Get Rid of Stains with Homemade Carpet Cleaner

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Gary Allen

Subject: candle wax in carpet

I used to clean carpets in restaurants and had to deal with a lot of spilled candle wax. Lay an old towel over then stain then using an iron on medium heat go over the spill. The heat melts the wax and the towel soaks it up. Move the towel two or three times until the wax is gone then give the area the once over with a stiff brush. Good as new.

Peter H.

Subject: Club Soda Works

Flying from LAX, a goofy flight attendant leaned over too far and dropped dirty, greasy silverware onto my suit pants. She brought club sodas and towels with which to saturate and blot the stains. By the time I got to Chicago, the stains were gone. Obviously, you cannot use 7-Up or other carbonated beverages that contain sugars.

Retha Handa

Subject: Flying spills and club soda

Back in the "olden days," I was a flight attendant. It doesn't take just a goofy flight attendant to spill something. Club soda is the go-to solution, and I'm glad your pants didn't suffer permanent damage. I once worked with a woman who spilled coffee on a passenger's white dress shirt. She insisted that he remove the shirt and just wear his jacket. Then she used a lavatory sink so she could hold the fabric flat, and she proceeded to pour club soda through the fabric, blot, repeat. Then she rinsed with clear water. Now for the best part..... She emptied a hot coffee pot, and cleaned the outside with club soda. This became her makeshift instant iron. The surrounding passengers were amazed, especially since the "laundry" process took approximately just 30 minutes. You may not know this, but often the Lead or Senior flight attendant has cleaning vouchers on board the aircraft. If not available on board, they are happy to call for a customer service agent who will meet the aircraft.


Subject: Use of Club Soda on spills

I read recently that club soda stain removal is a myth and that using plain H2O accomplishes the same result. However, it may be the bubbling action in the club soda that "pushes" the wet stain out of the material so one can blot it up easily. Flat club soda works no better than plain H@O


Subject: Stains and club sida

Many years ago my mom had put in new carpet. A very light shag color. I knocked over a bowl of bbq sauce. ( a plate size). She immediately poured club soda on it. GONE. (I was grown so I knew I wouldn't get a spanking) but I felt so bad until I saw this. She just poured it on and used rags to blot it up!

Freds Chimney Magic

Subject: red wine stains

Red Wine Stains? Plenty of baking soda. Rub it in. Let it dry. Brush it off. The sooner you attack the spill, the better it will work. Chow for now!

Zamir Deen

Subject: Clearing Household drain

I got an email on Sun 8/23/2015 3:45 PM, stating how to clear household drain using household ingredients (See the text of the original email message below), but the hyperlink you provided took me to carpet cleaning.
Secret Recipe: How to Clear a Drain with Household Ingredients

With the right mixture, these pantry staples can make a powerful plumbing agent for clearing clogged drains. See more simple but effective cleaning solutions from household ingredients.

Can you send me the correct link for clearing household draind?


Subject: pet urine odor out of carpet

I tried all of these home-made as well as commercial products for cat urine in my carpet. I think I destroyed my lungs with the "non-toxic" vinegar and baking soda recipes - actually think that is rather caustic. After dozens of applications, steam cleanings and professional shampoos, I gave up and got a new carpet. I don't think it is that easy to get the odor out of carpet.

Joyce Wilson

Subject: Cat Urine

I had a 5x7 rug in our front porch, and our elder cat urinated on in which of course left the rug with a terrible smell. I really liked the rug and wanted to save it so I hung it on a clothes line during a huge snow storm. I kept it there for several more snow storms, and when I brought it back to the porch the smell was entirely gone and the snow completely cleaned the rug. Snow does a very good job cleaning.

J.S. Kritser

Subject: Removing cat urine from carpet

I've used a product called "Out!" for about 10-15 years. Get it in gallon jugs @ discount outlets (i.e., K-Mart, Wal-Mart, etc.). It has an enzyme that breaks down the odor in the urine. Spray it onto spot, scrub with brush, pat excess and let dry. You may have residual scent from the Out, but it dissipates quickly and is preferable to the urine odor!

Terry Gruchacz

Subject: Cat urine stain in carpet

There are cat urine odor removers on the market, but they do not work well alone. They work the best if you are able to put the rug or carpet outside in the sun for a day or more. Sunshine is the best deodorizer.

Aleen O'Sullivan

Subject: Headline says "Drain Cleaner" but it's Stain Cleaner

Citrus non-toxic guaranteed-effective "Instant Power Drain Cleaner" (Home Depot, etc) family fave for drain maintenance including slow drains if plumber not needed.

Since bleach is a carcinogenic chemical weapon invented in WWI, I use white vinegar as my bleach. It also gets urine smell out of laundry--but remember, even diluted it can lighten color.


Subject: Salt is not good for vacume

In your hint that Salt is an amazing absorbent, may be true but it’s very harmful to vacuum cleaners. My wife learned of this hint 40 years ago and in about a month it rusted out the pipes and motor of a $700 vacuum cleaner. So, your hint is true, but I wouldn’t recommend vacuuming it up. Perhaps instead you could recommend ways to prevent the spill in the first place.

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RUN, don't catwalk away !

If there is a strong urine smell, you have to assume their realtor noticed it even if they were acclimated to it and had them clean the carpets so there would be a chance of selling it. The fact there is still strong odor means it has saturated walls, run down behind baseboards, saturated carpet and mat and subfloor, etc.

Short of a total strip-down of all flooring and baseboards, shelves, mantles, etc and complete sanitizing and chlorine bleach treatment of thereby exposed surfaces followed by repainting and reflooring, you don't have a prayer of getting rid of it. If they let their cats spray and urinate in the house they probably did it all over the house, not in one area, as cats tend to want to go to the bathroom in a "clean" area, not in one fixed spot like dogs.

You are looking at probably $20,000 to get rid of the smell for sure, and even then if the house gets humid in rainy or hot sticky summer weather, the smell could come back out of subflooring, etc.

There are a lot of houses out there - I would bet you looked at this one with intent to buy because it was cheap compared to the competition - well, now you know why, and if you buy it I bet you will know why again every time you come into the house, and get run over by the same train when YOU try to sell it.

Just walk away.


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