Houston contractors give advice on masonry

Houston contractors give advice on masonry

Are you planning a masonry project in the near future? Three highly rated Houston-area masons lay the foundation for bricklaying.

1. What types of masonry work does your company offer?

Winston Gutierrez: Brick, stucco, pavers and cedar blocks. New installation, walls and columns in double brick walls.

Leo Mendez: We work with stones, brick, rocks, anything that has to do with cement and masonry.

Chuck Oppermann: Restoration work, repair work and remodeling. We specialize in matching existing brick. We build brick walls, stone walls, brick patios and stone patios outside kitchens.

Who we spoke to

J.Q. Brick Repair & Restoration Services
Winston Gutierrez, vice president of operations

Stone Master Patios & Masonry
Leo Mendez, owner

Mr. Brick of Houston
Chuck Oppermann, owner

2. What is the price range for your services?

Gutierrez: It ranges from $180 all the way to $50,000 and costs probably $700 to $800 on average.

Mendez: To make an existing barbecue pit look interesting with the stones can start at $400 and go as high as $3,000.

Oppermann: We do jobs anywhere from $400 to $80,000. We have a minimum charge of $385.

3. What should customers do to help maintain masonry work once it’s completed?

Gutierrez: Pressure wash and use water repellent products.

Mendez: Houston moves about 17, 18 inches a year so you might have a crack and you have to put silicone in it. A patio, you seal it.

Oppermann: Because we have foundation problems here, I recommend putting a soaker hose around the perimeter of your house and put it on a timer at a low rate. It keeps the moisture level of your house consistent so it doesn’t dry out and cause more movement.

4. What types of warranties, if any, do you offer on your masonry work?

Gutierrez: Depending on what it is, it could range from a one- to three-year warranty. Once something is set in concrete or set in mortar, it’s for good.

Mendez: I offer them options depending on the work. I try to be very clear on the limitations of the warranty because Houston moves a lot.

Oppermann: We’ll warranty a rebuild for several years. Fixing some settlement cracks, we’ll generally warranty it for three or four months. Every situation’s different.