Fight the causes of fatigue

Fight the causes of fatigue

Are you feeling exhausted and rundown? Wondering where your energy went? According to the National Institutes of Health, fatigue can arise from several causes. Fatigue can be a normal response to stress or lack of sleep, or a sign of a more serious medical condition.

Here’s a quick look at some common conditions that can tax your energy and motivation:

  • Underactive thyroid: If you wake up feeling energetic, but then find yourself becoming lethargic as the day goes on, the gland that controls your metabolism through hormones may need a boost.
  • Depression: Whether it’s a life event or a chemical imbalance, this is a common occurrence for many people at some point in their lives. Therapy and/or medications may be able to get you over that hump.  
  • Medications: Some prescribed medicines may leave you feeling less than excited to face the day. The solution could be as simple as having your doctor change the dosage or switching you to another drug.  
  • Chronic pain: While you may think you’re coping well with a chronic painful medical condition, this can disrupt your rest, leading to fatigue and lethargy.
  •  Malnutrition: If you’ve been overindulging or just grabbing fast food on the run, you may not be getting enough essential nutrients. Make sure to eat a healthy well-balanced diet and drink plenty of water. • Stress: The path to a good night’s sleep may be on your therapist’s couch. If you’re having relationship problems with your spouse or children or you’re having conflict at work, it might help to talk to someone about it.
  • Work schedule: Finding the work-life balance is an art in itself. But for some, if they don’t adjust their work habits, they may find themselves with other conditions that further contribute to fatigue and lethargy. Overworking can actually lead to a decline in productivity and creativity. Sometimes, taking a much-needed vacation can make all the difference.

According to the Mayo Clinic, if symptoms of lethargy are persistent and deep, it may be a sign of chronic fatigue syndrome. This may require a regimen of medications, an exercise program and mental health services.

Although lethargy can drain your energy and motivation, it can be successfully overcome. Take a good look at your habits, lifestyle and stress triggers and then move forward on resolving the problems you may identify.

Don’t hesitate to involve your Boston family doctor or counselor as necessary. You should soon feel a return to your energy.


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