Do You Have an Infected Wisdom Tooth?

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Christine cousins

Subject: Wisdom tooth

I am currently waiting for consultation at the hospital to get my wisdom teeth abstracted and can't wait. Told my dentist for almost a year that it needs coming out its got to the point where infection has gone into my body now my eye pains and jaw pains and all down the side of my head I have still got 2 weeks till I get seen I don't know if I will last till then. And to top it all two fillings have come out to. I just wish I knew who can help me just in so much pain I have a so called emergency at my dentist on Friday it can't come sooner


Subject: wisdom tooth inflamation

to prevent infection around semi protruding wisdom teeth i was told to rinse my mouth with salty water. If food debri gets stuck between tooth and gum you could ask your dentist for a special syringe which could be used to sqirt liquid there, to remove the infection causing food debri but ask a dentist first.


Subject: tooottthhh

my doctor;s advice is remove it cause it couldnt go out properly everyday is painful day.


Subject: Pain

so a few months ago i was having this Same problem pain in my jaw not able to eat right etc. Its a horrible pain! I took sum pills for a week till it went away. But guess what its back ! Im taking the same pills wich are miracle workers and make oral gels and pain relievers look like garbage. They do not sell then just anywhere so look for them around your city. They are salvadorian pills called "Artribion" . They are red and come in a 4pack. Believe me this will take the pain away 100% but for me it only lasts about 7 hours so im taking 2 a day


Subject: Abstraction of teeth without antibiotics

I think most people are afraid of the dentist. I know I can't stand the smell nor the sound the drill makes in your mouth. I recently had another bad experience with going to the dentist. I had two teeth abstracted and two fillings done. Now according to my previous X-ray and the dentist, it showed that their were no infection in my mouth. So the dentist sent me home without any pain medication nor a prescription for antibiotics. I asked him before I left for antibiotics and he said I didn't need it. Later I got an infection in my gums! I finally got antibiotics! I still need work done in my mouth, but am more afraid then ever!

John Hilman Lutz

Subject: Wisdom Tooth

I thought my symptoms were anything but tooth related.Believe it or not!I had no tooth pain. What I did have numbness in neck and left shoulder. Also extreme pain in my feet, difficulty walking. Bad pain in left hip. Pain in upper left upper arm.Symptoms got worse over the years. If I knelt down I had to rely on some stationary object to push myself up. I am 60 years old . My doctor was treating me for arthritis. No drugs worked. I recently went to my dentist who discovered a lower left wisdom tooth weeping pus. I had no pain but had bad taste constantly. A dental surgeon removed tooth and had to clean area after. Day 2 with antibiotics, no pain killers and NO MORE of what I thought was unrelated PAIN. It is so wonderful to have pain free mobility. Were my symptoms normal? Please contact me. Thank you J. Lutz.


Subject: Will it hurt

I got impacted wisdom tooth on my lower right and my doc said that he would clean that by giving local anasthesia i am so scared, will it hurt during giving anasthesia and after cleaning and how may days should i avoid solid food


Subject: wisdom teeth painful

Hi my gum is swollen around my wisdom tooth and there skin on top of the tooth half way, my mouth hurts pretty bad can eat, sleep, headaches nd jew is sore I can't open my mouth properly, I do not know what to do, I wanna extract but scared of the pain and the fact that its swollen already


Subject: Do it,

I'm currently going through the same thing, if you can afford it go to a dentist right away, you may need to visit a doctor to get antibiotics prescribed before a dentist will touch it though, but trust me it's only going to get worse


Subject: My back wisdom tooth on the right side

I am 16 turning 17 in a few months, and my wisdom on the bottom right side of my mouth started hurting. It is a constant pain. It's very, very hard to swallow. I haven't told my parents cause I'm scared they are going to yell at me about it because i was just at the dentist 2 weeks ago. It wasn't hurting 2 weeks ago. It just started like a day or two ago. What do I do?


Subject: Go now, I'm going tomorrow bc

Go now, I'm going tomorrow bc of same symptoms. Your lymph nodes are swollen causing difficulties in swallowing. It will just get worse and infection can spread to bone, ear, head and nerves.


Subject: Wisdom Tooth Ache

I have only one wisdom tooth at the back of my left side. My family and I we didn't bother about it in a long time ago. However, I just recently starting to feel pain up until now. I'm over 18 years old. The pain feel not so good especially when I try to brush my teeth, eat, or talk. Also, it feels as though it is swollen in my gum. I don't know how to describe it, but the feeling is not good. My wisdom tooth is a small/medium size tooth looks weird like it sink. My left side throat hurts a little (I can feel it a little bit) other than that I haven't had any other side effects like fever or something like that except for the part where the wisdom tooth is at is pain.

evalyne muthoni

Subject: wisdom tooth

I am having that wisdom tooth infection,sharp pain on my tooth,head ache,pain on my jaws..i have been using pain killers for the last one month..pain is becoming more and using antibiotics..The dentist can't remove it while it still painful..what should I do?

Melissa F

Subject: killllll meeeeee

This pain sucks so bad. Its been like this for three days now and just made an appointment for Saturday. Just one more day of this shit. I can't sleep!!! I barely can eat/swallow, All I want is to be able to eat a meal without giving up. I noticed my glands were swollen yesterday and my sinuses are acting funny. It just started off as wisdom tooth pain now I feel so defeated, I put oralgel everywhere in my mouth the relief works for a couple mins then I'm miserable again. I just took a few extra Ibuprofen so i should feel good enough to sleep in a little... I hope.

Did your dentist see you right away or did it take a day or two?
Im freaking out in my head a little


Subject: wisdom Tooth

I have to get all four wisdom teeth extracted, only two are bothering me, well I've been having horrible headaches, jaw pain, and sometimes neck pain...none the less I panic easy so I always assume that something bad is happening, well from looking at symptoms of infected wisdom teeth I believe mine are. The dentist did xrays but didn't say if there is an infection... But this pain and symptoms are too close to infected symptoms. I've read about deaths due to infected wisdom teeth and I been trying to get an emergency extraction but can't seem to have any luck


Subject: Teeth & throats pain

I have taken treatment (RCT) of my Right Last Upper & Lower teeth, after four month i m facing pain in my upper last teeth & throat. cuff is also coming & during the cuff i felt eaching withpain.

Pls suggest what is should do, dentist is telling there is no problem in ur teeth. ENT Surgeon is giving same coments.


Subject: Wisdom Teeth

I've had mine for around 14 years or so. Part or them have broken off and never had a problem with them. I was out eating around 2 months or so ago and it got poked with something and since then it's been hurting. Usually it will go away for a few days then it comes back.

I have no insurance and was wondering how much would it cost out of pocket to have these things taken out.


Subject: The most important thing is

The most important thing is to find the right dentist to take them out if you want them out, not how much it will cost. You can finance it through different dental credit cards. I've gotten treatments that were financed for 6 months and depending on how much you spend, you might get more time to pay it off. I've bargained for dental work before, and it cost me a tooth and $1500,00 of unnecessary treatments, I don't recommend bargaining with your health and body.


Subject: I'm sure it varies from state

I'm sure it varies from state to state but I'm in CA and started having problems with my wisdom teeth a couple yrs ago. I didn't have insurance or a lot of money. But I did find that most dentists offer a discount for initial exams for first time patients. I paid 40 dollars for my first exam which included X-rays. Turned out my wisdom teeth were badly impacted.( I was told in my early 20s I should have them pulled, and was now 28 so go figure.) They recommended extraction of my wisdom teeth first and foremost, as well as fillings and crowns and cleaning blah blah blah. All I heard was money money money I don't have. They gave me my laundry list of suggested dental work I needed, which included the costs, and an application for their finance program. My credit was horrible so I never did get approved. I remember the breakdown of costs was something like 450-500 dollars per wisdom tooth extraction. And that's here in Southern California. I imagine it's different from state to state. It's definitely cheaper in Mexico haha the schools cheaper, the equipments cheaper, the buildings rent is cheaper, that's how they are able to charge so much less. There are websites that give u a list of accredited surgeons. I know a couple who saved a fortune traveling south of the border. There are always options. Whatever you chose to do make sure you do some research. I ended up having my wisdom teeth removed by that same first dentist office I visited. They agreed to work with me on the payments by breaking it up over several months span. They just needed a debit card they could debit it from each month. Well What a nightmare that ended up being. The oral surgeon did a horrible job!!. He blew a hole through my sinus, didn't even tell me, I guess he wasn't aware. This causes a serious bacterial infection to spread my face,jaw, neck blew up to the point where I had a triple chin. I finally got hold of the oral surgeon 2 days later and I told him how badly I was swelling, but he said it was normal and insisted I don't go to the ER. Well I went to the ER. I was admitted immediately and they performed a second surgery to drain and clean the infected area. The recovery was somethin! I could barely open my mouth, couldn't talk easily or eat real food for weeks. All the swelling out a real strain on things. My jaw now pops everytime I open my mouth, which I noticed right away, as it never did this before. In total I was out of work for almost 4 weeks. I have issues still and it's been 2 yrs. Needless to say the oral surgeon was responsible for this mess and I didn't have to pay a dime. The reason I'm telling you all this is because I didn't research anything. I chose the first good deal I saw and went with an oral surgeon I knew nothing about. Many people told me afterwards that they have an amazing dentist whom they trust and have gone to for years. This place did not empathize with me one bit. Of course they took care of the bill but they had to because it was so evidently their fault. But they were never apologetic. They didn't even know who performed the surgery when I called them the next day because they wrote the wrong name on my paperwork. Friends told me that when they had their teeth pulled, the dentist office was actually calling them to check on them the days that followed surgery. My oral surgeon never even prescribed me antibiotics. Get that tooth pulled if it's giving u problems. There are pleanty of places that will work with you. But if you are worried about price don't let that be your first concern. Make sure you ask around for recommendations and find a well reputable office who's first concern is your health and safety. Good luck

Foloi Tuapola

Subject: Wisdom Teeth

My Two back Teeth and bottom two r painful, but going to the dentist is too expensive, do u recommend anything else 4 my pain??


Subject: How much is your health and

How much is your health and body worth? Can you really put a price on it? You can finance it if it's too much. I don't suggest not going to the dentist if you need to. I myself waited over 2 years about a dental issue, and later it caused more problems that were more expensive to treat, and I regret not spending the money the first time around. I don't suggest taking pain killers to mask the problem, it's better to find out what is causing it and to treat it.

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 I am familiar witht he ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers across the country, in particluar, the one in Overland Park, KS.  They are a "one stop" implant center.  The doctors there are at the top of their field, and an advantage is that you have all of the specialists that will be working with you in the same place.  That would have to make communication easier between doctors.  They usually offer seminars for patients and I think, offer free consultations, which is always worthwhile.

  If you chose to go the other way, some Prosthodontists will place and restore the implants themselves. In other cases, an Oral Surgeon or Periodontist will place the implant and a Prosthodontist or General Dentist restores it.   Fees can vary quite a bit from office to office and with the different options for restorative materials.  Some offer free consultations, for others, they charge a fee that might be applied to any future treatment in some cases.

The first step is to schedule a few consultations with different providers, which it sounds like you've already done.

The most important factors when deciding which practitioner to work with:
.1.  You should feel comfortable asking your doctor any questions so that you have a good understanding of the procedure itself, healing time and long-terem outcome, and possible complications.  Write down a list of questions and take them with you to the consultation.

2.  Ask about the experience of the practitioner. How many similiar procedures have they completed?  Have they had any major complications with any cases?  Ask to see photos if possible.

3..Figure out if it works out better for your schedule, to go to a "one stop" provider or to separate providers for the placement and the restoration of the implants.

4. Follow your instincts.  If you feel rushed, didn't get direct answers to your questions, didn't communicate well or had any other negative feelings, this probably isn't the doctor for you.

5. Consider insurance coverage and financing options.  If your dental plan covers implants and it is important to you to use a preferred provider, you will want to check your list.  Many times, insurance does not cover implants, or at least not all of the steps.  You may want to inquire about payment and financing options.

I hope this at least helps you feel a little less confused and a little more directed. Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of further help.
Beth L. Gehring,DDS, PC
816 NW Vesper
Blue Springs, Mo 64015
As a  Dentist, I am sorry to hear about your denture nightmare and I know how frustrating that can be.  I am surprised that your doctor wasn't willing to work with you on some type of solution.  A few options would be either remaking the dentures once more,  or offering to return some of the money and have you return the dentures.   Unfortunately, the doctor has put in a lot of their time and lab expenses, but the patient also  has time and money invested.  You might try sending a letter re-explaining the problems you hand and offering an acceptible and fair solution.  Be sure to keep a copy of it and any correspondence you receive from the Dental Office.  In the event that you don't get anywhere, you have documentation of the problem. 

At any point in the process, did they have you sign something saying you were happy with the denture set up?  Some practitioners will document the patient's acceptance at the try-in appointment, before the denture is processed.  At that time, changes in tooth arrangement, size and color can be made with minimal lab expense. 

If the letter doesn't get you anywhere, you might try going to the governing body of the dental profession in your area.  I am a dentist in Blue Springs, Missouri, USA.  Here, we have the Missouri Dental Board  (or the Dental Division of the Missouri Department of Professional Registration.)  This is the entity that licenses us to perform our professional duties in our state.  They often have a process to file complaints against a provider if you were unable to resolve the problem yourself.   After your complaint is received, they will contact the doctor to get their side of the story, then try to mediate a solution between the two parties.  

As far as a new set of dentures, you might seek out the services of a Prosthodontist (specializes in dentures and removable appliances - extra training and certification beyond general dentistry) or go to a local dental school.  The students are supervised and checked off at each step by professionals.  Most dental schools also treat patients through their faculty practices, and you can often get the services of a specialist at a lower price. 

I hope this information is helpful to your situation, and I wish you well. 

Beth Gehring, DDS
816 NW Vesper
Blue Springs, MO  64015  USA
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