Dallas chiropractors offer advice on chronic back pain

Dallas chiropractors offer advice on chronic back pain

Get adjusted in your chair as Dallas chiropractors offer their advice on chronic back pain and spinal manipulation.

Who can benefit from seeing a Dallas chiropractor?

Jan Trottier: Anybody with a spine that has a pinched nerve that causes symptoms such as headaches, tingling, numbing or burning sensations. We’re looking at biomechanics dysfunction. That’s where everything starts.

Brandon Bonds: Anybody can benefit from seeing a chiropractor, from newborns to the elderly. The most common problem we treat is back pain. But if it’s on your body we can treat it — ankles, knees, wrists, shoulder and so on.

Barbara Hahn: Everyone can benefit. I’ve had patients as young as hours old and geriatric patients. We treat anything mechanical, having to do with the movement of your body, including your spine and extremities.

What type of chiropractic work do you do?

Trottier:There’s all different styles of chiropractic care. I do mostly diversified, activator and Thompson drop technique. I also do work dealing with emotions, since the mind and body work together.Bonds: We use both hands-on manual manipulation and compression tables. My clinic is more sports-oriented, so we see more traumatic conditions. We have rehabilitation equipment, and offer ergonomics and nutritional counseling.

Hahn: My technique is lower force, lower rotation. I tend to do table-assisted adjusting. We also do soft tissue 
massages, and we’re starting to offer yoga, which helps strengthen the body. 
I do a little bit of everything.

What does a visit cost, and is it covered by insurance?

Trottier: Most insurance will cover chiropractic care, but some providers have limitations. In the Dallas area, the cost of a visit can go from $28 up to a few hundred dollars, depending what’s done.

Bonds:>Insurance will cover chiropractic care. Some patients’ insurance covers 100 percent and some patients have a large deductible. My cash rate for adjustments is $55.

Hahn:It depends on the insurance carrier and policy, but most will have chiropractic benefits. The average visit is around $50 for an adjustment, and other treatments vary by amount of time required.

How long does a typical treatment take?

Trottier:People think once they’re pain-free they’re done. Every problem’s different, but generally you’re looking at four to eight weeks on a patient. I usually see patients one to 10 treatments, though some come back for a “tune-up.”

Bonds:The length of treatment varies depending on what we’re dealing with. Once we have the patient back to where we want them for their condition, we recommend maintenance care, but how often can vary from weeks to months.

Hahn:Many patients experience very quick improvement. It depends on the condition and patient. I monitor their progress to determine length of care based on their response. In a couple weeks, almost everybody feels a lot of relief.


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