Best U.S. Contractors of 2010

Avi Gabbay’s customers say he delivers honest, friendly and speedy service.
Photo courtesy of PSeeSolutions

Avi Gabbay’s customers say he delivers honest, friendly and speedy service. Photo courtesy of PSeeSolutions

Expert Flooring Solutions | Las Vegas

Member Jeannie Schaeffer had difficulty finding a company willing to install the floor and baseboards she wanted until she called Expert Flooring Solutions.

"He listens to what you want," Schaeffer says.

With more than 35 years of experience, owner Tom Rossi says he's learned the importance of being available to customers.

"I follow up on everything," says Rossi, who holds three different state contracting licenses for carpentry and flooring. "I don't let my customers pay until they're happy."

Expert Flooring Solutions was one of our national Best Contractors in 2009 and received more than 30 nominations from Angie's List members for our Pages of Happiness feature last year.

Rossi's company offers green products like bamboo, as well as flooring made from recycled materials. Rossi sponsors a local Little League team and donates money to the homeless.

Barrett Tree Service East Inc. | Somerville, Mass.

Returning for the second time to the national Best Contractors List, owner Trumbull Barrett continues to impress.

"I enjoy the challenges of tree care in an urban setting," says the certified arborist, who employs seven at Barrett Tree Service East Inc. "Our team is dedicated to providing high quality work and excellent customer service."

Angie's List members have praised the company by nominating it 20 times to our Pages of Happiness feature for their professionalism — even toward pets — and attitude of common courtesy.

"I called them at 9 p.m. because a limb came down during a storm," Chris Nichols says. "No one else would respond but Barrett. They're great to work with."

Barrett says it's important to give back to the community and does so by donating woodchips to nature preserves for walking trails.

PSeeSolutions | Columbus, Ohio

Even before Avi Gabbay started PSeeSolutions in 2006, he was helping friends solve computer problems. Now he wows customers with his down-to-earth approach.

"I try to speak their language when it comes to computers," says Gabbay, who aims to deliver "customer service with an exclamation point!"

He netted more than 30 nominations from members for our Pages of Happiness feature last year; won the Super Service Award in 2007, 2008 and 2009; and was among Columbus' Best Contractors in 2008 and 2009.

New Albany, Ohio, member Pat Howard says Gabbay's integrity is what makes PSee stand out.

"I can't think of another company I've had better service from in any field," Howard says.

Gabbay also recycles and donates refurbished computers to social service organizations in the Columbus area.

East Coast Comfort Inc. | Philadelphia

"From A to Z, they were easy to work with," says Diann Devine after East Coast Comfort installed a heater and A/C. "They delivered everything promised."

Other members agree the contractor, who was nominated by Angie's List members for our Pages of Happiness feature 27 times last year, is one of the best.

"I wish all my dealings were as great!" Joe Toner says.

Co-owners Tony Mongeluzi and Ed McCollum say honesty and respect are key.

"We treat customers the way we'd want to be treated," Mongeluzi says.

The company is registered with the state to perform home improvements and is also certified by the Institute for Green Business Certification. They sponsor a Little League team and a sports league for special needs children.

— by Staci Giordullo and Emily Udell

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I agree with others who say they have no interest in contractors from other areas than their own. My only purpose for joining Angie's was to get help choosing highly rated local contractors. I find zero to little help here for what I need. Perhaps that will improve as more people join? Lee

What about Sacramento?? These other areas don't do me any good.

I joined Angie's List several months ago and have found NOTHING that pertains to the area where I live. So I'm not just referring to this list of Best and Worst Contractors It was a waste of money for me.

It amazes me how many people are complaining that this list isn't for their area. This article is an Angie's List Magazine article, which I really enjoyed reading because it showcased specific ways good business makes our country great. (Apparently the if-its-NIMBYs out there just don't care about that, tho.)

Would like to see reports for East Tenn.

From what I was told when I joined Angie's List, is that in order for someone to be listed as either good or bad, members from that area have to submit comments to Angie's List. If someone is not listed in your area that is because your or someone else did not submit anything about them.

Perhaps the people requesting local listings don't realize that this is not Angie's List, this is the monthly Angie's List Magazine. Detailed, thorough and very helpful information for specific cities or regions is available to members who pay a very worthwhile annual fee. I use Angie's List all the time and I love it.

Sure would like to see some info for the Baltimore area.What good is Angies list if there is no info for my area.

It amazes me how many people are complaining that this list isn't for their area. The title of this article is "Best U.S. Contractors of 2010". Best in the U.S. What part of that do people not understand??

Please stop all the "I can't believe my area wasn't listed" whining. Seriously, your "me, me me!" attitudes are childish. None of them were my area either yet I can still appreciate these contractors for being top notch

From San Diego as well and I agree with Dena. What do I care if someone in Vegas is installing a floor???

Most of you folks should go to the store to buy some cheese to go with your whine. I suppose if I find a cure for cancer I should keep it to myself because it doesn't help those with arthritis. Sad sign of the times. Thanks Angies List & keep up the good work, and congrats to the Best.

Way to go. Good for them.

I agree with bagoh20. So what if your city/state wasn't mentioned. No one's holding a gun to your head and making you read anything on their website.I've never been let down by any one I've chosen from the List. If you don't like don't use it. Your childish negative comments are just that-childish

This is of no use to me. You need a better system if you really want to be helpful to your members.

I am familiar with tip top of the golden triangle (Denton, TX (Dallas, Ft. Worth)) but what the heck (read??) is tri-state??????

What a bunch of whiners. It's called "Best U.S. Contractors", not best on your street. Do you gripe about Miss America not living in your neighborhood? If anything is useless, it's another cry of "But it's not local!" Sheese!

I am familiar with a company listed here and their popularity in their area is what got them listed here. Contractors do not pay for this recognition.

FYI-the companies listed are phenomenal and do not pay to be listed. If you checked each one of their pages you would see all of the testimonials. Do some research before making a comment next time.

Hi, I need this info for Long Island please, Thanks

Jay, Companies do not pay to be in this report, nor do they pay to be listed on Angie's List reviews service. Selection of "best" contractors is based on a variety of criteria. More on this can be found by reading "How we determine best and worst contractors" at

I think a list by state would be more useful for readers. In addition, I bet these companies listed above had to pay to be listed here.

Angies list does me no good. Austin Texas

THIS is the big list???I'm very underwhelmed. What about Los Angeles?

As others have pointed out, local lists are the only lists relevant.

Why waste our time on this? Make it local. It is useless information.

To be meaningful, this should be done for each region.

This is of no value to me because it isn't local. All it seems to be is an ad for the companies. Not helpful at all!

Great to have good contractors recognized. No matter where they are in the US. they should be recognized.

what about Rhode Island...I know we're small but.....

I'm with Mark & Lori I can't believe the Tri-State area wasn't even mentioned.

We are a company on Angie's List. We are available for a list in Jacksonville if you want to do a list.

I have to agree with others who cares about Las Vegas, I live in the Saratoga N.Y. area please supply a listing for our area.

Please expand this list to include all states

There was no mention of good or bad contractors for San Diego County, CA. I find very little information of any kind for my area. I am beginning to doubt the usefulness of Angies List

Thank you for your comments! A variety of factors determine whether a city receives a local best and worst report. Unfortunately, not all cities were investigated. As always, you can find current consumer reviews on hundreds of different services at Be sure to consult our List before hiring to help you find the best and steer clear of worst in your area.

Why not have a list for each area, rather than Nationwide? I'm not gonna hire a contractor from Las Vegas to do work in Colorado.

Don't care about other states. What about Las Vegas, NV

Who were the top contractors in Texas?

What happened to the NYC area? good contractors in the tri-states ?!

Good contractors in other states don't interest me. Give me the top contractors for MI

How about a list for Pittsburgh, Pa?

I also do not see anyone from the greater NYC area!

I'm with Lori. So: not a single good contractor in the tri-state area (NY / NJ / CT)?

It's nice to hear there are good companies around the country, not just a bunch of crooks everywhere.

People, if you'll just use the resources available to all of us - Google search - to look for the best and worst Contractors in your area, you might find that they have a list. At the very least, if you find any list from any city, you'll usually find the list of cities that have Best and Worst ctaegories somewhere on the results page. It's not rocket science...

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