Cleveland pest control company takes action in the fall

Cleveland pest control company takes action in the fall

No one likes to share their space with uninvited house guests. With fall rapidly approaching, it can often be hard keeping unwanted pests out of your home. So what can be done?   

Mike Smith, of highly rated Action Pest Control in Cleveland, says spiders and rodents are likely to invade your home this time of year. Angie's List spoke with Smith to get his expert advice on how to control outdoor critters in the fall.   

Are spiders and rodents harmful to humans? What damage can they cause?

For the most part spiders pose very little threat to humans. When the number of pests increases, then so does the chances of getting a spider bite (which can hurt or itch), but they are rarely poisonous. 

Rodents will always run from humans unless cornered.  An over population of rodents [along with their hair and feces] can cause allergies or sickness on rare occasions. Rodents also cause damage by chewing wires, woodwork, as well as food in the pantry.

Why do they enter our homes?

As fall approaches and the weather turns colder, spiders and rodents will look for an area to overwinter, which can be inside your house. They can enter from a crack in the foundation, through loose weather stripping or along branches that are touching the house.

What can be done to control or prevent these infestations?

The pest can be removed by vacuuming, baiting, trapping and using pesticides. Preventive measures can include: trimming tree branches that are touching the house, sealing cracks in the foundation and around pipes that enter the house or keeping mulch at least 6 inches away from the foundation, as well as keeping bushes and ivy trimmed. If you have a bird feeder, try to keep the seed off the ground. Rodents are attracted to the seed, and if there is an ongoing source of food, they will keep returning.

How would you define pest control?

I like to equate pest control with medicine prescribed by a doctor.  If a doctor gives you a prescription and tells you to take two pills a day and you will be fine in 14 days, you can’t take four pills a day and be better in seven days.  Pest Control is process of treatments based upon the incubation period of the insect being controlled. Some pests require several treatments scheduled at different intervals to get them under control. Spraying lots if insecticide frequently will not get rid of an infestation quicker, it will only make control harder.

For more information and tips for hiring a pest management company, visit the Angie’s List Guide to Household Pest Control.

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