Housecleaners give tips on tidying the bathroom

Housecleaners give tips on tidying the bathroom

We spoke with three highly rated housecleaning services on Angie's List to find out what homeowners need to know about the best way to clean their bathrooms.

What's involved with cleaning a bathroom?

Rocco: "Clean and sanitize all fixtures, making sure that any rings from soap or hard water scum are removed. Use pumice stones for problem areas of porcelain fixtures. Vacuum and scrub the floor. Always do hands-and-knees scrubbing of bathroom floors. It's the best way to get all areas clean, particularly corners. Wipe all non-fixture surfaces, and clean and polish all mirrors."

Cochran: "It should always be a deep cleaning, whether it's twice a week, every other week or once a month. Spray down the bathroom, the shower and the wall. Vacuum from top to bottom, everywhere that dust, dirt and cobwebs might accumulate — vents, blinds, shutters, window sills and walls. Scrub the entire shower, from the walls down to the shampoo bottle bottoms and soap trays. If you have bath mats, take them out and scrub both sides. Clean the baseboards and floors last."

What are some things homeowners can do to maintain their bathrooms between cleanings?

Waldner: "I recommend cleaning your toilet on a weekly basis because it's easier and quicker that way. The toilet sometimes has calcium deposits, so homeowners can use any calcium remover from a hardware store to clean it. Using a squeegee daily to remove water spots from glass shower doors also prevents calcium deposits. Using the same calcium-remover products in the bathtub and sink is fine, but you must always rinse them well with water or it will damage the enamel of the fixtures."

What are some bathroom-cleaning techniques you recommend?

Cochran: "Open your windows when you're cleaning to air out the smell of the chemicals."

Waldner: "After taking a shower or bath, be sure to open the bathroom door, open a window and turn on a fan for at least 20 to 30 minutes to decrease the humidity in the room. If you don't dry the bathroom out each day, mold — which is especially harmful to children and older adults — can form over time. Once it gets in the air, it can't be seen and becomes extremely harmful to your health."

How do you deal with the more disgusting areas of the bathroom?

Rocco: "Glove up, dig in and clean it up."

Cochran: "The best thing you can do for a tough area, especially if it's disgusting, is spray it down with a cleaner, let it soak for 15 minutes, then scrub and scour. The pre-soak makes a big difference."

What's the most bizarre or funniest thing you've come across while cleaning a bathroom?

Rocco: "We once found toothpaste from one end of the sink and vanity to the other, on the floor, in the tub and all across the bathroom. It turns out the very large dog in the house got into the bathroom unattended and had a great time with the toothpaste tube!"

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