Is Boric Acid Safe to Use for Pest Control?

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Marci King

Subject: Pets poisoned by boric acid

I have used Aztec Organic a couple of times in the past and totally trusted them when they said their boric acid treatment would not effect my cats and dog. My 22 lb dog is very sick and 3 out of 4 of my cats are sick. I told the owner that I loved my animals more than anything and she still told me it was safe. She said, " I don't care what you read on the internet. The fleas are still in my house and it cost $400.00. Beware!


Subject: Proper application

In my panic to get rid of roaches, I used too much Boric Acid. I figured if a little works then a lot would decimate them.

Incorrect. Applying thick trails along the woodwork makes roaches avoid the powder (I googled it when I saw it wasn't working). Proper application is to apply it and sweep it up until you can no longer see the powder with your naked eye. Then the roaches walk through it.

This stuff continues working until you mop it up so I try not to get too close to the woodwork when I mop my floors. If I do, only then do I reapply.


Subject: boric acid as a ant control

mix equal amounts of boric acid, moist cat food and grape jelly. place small balls of mixture on ant trails, known areas where ants come into house, anywhere you see ants. then wait for the ants to come.
it usually takes a couple hours for the ants to find it , eat it and take it back to the nest. they then feed it to the queen who in turn dies, followed by the nest dying.
I have done this numerous times with great results.
other pests such as cockroaches also die from this mixture.

Joseph Kreifels

Subject: TROJAN

Sounds like some kind of Trojan Horse scheme! I love it!

Death to all bugs!

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You have a lot of questions. I will try to cover them all.

First, mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime.
Second, unlike rats, mice are very small; it would take a major infestation to generate a persistent odor as indicated.

Elimination starts by sealing the exterior foundation of the home, door sweeps, broken windows, cracks in the foundation, holes around electrical service, water faucets and dryer vents.

Secondly, food sources must be eliminated. Mice only need 1 gram of food a day and they extract water directly from the food they digest.

Next, mice infestations are more localized than people think, bait under the house might not have any effect. Heat sources like refrigerators and hot water heaters are suspect as a base of operation.

Snap traps are highly effective when used where dropping are found. Use a variety of bait, peanut butter (avoid this if children are present), brownie, fruit and even dental floss tied to the pedal (nesting material).

As for the odor, look for an enzyme based cleaner / deodorizer.


If the problem continues seek the help of a Pest Control Professional with rodent experience.

Hope that helps,

Andrew Deluca

The quickest way I've found to get rid of them (as opposed to preventing them - see answer above) is to put a half cup of cider vinegar (must be cider vinegar) in a jar or bowl and put a half-dozen drops of dishwashing liquid on top of it.  Leave out on a counter wherever the problem exists. Empty and refill as needed.
Legally, it needs to be pest control - wildly boring technical explanation regarding Federal pesticide laws that I won't bother you with.  Having said that, depending on where they are located in your chimnet, you could do it yourselt.  Most wasp control products will shoot 12'-20'.  So, if they are in a lower section of your chimney you wait until dark (they return to their nests before dark) and reach up above your damper and spray the nests.  If you're not averse to being on your roof, do the same thing from the top.  Otherwise, hire a professional.