Atlanta car wash accused of denting, scratching paint

Atlanta car wash accused of denting, scratching paint

COMPLAINT: Andrew and Jodi Stone, Atlanta

Cactus Car Wash did a full-service wash on our vehicle, which left four spots across the roof where the machine scratched the paint down to the primer.

While our car was going through the tunnel, the alarm went off and the machine with four spinners that cleans the top of the car stopped at the spot where the damage is.

The alarm went off again and the machinery started back up. We didn't notice until we stopped at the gas station about 20 minutes later, so we went back and spoke with the manager on duty.

He was friendly and professional but said none of the machinery could've possibly done it. He asked if we'd bought the car used, and when we said we had, he immediately said the damage was from the previous owner's roof rack.

We said there were no marks before we dropped off the car [at Cactus] and there were marks after picking it up, but he said there were rust spots and the damage was old.

We got an estimate from an independent body shop, which confirmed there was no rust and that the damage went through the primer in at least two spots.

DESIRED RESOLUTION: We'd like them to pay $756: $596 to cover the body shop's estimate and $160 for four days' loss of use to cover the rental car.

RESPONSE: Lennox D. Bundy II, CEO, Cactus Car Wash

I've viewed the spots and clearly there is rust in the areas they claim are from our car wash. There is nothing in our car wash that comes in contact with the vehicle other than a soft cloth.

The manager on duty when they returned even walked them through the tunnel.

There's nothing that would leave four perfectly spaced dents in any type of vehicle. I'm sorry they feel we damaged the vehicle; however, this did not occur at our business. If they'd like to return, I'll stop and start our equipment while cars are in the wash process to show them nothing that touches vehicles could've caused damage.

STATUS: Stalemate

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