Home Decor and Interior Design Trends for 2015

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Ann Baldwin

Subject: How about expressing your own personality?

I am an artist and I like to think that my home interior entirely expresses my personality. When visitors come I want them to be able to tell who I am, not whether i am keeping up with the latest trends in colour and fabrics. I don't want my house to look like everyone else's or something out of a magazine. Too many houses I go into look like show homes - no books, hobby stuff, no personality. My office is full of cameras and lenses. It's not untidy but it's not sleek, either. Just my 2 cents! P.S. I'm British, maybe we think differently.

H. Paul Vaughan

Subject: interior decoratin

Well, the author did a fine job outlining how a house sb decorated. I've been an appraiser for almost three decades. I've seen a lot of remodel dos and don'ts. The bath pic for this article does not match the writers advice. It's predictable, symmetrical and boring.

Just connstructive criticism that hopefully is well received.

Would be happy to offer input, comments in future articles related to decorating trends and/or what can help increase the value of your readers homes.


Subject: New trends

My personal preference is to remember my taste, it is important when spending money in your home not to be too trendy. Combine your ideas with timely and classic looks. Also good for resale. My paint colors in my open plan small home are blue/grey, very appealing. My new counter top and backsplash are a black simple granite for the counters and a vibrant small subway style glass tile in shades of black/grey/blue/white depending of the light.
All in all I am happy with my remodeling choices, they are my taste but do not exclude most people's tastes or trends.

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I know you said you didn't want a realtor but I do know someone who is good.  Her name is Pam Hunt and she is with William E. Wood.


Otherwise I would check out interior designers.  They could make suggestions and outline some finer details that could help you stage your home.

In the meantime start packing away those personal momentos and pictures.  Clear and clean the walls.  Go with a neutral paint color throughout the house.  Oyster by Behr is a classic.  Start getting rid of clutter.  If you haven't worn it in 3 years or used it in 5....pitch it.  Depending on how long you have lived in your home the accumulation of "things" could be tremendous. Donate your unwanted and unused to a thrift store.  It is tax deductible. Get appliances off the counters in the kitchen.  Buyers want to imagine "their" things sitting there.  Get rid of heavy drapes and go with  sheers consistent throughout the house.  Make rooms look larger by chucking some furniture.  Sell it or put it in storage until you have moved.  How is the floor?   Carpet removed may reveal beautiful hardwoods that are in high demand right now.  Pets?  Get someone to come give you the "sniff" test.  We grow acustomed to the smell of our house and might not recognize pet stinkies. Make everything shine by cleaning thoroughly, and let in the light.  Bright rooms are inviting.  Dark rooms are depressing. These things will give you a head start and clear your mind for some good ides.  Good luck with your interior designer.


I have lost count of how many kitchens I have remodeled and I prefer Brushed Stainless Steel sinks. Polished will show scratched more  and with the brushed finish if you wipe with the grain with a milld scrub pad and an old time product called Bar Keepers Friend the look good almost forever. If you have any concerns about scratches in the bottom you can use a grid when needed, most sink manufacturers make them for their sinks. You say you have stains in a solid surface siink and it is probably the older generation. The newer ones have a high stone content to the mix and are less prone to this but I still prefer stainless.



Unclutterer had a post about this a few months back. While I didn't use the photo gallery method she suggested, I did check out the comments to find some other interesting solutions: http://unclutterer.com/2011/04/04/easily-hang-an-organized-photo-gallery-with-the-perfectpicturewall/