The Best Time To Buy Airline Tickets

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dave hunter

Subject: Stop moving letters on email code

Can you make it MORE difficult to type the secret code letters just to get an email copy? Moving them makes it extremely difficult for seniors to read them. This is NOT for the nuclear launch codes for pity sake.

Kenny Wong

Subject: Barcelona

I need to buy 8 ticket round trip to Barcelona from Boston

8-12 -16. To 8-12-16 how much?

Jan Lucas

Subject: Cuba

What is the best way to get to Cuba from Portland, Oregon?

Ed K

Subject: Cuba

In the old days you fly to nassau bahamas first then buy a ticket there. Then ask them to forget to stamp your passport.. go on religious mission.

Gladys Tully

Subject: Debit Card in Italy

I load a card with Euros through Travelex. I use it at ATMs and merchants love them. When I come back they refund whatever I may still have on the card. You save the cards (they give you 2) with different codes. Next time you travel you can load that same card again. You can find out which bank is nearest to where you live where Travelex has a counter to serve you. I've done this for a couple of years and it works out very well. They are good wherever Euros are accepted.

Kathy Schmidt

Subject: Error in your Best Time to Buy Airline tickets

Hi -- I think there is an error in this article on your site. If not, it's confusing and needs some clarification. You say to buy tickets on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. Should it really say buy on Sun, Mon, Thurs or Fri since those dates aren't "X'd out on your chart?? The dates that you say to fly are Tues. Wed. and Saturday and those days coincide with what you DO have "X'd" out. Just a thought from a customer that it is a little confusing when you read it and see it.

Celeste Renteria

Subject: Best Time to Buy Airline tickest

I have to agree with Kathy Schmidt on this article. It is confusing to me also. So, is this an accurate assumtion? You say the best day to buy is on Sun-Tuesday but also to fly the best days are Tues. Wed. and Saturday but these days are conflicting to the purchasing dates. Please explain.

Patric Brayden

Subject: Error

Haha-- I spent a bit of time curious about what they were trying to depict and finally shrugged...yeah, not helpful!

Jonathan Scalonr

Subject: Debit card useable at ATM's in Italy

I want to use a pre loaded debit card in Italy. I do not want the card attached to my bank account. I'm having trouble finding a Visa debit card I can use in Italy in an ATM. The ones I've looked at restrict usage to US. ideally, I'd load $500. On the card, use an ATM in Italy to get euros and when the $500 is spent, I the card is finished, like a gift card. I'd appreciate any help from Angie's list members.


Subject: Debit card

I see several problems here, but I will offer some solutions. A debit only card that is not linked to a bank account is often very difficult to use even in US circumstances towards the end of the card if trying to use at an establishment that will have a gratuity and in Italy's case a coperto, on top of that. My suggestion would be to use some travelers checks that are easily replaceable in the event they are lost or stolen. Another option would be to open a separate account at a separate banking institution that is not linked to your major accounts with just the amount you with to use, doing so well in advance that your card will arrive along with the pin necessary to use it. Then once you return, you cancel the account. And finally, Exchange your cash to italian lira (or euros if used) and carry in a security belt or pouch. Trying not to get hung up on doing it just one way, and enjoy your travels.
(I've traveled abroad to over 10 countries)

J. S.

Subject: ATM in Italy

You can open an account at the Charles Schwab bank and get a Visa debit card that you can use in Europe and refunds all the ATM fees. You need to open a brokerage account first but there is no requirement to invest anything--or even fund it I believe. You then open the account with Schwab bank. It would be "preloaded" by the money you put in the account. But there would be no link to your regular bank account.
This might be too late, since your question was in April. Sorry.

Don Stewart

Subject: ATM cards for Europe

Ask your bank to set up a debit card tied to nothing or at most your chequing. No connection then to the bigger funds. I did this with wellsfargo. You can recharge if needed but doesn't expose yourself to much risk.


Subject: ATMs in Italy

I've been back and forth to Italy every year since 1997. If you can't find the pre-loaded card, I've never had a problem using my debit card at an ATM (Bancomat) there, you'll get the best rate possible with only a nominal fee (around 1%) from your bank. If you use a credit union the fee will be even cheaper.
Buon viaggio!

Glenna Rhodes

Subject: Debit card to use in Italy

I got one from my regular bank - Wells Fargo. They actually offered it to me when they knew I would be out of the country for 6 weeks. Worked just like my regular debit card. This card is permanent if I wish to keep using it...i.e. making a large online purchase - it would limit my exposure to fraud.

Shoshana Firman

Subject: Italy Debit cards

debit cards that you not require you to register with your Social Security number are not going to be usable outside the United States. these are the times where you just pay the cashier $500 +6 dollars fee and walk out. If you want a card that is usable outside United States it can only be done with one of the debit cards that you set up these are the times where you just pay the catcher $500 +6 dollars fee and walk out. If you want a card that is usable outside United States it can only be done with one of the debit cards that you set up almost like a bank account even though it's not a bank acct. AMEX and Visa MasterCard, Paypal have them. AMEX used to be called travel money. Typically you buy them for five to $20 at the cashier and then call the company and give them the same information that you would for a bank account and then you can add money.

thing is this will cost you hefty fees. I will be at 3% foreign currency transaction fee if you use it at a merchant. it will be more fees if he is at an ATM like the 5% total. 3% plus the ATM fees of the card issuer and also a fee of the bank that owns the machine


Subject: Tickets to Xiamen, China

I need to buy 13 tickets to Xiamen in June. Ticket prices seem high now. Would you anticipate them going down any within the next few weeks?


Subject: travel

The best time to go to Europe and most places is usually off season. Summer in Europe when teachers & students have time off is the most expensive & most crowded.

Susan Soyka

Subject: Vacation in Europe

What time of year is best?
What is the rate of exchange with euro?
How about rate of exchange in Scotland and Greece?
What and when are the best flights to these countries or to Europe in general?
These flights will originate in San Jose or Los Angeles California.

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I second the original question (still unanswered). Speaking as someone who logged in today to try to find an attorney, I see this category as one that's exactly what I have my Angie's List membership for:

1. It's important that I find a good one
2. I'm not an expert enough to know myself who is a good one
3. The industry is full of advertisements and misinformation
4. I wish I knew what experiences other people have had

I don't care about lawns--I planted mine in clover and don't have to mow it. When I do need to mow I use a rotary Fiskars mower, which is great--or a scythe. That's right--a scythe (the European type, which is smaller, and it's very good exercise). Gas-powered mowers, chemical fertilizers and weed killers--all nasty stuff that gets into everyone's air, soil, and water. I'm sure my neighbor doesn't like my wildflowers, semi-wild pockets of fruit bushes, and unmown areas and yes, dandelions (I have 10 acres) but that's too bad. It's better habitat for wildlife, especially the pollinators on which our food supply depends. I think this obsession with the Great American Lawn is a waste of time and resources. Plant some food instead.

I'm not sure Angie et. al. want you to have a complete answer to this question. By re-subscribing at the Indiana State Fair in 2012, I think I paid $20.00 per year for a multi- year subscription. Maybe even less. At the other extreme--and I hope my memory isn't faulty about this--I think the price, for my area, for ONE year was an outrageous $70.00. And they debited me automatically without warning. I had to opt out of that automatic charge. I like Angie's List, but if some of the companies they monitor behaved the way they do in this respect, they'd be on some sort of Pages of Unhappiness. I'll be interested to see if this comment gets published or censored out of existence.

That's very difficult to answer without seeing the house. As one poster said, the prep is the most important part. On newer homes that don't have a lot of peeling paint, the prep can be very minimal even as low as a couple or a few hundred dollars for the prep labor.

On a 100 year old home with 12 coats of peeling paint on it, then the prep costs can be very high and can easily exceed 50% of the job's labor cost.

A 2100 sq ft two story home could easily cost $1000 just for the labor to prep for the paint job. That number could climb too. Throw in lots of caullking  or window glazing, and you could be talking a couple or a few hundred dollars more for labor.

Painting that home with one coat of paint and a different color on the trim could run roughly $1000 or more just for labor. Add a second coat  and that could cost close to another $1000 for labor.

For paint, you may need 20 gallons of paint. You can pay from $30-$70 for a gallon of good quality exterior paint. The manufacturer of the paint should be specified in any painting contract. Otherwise, the contractor could bid at a Sherwin-Williams $60 per gallon paint and then paint the house with $35 Valspar and pocket the difference. $25 dollars per gallon times 20 gallons? That's a pretty penny too.

That was the long answer to your question. The short answer is $2000 to $4000 and up, depending upon the amount of prep, the number of coats, the amount of trim, and the paint used.