Do Digital Antennas Work?

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robert drew jordan

Subject: rooftop antennas

When I
bought my present home in tucson, arizona; since I was paying my mortgage and insurance, I asked my wife to buy a $120.00 12' long channel master antenna at ace hardware.When I
saw that everything was going to be digital high definition, my wife gladly bought a high quality channel master antenna.I
then went to radio shack and for $25.00 picked up an inline amplifier which connected between the coaxial cable to the roof antenna between the coaxial cable where it connected to the antenna.It then had to have a power source 120 watt to plug into so
I did that.It boosted the signal that the channel master antenna was receiving and gave an even clearer picture.Now between all of the spanish-speaking channels and the english ones I receive roughly about 30 channels all with amazing clarity.I
even get 6 public tv channels.I went to my ex-wifes condo and placed a smaller 4'x 4' digital rooftop antenna with an inline amplifier and she now gets about 25 clear channels.You just have to follow what
I simply stated and you will get dozens of clear channels at no cost whatever.
just be sure to aim the antennas toward the nearest tv transmission towers for the best reception.In tucson, for example there are 2 sources for transmission.
One is due north on top of mount bigelow. The other towers are almost due west on the western tucson mountains.

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My experience if it is less than a 48" screen the screen replacement cost exceeds the cost of buying a new one.  Flat screens are mucho prone to damage from impact, I found out the same lession. Good Luck

Wow - I am jealous - a 40 foot LCD TV - that is what you call an mancave or NBA Arena (No Boys Allowed).

Seriously, the main board for a 40" Polaroid runs about $25-75 depending on model - bear in mind these are not typically slip-in socket boards - you are likely to have to disconnect and reconnect a number of wire connectors, and may have to do some soldering of connections. Google this search term - there are a number of companies selling them on the web - you will have to expand the search phrase with your exact model number to narrow the search - 40" Polaroid LCD TV main board

One thing to do first is call Polaroid - there are a number of comments on the web about a pending class action suit about Polaroid LCD TV main boards catching fire, and several commenters say that Polaroid sent a repairman to their home and replaced the main board for free when it failed, so you might try that first.