Can a Descaler Improve My Water Quality?

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Rob Krall

Subject: My Wateer Descaler Softens My Skin

I will not mention any brands here but my descaler has done wonders for my clothes and dish washing, not to mention how wonderful my families skin and hair are. We live in Indiana with very hard water and it sure does show on the populations skin here. I have a GE stainless steel dishwasher and does not have any "build-up" what so ever. We also drink our water because after the descaler it hits a whole house carbon filter and our water is amazing, you can drink it right out of the shower head. I cringe everytime i pull up to a gas station and see those bags of salt for sale.


Subject: antifouling technology

id like to know that how a system of anttifouling for heat exchanger work?


Subject: Electronic De-scaler Worked in residential system

Scaling ( Calcium or Magnesium etc) inside the pipe has been slowly & steadily cleared in my house piping system after using Electronic Descaling unit. Clogging has reduced or eliminated which has been noticed by tap water running full. No scale in solar water heater ( Glass tube type), all control valves smoothly working. I HAVE NOT USED ANY BRANDED UNIT. Based on the broad information available on internet on FREQUENCY, CURRENT, WINDING etc, I have made my own electronic circuit and used. I too had the doubt of its working. But after 4-6 weeks its effectiveness is visible. I cannot yet say other feature like good for hair, tastes better etc. Now I am starting to try the same, in a house where the hardness is 1000-1200 ppm & piping system is 1.25 inch, which is a real challenge. So far my circuit features, 12V power supply, 5 to 10kHz square wave continuously varying, 1 to 1.2A the coil current. Still my unit is on Breadboard (prototype), from last 8 months, and working, consumes around 10Watts.

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