General House Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning

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Tanai Nelson

Subject: starting new cleaning service

I am offering basic and deep cleanings, also move in and outs. I wanted to get opinions on what I charge so i know if i am appropriate and affordable or too much I charge $70 flat for move outs for 2 bed 1 bath living room and kitchen, adding 410 for additional rooms. I do basic cleaning at 100 to 200 depending on size of house and any additional service not offered in the basic like a deep carpet cleaning or laundry and a deep cleaning for 180 to 350 is this good pricing or needs adjustment as I am doing it all myself


Subject: Deep clean

How much to charge on a 4 bedroom 2,800 sq foot house before people move in? Wood floors

First time

Subject: Deep Cleaning

So it's my first time doing a deep cleaning on my own.. I will be cleaning a 4bedroom 1 office including living room and kitchen...... I'm thinking of chargeing at least $200 is that too little


Subject: How much to charge

It really varies according to the area in which you live, but $200 is very low for a deep cleaning of a 4 bedroom home. I would view the home before giving an estimate to see what condition it's in. Try to estimate how many hours you think it will take and how many supplies you're likely to use. Pay special attention to how unkempt the house is and how dirty the kitchen and bathrooms are. These areas can take a lot of time if they haven't been cleaned regularly and thoroughly. I just spent an hour and a half in a shower today scrubbing layers of slime and mildew off the slate tile:/
I think it will take at least 10-12 hours of labor to deep clean a house this size, and that's if you're very quick and efficient. I would probably charge between $300 and $350.

Zach Whidden

Subject: Cleaning

So the question is how much i should charge. I clean in a place where there are high end clients like movie stars and football players and musicians. There in the panhandle of Florida. Three stories to four storie homes. What is the minimum to the max that should be charged?


Subject: Cleaning

So both me and my wife just started a cleaning service. We call it Couples Cleaning. Its are side hustle. i always get weird looks when i walk into a house with my wife because I' m a man, But before I get carried away on men in the cleaning industry. We are having issues quoting a fee. We have been charging around $40 an hour because theres two of us. Is this reasonable pricing are we charging too much? We bring are own products.

vickie nash

Subject: Hi Tim

Well don't worry , you are surely not over charging ... you won't cash in on this business if you don't raise to $30-$35 per hr per person ..You have gas, insurance,supplies to factor in and you are in for a profit . I have been in business since 1993 and learned a lot along the way. Here's to another successful cleaner!

Christina Ostil

Subject: Cleaning as a business.

It is a very interesting topic since my husband was janitorial and we had started a business of cleaning homes and businesses. He always had rules on things should done and how he charges. He always use a buffer for floors if needed and window cleaning. This idea made clients more interested in him because he was hard working. As for me I was more like a house maid for deep cleaning or general cleaning. Sometimes he would not allow too much maid's because of the time of clean and price to the customers.


Subject: Pricing

I opened my own cleaning business around a month ago in central new jersey. Everyone I speak to says I don't charge enough money. I'm afraid if I charge too much I won't get the job. I am having a hard time walking into a home and deciding how much time it will take? Can anyone give me advise on this? Thank you, Paula


Subject: Cleaning

A professional cleaner charges from $25 to 40 per hour.
So if you are cleaning an apartament- house that will take you 4 hours you should not charge less than $120
At least in Boston that's how it works. Also first time cleaning you charge extra because is a deep cleaning and will take double of the time and work


Subject: House Cleaning

How much should once charge for 1 bedroom extra if you already have given the person the price? Would 7.00 or 10.00 be sufficient?
How long should a person take if it's 2 people and they are cleaning a house with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths? The home is occupied.
Thank you.


Subject: House cleaning

It takes my husband and myself 4-5 hours to clean a 3 bed 3 full baths home with an office. Hard floors take twice as long to clean compared to vacuuming carpet. Plus its usually a month between cleanings. We charge a modest 20 per hour for the 2 of us and bring our own supplies.It is not a deep clean but we do cover every accessible surface. I am pretty sure the job is worth 150 but we like the family so we are ok with the 100.


Subject: About to start this new job

I'm about to start this new job with my mom, interior cleaning new homes thaat are construction or remolded. But I don't want to struggle.
How many different cleaning are there? & what is a thorough cleaning?


Subject: Remodel/construction final clean

I work for a company during the week and I am doing side work with one of the girls that works with me well we did a remodel/ final on a 5539sqft home and my problem is I can't figure out if I want to charge by sqft or hourly it took us 8.5 hours and I mean my regular job my boss charges .40 cents sqft and I know I can't get away with that but even charging .17 I feel is fair would somebody pls give me some advice


Subject: Construction clean

I charge .28-32 a square foot depending on how much cabinetry there is. That does not include Windows. I charge $5 per pane, per side (glass, sills, frames, screens) for Windows that I can reach with an 8 ft step ladder. Otherwise they have to hire a seperate window cleaner who can get the Windows I can't. The size of the window doesn't usually affect my price because they average out. But if there's a lot of oversized Windows I will charge more.

Audrey Jordan

Subject: house cleaning

I clean houses for $15 an hour in the Dallas area & they supply the cleaning materials but I haven't really done any deep cleaning so I wouldn't know what to charge for that. Don't sell yourself short though. Cleaning is very hard work. Be careful to set your boundaries because a lot of people will try to get much more for the same price.


Subject: Cleaning time

I have a small cleaning business. I feel like I take too much time cleaning compared to what I've read. It takes me 7-8 hours to clean a 3-4 bedroom house.2-3 baths. Thats a very good clean but not including inside of frig or oven. How long would you spend on a large master bath with a double sink, toilet closet, separate glass shower, and a large garden tub. i usually get fixated in the kitchen also and spend to much time there. I don't know if I am over cleaning or what. Is 7-8 hours too long in your opinion? I am only charging around 85.00 Either I need to charge more or spend less time.


Subject: bad experiences

The few experiences I have had with hiring housecleaners have been bad. They just halfheartedly swept and vacuumed things and aggressively avoided anything "hard" like scrubbing bathroom/kitchen floors/ovens etc. They were 25 dollars an hour to do light sweeping and vacuuming I could have done myself. They deliberately took an enormous amount of time doing that little bit that they did, and were very slow. I am afraid to try another one. None of them really got down and helped me with the "real dirt" I am unable to clean off myself due to medical condition.


Subject: Bad experience

It sounds like that you wanted / expected was deep cleaning services. There is a difference in that and general/light cleaning and usually more cost. Be specific in what you want. / expect Hope you have better luck if you try again


Subject: Need advice

I am fixing to move and looking into trying to clean houses as employment when we get moved. I'm not sure how much to start is charging and I'm going to assume that I bring all the cleaning supplies. Can somebody please let me know what I'm to do about the prices.


Subject: House cleaning cost

Do you provide the cleaning supplies for them to use, or do they? How much if any difference should the cost be? First-time having help cleaning my house...I want to make sure they want to come back! I love them! :) lol


Subject: Deep Clean, Which Service???

Im looking into home cleaning services like handy, etc rheir pricing and coupons are amazing but i dont want to be paying and getting less for the buck, my room has clothes everywhere and paper work what service should i go with? For a two bedroom, bath and living room and kitchen?


Subject: Costs

I just cleaned a one bedroom apt that was the biggest pig sty you can imagine! (I couldn't even use the toilet!!!) It took me 2 days.....about 15 hours! Can anyone tell me how much I should charge? I'm thinking $150. But I also did other shopping, putting air in his tires....Help! LOL

lisa hantman

Subject: cleaning

you should be charging no less than 20 to 25 an hour.if not you are getting ripped off.Your time is worth $$$$.If you do the math you are being paid $5.75 an hour .Significantly less than minimum wage.


Subject: Costs

No!! The STANDARD amount to charge for a deep cleaning is starting at $100-$150, or somewhere in the neighborhood of $20/hr. If this took you 15 hours, you should be charging him around $300. Also, I recommend that you learn to set firm boundaries and let him know that shopping or helping out with things around the house other than cleaning will cost extra.


Subject: Way more than $150

Way more than $150, that's for sure. I got paid $250 for cleaning a newly built house and I definitely didn't do half of what you did. Instead of $10 and hour when you do big jobs like this maybe you should do a system where the first hour is $100 and anything after that is $10 an hour or something similar so that you get paid what you are worth. I did that last year for some really nasty houses I cleaned.

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If the ducts are venting through a window I'm assuming the duct work is all easily accessible.  Lowe's and Home Depot sell a cleaning kit that uses an electric drill to spin the brush as it goes through the ductwork.  I've found it to work quite well and you can do it yourself.  It may take a few passes the first time to get everything out if it has been a while since it was last cleaned.  Just make sure you get all of the loose lint out after running the brush through from both ends and you're good to go.  Please note that if the line is not hard but rather a flex duct line you can easily puncture a whole in it with this kit and will do better to clean it by hand.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services
We have a 3800 Sq ft home in Canton, GA and pay $100 for one visit a month for one woman to come clean it. It is a new home so not terribly dirty yet and I give her all the supplies.
Hair spray is one of those things that is really bothersome.  We've run into this alot unfortunately.  And NOTHING we've found will actually clean it off.  The problem is that if you just paint over it, you still see shiny spots wherever the hairspray was.

Our companie's policy is to prime the area with any bonding primer.  This will seal the hairspray in and not let it affect the next coat of paint.  It would also be a good idea to lightly sand the area first.

Our recommendation for primer would be Zinsser's BIN Spray (red can) and can be bought at most paint stores or home improvement stores.  Other than that, any thing that specifically says "bonding" for a primer should be adequate enough. 
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