Homeowner gets lesson on appliance maintenance

Homeowner gets lesson on appliance maintenance

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Allied Appliance Maintenance | 440-333-7360

When the top spray arm of Frank Berkopec's 1995 Maytag dishwasher fell off, he called Matt Saal, owner of Allied. "Within five minutes, he called back and set up a visit for the next morning," Berkopec says.

"Soap accumulation caused the sprayer arm holes to clog. Matt cleaned the arm, replaced the attachment part, took apart the filter, cleaned the screen and showed me how to prevent future soap buildups.

"Then he ran a cycle with a cleaning product and used a steamer to flush the water line and gave me tips on how to choose dishwasher soap."

Wolf Appliance Repair | 216-932-6003

The contractor went the extra mile for Karen Gygli.

"I called Wolf when I saw that my refrigerator was leaking water all over the top shelf," Gygli says. "A representative diagnosed the problem as a blocked water drain in the freezer, cleared the ice and fixed the refrigerator for $90."