How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

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Subject: cleaning glass shower doors

What we have found works great is the fumeless Easy-Off oven cleaner (blue can)- spray it on, let it sit a little bit, then wipe it off well. I then use the Rain-X to try to prevent the build-up. Even though I squegee and wipe down the shower every time, it still gets the soap build-up, so eventually I have to use the oven cleaner.

Pat Phillips

Subject: Cleaning Frameless Shower door

Just about a year ago I had my framelss glass shower door in this house replaced. The first one we had installed about 8 years ago. I tried all techniques to clean it, CLR, vinegar, squeegee, etc.
Nothing worked. It was totallly clouded up. The problem is
GLASS IS POREOUS. Once soap gets in it it is almost impossible to get out.
On the new door we paid to have shield put on it called Diamond Shield. It is now 10 months down the road and even though we followed maintaince instructions it is clouding up.
The doors are beautiful, but very hard to keep clean.

den ras

Subject: Cleaning frameless glass showres

CLR is the best then follow it up with Rain X the product you use for your car's windshield. Rain X is also good for you Dish TV Dish helps reception in a rain storm.

So combine Rain X and CLR and squgee and you are good to go. Proplem is I am lazy and don't squgee after each shower so just get out the CLR. CLR is also good for grout. CLR and steam. Great!

S Clark

Subject: Keeping shower doors clean

Once the glass is really clean, I use an automotive product (Rain-X) that is used to help rain sheet off of windshields. It's easy to apply and if you have people showering who aren't good about using a squeegie after each use, this works for well over one month (mine usually lasts about 3 months, more if we're not using really hot water).

Tina Rappaport

Subject: cleaning shower doors & shower stall

Finally, after all these years - I'm 61, and just figured it out!! The EASIEST way to keep the shower doors and walls clean? Have a dedicated towel or two and simply wipe it down after showering - SO MUCH easier than a squeegee, than spraying chemicals, than scrubbing! I have two really thick towels (one is actually a towel-like floor mat) and I have two hooks hanging from the towel rack inside my shower stall for them to dry! The BEST!


Subject: Use microfiber cloths

Hi Tina... I also wipe down my shower each time, but have found instead of a big towel, use the microfiber cloths (the size of a washcloth) and it works much better. To be fair, I always squeegee first then use it, but they are sooo absorbant that it is almost impossible to get them really wet. Alot less strenuous than using a big towel.


Subject: popcorn ceilings

How do I clean dust and cobwebs from popcorn ceilings without taking the popcorn off. If it is painted or not.

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If the ducts are venting through a window I'm assuming the duct work is all easily accessible.  Lowe's and Home Depot sell a cleaning kit that uses an electric drill to spin the brush as it goes through the ductwork.  I've found it to work quite well and you can do it yourself.  It may take a few passes the first time to get everything out if it has been a while since it was last cleaned.  Just make sure you get all of the loose lint out after running the brush through from both ends and you're good to go.  Please note that if the line is not hard but rather a flex duct line you can easily puncture a whole in it with this kit and will do better to clean it by hand.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services
We have a 3800 Sq ft home in Canton, GA and pay $100 for one visit a month for one woman to come clean it. It is a new home so not terribly dirty yet and I give her all the supplies.
Hair spray is one of those things that is really bothersome.  We've run into this alot unfortunately.  And NOTHING we've found will actually clean it off.  The problem is that if you just paint over it, you still see shiny spots wherever the hairspray was.

Our companie's policy is to prime the area with any bonding primer.  This will seal the hairspray in and not let it affect the next coat of paint.  It would also be a good idea to lightly sand the area first.

Our recommendation for primer would be Zinsser's BIN Spray (red can) and can be bought at most paint stores or home improvement stores.  Other than that, any thing that specifically says "bonding" for a primer should be adequate enough. 
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