Angie Hicks congratulates 2013 SBA winners

Angie Hicks congratulates 2013 SBA winners

Angie’s List was once the smallest small business possible: just me.

Like most new enterprises, it began as a great idea brought to life through hard work. At first, mostly mine: knocking on doors in Columbus, Ohio, seeking people willing to recommend reliable home-repair and -remodeling pros and pay a small fee to access others’ referrals.

Angie’s List has grown a lot since 1995, and at more than 2 million paid households nationwide and over 1,000 employees, we can’t call ourselves small anymore. But what’s never changed is the big role little companies play in our members’ lives. A good portion of the home- and health-related businesses our members review are single-person or mom-and-pop operations.

So I’m thrilled to congratulate the people recently named by the U.S. Small Business Administration as their state or territory’s Small Business Person of the Year. I’m pleased I’ll be able to congratulate the state and national winners in person. On June 21, I’ll speak at the SBA’s lunch, part of Small Business Week’s culminating events, as the guest of SBA Administrator Karen Mills.

It’s a privilege to take part in an event that honors the commitment and perseverance of people who bring ideas to life, creating good service experiences, products and jobs all over this country. I commend the local SBA winners and hope to meet many of them on June 21, when we find out who’ll be 2013’s Small Business Person of the Year.

But while official accolades are wonderful, and deserved, my experience with Angie’s List and the thousands of companies on it proves that a successful small business is its own reward. Congratulations, all!

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Angie Hicks, founder of Angie's List
Angie Hicks, founder of Angie's List

It’s National Small Business Week across the nation, but it’s always small business week at Angie’s List.

Most of the companies rated on Angie’s List fit the federal description of a small business, and we’re really happy that they’re the subject of celebration. You might not think about how your local hiring decisions and reporting about their work affects this group of companies, but I can assure you that it can literally make or break them.


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