Dental Bridge or Dental Implant?

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Subject: Implant vs. bridge

My dentist says I need an implant on tooth #7. This tooth has a crown and is loose.The bone also needs to be built up and the roots are bad, Teeth # 8 and 9 have crowns. Can I get a bridge instead? I am concerned about the cost and the pain. My age is 75 and in good health generally.


Subject: Broken implant

I had an implant done on my upper left side 10 yrs ago.. Just recently the tooth became loose.. Come to find out from my dentist the implant failed and needed to be replaced at a cost of $ 5,000.00. ( original cost was $ 3,500.00). My first question is A. Is it common for an implant to fail ?? B. Is this a fair price to redo an implant ?? C. Or should I look at having a bridge done instead ??


Subject: bridge

my dentist said you have to get a bridge I will replace 6 teeth in the front and the canine teeth will hold the bridge the cost 4200 dollars . The cost was for missing teeth 700 per tooth I only count four in front and my two canine teeth witch there was very good how can he charge700 for two good teeth? this was to replace missing teeth . My canines not were missing.Any one know why?


Subject: Why

Your Canines need to be ground Down to numbs to hold bridge and they too get crowns to support bridge.get it?

Darryl Burke

Subject: bridge

When the dentist is quoting you 4200 for 6 teeth he is including the 2 canines. Now your taking your good canines and having to cut them down to put crowns over them which are splinted to the 4 other teeth in the middle which makes it a 6
unit bridge. Your two canines become the strength of the bridge. 2 teeth support now 6 teeth. One day that will have to be replaced. So 4200 now, then in the future you will replace it again and spend more money. This is a cheaper short term solution but a more expensive long term solution.
If you would be interested in doing something permanent, I would advise that two implants be placed in the areas of teeth 7 and 10 then you would do a 4 unit bridge after the healing process. A Cone beam xray would be needed to determine if this could be done. It is longer to finish but the result is permanent and with the materials and the technology today it is a much better solution. It will be around 9000.00 instead of 4200.00 but it also will take around 4-6 months to complete. If you heard of teeth in a day this would not be a candidate. In teeth in a day all your teeth are missing or need to be extracted. 4 Implants are placed strategically and a dentrre is converted to attach to those implants. You cannot eat foods harder then you can mash with a fork. Implants have to heal in the jaw. This is called osseointegration. It takes around 4 to 6 months. A more predictable result for 2 implants would be to place them, wear a removable appliance on a temporary basis until healing is complete them the bridge could be made.
Hope this helps.


Subject: cost per tooth

Hi I am in pretty much the same predicament. I have to replace my four front teeth and need two extra crowns on each side to hold the bridge in. The cost of the crowns are the same whether or not they are actually replacing a tooth or covering an existing tooth. The way I am looking at it is that all of the teeth I am paying for will be beautiful and in my case it is pretty much all of them on the top that you can see when I smile. Which I will be doing a lot of when this is all said and done!

As far as the price, that is pretty much the same price I am paying and I am in Michigan.

Good luck to you! Dawn.

Krissy S

Subject: Dental help

Ive been needing dental work for years and have needed an implant in a front tooth i have had a temporary thing there for 2 years and it looks grey now how can a dentist charge $4000 For one implant how do they expect people to pay for this even with insurance?ive tried in both florida and now wisconsin and not any place will help me. Im only 41 and would like to date and too embarassed because of my teeth for 3 years now no dates no nothing. But suffering this isnt right to charge so much. Maybe these rich selfish ppl should help those of us in need for dental work instead of prentending to care for others and giving it away to charities that dont help anybody so they canget a tax write off.If anyone knows of any help here in wisconsin.too bad nobody is nice enough to want to help people

Ken kaniff

Subject: Same.

I am 30 and a WI resident. I have a tooth that is all kinds of messed up. I have been self medicating for a couple months now. I have done hrs of research and am almost certain I will be recommended a root canal by a dentist. The idea of having a root canal makes my stomach do cartwheels. Not because of the pain, but the whole concept of the procedure. I am going to get me a good old fashioned extraction soon. Once I am all healed up, I will wait until tax returns, and get myself a late Christmas gift. I don't mind applying for a loan either. I could use the credit history.


Subject: I too lost a tooth right next

I too lost a tooth right next to my front top tooth. And another one two teeth down on same side. It's embarrassing for me, it really sucks not being able to smile. I'm so insecure now and I'm only 25!! It's too much money for me to get an implant or really any work for that matter because I just can't afford it right now. I'm saving though, I'm half way there. With two kids under two there's not much left to me.

Amanpreet kaur sehgal

Subject: Front 05 teeth broken in accident

Please suggest me wat shud I do
My right canine is removed completely and front 4 teeth broken so now I am confused whether shud I go for 3 unit bridge and individual crowns on remaining 03 teeth (anterior )
Or implant in right canine and crowns in remaining 04 anterior teeth?

roderick robledo

Subject: Inquiry about free dental work

Both my brother and I need dental work, but have no money to get it done. Is there an organization that you can tell us about that can help us? We would appreciate the help, thank you..


Subject: Teeth Problom

Dear sir/Madam,
My two front teeth is very big in much out side so Some doctors has told me that we will brush /Cat them and it will be fix like to other teeth.

i want to know if i brash my these two teethes it will not becoming making damage in the future.
or what is your direction?



My wife has a quote for a bridge implant which consist of 4 implant top and bottom jaw and bridge for both. Any one know the cost of doing this type of procedure. There are some teeth need to be removed prior doing the implant. Thanks


Subject: Crowns

I have been given a quote for the restoration of my teeth - I'm getting x2 implants top and bottom for my right side molars and crowns at the front, top and bottom.
I had made a decision to get the ceramic crowns top and bottom but my dentist is now stating that I should get ceramic crowns for the top and composite resin for the bottom. I'm worried as he explained this will only last 5yrs for the composite resin. His rationale behind using the two different materials is that using ceramic crowns on the top and bottom will crack the teeth or something. I've tried researching this but I haven't found anything about this. I'm concerned as I've waited 12 years to make this decision and now I'm booked in to have it done Friday. Can you pls help me.


Subject: crowns

The ceramic/porcelain crowns will crack easily if you have them on top and bottom. I had a bridge replaced around 6 years ago, the porcelain cracked within 2/3 years because these are the teeth you chew on and even eating normal food, when you chew the teeth hit together. Now, I am again facing replacement because the anchor tooth has broken, considering implants but cannot take antibiotics and that may become necessary if the implant post becomes infected.

sally smith

Subject: I swallowed my prosthetic crown

My crown consisted of four narrow teeth placed on implant abutments or screws in December 2010. In February 2013, I swallowed the crown while sleeping. It did not pass naturally. Eleven months later, the crown is still lodged in my small intestine in the terminal ilium. After seeing a string of medical specialists, enduring two colonoscopies, sifting through my feces every day for three months, it appears that laparoscopy may be my only hope of removing the crown from the intestines, but not without risk. I have since found out and have the dental records that show that my restorative dentist, to whom I paid $4,500. In cash for the crown, used a temporary cement to hold the crown in place. She never told me that the cement was temporary. I assumed the crown was permanent, Permanency was the main reason I opted for the implant procedure ($4,000. Cash to a period specialist, also). Now, I am wearing a flipper once more in the bottom middle of my mouth. Any comments or suggestions?

Linda A Griffin

Subject: help I can't afford another failure

I guess I was kinda dumb because I borrowed $10,000.00 and paid my dentist in full before my implants were done. now I am out the money and I have no teeth. My dentist did the scan to see if I was a good candidate to get implants and I was. So we started a year ago he put in 4 implants one was crocked and got caught on the dentures and hurt like crazy I keep telling him and he just kept putting different extensions well make a long story short it fell out one was to close together and kept crowding the other one and it fell out he tried to put another one in and 3 weeks later it fell out in between all of this.. the extensions kept falling out and he would have to cut my gum every time it came out because he couldn't get me in the office soon enough it has been all most a year and I have 2 implants no dentures that will fit and I am out of money and I can't go though all that pain again and have allot of holes and no teeth I am 66 years old and I waited for years to get this done.. I am at a lose what can I do.

Stef E

Subject: Implants

I m so sorry for your pain. I , too, have had two failed implants on #9 (front left). I had an implant on #8 yrs ago no issues, just expected pain & subsequent healing.
This time a mini implant failed. A 2nd implant failed, and now third try bone graft imploded , I have a 'dry socket' situation, the pain is unbearable, and Im out 3 K for what was supposed to be done 2 yrs ago. The likelihood of this healing and accepting a 3rd implant try are gone.
Be absolutely sure you have sufficient bone to handle this procedure. I was told I did, but after 2 failures, the scar tissue and erosion have reduced me to a toothless whimpering pile of crap. Im not happy.
I hope you find some relief and get something in those spaces, my friend!! Good luck!!

Tom Dixon

Subject: another failure

I hope you have consulted a lawyer. It sounds like dental malpractice to me and it is worth seeing someone (often teh consultation is free) to ascertain whether you have a remedy. I'm retired so I have no horse in the race.

Manjitsingh Bhalla

Subject: Dental Implant

With tooth bridging, grinding down our healthy teeth just anchoring up a replaced one and that’s also with a risk of damaging an adjoining structure - An awful event, certainly it was or we can say unfortunately somewhat today too.

An advent of Dental Implants is definitely not less than a blessing; only replacing the tooth or teeth that do require operating, not interfering adjacent parts. Apart, dental implants proven to be with the long-life are tremendously awesome. Diminished tooth root when required to support the crown, implants are favored; being set up with a crown or a bridge or a denture on top fixable or non-fixable; great invention of dentistry!


Subject: Bridge v. Implant

I had a crown fall out which is next to one of my 2 front teeth. The crown broke off most of the post. I was told I need either a bridge (3 teeth) or one implant and that either requires surgery to remove the root of the tooth where the crown fell off. Is that true? The two teeth on each side of the crown which fell out have crowns on them. Is there a way to build a post other than having an implant and what are the downfalls of a bridge other than not being able to floss? What kind of dentist/professional do I need to help me with this. I already saw a dentist, but he doesn't do any surgery, etc. Thanks


Subject: Implant or bridge

Actually I have exactly the same situation as yours... Broken crown next to two other teeth which are crowned. I was given two options, implant or 3pc-bridge by left and right support.
Do you have any advice since it has been quite some time ago?


Subject: implant vs.bridge

i had loose crown and it was removed however tooth broke and post with it . It is upper back tooth each tooth on sides have crowns and root canals . Which procedure would be better for me?

Beverly Lambert

Subject: Bridge or implant?

My situation is the same as the person who wrote the original question, but it is not with my front teeth, but the back molars. I have two crowns surrounding the missing tooth, which I had pulled two months ago. Apparently, I have the type of crowns that do not allow the dentist to see the damage under the crowns with x-rays. This is how I lost the tooth. Six weeks before having the tooth pulled, the x-rays did not show any damage. The crown came off and the damage was too extensive to save the tooth. Crown or bridge?


Subject: Painful crowned tooth

I am having pain in a root-canaled crowned tooth that was done 8 years back and now I am in Europe with this problem and don't know how to go about this. The dentist says there is bone loss and the tooth should come out eventually and he can bridge it also there is a crowned tooth next to it, and they are both on the bottom left at the end, I guess I want this as painless as possible, could I go for a bridge and consider an implant in the future as is it a must to have to grind down a good tooth next to it? I got 2 teeth that I would be happy if they bridged them together but I don't like what I am reading about having to grind down a good tooth in also. Please give me a reply, the dentist isn't a great communicator and I don't want them to talk me into expensive procedures.


Subject: implant on nine

In Dr. Tiernan's article , why is it not advisable to have an implant if one of the adjacent tooth have had a root canal and is a crown?
I have an infection on my root canal done a long time ago, and the #9 tooth now needs to come out because a fracture is discovered. I'm sixty and in good health. According to the surgeon, the tooth bone is strong, but the tooth beside it has had root canal done and is a crown, so would you advice #9 for an implant procedure?
Also, if under the best hygiene care, what is the wear and tear for implants and how long do they normally last. What about bridges?
Thank you for your time and your advice.

Manjitsingh Bhalla

Subject: Dental Implants

Correct, an earlier time has largely witnessed the patients with lost tooth facing the problems of unnecessary crushing of other adjacent teeth around the damage tooth to have the surgery done. Fortunately, dentistry has invented a meaningful method called Dental Implant just to have the tooth replaced, the only tooth that requires the reconstruction, not damaging adjoining teeth or teeth structures.

Numbers of successful dental implant patients are seen, recovering well with better integration to tooth bone and having the most appealing teeth look.

Brenda Lopez

Subject: Bridges

How much does bridges cost I have 4missing teeth in front on bottom middle I have partials but I'm not comfortable with them I don't go outside and I just want to fix the problem to get my confidence back thank you


Subject: implants

I am planning to have 4 lower front teeth implants.
What are pros and cons, please?
I am 67 years old.

Krissy Slawinski

Subject: Must be nice

Wow must be nice at 2500 to 5000 per tooth implant wish i could afford the 1 implant that i need in front tooth .my lifes over cuz of this bs dentists r worse then used car dealers to charge this amount to people who r poor. Good luck im sure your one of the rich selfish people who throws money away to chatitites to get a tax writeoff

A. Smith

Subject: implants v teeth

The comment that you sacrifice two healthy teeth for a bridge is a gross exaggeration. Also, an implant requires several xrays. A bridge requires none. this is a consideration for me, since I have had radiation, and to anyone to whom this is a consideration. finally, a bridge is much simpler so costs less. I have one of each. If you have problems, a bridge is much easier to fix; there isn't a hole in your bone. Next time, I'd go for a bridge.


Subject: Bridge vs implant

Thank you for your comments. Now I understand why the dentist will not do an implant on me, however they will do a bridge. I have past history of cancer and stroke. Thank you.


Subject: Implants procedure

Sir i have two implants in lower jaw, its temporary denture, but i hate this because it make difficult to eat food ,speak and i feel miserable. i want fix permanent teeth in lower jaw, can you tell how much implants is required , and what will be cost.

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 I am familiar witht he ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers across the country, in particluar, the one in Overland Park, KS.  They are a "one stop" implant center.  The doctors there are at the top of their field, and an advantage is that you have all of the specialists that will be working with you in the same place.  That would have to make communication easier between doctors.  They usually offer seminars for patients and I think, offer free consultations, which is always worthwhile.

  If you chose to go the other way, some Prosthodontists will place and restore the implants themselves. In other cases, an Oral Surgeon or Periodontist will place the implant and a Prosthodontist or General Dentist restores it.   Fees can vary quite a bit from office to office and with the different options for restorative materials.  Some offer free consultations, for others, they charge a fee that might be applied to any future treatment in some cases.

The first step is to schedule a few consultations with different providers, which it sounds like you've already done.

The most important factors when deciding which practitioner to work with:
.1.  You should feel comfortable asking your doctor any questions so that you have a good understanding of the procedure itself, healing time and long-terem outcome, and possible complications.  Write down a list of questions and take them with you to the consultation.

2.  Ask about the experience of the practitioner. How many similiar procedures have they completed?  Have they had any major complications with any cases?  Ask to see photos if possible.

3..Figure out if it works out better for your schedule, to go to a "one stop" provider or to separate providers for the placement and the restoration of the implants.

4. Follow your instincts.  If you feel rushed, didn't get direct answers to your questions, didn't communicate well or had any other negative feelings, this probably isn't the doctor for you.

5. Consider insurance coverage and financing options.  If your dental plan covers implants and it is important to you to use a preferred provider, you will want to check your list.  Many times, insurance does not cover implants, or at least not all of the steps.  You may want to inquire about payment and financing options.

I hope this at least helps you feel a little less confused and a little more directed. Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of further help.
Beth L. Gehring,DDS, PC
816 NW Vesper
Blue Springs, Mo 64015
As a  Dentist, I am sorry to hear about your denture nightmare and I know how frustrating that can be.  I am surprised that your doctor wasn't willing to work with you on some type of solution.  A few options would be either remaking the dentures once more,  or offering to return some of the money and have you return the dentures.   Unfortunately, the doctor has put in a lot of their time and lab expenses, but the patient also  has time and money invested.  You might try sending a letter re-explaining the problems you hand and offering an acceptible and fair solution.  Be sure to keep a copy of it and any correspondence you receive from the Dental Office.  In the event that you don't get anywhere, you have documentation of the problem. 

At any point in the process, did they have you sign something saying you were happy with the denture set up?  Some practitioners will document the patient's acceptance at the try-in appointment, before the denture is processed.  At that time, changes in tooth arrangement, size and color can be made with minimal lab expense. 

If the letter doesn't get you anywhere, you might try going to the governing body of the dental profession in your area.  I am a dentist in Blue Springs, Missouri, USA.  Here, we have the Missouri Dental Board  (or the Dental Division of the Missouri Department of Professional Registration.)  This is the entity that licenses us to perform our professional duties in our state.  They often have a process to file complaints against a provider if you were unable to resolve the problem yourself.   After your complaint is received, they will contact the doctor to get their side of the story, then try to mediate a solution between the two parties.  

As far as a new set of dentures, you might seek out the services of a Prosthodontist (specializes in dentures and removable appliances - extra training and certification beyond general dentistry) or go to a local dental school.  The students are supervised and checked off at each step by professionals.  Most dental schools also treat patients through their faculty practices, and you can often get the services of a specialist at a lower price. 

I hope this information is helpful to your situation, and I wish you well. 

Beth Gehring, DDS
816 NW Vesper
Blue Springs, MO  64015  USA
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