Chicago-area remodeler builds relationships too

Chicago-area remodeler builds relationships too

Since childhood, Luke Rosseland has been honing the skills that have made his business a success. Rosseland and his wife, Kerin Bente, started their remodeling company, Neighborhood Remodelers, in 2001. Rosseland admits he was essentially raised to work in this field. “My dad is a retired carpenter and my mom was in sales,” he says. “I got the industry knowledge from my dad and my sales skills from my mom.”

Family continues to play a vital role at Neighborhood Remodelers. Rosseland says his two brothers and his cousin, along with Bente’s brother and sister, are all valued employees of the business.

The company, which specializes in bathroom and kitchen remodeling, employs 25 full-time workers and uses about 200 subcontractors. Rosseland says they enjoy an atypical relationship with their subcontractors — they keep their subs busy enough that most of them work solely for Neighborhood Remodelers. “I’ve been working with some of them since we opened,” he says. “Some of them worked with my dad before we opened, and I’ve known them for over 20 years.”

2012 Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner:

Neighborhood Remodelers

The Park Ridge company has won the Super Service Award every year since 2007.

Berwyn member Nick McKeehan experienced the teamwork Neighborhood Remodelers relies on firsthand. McKeehan had a bathroom added to the second floor of his home and was impressed by the company’s ability to follow through. “Luke made some big promises at the start of the project about how great his team was going to perform,” he says. “He was right and they exceeded our expectations.”

Rosseland says he looks at each project as a future investment. “My main goal is to build relationships with my clients,” he says. “We finish on time and on budget. Because of that, we have an incredible repeat customer rate. Too many contractors are focused on the immediate profit.”

Greektown member Kelly Stone entrusted Neighborhood Remodelers with his first renovation project. He had work done in two bathrooms and his kitchen. Stone appreciated their thoughtful recommendations during the remodel. “We were asked our opinion on every detail throughout the process,” he says. 
“I really feel as if they listened to what we wanted the end result to be and then worked with us at every step to get us there.”

Rosseland, a cancer survivor himself, enjoys volunteering as a counselor at One Step Camp outside of work. The program facilitates excursions in camping, rock climbing, scuba and other activities for kids battling cancer. “I’ve been a part of it my whole life,” he says. “First, as a kid with cancer and now as a counselor.”

SSA Criteria: Each year, Angie’s List awards this honor to companies that have earned an outstanding service rating, according to our members. In 2012, the criteria included a minimum number of 5 reviews in a category during the reviewing year, maintaining an A average on those reviews, as well as a recent and total overall A, and being in good standing with Angie’s List. The SSA is based on a company’s previous service record, and ratings can change, so be sure to always check the List before hiring.