Common Asphalt Scams to Avoid

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Alfred W. Baker

Subject: Asphalt driveway sealer

I had some guy's (2) come by last week wanting to seal my driveway. They said they had some sealer left they needed to get out of their tank, and could seal all the cracks and water proof it. I paid by check, they went straight to my credit union, cashed the check and I can't get in touch with them by the phone No. they gave me. The stuff never dried and I can't find out who they are by the information they gave me. I found out it's been going on all over Galveston County. I don't know what I can do about it.

tahseen paulson

Subject: asphalt offer

I just git an offer of getting my driveway paved with left over asphalt from a local job. The truck showed a business name of Oregon Road Builders. Online I found an Oregon Road Builders out of Salem OR CCB 206618 Larry Ewin King. The man in the truck did not identify himself so I have no way of knowing if this was Larry Elwin King. I did not happen to look for a CCB lic # on the the truck. I should know better. He said he would be right back but after 1/2 an hour I locked the gate as I decided it was "too good to be true".

Mrs. Holmes

Subject: Lucas, Texas

An asphalt contractor stopped by and said he had left over asphalt from another driveway in the area. He said he would charge $10 per yard and that they probably only had about 12 to 15 yards left over. After my husband agreed, they conveniently had enough for the entire driveway, which was 180 yards. It was a total rip off. They didn't even drive over it with the roller to smooth it out.

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I am facing just such a project and have received a number of bids (all from Angie's List reviewed contractors). The lowest bid was a bit over $5/sq ft and the highest was about $9/sq/ft for my 630 sq ft driveway in Rockford, IL. 

Generally about $1-3/SF (note - measured by SF, not SY) - $1 range is for a 1 to 1/2-2 inch overlay, $2.50-3.00 range normal for two 2" layers for a new driveway or a rebuild (remove and replace) you really want to last.

Most people pay around $2/SF for a 2-3" thickness.


If the state requires a contractor's license, then he needs to have a license in each state he intends to work in - plus state/local business licenses as applicable.


This does not mean there are not a lot of contractors who cross state lines without proper licensing - the penalties in may cases are not real severe and are just a fine, not criminal, so many take the chance.


As you say - argh  - many contractors are not really businessmen and have zero legal education, so many people get burned.