Brick and Stone Exteriors Explained

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sonny puente

Subject: Stucco wall did not go below the foundation

Berry Homes in Weslaco Texas built the house we live in and water came in that caused damage. We hired a construction consultant to go in and check our home. He found a very poor built house using poor material and workmanship. So, I started repairing things to prevent water coming in and mold starting to grow. This was my main concern! I hired a couple of brick and stone experts to evaluate my problem. So, they are going to build a wall of cement around the house and stone it about 20 inches high to seal the house. They are going to put a system where it will have breathing/draining holes to allow water to go out if its there. Is this the correct method of doing this. Just asking!! Please help! Thanks

Bob Fortune

Subject: Undoubtedly, these exteriors

Undoubtedly, these exteriors are timeless and refined. Making one of the best options, homemakers count on them for their amazing properties like fire-resistant. While the brick work effectively lowers the heating and cooling costs, the stone work make it withstand high winds and other calamities. Also they are extremely durable and can protect your home well for years.

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