Are Recycled Glass Countertops a Good Granite Alternative?

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Amy whiting

Subject: Glass counter tops

I would like to see an array of glass countertops, you see I am building my house and I would would like to use recycled material As much as possible

Al Orihuela

Subject: Glass vs anything

From the comments section it's clear some people cannot read especially follow the details in the article.
Recycled glass is not terrazzo
There are two types of recycled glass counter tops: Cement vs Resin
The cement tops need sealing the resin types do not
The resin is the same resin used in quarts tops
Granite, quartz, marble and Onyx all can chip and can need to be repaired.
All surfaces are heat sensitive, some more than others and only someone looking for trouble would intentionally not protect a surface with a hot pan.
All surfaces can be repaired and if you are crazy enough not to protect your top from heat or dropping an engine block on it, don't contact your insurance company to have it replaced. Buy formica tops because sooner or later you will do something stupid again and need to have them replaced again. Insurance is for accidents not the lack of accountability! [sarcasm intended]

BTW- I love recycled glass!


Subject: It will make you feel great

Just imagine how superior you will feel to all the mouth breathing, SUV driving climate change deniers when the see your green countertop!


Subject: Nope, Granite not going away

While the recycled counter tops are different they are not really nicer. Nothing beats the look of the beautiful formations of stone as opposed to broken pieces of glass. I am a designer and I have tried to steer my clients to the greener alternative but it is hard when the glass is not nearly as appealing as stone.


Subject: Recycled glass counters

Interesting, some people claim that granite is dated and so "yesterday" yet nothing is as dated as 1950's Terrazzo. Some of the above photos look like they are right out of an airport bathroom of the period! Though expensive, I'll take natural stone any day and love our granite counters and marble bathrooms. Plus, I don't have to worry about getting cut or heat issues.


Subject: Don't take glass for Granite

Good one Stephen!!! LOL love your sense of humor! :) It would be an interesting look to have on your countertops. How much to go that route I wonder.


Subject: countertops

SO, it's actually CEMENT countertops w/glass mixed in. There're many different things builders can do for you, with cement countertops. Yes, granite at this point, is boring and has been over done.

Steve Cross

Subject: Fractures in Glass Countertops

Glass countertops are awesome, until there is a fracture or a chip on the edge that is sharp and dangerous. And this isn't that uncommon. Our high-end glass countertops were great until my teenage son put a hot pan on a cold countertop and caused several pieces of glass to fracture, as well as marring the sealant. Then I chipped the leading edge into our under-mount sink and exposed sharp glass. That was three years ago. I convinced our insurance company to help replace the counters with engineered quartz and we've had zero problems.

Paul C

Subject: Thanks, Steve

Steve, thank you for mentioning a very important aspect of the glass countertops. I hadn't heard that concern before, and it's very legitimate. Thank you!

Teena Dorn

Subject: Quartz vs glass vs granite

I love the look of glass, quartz and granite. So when we redesigned our kitchen, I chose quartz, too, because of the ease of care and its durability and it's greener than granite. There's no sealers to deal with. I was told hot things won't bother this quartz like it does granite, but I still try not to put hot things on it because it might ruin my cookware. LOL. Small price to pay for this durability and beauty. Disappointed that quartz wasn't covered in this article. I agree with another reader that wished there had been a comparison, but I wish glass, quartz and granite were compared, and maybe concrete, too.

Scott Barnes

Subject: Hope to be apart of Angie's List

Angie's Staff: Endowed with Intelligence, that contributes intellectual intelligence. But whats more the quality of knowing and understanding an unbodied mind and or believers in the doctrine of intellect.

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Artificial (quartz) is cheaper, more uniform, has fewer voids to collect dirt, and is almost as abrasion and chip resistant.

Granite is more expensive, stains and collects dirt a little easier as a rule, and is slighly more chip resistant as a rule.

For durability, I would not rate one over the other - barring a 250 lb guy hopping up on it and cracking it, either is likely to outlive you. Selection is typically based on appearance - quartz tends to be more uniform looking and does not always do a good job of simulating the veining and variations that natural stone has.


Now some of the man made stone counters rival the real granite and othe stones without the maintainence of stone. There are many of them out there and it is more a choice of looks than anything else. Corian is still a strong choice of tops today and one advantage is it can be repaired when scratched on site. If you don't mind the maintainence you can't beat the looks of real stone though unless you need a few pieces to make up the top as the graining may be hard to match up. I am impressed though at how realistic some of the man made products have become. It is more an issue of what brand are available in your area. Most all are made the same way with crushed stone and basically an epoxy binder used to make the sheets.