plan for dealing with your habit. Once you have regained some level of control it is time seach out for a person with organizational skills. We have found a person through our realitor who loves to do this kind of work. Develop a plan that will clean out one room at a time. A couple of workers will be necessary to assist with the physical work. Remember that you must first deal with behaviors that reinforce hoarding. Best wishes for your future success.


Subject: Hoarding

There is an organization called Clutterers Anonymous, although there are not a lot of meetings there are phone meetings and some literature. Find them online . This might help you. Like other behaviors hoarding and cluttering can be "addictive" or compulsive and you may also benefit from professional help. Check online for other organizations; your local Public Health organization may have a resource list. Good luck. It's a tough habit to change but it can be done.

Glenna Martin

Subject: me too

Karen I have been a member of the clutter diet, which really is helping me. they have a free membership as well, google the founder, Lorie Marrero, to find it, she is also a spokesman for Goodwill Charities, an excellent place to donate clutter. Good Luck!

Ilse Carey

Subject: Shower Doors

Help!! Anyone know of a good product to get rid of the spots on
clear glass shower doors??

Thanks much

Leola Ross

Subject: Shower Doors

Scrubbing Bubbles spray cleaner works great for me.

Also, a 50/50 solution of plain old vinegar & water will work. The vinegar's acidity dissolves the mineral deposits left when the water evaporates. Spray on; use a squegee; polish with a microfiber cloth.

Another good glass cleaner: Sprayway. It comes in a white and blue aerosol can. If you can't find it in your grocery store's cleaning supplies section, try Home Depot. Use a microfiber cloth.


Subject: Shower doors

I have hard water and it builds up in my shower door. I use dryer sheets to clean the spots off. Works like a charm.


Subject: Glass

Good old fashioned vinegar in a spray bottle and newspaper. Turn on the fan as it's not the most pleasant aroma, but the shower glass at my house shines...


Subject: cleaning shower doors

I've used those fabulous Windex pads for outdoor windows on the inside of my bathroom shower doors. They work great!
Hope this works for you!

ronni miller

Subject: cleaning clear glass shower doors

I live and work in a high mineral deposit water environment, and I also sell bathroom remodeling. First, if you do not have a whole home water softener, and you do live in a hard water part of the country, do not buy shower doors if you are considering remodeling, but if you already have them...then your only real solution is to use 300 grit sandpaper on a rotating dremmel or small sander. This type of paper is manufactured by 3M and is primarily used to restore the clarity to your card headlamps, but I have used it for doors as well. Hope that helps!


Subject: Bar Keeper's Friend

Bar Keeper's Friend is great for glass, including the spots on the showers. The liquid form is easier to use, but the powder works great, too. You can find it in most grocery stores, Home Depot and Lowe's.


Subject: Shower doors

If the spots have been there for awhile you may have to use white vinegar straight from the bottle. It works wonders. Don't use paper towels. They streak. I use old thin dish towels. Once you have gotten the spots off use rain-X ( follow directions) Then the most important step is to wipe the shower after each use. I know it took me awhile to get my husband to do this, but it only takes about 30seconds which saves hours later. You will want to use windex with vinegar for regular cleaning.
I hope this helps

Janet Whittington

Subject: Shower doors

Once you do figure out how to get the spots off a clear shower door, keep a window squeegee in your shower, and squeegee the doors after every shower. I do it even before I get out, right after I turn off the water. Voila! No more spots!


Subject: Shower doors

Vinegar! Cleans shower scum off the glass, tile, and fixtures. If it's really built up for a while you can mix together some vinegar and dish soap. Spray it on and let it sit for 10min or more. Then wipe away.

Vivra Beene

Subject: Clean a house in ten minutes a day

None of the cleaning jobs on the daily housekeeping schedule as listed here takes as little as ten minutes! It takes me over an hour to mop the floors (sweep once to get the dead grass and leaves etc., then a second time to get the dust--then mop.) If I want to steam clean the floors, after sweeping, it takes me an hour and a half to steam them.
Washing towels and rugs--more than ten minutes. Even when I had our 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house fully carpeted, it took at least an hour to vacuum the floors.
Ten minutes? I'd like whoever wrote this to come to my house and show me how it can be done!


Subject: Clean your house in 10 min per day?

You're kidding, right? Who can do all of Monday's tasks -- cleaning the bathrooms, washing the towels & rugs -- in 10 minutes? How about Tuesday's task -- vacuuming the entire house? Wednesday -- dusting or wiping down all surfaces in the house? These are not 10 minute jobs. I especially loved Saturday's Float Day. Pick one or two -- washing the windows, shampooing the carpet, defrosting the freezer. Hey, I can do any of those in 10 minutes 'cause, in the words of the immortal Helen Reddy, I'm a woman, W-O-M-A-N! I'll say it again! Seriously, this was one of the least helpful articles I've ever read. Total fail, Angie!


Subject: How to Clean Your House in 10 Minutes a Day

The "create a cleaning schedule list" seems completely ridiculous to anyone that truly cleans their home. You cannot mop, clean or otherwise clean "hard" floors without first vacuuming them, otherwise you are just pushing the dirt into the grooves in the floors. Anyone that knows how to clean knows you clean top to bottom. This list makes no sense what so ever. You're just making whatever you just cleaned dirty based on what is outlined.


Subject: Window, glass cleaning

This technique of cleaning glass, mirrors etc. is probably commonly known. I had a friend who cleaned this way years ago but I just never did. I just got the Windex and paper towels and cleaned away. One day not too long ago I had a very dirty storm door glass, oops, didn't get it in time, which, honestly is very unusual for me cause I keep a clean home. But anyway, I thought I would use the ammonia and newspapers that my friend had done for years. I found the ammonia just too strong for me, so I use 1/2 ammonia and 1/2 windex and a newspaper.
It's miraculous!, I've never had such sparkly, squeaky clean windows!


Subject: UTTER CRAP!

Good advice, all. But 10 minutes a day? NEVER! That's utter crap, and NO ONE could do it -- not the strongest, healthiest, fastest, most focused person on earth! And any "normal" person will either be irritated by the claim or stop paying attention to anything you say! (I've got a foot in both camps.) Why put this kind of headline out there? It accomplishes nothing at all, and makes anyone who takes it even a little bit seriously feel like a failure. C'mon, Angie, surely you have more regard for yourself and your reputation to do this sort of cheap "advertising." I clicked on it, yeah, just to see what such an absurd claim would say -- and I read it through -- but in so doing I lost a lot of respect for you and your site, and I'll never think of "Angie's List" as the gold standard again.

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I second the original question (still unanswered). Speaking as someone who logged in today to try to find an attorney, I see this category as one that's exactly what I have my Angie's List membership for:

1. It's important that I find a good one
2. I'm not an expert enough to know myself who is a good one
3. The industry is full of advertisements and misinformation
4. I wish I knew what experiences other people have had

I don't care about lawns--I planted mine in clover and don't have to mow it. When I do need to mow I use a rotary Fiskars mower, which is great--or a scythe. That's right--a scythe (the European type, which is smaller, and it's very good exercise). Gas-powered mowers, chemical fertilizers and weed killers--all nasty stuff that gets into everyone's air, soil, and water. I'm sure my neighbor doesn't like my wildflowers, semi-wild pockets of fruit bushes, and unmown areas and yes, dandelions (I have 10 acres) but that's too bad. It's better habitat for wildlife, especially the pollinators on which our food supply depends. I think this obsession with the Great American Lawn is a waste of time and resources. Plant some food instead.

I'm not sure Angie et. al. want you to have a complete answer to this question. By re-subscribing at the Indiana State Fair in 2012, I think I paid $20.00 per year for a multi- year subscription. Maybe even less. At the other extreme--and I hope my memory isn't faulty about this--I think the price, for my area, for ONE year was an outrageous $70.00. And they debited me automatically without warning. I had to opt out of that automatic charge. I like Angie's List, but if some of the companies they monitor behaved the way they do in this respect, they'd be on some sort of Pages of Unhappiness. I'll be interested to see if this comment gets published or censored out of existence.

That's very difficult to answer without seeing the house. As one poster said, the prep is the most important part. On newer homes that don't have a lot of peeling paint, the prep can be very minimal even as low as a couple or a few hundred dollars for the prep labor.

On a 100 year old home with 12 coats of peeling paint on it, then the prep costs can be very high and can easily exceed 50% of the job's labor cost.

A 2100 sq ft two story home could easily cost $1000 just for the labor to prep for the paint job. That number could climb too. Throw in lots of caullking  or window glazing, and you could be talking a couple or a few hundred dollars more for labor.

Painting that home with one coat of paint and a different color on the trim could run roughly $1000 or more just for labor. Add a second coat  and that could cost close to another $1000 for labor.

For paint, you may need 20 gallons of paint. You can pay from $30-$70 for a gallon of good quality exterior paint. The manufacturer of the paint should be specified in any painting contract. Otherwise, the contractor could bid at a Sherwin-Williams $60 per gallon paint and then paint the house with $35 Valspar and pocket the difference. $25 dollars per gallon times 20 gallons? That's a pretty penny too.

That was the long answer to your question. The short answer is $2000 to $4000 and up, depending upon the amount of prep, the number of coats, the amount of trim, and the paint used.