9 Reasons to Pay Attention to Your Thyroid Gland

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Subject: I was diagnosed with Graves

I was diagnosed with Graves disease over 18 years ago. Refused to have the surgery, so my thyroid was destroyed with radioactive iodine. The process was slow and I went through a long period of very bad muscle cramping. But with the risks of surgery, I'm glad I went with the iodine. Once my Endocronologist had my T3 & T4 at acceptable levels fo him and myself, I eventually lost the weight that I gained. Treating hypo or hyper thyroidism takes time and patience and DEFINITELY a caring Endocronologist. I had the greatest Doc. He retired last year. I cried. He treated me for everything, he was my only physician.


Subject: total thyroidectomy

Get several opinions before you have any surgery at all. MY endocrinologist told me that the brain fog would disappear and the sore throat that I had had for almost a year would be gone after surgery. None of that happened. IT was a total nightmare. My hair fell out, my voice is still hoarse(20 yrs later) and the sore throat that he guaranteed would be gone was still there 2 months post total thyroidectomy surgery. I went to an allergist which ran several tests, then he gave me shots once a week and 2 months later the sore throat started to disappear. I have been on the synthroid roller coaster for 20 yrs as we never seem to get within the correct range or if it's in the range my symptoms tell me otherwise. See several specialists that are unknown to each other because they will protect each other. My screwed up royally & he knew it. Every time I mention to a doctor that I had a total thyroidectomy they say "oh, you had thyroid cancer?" and I answer "no. I had allergies" they look at me very strangely. Be very careful. You are your best doctor.


Subject: thyroid

Hi my name is Candi and WOW lots of great info on here love what im reading I am 29 yrs old been seeing an endocrinologist since I was 16 I have Turners Syndrome and Hypothyroidism runs in my fam been taking Ic Levothyroxine 75mg ive had thyroid ultrasounds and byopsis done due to nodguals.


Subject: Pain & thyroid?

Wow, so informative...i was diagnosed w hyper thyroid a few yrs ago.. & they put me on synthroid 100mg.. Doc tells me that my numbers r good, but i feel like crap.. Tired of feeling like this.. I hurt all over all the time. Like i am one big briuse.. Headaches.. Foggy.. I fogged one time while driving , ran off edge of road, now leary about driving.. My hair was down past my shoulder & started falling out by the handfuls& its hard to find a doc that will listen I'm ready to give up


Subject: Iodine

Hi you should try the iodine protocol. Go to yahoo and find the yahoo iodine group. Iodine is what u need. It's lack of iodine in our bodies that causes these problems! Trust me! :)


Subject: Thyroid

I'm sorry but they're much worse things than what I have read in this comment feed. Although I do feel for all I your ailments, I can't help but wonder how many of you like to be victims and not happy to be able to write about your "suffering". Life isn't always easy- be thankful you are able to complain, let alone be ALIVE. Grow up.


Subject: thyroid

You're right, there are worse things and one of them is people with your mentality or rather, lack of. Unless you have suffered through some of the worse symptoms this disease can cause you have no idea how debilitating it can be. Even with medication, there is sometimes no relief. While my heart does go out to those individuals with terminal illnesses, it is quackery to underestimate the degree of symptoms. It is on the same level as discounting post partum depression.


Subject: Thyroid

your right there are worse things then this.......but that little butterfly shaped gland does so much. I was told I had Graves Diseases several years ago. I went from being happy with my weight, hair, muscles, bm's yes bm's, and heart racing. Everything that Graves could do did do. Yes I am happy I am not 6' under and yes most of this is minor. The thing is I am on a pill the rest of my life the levels can change so I have to have blood work up once a year as long as everything going ok. But now I struggle with my weight with my bm's with hair loss. So these things bother me and just because I want info to make my life better does not make me feel sorry for myself. So get over yourself and don't read the comments if you don't understand the problem.


Subject: Thyroid

Most definitely. There are other things that are worse and I am thankful that at least this is treatable. But i dont think ppl here are trying to be victims. I would roll my eyes when i would hear mom be annoyed about the symptoms. Here i am three kids later @ 29 (diagnosed at 26). I totally get it. It is a challenge though. I was sleeping my life away. I am always anemic. If you educate yourself, it regulates a lot and the reason why people sound miserable is because it can affect moods, metabolism, and so much more. It also increases the risk for other conditions and i actually ended up in the hospital for irregular heart rhythms and pain. Just because it is not the worse, does not mean that people wont go through challenges. Especially when medicines are a hit or miss. It truly makes you feel like crap when out if control. Have it and then come here and comment. Mind you i have managed to lose weight that i gained, work on my master's degree, raise a family, give mom a kidney in the past and more. I am no victim, and rather have this battle than the one many fight and sometimes lose, but it can pardon me, suck!


Subject: Thyroid removal with complications

I had my thyroid removed because I had two large tumors believed to be malignant but then after they removed it it came back benign! I have suffered since with calcium deficiency, constant muscle cramping and terrible pain throughout my body but mostly in my neck! I have not slept through a night without sleep aid since my surgery almost 5 years ago! I sometimes start sweating right before the pain increases! I have cholesterol problems, then low kidney function, and now they are saying I have spots on my liver they need to talk to me about but they don't think it's malignant! I am terrified that because the Dr. has not listened to all the symptoms that it will end up being to late! I know something terrible has been wrong since this surgery! Any help or suggestions! I am desperate as this has now affected my job and my home life!


Subject: Mine was removed also

I had to have mine removed also...both sides and one parathyroid. Im am on a combo of synthroid and amour meds...but i try to supplement natural to boost my total body functions. i do get muscle cramps... but i have increased.. magnesum, zinc and calcium during those times....but it is hard to find information on what to do after removal....


Subject: Alternative health

Google Alternative healing on the subject. Basically, stay away from 'refined carb', bad oils. Have good oil(lots of them) like olive, coconut, flaxseed oils. Have good proteins like 'range free' eggs, fish or meats that without anti-biotic, sea salt, kelp.
Lookup resources of detoxifying your whole body and good quality of multiple vitamins.

BJ Lawson

Subject: Problems post thyroidectomy

As a nurse, I am telling you to RUN away from this Dr ASAP!! Get a new endocrinologist as soon as possible-before this moron kills you! And no gp's! U need an endocrinologist-this is their specialty. You are seriously endangering your life, the longer you take getting to a new specialist!


Subject: Thyroid removal

I think you should visit another doctor. If the doctor you are currently seeing doesn't listen to all the symptoms and removed your thyroid for no apparent reason. However I am only 12 and its your choice to listen to me or not.

Sherrie Hunter

Subject: Hyper &Hypo Thyroidism

I just want to Thank You very much, for the Information on Hypo & Hyper Thyroidism. Thank God for the info, because I have received more Information.then my Doc's ever Told me.


Subject: Thyroid surgery complications

I have not seen this addressed, so please listen: I had my thyroid removed 6 months ago. It is typical to have voice problems afterwards, but I have a completely paralyzed vocal cord! I wish upon wish now that I had NEVER had the surgery. My voice is raspy and hoarse. I have trouble swallowing pills too. I even lost my job because I was working as a telephone triage nurse. Have been very depressed, have avoided social situations; I don't even like to answer the phone unless it is family because it is so hard to understand me. May not sound like a big deal, but my voice was the essence of who I am. I had a very comforting, understanding way talking to patients over the phone. I even sang harmony in a group. It has been 6 months, and the throat specialist in my city won't consider surgery until it has been 9-12 months, saying many people regain their voices. My thyroid surgeon, whom I trust, said he had never had a patient lose their voice for longer than a month. I am miserable! Even though I did not have cancer, I still wish I had NEVER had the surgery. I feel like I've lost my self identity. I'm NOT advising anyone to avoid surgery just for this reason, but keep in mind it can happen. There are surgeries to restore your voice, in fact I had an injection into the paralyzed cord 1 month later, but it did not work at all.There are other surgeries, but insurance will only pay if you wait 9-12 mos, and nothing else helps. Speech therapy is like a Band-Aid. My cord is TOTALLY PARALYZED, not just inactive. BTW, it was nothing my surgeon did. He said he kept the nerve safely protected during the procedure, so there was no damage to it. Also, taking Synthroid has not helped my energy level, wt gain, dry skin, hair, etc. Plus, I'm left with a rather large copay to pay. Just go into the surgery well-informed. If you have cancer and it saves your life, it will be a miracle, but please keep in mind there MAY BE a natural or holistic treatment; plus, losing your voice is a real nightmare, esp if you lose your job, too. Stay informed.


Subject: thyroid surgery

I am 72 years old.... At the age of 18, right out of high school, I had my tonsils removed. The surgeon found three goiters on my thyroid. Golf ball size. For two years I was being treated by a specialist. Not doing any good. I started choking and my voice changed. I went to a new surgeon in town. He saved my life. He removed the goiters and most of my thyroid.
Any time one loses a natural part of the body, there are changes that happen and new learning about the body. One's doctor is the best friend to keep. Don't read into your situation. Also, your surgeon has nothing to do with your copay except that he should be paid. Stop trying to blame him for your problems. And don't try to sue him. You will lose. You need to help yourself.
Just saying. You didn't say why you had the surgery in the first place.

Malinda Wilczynski

Subject: Paralyzed vocal cords

Saw this once before - there used to be a doctor at Cleveland Clinic many years ago that performed a muscle transplant for the paralyzed vocal cords that worked well for some one I knew that had lost her voice the same way. Of course, after it had not returned in over a year and it was finally determined it was not psychological in origin. She had no voice at all and received a complete return of the voice.


Subject: another thyroid medicine

My daughter's thyroid medicine, synthroid, didn't work. For a year she slept so much. Finally the doctor tried her on Armour
It has made a huge difference,!!!! Maybe that's one thing that could possibly help you. Hopefully you are.doing a lot.better


Subject: Thyroid nightmare

It's been almost 4 years since thyroid cancer and it has been HELL ! Major Depression 70 pound weight gain with in a year lost of memory unable to focus and I most defiantly can't be in a large crowd!!! My GP misdiagnosed me for a year she never check my neck or throat said your labs are a little off it was a nightmare. Finally came back with hashimoto disease which I'm the one who asked her to check me for BINGO she did nothing,so I took upon myself to see a endocrinologist large lump on my thyroid came back as cancer. Ever since the surgery I'm no longer the person I once was and will never be it took a lot out of me mentally physically and to date my labs are still not right but have come to terms with what I'm able to do and what I can and can't handle. Yes my voice isn't the same very haorse and I also have a hard time with taking pills and also suffer from mirgrains which I didn't before. So I have to see a neurologist for injection. I'm very envious of the people who have felt great after there surgery but not so much here


Subject: I'm surprised!

That your surgeon didn't warn you ahead of time that this could happen. Both he & the Endocrine Chief warned me, good thing they did. I went from sounding like Amy Lee to sounding like Kathleen Turner (Romancing the Stone). I went almost a year sounding like that...turned out that it had been bruised, like my trachea & esophagus, by one of the numerous tumors.
As for you not losing weight or gaining energy on the Synthroid, then your dosage may be way to low. I, unfortunately, had the opposite problem (from 165 down to 117 in less than 5mos), but my thyroid was cancer riddled & they wanted my TSH# super suppressed. Talk to your Endo about increasing your dosage...they are willing to work with you.
As for your throat...I just quit talking unless totally necessary.

TJ Callow

Subject: Thyroid surgery complications

Dear Patricia,
I am not sure if it is a misprint but it says you "Did not have cancer". Why did you have your thyroid removed? You said the Synthroid has not helped, what dose are you on and have they tried increasing the dose? Have they tried different meds or a combination of meds? Are they checking not only your T-3 but your T-4?
I am currently on 75 mg levothyroxine and 12.5mg Liothironine. Neither were helping that much, UNTIL I added a natural thyroid healer to my diet. ~~Coconut oil !~~ Yes, Coconut oil. It is in the grocery store aisle by the olive oil, canola oil etc. It comes in a clear jar and is white and semi solid. Like butter, at room temp it softens as it warms it melts turning into a liquid, as it cools it hardens turning into a solid. Replace the other fats in your diet with this.
I use 1 teaspoon melted in my coffee in the morning. I also use it in frying, cooking etc. Not only has it made my thyroid RX work better, but it has lowered my blood pressure and dropped my bad cholesterol 30 points!!! I have changed NOTHING else! My Endocrinologist is very pleased and told me to keep on taking it because it is working! My energy is up! My weight is down 34 lbs in less than 4 months! My thoughts are clearer and the coconut oil can also be used on skin and hair so my skin is much softer and nails stronger! Do some research, Google it, Bing it, talk to your doctor, check out a Doctor of Natural Medicine in your yellow pages! Amazon even sells a book, " The Coconut Oil Handbook" by Shae Harper.
I encourage you to give this a try. One teaspoon everyday for 6 weeks, as well as use the oil very sparingly as a lotion after a shower. Also replace cooking oil and butter with the more healthy coconut oil! I say 6 weeks because I started seeing the results between the 4th and 5th week. I will continue for the rest of my life! I love this stuff! There are several brands out there and I have tried quite a few. However, the one I like the best is Spectrum Organic Gold Virgin Coconut Oil.(unrefined Expeller pressed). It comes in a 14 fl oz jar with a golden colored screw on lid. I found it at many grocery and health food stores but the cheapest by far was at Walmart for $7.99. Good luck, start feeling awesome and God Bless.!


Subject: thyroid surgery

Oh my god.I went through the same thing! I have not regained a voice and its been a year and a half.I also lost my job at a restraint and now get disability.this has changed me in a bad way too! I'm very depressed and life is no longer enjoyable.


Subject: My friend gets Botox

My friend gets Botox injections in her vocal cords (painful) and they have really helped repair her paralyzed cord.


Subject: thyroid

Patricia, I am so very sorry for what you are experiencing. 3 years ago I had a nodule removed from a vocal cord and ran into an extremely persistant hoarse, raspy, hard-to-get-word-out voice. I managed my husbands dental practice and patients thought I had a continual sore throat/cold. Much like you, I hated to talk to people!
I went to see an ENT who scoped/examined my throat and said that the reason I could not speak in a 'normal' tone of voice was due to ACID REFLUX. I've been taking Protonix every day since that day and I no longer have a voice issue. I believe the reflux can also be resolved through diet.
Goodluck to you and I hope you heal quickly.


Subject: Hashimotos Hypothyroidism

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 13 and I most likely developed it at age 10. I was on Synthroid for a couple of years until my hormone levels stabilized. I am now 18 and still have a nodule on my thyroid. It is very important to get your thyroid levels checked. You will feel a lot better once you get treated.


Subject: Thyroid Surgery

I had regular check ups for several nodules in my neck. I was told the chances are better if you have more than one that they are usually benign. After a few years they said I had one growing on my thyroid that was thee centimeters and it was causing problems with swallowing and changing my voice to a deeper sound as if I had a cold. They removed all of my thyroid except for a small nub in hopes that it would prevent me from taking the meds for the rest of my life. So far every check up has been good. It has been 4 years. I am 49 and I am sure that some issues are the change of life. I am so glad not to be taking any hormone replacement. That is what caused my mother to have breast cancer twice. She was tested to see if she carried any cancer gene and she did not. She is in a class action law suit against the hormone med company. Life at this point after surgery seems normal. No real weight gain or loss. None of the symptoms that I have read about in the comments. So surgery was good for me and if you have a doctor that can figure out by your levels just how much of a nub to leave then you can go without the life time of meds for hormones. Recovery from the surgery was quick. Same day came home talking and return to work two days after the surgery.


Subject: thyroid surgery

I had half of my thyroid removed2 yrs ago. They said wasn't cancer yet but if Ieft it eventually it would be. I wanted them to take the whole thing out but they didn't. I have nodules on both sides but the right side was bigger. I'm so afraid of getting cancer in the remaing part of my thyroid. I have take synthroid everyday forever. Can taking synthroid cause cancer??


Subject: Medication

Hi there, I was just reading your comment about your Mom getting cancer from the thyroid meds. I am on one too, could you PLEASE tell me what kind she was on? Thank you very much! B.

Lisa Peretin

Subject: thyroid symptoms after removal

I had my thyroid removed in 2004 due to very large nodules. Ever since, I've been on generic synthroid but have never felt quite right. Recently, for the past year, I've been spotting between periods and have painful joints. I'm only 44! Since I don't currently have insurance, I can't afford to get my blood tested frequently. It's been a year since my last test. I feel exhausted and never rested, and I take .75 mcg. Should my dosage be increased or decreased?


Subject: Thyroid

I would def say you need your medication increased. Im 31 yrs old and received RAI treatment of my thyroid due to my case being so severe last year that they could not surgically remove it.. I am on 118mcg and i weigh 145.


Subject: thyroid. dosage

I have hypothyroid too. If your feeling weak and tired your dosage should go up. Thyroid pills for those with less hormones should give you energy and ill hypernes. While for the opposite thyroid hyperthyroid means the pills will make them less active


Subject: Name brand synthroid

I had thyroid cancer and I swear by only name brand synthroid. I took generic for 5 years because my primary care doctor didn't care to try to figure out why I was so tired and achy. I felt so tired and could hardly move in morning I hurt so bad. I felt like an old lady and I was only 39yrs old. I pretty much missed 5 year of my daughters life because I couldn't stay awake. She would cry, mommy please don't fall asleep I want u to play with me. She was 4yr. It wasn't until i changed doctors that I found out generic doesn't work very well. Within 3weeks I was so much better. Achy gone and I could function normally again. A couple times pharmacy has filled it wrong and I know right away. So now years later I check each and every time I pick up my meds to make sure it's name brand synthroid.

Michelle c

Subject: thyroid

your meds should be decreased go to a clinic for low income people and get your blood tested my mom is on the med and gets tested every month

Stacy McKee

Subject: Thyroid

I had follicular thyroid cancer in 2010. I am on synthroid and my dr. Is very adamant that we use brand name only meds. He said he's known the generics to not do as well. Something for you to think about. I will be watching for levoxyl to be available again as well, as that is cheaper than synthroid.


Subject: thyroid

I had a cervical MRI and it showed up enlarged thyroid nodules, we weren't even looking for that. My blood tests came back normal and the Dr felt around my neck and throat and requested a ultrasound, she said there is a slight concern. I do have trouble swallowing my food and breathing, I started producing milk, I haven't been pregnant in 14yrs., I been told the thyroid will do that, I'm just really scared, my ultrasound appointment is on 10/7/2013, also my daughters birthday. Everything going thru my mind is negative. I'm also a diabetic, my A1C is 5.5 and my sugars are controlled by medicine and are good, I take vitamin D every morning, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and pain meds for my congenital spinal stenosis, and DDD.
Is there ANY positive outcomes??


Subject: thyroid and making milk

You need to get a mri of your head I had the same exact thing happen to me and I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor. They can give you medication for that.


Subject: Thyroid

Hey, I wanted to let you know that producing milk could be an indication of high levels of a hormone called prolactin. I am 25 and have never been pregnant and I started having the same problem. Turns out I have a tumor on my pituitary that is causing this. I also have thyroid problems and I'm diabetic too. Its just a simple blood test to check the prolactin--I would look into it.


Subject: Check your parathyroid with

Check your parathyroid with blood test; that's behind your thyroid. CHeck PTH (high), calcium level (high), and Vit D (low). HypERparathyroidism will have those results I put in parenthesis and cause bone loss.
Check out parathroid.com

Sunna Dottir

Subject: Thyroid

Hi -

Many of your symptoms might be related to hypothyroidism. A great website to check out is: stopthethyroidmadness.

Very knowledgeable website. They also have a list of docs that use natural thyroid medicine and one might be near where you live. It won't hurt to check it out. Good luck!


Subject: Thyroid Gland Surgery

Someone very close to me was recently dx with possible cancerous lump on thyroid & is scheduled to have thyroid gland removed Nov 22, 2013!
I'm very nervous and uneducated about all of this! Can anyone recommend a reliable source or site I can do some further research to understand what this person is going through & what's to be expected post surgery? TY in advance for your insight & direction.


Subject: Total Thyroidectomy

Hello each person is different, I had my whole thyroid removed in 2011 and there was cancer found after it was sent to pathology lab. I didn't have to take any pain meds. Went home the following morning and was eating fried chicken two days later. You can YouTube the whole surgery and get testimonies for good and bad post surgery results. I am 39 and have a higher tolerance for pain then most. I've been under the knife 5 times, just put your faith in God and know that he will guide the surgeons and bring you through. Good Luck and I'll keep you in my prayers.


Subject: Go to inspire.com and join

Go to inspire.com and join the Thyca group. I had thyroid cancer, and the Thyca forum was the most helpful source of info ever.


Subject: Buy water that is not chlorinated and has no fluride

It is so difficult to escape water that is not treated with chlorine and fluoride which are the 2 major culprits that affect the thyroid function. Fluoride builds up in the body. Regular filters do not remove these from your drinking water. My father installed RO system and added another system that replenishes the RO water with essential minerals. Fluoride can be used as a rinse aid as part of dental care if warranted. No need to subject everyone to ingest it everyday! It accumulates and causes havoc on the thyroid!
Please get involved and help stop this practice at your city/town level. This isn't healthy for children, adults, pets, plants, etc. My husband was diagnosed recently and that is what my father warned against. We are in the process of getting the system installed.
In the mean time we have been purchasing Spring Water like Ozarka and Spring Valley.

Also, diet plays an important role.

Best of luck!


Subject: Non-fluoridated water

WalMart sells "Pure" pediatric water by the gallon that is both fluoridated and non-fluoridated. You have to carefully search the labels to see which one is which. Even though it is better for you than tap water, there is probably still some chlorine in it and you are going to get petroleum particulates because it is in a plastic jug. Your best bet is well water that has been tested for contaminates and is filtered.

As far as helping with glands, etc in the neck: a good Naturopath will put you on an LBG/ST8 machine and push the lymph through the glands to make them malleable again. Once the energy and oxygen is pushed through your system maybe some of those "nodules" will turn out to be static lymph fluid swelling the nodes and it might simply flow away.

mrs johnson

Subject: Thyroid

Synthroid???? Been there done that???? Me too. I stoped taking it eight years ago because I did not want to be commited to a medication the rest of my life. I started taking liquid iodine 8 years ago and have not had a thyroid problem since. You can get it at your local health food store people; it's inexpensice and effective. Taking this combined with juicing has allowed me to lose 100 pounds in a year.

Pamela A Rickey

Subject: Liquid iodine

For years I experienced brain fog, being cold most of the time, dry hair, uncontrollable dandruff, and my hair falling out in gobs. I had such extreme fatigue that I remember doing things like driving to the library to get a book and changing my mind in the parking lot because I was too tired to get out of the car. I would get such dry, red patches of skin on my face that I thought I had eczema. I had to have a hysterectomy because I was hemorrhaging so badly, but afterwards they said my ovaries were healthy and they had no clue what caused it. I have since read that heavy bleeding can be a symptom of hypothyroidism. Twelve years after that surgery, I changed doctors and was finally diagnosed with hypothyroidism through a blood test. She also set up an appointment with an endocrinologist but it took five months to get in. In the meantime, she put me on a generic hormone supplement which I took for a couple of weeks but stopped because it was causing me to be overly emotional.

I went to the health food store where the owner took down a bottle of liquid iodine and told me it was the only thing needed for a healthy thyroid. He said the supplements I had tried made of kelp didn't have nearly the level of iodine I needed unless I took the whole bottle at a time. After clearing it with my doctor, I followed his instructions. It took only about two months for all of my symptoms to clear up after so many years of battling them.

A few months later, when I went to the endocrinologist, he could find nothing wrong with my thyroid. He pooh poohed the idea of my taking iodine and said either I had been misdiagnosed as having hypothyroidism, or else it was just a temporary episode that had cleared up on its own. Yeah, right.

It is now several years later and, besides feeling so much better, the most obvious change is my hair and scalp. No more dandruff and my hair is thick and healthy. It used to not grow past my shoulders because it would get split ends so bad and break off. Didn't matter what hair products I used. My hair is now a third of the way down my back, feels and looks healthy, and still growing. Absolutely No split ends. At my age (58), I should cut it off, but can't bring myself to do so after all the years I wanted to grow it long and couldn't.

I don't take the iodine all the time now--just when I feel like I need it, or I notice my throat getting raspy--another symptom I had experienced. I am thankful I didn't take the hormone supplement long enough for my thyroid to become dependent on it and shut down completely, which would have meant taking it for life. Unless you are allergic to iodine, I highly recommend trying it before anything else. Two teaspoons a day for two months, then cut back to one.

Derrer Nichols

Subject: Is this safe? I have taken it

Is this safe? I have taken it (synthriod)for several years am afraid it is not working my dose has been raised several x's and am looking for help..any weight I lost in the beginning has come back,as usual with more of its fat cell friends..thanks for info

Edie Boudreau

Subject: Thyroid nodules

February 2013 I was diagnosed with 5 thyroid nodules, 1 of which was large enough at 2 mg for a needle biopsy. Two biopsies later they still didn't have enough cells for a positive/negative diagnosis. The Dr. said I could have a 3rd test or come back in 6 months for another one. My previous Dr. in another state had already put me on 0.05 mg Levothyroxine for what he called a "thyroid problem" plus a low pulse rate. My pulse went from 45 to 60 (normal). I don't know how it affected my thyroid. My former doctor treated me like his mother, & ordered a full blood panel every 6 mo. after I had a stroke in 2001 from Vioxx. I don't think my current doctor even looked at my records. My hair is very thin, but I don't know if that is thyroid- or age-related (I'm now 78). I haven't gone back to this doctor yet, as I've just finished pay off all the co-pay charges from the former tests that didn't produce any results. Any advice for me?

Ben thruanightmare

Subject: Hair thinning

I too have lost and had my hair thin terribly since my thyroid and eye problems started. Im 34 and had a thick,soft and full head of hair. Baldness does not run in my family. My hair over the last 4 years is now thinning and ruff or brittle vs the silky,soft,full healthy head of hair I had my entire life.


Subject: Thyroid

Yes, just get them taken out. I had them too and had to keep getting biopsy's all the time and always worried about cancer. My Dr. recommended that I have my entire thyroid removed as I had them on both sides. It was the Best thing I have ever done! No more worry, worry, worry and I can't get cancer of the thyroid as I don't have one now. It was a really good thing for me. I had it done a year ago and now you can't even see the scar! It was tiny, only 2 in. The Sx. was a piece of cake and I was up cooking soup the day after. I think it would be a huge relief for you.


Subject: Un-diagnosed!

I have had all the symptoms for years...I showed on one test in ER that my thyroid was acting up...so, thy scheduled a full blown work up...then said the thyroid was fine...I'm still feeling the same with same symptoms but can get no help from doctors here! I'm lost! My mom had thyroid problems so bad that it turned into Graves' disease...she's had 4 surgeries on her eyes because the disease went untreated for so long it damaged her eyes...what do I do?


Subject: thyroid tests

i did the same thing, i had the first test, it came back neg.. i was still having symtoms so i had another test and it came back neg. also. it took the 3rd test to come back positive!! ive had tests since then to keep an eye on it and every test comes back positive. i am on synthroid and doing ok. but im going to talk to my dr. about taking iodine, ive read it does miracles! wish me luck with it


Subject: Hello, I had all the symptoms

Hello, I had all the symptoms for 5 years. The doctor said that my problem was with the gall bladder 2 years ago the doctor removed my gall bladder. But, I feel worst. One year ago my period stop and a gain 25 pounds. I was so very sick that I went to the ER. The doctor in the ER did all blood work, the results!! I was diagnosed with premature menopause! and I was refer with a gynecologist. When I had my appointment with the gyo, he was surprised because in the ER did tell me that my HS was high. He said that my thyroid is not working and for that I have all kind of problems in my health. He put me on medication. Now I check my levels every three months. Some times the doctor lower the medication doses and sometimes he increase it. Also, I have learn that you have to be sure that the THS, T3 and T4, must to be in the range levels. If one of them are low or high you have thyroid problems. According to my doctor the THS is the hormone that stimulate the thyroid to produce hormones. the T3 is the hormones produced by the thyroid gland, and the T4 is the hormone that convert the T3 in energy. The next time that you have lab work, be sure that you doctor is checking all three hormones levels. My doctor says that many doctor only check one, but it does not give a clear diagnosis.


Subject: Thyroidectomy 2007

In March 2007 I gave birth to my precious son Antonio. I was 26 years old. Having difficulties swallowing and a scratchy throat I told my Dr. The endocrinologist biopsied the nodules 4 times it came back "Cancer". The thought of my son never knowing me was pure hell. My mothers parents both died from brain cancer. Pepiere 59 and Memeire 63. They were wonderful people and very special to me. My thyroidectomy was done in June. Antonio's picture taped to my hand, tears down my face and everything was fading out. I found comfort in knowing the surgeon was also a professor at Harvard specializing in this surgery and that I was in good hands. 6 years have passed since the surgery and I am most grateful. You cant even tell it was removed. Sadly I do not feel as alive as I once did until I was diagnosed with ADHD later on and prescribed Vyvanse. It is not same. I wont ever be how I was before. Yes one 60mg capsule in the morning helps me feel alive and I have slimmed down. The 5 years before taking that medication just my Levothyroxine 150mcg was hell and led to depression. I will never forget the phone call from my Endocrine Dr. "I don't know how to tell you this but the lab results came back and it was not cancer" Umm OK well I cant take my thyroid back. Full of mixed emotions. I did not have the radioactive iodine which typically they would give you upon removal. So if the lab got it mixed up and in reality it was cancer I never got iodine. At the same time I feel more comfortable knowing that its removed before it could potentially turn out really bad. But I really was never the same after it was removed.

Ed fletcher

Subject: Thyroid & temp

If you have a temperature below 98.6 you have a thyroid problem. Take temp 3 times a day under arm for 7 days and average out your temp. Had to go to homeopathic Dr. To find my problem. Mine was 94.4 and regular Dr said that was nothing to worry about. Take natural supplement now and temp is normal and feel good. I am 73.


Subject: aspertame

First thing to try if you are having thyroid problems is remove all Aspertame/nutrasweet from your diet. Read labels, it hides in lots of stuff. This stuff is terrible for you, esp your thyroid.

Sue Lapane

Subject: thyroid hormone replacement

My daughter suffered for years with symptoms of low thyroid. Doctors kept telling her that she was not deficient because her numbers were within the "normal" parameters. She finally found a doctor who decided to pay attention to her symptoms instead of her test results. He prescribed Synthroid, which helped, but certainly didn't solve her problems. After she told him that that it was his job to listen to his patients and try to help instead of dismissing her problem because he didn't know to solve it, he actually did more testing and research and decided that Synthroid was the wrong medication, and prescribed Armour Thyroid. She has now been on Armour for 5 years and her symptoms disappeared for all that time - she has felt fine, BUT - now she's in perimenopause and she's having hypothyroid symptoms again. Apparently, going into menopause plays hell with your thyroid. This time, however, her doctor is listening and is working on adjusting her dosage and assures her that she will soon be feeling better. INSIST that your doctor LISTEN, and be concerned enough to educate himself/herself, OR find another doctor.


Subject: Yes!

Amen to that! Most will NOT give you meds if your numbers are accurate. But I finally found one that would and I felt sooo much better afterwards and lost weight.


Subject: Thyroid

I am now 70 years old and the same thing happened to me. When I was in my early 20's and after changing doctors, my new doctor tested my thyroid because of a goiter. My tests were normal, but I had a very bad problem with my weight. No matter what I tried whether it was Weight Watchers (and I was very strict) or counting calories, I couldn't lose. I was told to exercise and that didn't help. This was during the late 60's. My doctor told me that although the thyroid tests were normal, maybe that wasn't good enough for me. He sent me to a specialist who performed surgery on this type of problem and he said that surgery was not necessary to remove the goiter. My doctor mentioned that he would send me to a surgeon who was not one to operate easily. The surgeon advised my doctor to try medication and see how I made out. So, my doctor tried me on synthetic thyroid and I just didn't feel right. Then he put me on Armour Thyroid and it was awesome. I was finally able to lose weight normally and felt so much better. I was like a new person. Many years later, my family and I moved to another state and I finally had to change doctors. I went to an endocrinologist who insisted on taking me off the Armour Thyroid. I told her that I had gone through this before and it didn't work. At that time, there was some thought that the Armour Thyroid could cause osteoporosis. My bone density tests showed some osteopenia. Finally, I changed doctors and checked (this was a while later) and was told that the Armour Thyroid was absolutely okay and there was no evidence concerning osteoporosis, etc. Again, I felt much better. I know that the testing that is done for this is a T3 and T4. Sometimes the thyroid medication is not absorbed as much as could be. I don't remember which one it is the T3 or T4. The doctor who initially put me on the Armour Thyroid did give me a little bit of a higher dose and it made a big difference. To this day, I am still taking it. The only thing I noticed was that when I was put back on the Armour my breasts became more tender, but it eventually went away. I am fiber cystic and have to be careful with caffeine because this could cause some discomfort too. By the way, when I was put back on the synthetic thyroid, I began to put on weight once more.

Josefina Bourne

Subject: Thyroid Nodule

I have been going to the doctors for a few months now and have had a few thyroid ultrasounds and biopsy. 3 years ago they found a nodule groing on my thyroid 3 years ago. As of now the nodule is still growing and last time I visit the endocrinologist (this spring) he said I just have to come back next Spring and do another thyroid ultrasound. I have been feeling this mass on my neck and I have been sick for a couple of days with a cold and I swear everytime I cough i feel like that nodule or my whole thyroid just wants to come out. Is this normal? Has anybody else had a similar experience? Or should I go back to my doctor and get him to do further testing on me. I didn't feel very comfortable with them telling me I only have to check on it once a year when I know I have something there and I just feel like I am not being treated for it.


Subject: unbelievable

I do understand that drs don't always listen but u are telling me that because she had symptoms, but no test results confirming a thyroid problem, u still searched for a Dr that would prescribe a medication for thyroid? & it didn't work so instead of looking for a different cause, u requested another thyroid medicine? And u are shocked that she isn't healthy? Sounds to me like a very dangerous thing to mess around with! I understand the frustration of not having a diagnosis and also when doctors brush u off, but assuming u know for certain that its the thyroid & taking a medication for it for that long sounds like a negative thing on the body. That doctor doesn't sound like a very good Dr sounds like he was tired of hearings things so he just gave her what she was asking for. Idk enough about it or her to make a diagnosis but there could be something completely different going on that has gone un detected and un treated!!! Also the meds the drs give out are not ALWAYS the answer. I have thyroid issues myself that aren't completely diagnosed and although im still going to get a biopsy of the nodule, I have completely eliminated all negative, unwanted symptoms of thyroid problems with a natural supplement. All food based as not all natural supplements are good for you either. It's called thyroid support. I am not a Dr but I def know that pills are not always the answer & unfortunately its costly to run every test known to man. But if u are having symptoms of one thing & tests come back negative, what I would do is find a Dr who would start back at square one & find out the problem before treating it. And also one that was open to more than one treatment option. If my Dr insists that only the pill he tells me to take will work, I will rightly assume he I not open minded. Sadly too many Americans think that pills are the answer & trust the Dr to know everything. I have found drs that know less than me. They type in an ailment in there handheld computers, & up pops the medicines that have been marketed to the office & boom they print out a script. I am eel aware that I don't know a lot about medicine but I do have internet & I do not believe everything i read & know how to research & I have been SHOCKED when Ive been in the hospital & a new Dr comes in & tries to tell me something that I actually do know something about and turns out they don't know diddly squat! I feel outraged cuz I wonder how many patients have they treated without even knowing what they are talking about. How many patients believed them because they have a piece of paper saying they are smart?? Anywho I have gone on a major rant. And ignored grammar etc & I may have even been harsh to you. That was not my intention. I just hoped that u it someone else reads this & thinks twice the next time they take a pill, or trust a Dr. Or think they know the diagnosis. Do research & think outside the box. Think of all ways to treat your ailment, not just one & don't throw the natural cures under the bus so fast, they don't make money off of natural cures, so they don't put the knowledge out there. U have to go and find it. Maybe find a Dr who looks into all treatment options! U have no idea the effects these pills have on your body & your life. The more pills, the higher the risk!!!


Subject: allergic to iodine

I was diagnosed w hyperthyroidism over a year ago but im finally euthyroid after countless pills...PTU, Carbimizole and now down to 5mcg of Tapazole per day. Radoiodine wasnt an option for me as I am deathly allergic to anything containing iodine, shellfish, ect and have to carry an epipen..I can't handle shellfish with my hands and have to take allery tabs before I go inside a seafood restaurant. .which I rarely do because its just not worth the
risk. Having said that..how do I maintain a healthy safe amount of iodine in my diet. I do eat fish but in very small amouts.
Any suggestions?


Subject: thyroid cancer

I had my thyroid diagnosed as cancerous about 7 years ago and had all of my thyroid removed because of the cancerous noguls. So I have no thyroid to speak of now. While my body is free from these cancerous noguls my life since the surgery has been HELL. First of all I blew up from my normal weight of 190 to a whopping 370. this was 7 years ago and I have not been able to lose very much weight at all.Losing any kind of weight seems impossible and I have been trying for the past year. Also the depression from becoming so big has taken its toll on me and my social life which I have no sociallife to speak of. Having my throid taken out is the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life. I have never heard of anyone dieing from thyroid cancer have you?

Maureen, R.N.

Subject: Re: Thyroid Cancer

To bert: Regarding your comment about never having heard of anyone dying of thyroid cancer:
Many people die of untreated thyroid cancer. If your thyroid nodules were indeed cancerous, then your surgery undoubtedly saved your life. Count on it. My concern is what happened to your post-op. If your excessive weight gain is associated with your lack of having a thyroid gland, then your MD should be working with you to get you on the correct thyroid substitute medication and the correct doses for your body. You must have replacement thyroid med(s) after surgery as the body cannot replace the necessary thyroid hormone by itself without a thyroid gland. So, speak with your MD (see an endocrinologist) about the meds you need. If you are on meds already, the drug or the dose probably needs to be adjusted. You should be having blood tests every 3 mos. to assure the dose/drug is the correct one for you. As for the depression, also speak to your doc about this. He/she may decide to give you a temporary mood elevator drug until you can get over the depression. In the meantime, get on a good nutritional program and an exercise regime. And, stick to it, even if you see little progress at first. This will not only increase your mood and your metabolism but will help regulate your blood sugars. You are at great risk to develop diabetes, no less cardiac problems, should you continue down this path. I suggest you see a certified nutritionist. Your doc can recommend one. Take care of your substitute thyroid meds, your diet and exercise regimes and your mood will elevate and your energy will return. Empower yourself. Take charge of your life. You can do this.


Subject: Thyroid cancer

Thyroid Cancer does cause death. My mother passed away from thyroid cancer. I take my thyroid medication daily!!!

Sharon D.

Subject: thyroid weight loss solution

I thankfully do not have cancer,,but I have had issues with my thyroid, for 30 yrs or so. I am 60, so my weight gaon has been up and down, mostly up through the years, until I was introduced to Omnitrition,(Dr. Simeon)diet.I have lost 45 pds to date and still losing.Its the only thing that has made me lose and has made me very healthy..just a suggestion,,just saying, it worked for me,,good luck


Subject: I have never heard of anyone dying from thyroid cancer

I will. Unless I get whacked by a bus. Had my thyroid removed in Feb 2009. It was cancerous. Got into the lymph nodes in my neck, had radical neck dissection (surgery) on my neck August 2010. Removed 48 lymph nodes, 28 were positive for cancer. My oncologist sent me to MD Cancer Hospital in Houston, May of 2011. They determined my thyroid cancer had gone metastatic ( its in my system, can't be cured). I take 600 mg of chemo daily, for the rest of my life. I am a stick. No weight gain, can't put weight on. I'm 5'8", and weigh 117lbs. My cancer is slow growing, thank goodness. My oncologist gave me 5-10 years. Its been just over 2 years since I started chemo, and my last 2 scans show my tumors have begun growing again.
Now, imagine where I would be, if I didn't have my thyroid removed. Look around. Thats all you have to do. Its not hard to find someone worse off than you are. God bless, I hope you and your doc are able to figure out your depression and weight gain. Best of luck!

Susan Grantham

Subject: Thyroid Cancer

Bert- has your Dr. given you a prescription of synthroid? This is the supplement prescribed by a Dr. when the thyroid is underactive and/or removed by surgery. It is a necessary supplement that will get your metabolism back on track, as well as replace the "happy" chemicals that the thyroid normally produces for your depression. If you are not on synthroid, you need to get on it.


Subject: thyroid cancer

I am sorry for your diagnosis. Taking out the Cancerous Thyroid is the usual protocol or it may spread to other organs.You can die of Thyroid Cancer or it can spread and you can get a secondary Cancer. The right decision was made at removing the cancer. Sometimes they only need to remove part of the Thyroid and you can still function with a small piece of Thyroid. You make no mention of being supplemented with thyroid hormone after your surgery. You must be on Thyroid Hormone medication for your metabolism to run properly for the rest of your life. You should be under the care of an endocrinologist. Sometimes Natural or Holistic Mds can help more than conventional ones. Synthroid does not work for everyone.

Michele Raymond

Subject: Thyroid, pituitary hernia

Thanks for all of these great comments here! I just wanted to chime in in hopes of helping somebody else--I've struggled mightily with weight issues since 2007. Between 2000 and 2007, I ran two full marathons, two half-marathons, and dozens of 5Ks and 10Ks. In late 2003, I ended up with a terrible case of West Nile Virus from a mosquito (didn't wear bug spray when I went running all of those miles in Mississippi and was bitten and subsequently infected). I had encephalitis from the West Nile that nearly killed me. My doc at the time thought I was just having a bad headache and fever and told me to go home and take ibuprofen. Instead, I went home and hallucinated for a full week with my temperature spiking over 103 numerous times. I broke out in the tell-tale West Nile rash nearly three weeks later (discovered that only about 60 percent of infected West Nile patients actually get this rash from the virus). My doc had told me that it just "couldn't possibly be West Nile" because I didn't have any rash!! The next doctor I went to said the ONLY way to confirm West Nile is with the CDC blood test. Anyway, I think the virus and the encephalitis caused my pituitary to get all messed up. I found out that viruses, especially ones that cause encephalitis or meningitis, can cause severe pituitary gland problems, plus a host of bizarre neurological problems that I now have (tingling, numbness, hearing and eyesight issues, and other things). In 2004, I was still running but was unable to go at my normal pace or distance. In 2006 and 2007, I ran two half-marathons but rather slowly. Then, the weight and the brain fog both started up. Between 2007 and 2011, I gained 54 pounds (!), despite running an average of 7-15 miles per week, working out with weights, and eating 1200 calories a day. In 2008, I went to the worst doctor ever. She got extremely snarky with me when I asked her to check my thyroid. She said I just needed to exercise more and that I was eating "way too much!" I later found out she sent her own daughter to "fat camp" because she was about 15 pounds overweight. Horrible. My thyroid numbers came back extremely low but she refused to put me on medication saying, "You're just getting old." Not exactly the thing a 38-year-old woman, or anybody for that matter, wants to hear. I went to another doctor in 2010 who was alarmed at my thyroid numbers and immediately started me on Synthroid and Cytomel. She said she would check my levels every three months, but my thyroid numbers didn't go up like they were supposed to on medication. She sent me to several other doctors including an endocrinologist. After doing my own research, it appears that some people do not absorb thyroid medication well. There can be several reasons for this--mine was SOY. I thought I had cut out all soy in my diet but then found out that the whey protein shakes and the protein bars I was eating are LOADED WITH SOY as was the Kashi cereal I was eating occasionally. One serving of soy can contain a massive amount of estrogen, especially if it's processed incorrectly like we do in the U.S. usually, and eating soy regularly can cause major hormonal problems in some people, perhaps explaining why my estrogen levels were super high but all other hormones were very low. I cut out all soy and finally, in March of 2013, my thyroid numbers are finally in normal range. I've also lost 21 pounds without changing anything except cutting out soy which helped me absorb thyroid med and stabilized my metabolism. Google "dangers of soy" to learn more on how soy products affect many people. My DHEA and cortisol levels are still abysmally low, but I'm going to the Mayo clinic in November to try to find out why and to see if they can do anything about the pituitary hernia and the long-term neurological problems that I'm experiencing daily. I tried cutting out gluten and casein for years, but for me, that didn't help at all; cutting out all soy, however, was huge. I've recently started taking iodine supplements when I found out my iodine was low. Not sure it's helping, but I'm having my doctor monitor it so I don't get too high; so far, it isn't hurting. I'm thankful now for a Christian doctor who truly has my best interest at heart and is trying to get me all of the help I need and am super glad I found out that soy could be blocking my absorption of thyroid meds...I'm not all of the way better and still am having problems that may be caused by long-term neurological and pituitary damage from West Nile, but I'm still running (tortoise!), still not eating soy, and still trying to lose the rest of the weight I gained. I'm confident God and some amazing friends and family members will help me through this! Hope this info may help some of you who are struggling! :)


Subject: iodine

switched to using sea salt but can't find that with iodine - now am wondering if iodine levels could be low because of this

Susan Grantham

Subject: iodine

Salt is necessary because it contains iodine- which is the ONLY thing a thyroid absorbs to function properly. Those that have been placed on a "no-salt/low salt" diet are at risk of having their thyroid act up by slowing down. It is vital that people have the iodine supplement in their diet.


Subject: my baby

OI had a healty 6lb 15oz baby boy they did all the new,born test on him he was about a week old i get a call the,nurse telling me my babys levels are low i am not an doctor or a nurse that meant nothing to me and was very fustrating not to understand whats wrong with my baby well come to find out my babies thyoride levels were as high as a 40 year Olds that is,very scary he is,now to and on 44micro grams and doing great goes in every three months to get his levels checked

Marcia Gerber

Subject: Thyroid and Thyroid Disease

I had an overactive thyroid some 40 years ago (Hyperthyroidism) and took liquid iodine and tablets for nearly a year to shrink the thyroid gland prior to surgery. I had successful surgery (removal of one side and most of the other of the thyroid gland) only to experience a parathyroid complication because of the surgery - I had muscle cramps and severe twitching - my blood calcium level dropped drastically and I was in a major health crisis. I was given IV calcium and took calcium tablets (had to chew them, not swallow) and my jaws were so sore (felt stiff and locked) that it was torture. I was kept in the hospital a total of three weeks for the surgery and complications. I took oral calcium (chewed again) for several months. I was tested from time to time for TSH and T-4 levels and seemed "normal" for many years, never needing hormone replacement. About 10 years ago my thyroid went the other way - underactive (Hypothyroidism). I have taken various micrograms of Synthroid and/or Levothyroxine ever since - currently on 200 mcg a day. I have very dry skin and have experienced thinning of my hair. I notice more changes in my skin/hair when a medication dose is in order. My blood calcium levels are not ideal but my doctors have agreed to what they will accept as "normal" for me. I try to take the tablets daily and also take Vitamin D - you have to watch how much you get as this is also in the Calcium tablets. Just always keep in touch with your doctor. My regular doctor has been just as attentive to my thyroid as my endocrinologist - just make sure the test/s are done regularly.


Subject: hashimotis disease

Was diagnised with hashimotis disease.my son was just dianosed with it.he just turned 26.they say it is hereditary..so, please if you have sons and have them checked for thyroidism also.I was clueless.I didn't know guys could get it also.I am 52.I got diagnosed with hashimitis disease when I was 41.I suffer with bad headaches, brain fog, weight gain, insomnia.it is so, bad at times.I have been to, numerous doctors.they all give different opions.I have come to, the conclusion they don't understand it themselves??? I heard tap water was bad if you had thyroid problems, I heard selinium was good too take.I tried everything.I realky wish I could find a doctor in the boston mass area that has a clue how to, deal with this.one doctir says I need medication.another doctor says its under control I don't need medicine right noe another doctor said she thought I had thyroid cancer gave me an ultrasound on myneck and stuck md with needles.I could go on n on.II'm just sick n tired of this disease and wish I could slerp better n feel better.and they got my poor son on medication.so, much for all this specialist on thyroids.its so, sad.anyway just thought I would share this in case you have sons that are having symptons .thanks.


Subject: Thyroid Surgery/parathyroid complications

I had thyroid surgery and I experienced complications with parathyroid low calcium problems and it is a pain. Medication/vitamins are very expensive and are not covered by insurance and experience muscle pain, muscle contractions and cramping all the time.


Subject: Thyroid and thyroid disease

Marcia, I had similar scenario in my life.....When I was 21 I was diagnosed with hyperactive thyroid, had 7/8 of my thyroid removed.....they told me I had enough to function correctly FOREVER, never was put on thyroid med, seemed to function pretty well without it, although I was never knowledgeable enough to feel anything ever wrong with my thyroid.....When I hit 50-55 a worker in a health food store told me soy was good for women/thyroids so I went on a soy kick for a year---what a mistake!! I was so tired I could hardly walk or function day to day, finally went to a Endo and he said I had hashimoto's thyroid disease....He put me on combo of synthroid and cytomel, we worked on doses for about a year, started to feel a little better, but still never quite as good as he said I would feel once I was on the right dose.....I was feeling better than when I first came to him, but still not feeling like I thought I should with normal energy, sensitivity to cold, etc., so I asked him for a higher dose and he said no, he was "not comfortable putting me at a higher dose"!......I said "is this all there is then to life in the future?", he said yes, get used to it.....About a year later I moved to another state, eventually was led to a holistic MD who treated by symptoms not numbers......I told him my story--he didn't even have my blood tests done at this point----I left that appt. with a prescription for Armour Thyroid med, which I started immediately......STARTED FEELING BETTER IN 3 DAYS!! I've been on "natural thyroid" a.k.a. Armour, Naturethroid and I have been doing great....I have no weight problems as long as I eat right, I have energy, my skin, nails are best they've ever been.......I would recommend a doc who will prescribe Armour/Naturethroid--"natural thyroid medicine",,,,,,,,,A good read is "Stop The Thyroid Madness"----I'm not affiliated, but it's a great read to tell you what's going on with your thyroid, doctors, medicine for thyroid problems.....

Jill Villalba

Subject: thyroid info

Hi Marcia. I just wanna let you know of an excellent group on Yahoo for people like us that have issues with thyroid/adrenals. Its called NaturalThyroidHormones and also google Stop The Thyroid Madness, which is a book written by Janie Bowthorpe. You will find lots of info and resources. I am presently trying to figure out my dilemma with my thyroid and adrenals as I don't have health insurance. Just check them out, you won't be disapppointed. God bless you Marcia.!

Jessica Jeffrey


Thyroid problems run in my family and when my Mom was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, instead of reaching for a bottle of medication like the doctor reccommended, she did her research to find a natural cure.

Every 17 minutes, all your blood runs through your thyroid, so of course it holds toxins from your blood. IODINE is an essential element that enables the thyroid to produce thyroid hormones, being iodine deficient, your thyroid will be enlarged. There's an estimated 2.28 BILLION people that's are iodine deficient in the world. So my Mom ordered Lugols 5% Iodine, she would add about 20-30 drops to her water daily.

2 months later, she went back to the doctor and they ran blood tests and her thyroid was PERFECTLY healthy! The doctor was stunned and frankly, speechless.

Instead of taking over priced medications that cover up the problem. Go spend $20 on a bottle of Iodine and feel the difference. Food sources of iodine include kelp, salmon, cod, iodized salt, etc.

Iodine is not only good for your thyroid, it is very important for brain health and function. According to the International Council for the Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders: iodine deficiency is the single most common cause of preventable mental retardation and brain damage.

I just want to give you a gist of all the benefits. I hope this helps you all!! Just Google: Iodine for hypo/hyper-thyroidism and the cheapest place I've found Iodine is on SwansonVitamins.com, make sure you get 5% or you're going to be taking large amounts of the less concentrated. And it actually helps filter your water, no taste at all.

Sherry Knowlton

Subject: Thyroid

My Mom had her thyroid removed a few years ago, I was wondering if she would benefit from using the Iodine.


Subject: iodine test

rub iodine on your wrist or abdomen. If it is absorbed in a few hours or less you are low on iodine. If it stays on the skin for a day you have enough iodine.

shirley brooks

Subject: THYROID


Debby Anderson

Subject: THYROID

My doctor recently checked my blood and said my thyroid high I take 150 of synthroid every day she lowered it to 125 within 2 days I felt like crap didn't want to get out of bed went back and told her I needed it put back to 150 she said sometimes the patient knows more than the blood test if you still feel like you're thyroid is still under you need to go back to the doctor and tell them how you feel if the doctor still says the blood test is right go to a different doctor. You know your body better than anyone
My doctor gave me back the 150 before I felt really bad she fixed it .

Beth Maupin

Subject: Reverse T3

No one mentioned reverse T3. My T3 and T4 are normal. THS is high. Reverse T3 is high. Endocrinologist has put me on bioidentical T3, along with other hormones.

I'm wondering whether some disruption is the result of the Azithromycin/Rifampin/Ethambutol combination for NTM for 18 months--particularly the Rifampin. I know it messed with sex hormones because I got the hot flashes I never had during menopause, and because about a year after the end of the treatment the hair under my arms began growing a lot more, and also the hair on my arms and legs. Never had hair loss (on my head) though, but the eyebrows did thin. I think they have also come back some since I started the T3.

Just wondering....


Subject: back in 1994 when i was 28.

back in 1994 when i was 28. i had size golf that growth outside of my throat so was thought it might be thyroid. so had this remove on the left side and other is staying. my doctor took more testing before and after surgery. im perfect health and perfect level so doctor suggested me not as needed medicine. i was very lucky. i feel great and my weight is fine just lost or gain whatever.


Subject: thyroid cancer

Always have any nodule checked out. Dr. Watched mine for years and all the sudden it started to grow. It had been the size of a pea in 1 month it was the size of golf ball. I was chocking on food like rice. I changed Drs. Went to Houston and the Dr touched my neck and told nurse "I need or tomorrow!" At first biop was OK but next day further test reveled the 'pea size" inner part was indeed cancer. After another surgery to remove rest of gland and a year of radiation I have been cancer free since 1991. PTL. Please don't wait have surgery. With the help of your Doctor your insurance will pay..ask them do you want yo pay for surgery or cancer treatment!!!

Rob Smith

Subject: thyroid symtems

Last year I went to an endocrinologist and she had. E tested and a sona gram done and my numbers were high started synroid and felt worst then ever very depressed and my throat started hurt not a sore throat but it just hurt, was put on method one and pain went a way but came back so I stopped taking my 125 of synoid and after a couple days felt better but my throat just hurts and fells like someone is choking me and I cough a lot . so me one give me some advise.


Subject: bad thryroid medicine=synthroid

If you can find a GOOD endocrinologist, which is highly unlikely, they should give you nature thyroid meds. Synthroid, to me and thousands of others, is the worst medication on the market. Doctors test for levels but those levels mean nothing if you are still suffering. Brain fog was the worst symptom and that came with normal levels. That medicine overworks an already slow metabolism to force it to produce extra T4's so they can produce the T3's. Natural meds like Armour, Westhroid, Nature Throid, and others like them already contain both so your thyroid is less overworked. The up side is that you are less tired and suffer less brain fog.
I had no nodules until I took Synthroid. Just a few weeks after and I had dozens. Don't take it if you don't have to. I wish I was given the choice for natural thyroid supplements.


Subject: sore throat after thyroid surgery

Rob, try taking omeprazole daily for acid reflux. This is often the cause of the sore throat & cough after thyroid surgery. At night when you are lying down acid back up into your esophagus & burns the tissue in your throat. Often people don't even realize they have this. It worked for me.

C. Stanley

Subject: Thyroid Systems

Go back to the endocrinologist or another one!!! It could be a parathyroid gland that is enlarged. I had something similar for about 7 years before I was diagnosed. I feel 1000% better.

Tommie Steele

Subject: Thyroid symptoms

Problems with thyroid medication aren't uncommon, actually. Maybe your doc would be willing to let you try a different thyroid replacement medication? There are a lot of them - levoxyl, levothyroxine, synthroid and so on - and it could be that something in the inactive ingredients isn't setting well with your thyroid.

Melissa Smith

Subject: Thyroid nodules- longterm monitoring and diligence with Doctors

I have thyroid nodules that are being monitored by annual ultrasounds. They've been watching them for a few years now, and so far they have been deemed "stable", which I am told indicates that they are not cancerous.

My nodules were initially felt about 7 years ago or more, when my hypothyroidism was first diagnosed, and I've been on Levothyroxine ever since. I still have a lot of symptoms, despite my TSH results being "normal." but I have very limited insurance and they won't pay for anything that could be considered optional treatment. Only the bare minimum for me... I haven't ever had a full thyroid panel done. No Doctor will do it. I also am not allowed to see an Endocrinologist because, again, my numbers are "normal."

Reading all of these stories from people who had surgery for nodules only to find that they had cancer is really scary to me! I'm wondering how many of you were offered to have your nodules monitored by ultrasound rather than having biopsies, etc? Were there indications that it could have been cancer, or were you told that everything was ok? All of these warnings from people to be diligent and keep pushing for Doctors to investigate are confusing and scary to me.

I don't have money to pay for things on my own, I can only do what my insurance will cover, which means my Doctor has to agree and request it, then the insurance review has to also agree. I've been told "No." by them so many times this year, even WITH a Doctor's request, I have no idea how to be any more diligent than I already am.

I've also been told that I "probably have Hashimoto's" but haven't ever had anyone take that seriously, confirm that is the case, or tailor my thyroid maintenance accordingly. I also have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and struggle with fatigue and anxiety. I also have asthma. I am frustrated that these are all treated like separate conditions when the symptoms so readily overlap, and that much of my suffering could potentially be alleviated with the use of additional thyroid therapies.

In short, I am frustrated, scared, and feeling like I'm out of options. I don't know when to push back and when to just accept my fate. I have a 4 year old son who needs me, so the thought that I could have cancer is like a nightmare to me. I appreciate any perspective or suggestions that people can share. Thank you.


Subject: regarding: Thyroid nodules- longterm monitoring and diligence wi

I have Hashimoto's, PCOS, Cyclical Cushings, etc(a long list of other medical issues)...I am seeing many Dr's(1 is my Family Practitioner(ARNP) & the others are Specialists) I agree w/the 1st reply to this, I read: you NEED to get a better Family/Regular Dr! In my opinion your best bet is an ARNP. They seem to have more time & compassion...also, more comfortable saying they don't know something and will do the investigation/research to find out! My ARNP was literally my life-saver;) W/o getting into my own incredibly long story too much i just wanted to write to you & hope my words help ypu in some way. I, like many, have heard the awful "you just need to exercise & eat healthy and/or cut down how much you eat" recommendation(?) It was absurdity! I had gained 60lbs. in 2 mos. & now weighed more than when I was pregnant & I wasn't eating! He hadn't done ANY tests!..his colleague called & apologized, told me my folder didn't have enough info for a 1st appt let alone a diagnosis...my point is: now I have a team of Dr's that I see. They all are great & if they don't continue to contribute to my health & Wellness I will find/ look for another. Dr's are "practicing" & patient's health is their job. This is my life. I am learning to be my own best advocate. Keep going until you find help! Find a Dr that listens & is willing to learn w/you(no one, not even specialists know it all..&we're all different w/our own unique body&issues. Keep your own records: labs, appt overviews, lists of everything ie symptoms, meds, etc..
The right Dr will fight for you. They will order the testing, send you to the specialists, & will do all that is necessary w/your insurance. My insurance, like yours, has many guidelines/restrictions but my Dr(& the other GREAT Dr's) know how the Pre Authorization process works and will do all that is necessary to get you the medical care you deserve & are in need of.
***I have thyroid & parathyroid issues&nodules on both. I will be having surgery to remove my parathyroids soon. I went in for the ultrasounds and other testing & am now a part of a Parathyroid Study. The study is ran by an amazingly caring, insightful, intelligent Dr who is/will changing/e the medical community.***
+stay strong. wishing all of you the best Health & Happiness+


Subject: You need to find a new dr. I

You need to find a new dr. I did the same thing. Hashimotos, was told not cancerous but still didn't feel better. So I changed drs. She took my thyroid out and low and behold I had 2 spots of cancer. CHANGE DRS. The faster they check you the better off you will be. I waited 7 years and feel very fortunate that the spots were so small.


Subject: Nodules

I went to my family doctor in 2010 for a routine check up and found out my thyroid levels were abnormal. Given the family history of thyroid issues, I demanded a referral to an Endocronologist- which found my thyroid levels to be normal. She felt around my neck and could feel several nodules. The next step was an ultra sound. After the ultra sound confirmed I had 17 nodules of various sizes, I had a biopsy. The biopsy told the doctor that the nodules weren't "normal", but they didn't know what. The only way to tell was to have the thyroid removed and sent to pathology. Two weeks later I was in surgery. At first they were going to only remove the left half, but I insisted they remove all of it - my mom had half of hers removed and had nothing but issues for years. Pathology reports showed I indeed had thyroid cancer on the RIGHT side of the thyroid. Since the tumor was so small (around a millimeter) I didn't have to do any additional treatment. I struggled with the medication for three years- the generic brands are very unstable and not consistent in the manufacturing phase- so I am now on Synthroid (the name brand) and doing MUCH better. Any time a doctor says your thyroid isn't normal DEMAND TO SEE AN ENDOCRONOLOGIST. They cannot deny you that right. The thyroid is responsible for SO many things in our bodies that if one thing is wrong with it you can end up feeling like junk for years.

Jane Horvath

Subject: You

I had my thyroid operation about 20 years ago. They found a rather large nodule and removed 2/3 of it.
It was not cancerous. They said I had enough thyroid to carry me. After 5 years, I was diagnosed as to having a shortage of something and they put me on 75 mg. of synthroid. well, it did not agree with me so they changed it to another type. about 2 years ago I was going to another doctor when he thought looking at my medicine that I needed more thyroid medicine so after a blood test, etc. and confirmation, my dosage was changed to 100 mg. well not perfect but a lot better....the thing is you have to stay on top of it push push push and now rather than later.........the health care is changing.... now now now.... you have to be in charge of your health I know it is not easy but just do it like your life depended on it. You don't have to be mean but just on top of everything.... You can work it out...

Peace and grace, jane


Subject: thyroid

I went to the doctor feeling run down, discovered I had nodules covering my thyroid & into my asophagus, had surgery 1 week after, took 3/4 of my thyroid out,was on medication for 3 years then stopped it, All my blood work said my thyroid was functioning normal even though I only had 1/4 of it left.


Subject: Try and get your Doctor to

Try and get your Doctor to test your PTH Levels- Parathyroid Hormones. You can get tumors on one of your parathyroid glands. My PTH levels are off the charts and my Thyroid Levels are normal. neither one has anything to do with the other but, the symptoms are much the same. Also, Hashimotos has to do with the parathyroid. research parathyroid and discuss with your Doctor. You can change doctors who will work for your health and not the insurance companies "health"

Dr. P Woods

Subject: My experience

I was tested over the years. Problems started in my thirties, I`m 63 now and had nodules in 2010 which showed no problems with hormonal levels, however, I was sicker and sicker, blood pressure uncontrollable. I argued with my new doctor so he ordered a biopsy, nothing showed but nodules. He decided after all else failed to operate. Once the entire thing was out, the pathologist found the cancer on the left side whereas the biopsy was on the right. One cannot be sure about anything until it is biopsied and possibly removed...that I traced my symptoms and presented to my doctor my rationale I might not be here now. I was upset about all the problems over the years so keep advocating for your own health, it can save your life!


Subject: The Thyroid Solution

Read this excellent "The Thyroid Solution" book by Dr.Ridha Arem, you can get the book from a library. He also wrote on Thyroid diet etc. The best thing is to educate yourself by reading such books. I am not in medical field, but after reading such books, I found that taking T3 hormone along with T4 hormone works very well for some people, T4 hormone alone will not work as well for some. T4 is Levothyroxine. T3 is Cytomel (generic name liothyronine). T4 is converted by body into T3, and T3 is what the body uses. smallest amount of T3 (5mcg) could be taken along with T4, i.e. take T4 first before eating, do not eat for 30min-60min after taking the pill (follow instructions from pharmacy), then take T3, do not take both at the same time, need to have about an hours gap. You can ask your primary care doctor to try T3 on you, 5mcg tablet one per day (I believe 5mcg is the smallest you can get). Keep in mind T3 is potent, be careful.
From what I read Hypothyroid condition could cause Fibromyalgia, and many other problems. If you don't have proper insurance, call your county's health department, and ask them if there is a clinic you can go to, or if they can refer you to a clinic. In October, affordable care act applications will be accepted (obamacare), it will go into effect in January in most states, there will be exchanges where you can buy insurance, and get govt subsidies based on your income. No matter what, get some good recent books on thyroid, and educate on thyroid diet as well. I have not read up nodules, you need to read up. Good Luck.


Subject: Thyroid/Hashimotos

Iam an RN and work in an acute care facility. Last year I began to feel tremendous and debilitating panic attacks. I went to see my pcp, had labs done including thyroid panel. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and placed on levothyroxine starting at 25mcg. Even though my doses were increased, I just didn't do well. Went to 2 endocrinologists who almost killed me, each one being dumber than the other and a bioidenticalist who missed the boat altogether. Mind you I am an RN and have access to a myriad of health professionals and they couldn't get it right.

Cheryl Shaheen

Subject: Hashimotos

I too was diagnosed more than 30 years ago with Hashimotos. Have gone from one doctor to another and told various "untruths" by almost all of them. About a year ago I stumbled onto the website Stop The Thyroid Madness.com while searching for answers. What a godsend that website has been. Go to it, get the book, you WILL see yourself in it!



Make sure you use the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist's recommended TSH range of .3 to 3. Most of us will tell you we feel better with a TSH around 1.0.


Subject: thyroid meds, tests and the science

All of you: Look up "Thyroid Hormone Transport" under the NAH (National Academy of Hypothyroidism) website. This article has 198 listed references from scientific research papers and published articles. After 20 years of going through everything you have all described and haviing no life for most of that time, I had the RT3 test and I am finally better. My doc is smart enough to already have done free T4 and free T3, which you DO have to have because TSH is not reliable and the article explains why. This is the science that apparently most Endo's don't know or just ignore, and it will save you. Synthroid is not the answer for many, and everyone is different. It has bad to unworkable side effects for many, and Cytomel is T3 already converted. You may not convert T4 well, and this test with the T3-RT3 ratio explained in the article has given me back my life, or at least what's left of it after losing most of the last 20. Get a new doc until you find one who does this. There is a huge controversy raging in the endocrine profession, which you can easily look up, and many thousands are suffering just like you all because of it. There is no excuse for allowing your patients to suffer like we have and do when the science is available to help, not harm, thyroid patients. Hippocratic Oath and all that. Synthroid does have bad side effects for many and is rarely the whole or only answer. Everyone is different, but when real science is ignored to the detriment of so many, you have to wonder why. Insist on proper and correct science-based treatment. Some of you don't know about T4 conversion, available T3 (Cytomel) already converted, that T3 has to get into your cells to work, or how thyroid hormone controls the metabolism of your entire body. Nothing works right when it is off. This is your life. Also subscribe to Mary Shomon's newsletter on thyroid- a must. And by the way, parathyroids control calcium transport and metabolism. Crucial, but a different issue altogether. Get Well!

louisa tabatabai

Subject: hypoyhyrodism

Rebecca, you are right on! Thanks for your description of this disease and what to do about it. If it is this common, why isn't more done about it? I hope everyone who needs to sees your story! Well done!


Subject: thyroid removal December 2013

Had trouble breathing. RX inhalers for bronchitis and possible allergies to cats. shots etc. blood normal
simple chest x ray caught thyroid
left lobe 4CM nodule
right lobe 5mm spot.
2 needle 1 core biopsies inconclusive.
My surgeon encouraged me to remove all 4 thyroid lobes.

thyroid cancer left lobe 5 mm spot positive
right lobe 4CM nodule negative
Thankful my SURGEON, EDOC and OBGYN DRs will work together
bioidentical taking my insurance and comparing blood test results
T4 T3 iodine ,calcium and vit sups
will begin taking Amour soon.
still have our loving emotional supporting cats and dogs.....

1. always request the" original" ultra sound machine for
SOFT TISSUE routine exams for comparison results.
2. send biopsies/slice tissue to outside lab for second opinion
3. keep your pets

De'Lise Temple

Subject: Thyroid Storm

I too was having problems losing weight, although I worked out 5 days a week. My primary conducted basic thyroid test and they came back fine.
Suddenly, my behavior became very odd and I went out on disability per my primary and was recommended for out patient psych treatment. I then lost 100lbs in 3 months. I felt like I was living in mud. I had tremors and had use a cane.
I went to several specialists and I was just told that I had a mental problem. Tremor, bulging eyes and erratic thinking. My younger sister called me and advised my that she has Graves' Disease. Test conducted and ranges off the charts. Thyroid Storm was the diagnosis. My Endo was going on vacation when I was hospitalized. When she got back and came to hospital, she admitted that she didnt expect me to be alive.
Thyroid was removed a year later. On synthroid175 mcg from 300mcg.
It was a crazy experience and I thank God for making the pieces fall in place.


Subject: Graves Disease (hyperthyroidism)

Why is there so little written about Graves Disease and all its implications? Diagnosed in 1999, on propylthiuorocil for 18 months, in remission 9 years, back on med for last 3 yrs. Watching TSH on blood tests staying in normal range but getting lower each test. Endocrinologist claims it's ok although I now have palpitations almost constantly, faster pulse rate resting sweating, and higher
BP. Don't any of these doctors care about hyperthyroidism?


Subject: Thyroid issues= medical guessing game!

Three and a half years ago I was tired, continual headaches, random aches in my legs and hips especially at night, felt like I had lead boots on & would fall asleep whenever I sat down. I went to my regular doctor-she ran blood tests and said all was normal. I then went to an allergist & while doing a check of my ear, nose & throat remarked that my thyroid was enlarged & sticking out of my neck. Other doc didn't even notice it; yet my TSH numbers remained normal! I was put on a low dose of levoxyl & didn't really feel any better. Told the doc, he upped my dose a bit. Another year, no better and a deep throbbing ache started in my throat. I pushed for an ultrasound and they performed a punch biopsy on one nodule & I wanted them to check the other; doc said nodule was too small to contain cancer. A year later they did another biopsy on my smaller nodule and found the cancer. Luckily it was found early (enough) & had not spread. Moral of the story; keep pushing for answers, find a doctor that listens to your symptoms and does not worry so much about TSH numbers, but HOW YOU FEEL. It has taken a long time, three doctors and one naturopath, but an endocrinologist really started listening to me & I am on a combo of 112 mcg levoxyl and 10 mcg of cytomel. Weight is always a battle, but I exercise religiously, watch what I eat with almost phobic attention to knowing bad stuff can make me gain mega weight quickly. Try caveman diet. All natural meats, fruits and veggies. Leave breads, pastas and anything "white" alone-sugar, flour, etc.This will not only help your weight, but you will feel healthier, have more energy and be happier. I am actually healthier and slightly lighter now after thryroidectomy due to my extreme desire to stay healthy. Migraines are still part of my life, but I've had them for 25 years, so this is another reason for a careful diet to avoid triggers and a few months ago arthritis is beginning and I have heard that this is often a natural progression of thryroid disease since they are both autoimmune diseases. A real bummer, so keeping weight in a normal range is imperative to not add more weight to my joints. I am 54, 5'4", 130 lbs & will fight to stay as healthy as I can with diet, exercise, positive attitude and stubborn determination to stay off any other medications than are absolutely necessary. Which right now is just my thyroid meds. Oh, big tip for those that are constipated-a big symptom of thyroid issues. Take Vitamin C, magnesium and a probiotic. This really helped my constipation issues which were horrible. Eating an apple and eating yogurt helps as well. Good luck!


Subject: migraines and thyroid

Hi, I had migraines for at least 12 years, debilitating. I found a homeopathic remedy which ended my misery, it is called folliculinum. Look it up under homeopathuy, you will probably need a homeopathic practitioner to figure out the dosing.

I finally was treated for my hypothyroidism with Armour, it also made a huge difference in my health and well being.

good luck, check out the folliculinum.


Subject: Hypothyroidism

wow, i read all of your stories and i am so grateful that most of that has not happened to me. I was diagnosed vey early in my life, when i was 14, I am 27 now. So thats why my symptoms are not as nearly as bad. I have notice some hair loss, dizziness, and some lack of focus, especially when i drive. Other than that I am ok. I do feel tired at times, but i tried to keep active. It also helps that i have a 2 year old. My hypothyroidism is the weirdest of all, I do NOT gain any weight. I can eat all I want and my weight will always be the same. When I was little that was one of the first symptoms, and no doctor could tell why. A couple of doctors later and lots of blood drawn, we had a a diagnosis. Besides the hypothyroidism, I also have Hashimoto's disease. This is when the thyroid will destroy itself at some point. SO most of you who have hypo have bigger chances of having this disease too. Check it with your doctor. Thank you, because some the symptoms you guys have, i just recently have had so I am relieve.

Debbie McGraw

Subject: Synthroid

This drug does not cause thinning hair. Your under active thyroid does. Which also affects weight gain, your heart rate, depression and a few other things. I've had this for years and have done my research.


Subject: Synthroid definitely caused hairloss for me...

My intention is not to come across as arguementative, but I have to tell you guys that Synthroid definitely caused hair loss for me. I went to a new Dr. that said he didn't care for the generic, so he prescribed the brand name Synthroid for me. Within 2 months, I had bald patches (BALD, not just thining hair), all over my head. I don't think I have a vain bone in my body, but having bald patches was horrible for me. I had been told that Synthroid did NOT cause this, so continued to take it for about 3 months total. After the 3rd month, I asked the Dr. to switch me back. Needless to say, the bald spots gradually went away.

I just felt obligated to put that out there. It could happen in the opposite way for some, everybody is different. For me, the brand name Synthroid was a nightmare as far as hair loss (balding) is concerned.
Thanks and I hope this helps someone....


Subject: No Thyroid for 46 years

When I was 7 months old , for $14. , they zapped my Thymus with their new toy - radiation machine. I was later told , when my Thyroid quit when I was 15 , that zapping my thymus back then was exactly the wrong thing to do, as well as unnecessary in the first place. I also was raised 9 miles downwind of the Fernald uranium to plutonium processing plant in northern Cincinnati , who was spreading radioactivity in the air and , indirectly , the water supply of Cincinnati from the late 40's to past 1985 , when they were found out. I had gotten a double whammy of radiation , thanks to other , irresponsible, no conscience people !
I have lived without a thyroid now for 45 years, constantly trying to lose weight, a bit of depression most of those years. On 100MCG of Levothyroxine these last few years , was originally on Thyrolar 4 . When I was 16 , I didn't think I would make it to 18, But, here I am over 60 and raised 2 fine boys with my wife and debt free since '05. I think I did OK despite the no-thyroid problem and side effects.


Subject: Kelp

Actually kelp contains iodine which your body gets enough of from your diet, additional iodine can do more harm than good.


Subject: that has not been

My experience. We are almost all iodine deficient. Look up dr david brownstein on the web and watch his youtube videos.


Subject: Don't fit the numbers??

So what do you do when you have a laundry list of symptoms that fit hypothyroidism but your blood test number is just slightly out of range? It's so aggravating when all your symptoms are ignored just because one number is slightly out of their (the doctor's) range of what they would consider abnormal.

jo Bogue-Hoffman

Subject: Thyroid symtoms

To Janmcbaker. I also have hypothyroidism. What I have discovered is that thyroid tests with ordered by your physician, the test is most often for the T-4 homone. The T-4 homone is produced by the thyroid. T-4 has to be 'broken down' by T-3 before it can be used by the body. If the T-3 is unable to provide this service, you will continue to experience the symptoms of hypothyroidism because the T-4 can't get through. You may need to have T-3 added to your prescription. Suggest you request a T-3 test from your doctor to see if that's the problem. Good luck. Jomama

Melanie Silver

Subject: dont fit the numbers

i had that problem for many years i was feeling lousy and in a fog. i have fibro so i thought it was ths issue. i was tested for thyroid for many years and it always came back negative. i finally found a dr who listened to me. she started me on the lowest dose of thyroid meds and in 3 days, it was like the fog lifted. i am also dairy free and trying gluten free. ill see how it goes.
melanie silver


Subject: First let me be clear that I

First let me be clear that I am not a doctor. I have dealt with this issue. I had a Dr. that would not up my thyroid medication because I was slightly out of range. I was feeling terrible everyday and she told me it was a part of aging. I was 28 and had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism at 21. I decided to get a second opinion. What I found is that most doctors do not know a lot about the disease. That next doctor consulted with an endocrinologist and they were able to get my levels correct for eight years. However, your thyroid keeps changing as you get older. My tests kept coming back normal again but I felt terrible again. So I went to the endocrinologist directly and they changed my medicine and again I have been doing well for two years. My point is, you know your body best. If your doctor is not listening then find one who will. It could just be that they are not a subject matter expert. Good luck. I hope you feel better soon.


Subject: I have one word for you:

I have one word for you: ENDOCRINOLOGIST. If you haven't already, get a referral and try to get in and see a specialist as soon as you can. I have a friend who was obviously hypo- but he couldn't convince his PCP. As soon as an endo looked at his numbers, he had a diagnosis and was able to get on synthroid. Good luck.

Mary Boehme

Subject: I didn't fit the numbers either

In 2003, I was part of weight loss study and an endocrinologist there felt my neck and said: you have a lumpy thyroid. I went to the endocrinologist who is part of my health plan. He said my numbers are in the normal range and he felt no lumps. I had armed myself with the book "Thyroiditis" and some studies from the internet.

In 2003 most people everything on the internet was bunk and he was insulted that I trust the book and the internet and not him. I asked about the T-3 and he refused to give me the blood test. It was in my health chart that I had Hashimoto's, but I was never put on any medications.

I could not lose weight. I had always been chubby, but in my late 40s and early 50s my efforts became my ineffective than ever. In early 2011 I began to feel really strange. I had deep depression and I started to do things that weren't in my nature. I missed an important court hearing. I couldn't get myself out of bed. It felt like a 500lb weight sat comfortably on my chest. I told myself everything would be ok and they could do without me. It was not ok! I was essential to that particular court hearing (I testify regularly in court because of my job). When I came to (that's what it felt like) I bolted out of bed and raced to work. The court hearing was over - a co-worker stepped in for me. But it was the most irresponsible thing I had ever done in my career.

Not only that, when I spoke, words would not come out right. I like public speaking, but I became afraid to speak because I didn't know what would come out of my mouth. I had to concentrate very hard before speaking. I couldn't remember anything. One time my co-worker and good friend were walking together down a hall way at work. He stopped to speak to someone. When we got outside, I asked who that was he was speaking to, he looked at me like I was "crazy". He said: Kathy. She's been sitting next to us for years!

I'd find myself in neighborhoods I hadn't chosen. I would "come to" to find I had driven my car into some random neighborhood. I would constantly lose things. My boss thought I was crazy. I was beginning to think I was going crazy. I had gastrointestinal problems. My hair had been thinning for years. I could not grow fingernails.

The thing that brought me to the doctor, though was my shaky hand. I thought I had Parkinson's. I loved this PCP I had at this time. She was young and really listened to what I was saying. She was concerned about my shaky hands, but with all the other symptoms I had been experience it was finally adding up to her. She sent me to get an ultra-sound. Keep in mind my thyroid numbers were always "normal."

A nice young man did the ultra-sound. He silently rolled the gooey contraption around the front of my neck. He asked: Have you ever been seen for hypo-thyroidism. I responded that yes I had been diagnosed with Hashimoto's but my numbers were always normal and I never was put on medication.

Next, I was sent to same endocrinologist who was so offended that I questioned his lack of diagnosis when I went to see him eight years earlier. I was there for a biopsy this time. . I let him review his charts and he humbly turned his chair toward me, but didn't not acknowledge any misdoing on his part. He gave an information sheet about thyroidism and left the room to prepare for my biopsy. I figured it would say the same thing I always read about the difference between Hyperthyroidism and Hypothroidism. But wait! There was a third part to it this time! It explained the hyper and hypo part and how blood tests could give the answer to which one you have - but the third part said "Sometimes blood tests are ' normal' but the symptoms are still present for either hyper or hypo- thyroidism" This finding is new to endocrinologists, and there are no new methodolgies to deal with this fact. Medical professionals are now taking a look at symptoms.

I was losing my hair and my fingernails were crap in 2003. In 2011 I was in danger of losing my job, my sanity, my life. I was very active in singing with local bands and working on becoming a professional singer. I had even auditioned for The Voice in San Francisco. I was told there was a chance I could lose my voice with surgery. I was terrified.

The biopsy hurt like hell and the results were inconclusive for cancer. However it was true that I had multiple large nodules on the left side of my thyroid. I was scheduled for surgery Oct. 26, 2011.

I remember waking up in the recovery room. I went to the operating room about 11:30 am and I woke up in the recovery room at 6:pm. I wanted to see my daughter and my husband right away. My voice sounded like a 60 year old ex-Marine who had smoked his share cigarettes and drank whiskey from the bottle. I thought it was funny at first. I was just glad to be alive and had a sense of humor about me. It was not lost on me, however, that the surgeon told me these surgeries are usually about three hours long and mine was over six hours. My daughter told me I woke up soon after I was wheeled into the recovery room.

When I went for a follow up appointment a few weeks later, the surgeon told me he had to fight to dig a para thyroid out. The surgery guide that was prepared for him by me drinking this liquid, did not even work for him. He was operating blindly to get that parathyroid, which ended up being back almost to my spine. The parathyroid is the thing that affects our brains. I was very glad he did what he needed to do get that out. He also ended up taking out my entire thyroid as it was riddled with nodules - many were on the back of the thyroid, which is why some docs could not feel the lumpiness.

Today almost two years later, I'm still not singing publicly. I lost a lot of muscle tone and have a lot scarring in the area of the surgery. My vocal chords were not damaged. and I have been working all this time to get back to performing. My highest weight was 220 when I was first going through the testing. The other day I was 199! It has taken me this long to get that much off. I'm ok with that though I'll keep plugging along. I take Levothroid and feel ok. My numbers are still "normal."

My advice to you is to get an ultrasound and ask your endocrinologist to feel even harder for nodules that may be hiding. If my young PCP hadn't listened to me when I was symptomatic I'd probably be in the looney bin!


Subject: Very skinny until operation then 30lbs in 30 days

I have had 2 operations ('87 and '93) over the years and have had both parathyroid and thyroid removed. Immediately after the second operation I gained 30lbs in 30 days. Took well over 10 years to get it off. Then 13 years ('99) after the first operation also had pituitary operation 2x3x3 cm sized (golf ball) that Dr thought was growing for at least 15 years. I found out when I had 24/7 headaches and nothing would help relieve. No problem since.

What drew me to the story was the picture, seemed fake as even after 2 ops can barely see any scars.. Dr said they try extra hard to cut so that minimum scarring occurs.

Bob Salvadalena

Subject: Thyroid

I was 57 in 1988, gained 50# in that year.I became sluggish, up tight with no energy. It got so bad I could barley walk a block or two. My face was so puffy that people sometimes did not even know me.
Drs were treating me for everything from heart desease to depression.
I started having dreams night after night that there was something in my throat. I dreamt that I pulled and pulled at this (whatever it was) I thought I was going looney.
My daughter took me to her doctor who took one look at me and diagnoist me before he sat down.I have been on synthroid and its genarics , which are adjusted as needed, for the last 24 years . Am now 81 and feel the best in my life.
At the time of the tests my numbers were the lowest ever seen by drs and clinics
AND this is not only a womens desease !
Get tested !

Charlene Carlson

Subject: Synthroid + Side effects

"Hypothyroid" was the diagnosis after initail visit to GP/MD and that was just from exam at office...was directed to hospit for ekg and blood tests. The hospital visit ended two weeks later, after admission to "I C C U" with "CHF"
(congestive heart failure), directly attributable to thyroid disease. Edema
was so extreme that I could not breathe right among all the other issues. I was
advised by GP, Endo and Gyn alike, to NEVER take GENERIC for Synthroid.
Received it two times in error nad after a couple of days I started to experience
all of the prior side effects. I understood that hair loss is a primary symptom of
the disease and not a side effect of synthroid. I also understand that years ago
when people exhibited symptoms of the disease, they were locked away in
the assylum for mental patients.....Yes, crazy, depressed,exhausted,paranoid
are just a few of the symptoms. Be vigilant do not allow the Docs to brush off
these issues as stress, overwork,ect., you know your own body,...listen to it !
As for the hair loss...well, it beats not being alive !
God bless !!


Subject: Thyroid meds

I really think each body is different when it comes to medication. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's in 2007 after my old OBGYN found lumps and ran an APO test. It was 900+. I've been on Levothyroxine (generic Synthroid) and Liothyronine (generic Cytomel) since. Once, my mail order Rx sent Synthroid to me and said it really didn't matter, go ahead and take it. Well...... in a few days I was sluggish & in a few weeks my hair started thining. I switched back to generic as soon as I could and the symptoms stopped. I've also tried dessicated "natural" thyroid made from pig thyroids for the Calcitonin. Each time I had 5 lb weight gain w/ pain within a wk: in abdomen with Armor and in legs with NP thyroid, which had eased into gradually to prevent T4 overload and wt gain. I would like to try the Nutrimed thyroid made from Bovine (Beef), but am a little gunshy. We'll see. My point is everyone is different. Know your body and research, research, research. I've been through 3 Endocrinologist and it was my new OBGYN who found, on initial harmone testing, my Hyperprolactenemia caused by a micropituitary tumor that has caused my hypothyroidism. So now I have a Neuroendocrinologist and hopefully he will help. And please if you have children or siblings, have them tested. Be sure the MD does a COMPLETE THYROID PANEL with both antibody studies, not just a TSH. Love to all and God Bless!


Subject: Thyroid

I have weight gain problems with my hypothyroid. My doctor trys to keep my levels between 1 and 2 to help me lose weight. Also I am taking a drug typically used for diabetics. In my opinion this has helped me take off some weight and it has helped with some of the hair issues I have had. I found out I also had polycycstic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), some of the systems are similar.

Virginia Brotherson

Subject: TSH 5.3

Need Reference to an encrinologist in Utah. Just had labs that confirmed high thyroid count.





Subject: tsynthetic thyroid meds are poison...

Armour ("natural, but not really") and Synthroid and all the rest of that crap are not the way to go. Be sure and get tested for "free T3 and free T4". Don't let the witch doctors tell you that you are crazy and that your levels are "normal" if they have not performed the above tests. Then begin treatment with liquid iodine and desiccated thyroid glandulars. While you're at it, take a full-spectrum thyroid glandualar, as well. Your hair will grow back, your fog will clear up, your allergies and asthma will improve...it takes months and years to correct, but no stupid side effects. Go the natural way. All available at the Health Food Store. Just be sure and get retested every six to eight months, so you can chart your progress. One more tip: change your lifestyle. Avoid stress, get to bed before 10:30pm to rebuild your immune system, thyroid and adrenals. Exercise early in the morning. Avoid stimulants. Undiagnosed hypothyroid is epidemic in America due to our crap lifestyles and denatured, rancid food. Canola oil is good for your health??? Drinking heavily chlorinated tap water is better for you than spring water from a protected aquifer?? Educate yourself or be cut/medicated into an early grave by the "experts". Oh, and take that cell phone out of your pants pocket. Unless you like your insides crispy, Jack.


Subject: natural vs. synthetics

With all due respect, every body is different. I tried Armour desiccated thyroid and felt/looked worse than when I was on Synthroid. My skin turned a weird shade of grey and lost its luster, my hair became straw-like and dull, and I felt drugged. I am glad you found a formula that works for you, but that does not mean it will work for everyone. Agreed on all other points about a healthy lifestyle, especially about getting sleep prior to midnight. Best of luck to you.

patricia Kelly

Subject: confused

I have been losing my hair, eyebrows, and gaining weight that is impossible to lose. I was recently told my thyroid levels were half what they were supposed to be. I was put on 25mcg of Synthroid. I thought this was great...my hair and eyebrows would grow back, my metabolism would speed up and lose the weight, but, 4 months later..no change. Now I'm reading that once people start taking Synthroid they gain weight and lose their hair. What am I missing?

Shirley Morgan

Subject: Thyroid

My paper on Synthroid said that you may lose your hair for 2 months after taking it. I did lose 9 lbs and stopped losing my hair. But I am taking 125 mg since I have had my thyroid removed because of Cancer Still feeling fuzzy and my nails are brittle and chipped. Seem to be as tired in the morning as when I go to bed. Will not need a scan for a year to see if all is well. the cancer was found when I keep conplaining to my doctor about it for a year because I noticed a lump at the base of my throat and he thougt it was nothing but it kept growing so I had an ultra sound and that is when they found the 12mm lump and saw that the thing that was growing was a cyst , a big one. of course my doctor kept telling me all my systems was because of my age , 70 years.. until the scan resuts came in. Then had a biopise , they drained the cyst that had enough fluid to fill a coke can .. it was mostly below the skin.. and the 12 mm proved to be cancer. But while finding out about the thyroid and gave me a body scan they found that I also had a cancer in each lung ,one 2" big and one that was 5 mm.. All three cancers were different and none were agressive but I had to go through chemo and radiation for the big one and just radiation for the little one and they waited on the thyroid till after ,since they thought the thyroid could wait for a while . then they operationed on the thyroid form ear to ear because they had to take our another gland near the back of my neck by the time they got around to the operation so because of that I also have to take calcium 3 times a day.. It has only been 5 months and I have gotten some energy back but still not that much and hope the thyroid pill will help as it builts up. Do need to go every 4 months to check on the lungs for scans but I have hopes that all was caught along with the lymp nodes that had started to get cancer... if it wasn't for the cyst I could have gone on a long time before the cancers were found. By the way my eyebrows and my eyelashes are back

Marcia Gerber

Subject: Parathyroid and Thyroid Disease

My thyroid disease started 40 years ago when I was diagnosed with hyperactive thyroid disease. My sister had already been through this - first treated with oral medication and iodine drops to shrink the thyroid to prepare for surgery. By the time I was treated I also had the meds and iodine and then surgery. I also experienced a complication from the surgery - either a parathyroid gland was nicked, removed, shocked but I had severe cramps and muscle twitching. I was put on IV calcium because my calcium dropped severely. I took oral calcium for 1 to 1-1/2 months and off work for over a month. Twenty years later I was diagnosed with hypothyroid disease and have taken various doses of Synthyroid ever since. Once in a while I will experience a lower than normal calcium level - I do take supplements but they are big and hard to swallow and set heavy. My doctor is satisfied with numbers "near normal". I have always been told that thyroid disease can be hereditary and can also be initially caused or made worse by a shock to the system - a break up, death in the family, or other shock to the system. I have always been sensitive and have experienced many of the emotional and physical complaints you have all addressed. I am thankful that I was able to have children - some with thyroid disease cannot have children. I have had to deal with 25-30 pounds of extra weight. It seems no matter what I eat or how much I walk and exercise it is impossible to lose. Before this disease I was 5-4 and about 125 pounds tops. My doctor says to always take my Synthroid first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and at least four hours before any vitamins and/or supplements - just a bit of advise.


Subject: Liothyronine

My thyroid "numbers" always have come back in the normal range, but my doctor said you can have normal numbers, and still be hypothyroid. He put me on Levothyroxine at a low dose, (25 mcg increased to 50 mcg) and I lost a huge patch of hair at the crown of my head...(completely bald in that spot)... which after a year is barely beginning to grow back. He then switched me to Liothyronine, which raised the eyebrows of another of my doctors, wondering why he went that route instead Levothyroxine. I have looked for specific differences on the web, but can't really find specifics.
It has perked me up a little, other positives include less brain fog, nails are growing normal, and my skin is less dry, but the bald patch is barely improving, and I am still very tired. It's been nearly a year since I was first diagnosed.

Donna Jones

Subject: Why symptoms don't go away when you start a thryoid med

If your thyroid is still partially functioning, and you get put on a low dose of any thyroid medication (Synthroid, Armour, or whatever), logic tells me that your body will quit making as much TSH, which will make your thyroid produce less hormone than it was before you went on the medication. That could mean that all you have in your body is the low dose of medication--which could actually be less actual thyroid hormone than what your body was making on its own to begin with. That's why your symptoms might not improve much or can actually get worse after you start taking thyroid meds instead of getting better. That's where most doctors drop the ball. Instead of trying you on a higher dosage so that you're getting more than what your body was making to begin with, they discontinue the thyroid medication or leave you on the lower dosage and look for another cause for your issues.

When I was still having pretty bad symptoms on 75 mcg of Levothyroxine, my doctor suggested that I try taking an extra pill on the weekends. That didn't make sense to me because that would essentially leave me hyperthyroid on the weekends and tapering off to hypothyroid again by the end of each work week. Instead, I started breaking up the extra pills into thirds so I was taking an average of 100 mcg per day. On the higher dose, my symptoms got better (I stopped looking like a chemotherapy patient, for one), and I felt much better. But then over time, everything started tapering off again and the symptoms have started slowly coming back. Even though all of my thyroid numbers are "normal," I don't feel as well as I did when I first started on the higher dosage. It freaked my doctor out a little when my TSH was almost zero after I had been on that dosage for a month or two, but I pointed out to her that it makes sense for it to be zero or near zero. If my thyroid isn't working and my body is having to produce TSH to call for more thyroid hormones that I can't produce on my own, logic says that my medication isn't strong enough. Even though my TSH was almost zero, my free T3 and free T4 were still well within their "normal" range, slightly higher than the middle of the range on each. I felt really good physically at that time. My doctor was skeptical, but she left me on 100 mcg.

When I had my most recent bloodwork done a few months ago, my TSH had crept from almost zero up to around 1.5, and I don't feel anywhere near as good as I did the time before (for example, I'm tired most of the time, I packed on about 25 pounds that I couldn't seem to stop and that refuses to come off, my bowels have slowed down to almost nothing again, my cholesterol levels shot back up after being almost normal for the first time in my adult life, and my hair seems to be thinning again). I know from past experience that when my TSH approaches 2, I feel terrible, so the dosage that I'm on has me better than that, but not by a lot. What I want to shoot for is for my free T3 and free T4 to be high normal again, not in the middle. At that point, that's when I feel good. I think it's time for me to start experimenting with the next higher dosage of Levothyroxine to see if I can convince my doctor to put me on it permanently. What I've found is that once you're on a certain dosage, you can usually convince them to leave you there. Or at the very least, you can change doctors and tell them that you're taking the higher dosage, which they should leave you on. It's sad to have to take matters into your own hands, but you know your own body better than any doctor. Don't let them leave you feeling awful without pressing to have something done about it.

brenda d. Mulvaney

Subject: still feeling tired

I had one of my thyroids out ten years ago it had a goiter on it , my thyroid was not over active or under but they checked my levels to know what my normal range was.. two years ago i gained 30 pounds and i was having memory loss, pains shooting through my ankles and arms, fatigue, blurred vision. my doctor patted me on my back and chalked it up to menopause. I was 46, i patted him back and insisted on thyroid test. it came back dangerously low. He got me back on track as he said at a normal range with levothyroxine 25 mg this helped but i was still fatigued. He said there was nothing more he could do because i was what was called in the NORMAL RANGE.... i went to a different doctor , she looked over my charts from when i had my surgery and said well no wonder you still feel this way your normal range it on the high end meaning for me over production was normal for me. she upped my meds to 50mg and it made a world of difference. not everyone is in what they call the normal range , from what she said some people need more production then others it helped that i knew from early test what my range was when you get up where you need the slightest level change can effect you so pay attention to your body. You may try getting them to up your meds a little at a time they will check levels every two months so see where they are but if you are not feeling right up them till you do.. two years later and a ton of stress my levels when down so i am now on 100mg. and feel better. stress can make your thyroid go up and down but make sure you dont have another issue that is affection your thyroid this new doctor said there are diseases that try to kill off the thyroid she check for that also before she upped my meds.


Subject: Repeated inconclusive biopsies.

During an ultra-sound for a different issue, it was determined my husband had 2 nodules on his thyroid. Two biopsies 3 months apart continue to show inconclusive results. Dr is recommending removal of 1/2 of his thyroid. She indicated he would not need to go on thyroid medication. She indicated thyroid issues is more common in women then men. His blood work showed his TSH : 1.85 his Free T4: .86

Any insight you can provide would be helpful.


Subject: biopsies & thyroid surgery

Hi Kathy,

I'm sorry to hear of the health scare you and your husband are having. Thyroid issues are complex, not particularly fun, and surprisingly common (though not as much in men, that’s true). Luckily, there are many ways to diagnose and treat them, and surgery is but one option.

I'd like to share my personal story in case it's helpful. to you. The similarities struck me from your post. 12 years ago at age 21 I was diagnosed with a large benign tumor on my thyroid. I'd never noticed it, but it was quite prominent once brought to my attention. They said it had probably been growing for years. My HMO directed me to what I now consider a 'knife-happy surgeon', who insisted that a biopsy could spread any potential cancer, did not put me on medication prior to surgery to shrink the gland, and practically insisted that 1/2 my thyroid be removed immediately, with no follow up medication (he said I was too young for that). I scheduled surgery for 30 days out. He also had to remove 2 parathyroid glands, which turn out to be very important for calcium production and other functions, and this happened partly because of his decision to administer no prior medication--the gland was huge and swollen, so they had to remove more than anticipated. Then, I had hypoxemia during surgery, which is an unusual occurrence (~10% of surgeries) but it left me with minor to moderate cognitive defects for a month. Very scary. I've known one person who had vocal cord damage and couldn't speak for months after thyroid surgery (also rare, but can definitely happen).

Removing 1/2 of the most important adrenal gland in the body is going to cause 1. a shock to the system, and 2. instant hypothyroidism that could take years to recover from. I gained 18 lbs in just 10 days after surgery, and more than 75 lbs in the 18 months following. I was lethargic, depressed, and had new joint pain. It didn't matter what I ate or how much I exercised, I kept ballooning. Still the surgeon insisted that I didn't need meds, that my TSH level was low-normal, and told me to stop eating so much (without knowing anything about my diet). He refused to do a complete thyroid panel (which should be done for anyone with suspected thyroid issues), and so did another PCP, and an endocrinologist. It was Oklahoma, not the best health care model. It finally stabilized after ~2 years and I shed about 50 lbs I'd gained, but the last 20 or so have been very stubborn.

Unfortunately, I've also had continuing (cyclical) health problems throughout my 20s that peaked in a serious health crisis in my early 30s. Turns out I may have had hyperthyroidism all along, which may have caused the goiter, and the intolerance to anesthesia and strong pain medications, along with increasing gastrointestinal issues and autoimmune concerns in the past few years. I'm now pursuing information about Graves Disease (a form of hyperthyroidism that causes large goiters in addition to other symptoms). One physician and several blood tests have indicated it's a strong possibility. It would explain a lot, anyway. I'm in a period of weight loss now, and feel fairly stable, but my weight still fluctuates 25-35 lbs every year, sometimes 2-3x a year. For weeks on end, I alternately feel anxious and fidgety with a lack of appetite and inability to sleep more than 4-5 hrs a night, and lethargic and depressed with a strong desire to eat starchy and fatty foods and sleep a lot. It's so bizarre, but I keep running into drs who do a blood test (at least more complete panels now) and tell me that I'm 'almost out of normal ranges, but still in them, so no medication is in order', whatever that means, as I'm clearly showing symptoms of an unregulated thyroid gland, even after having 1/2 of it removed. I also had new nodules in the remaining portion within 2 years. All surgery did was destabilize my once excellent health, and I suspect it's done more harm than good in the long run.

In retrospect, I wish I had:

--Sought out more than one opinion, and consulted an endocrinologist for complete diagnostic testing, before having major surgery
--Read more about thyroid diseases to understand what questions to ask
--Tried medications prior to surgery
--Looked into holistic and alternative medicine, including acupuncture, dietary changes, stress management, and other approaches
--Understood the risks of surgery to the neck and thyroid gland before undergoing it

Does your husband exhibit any signs of hyperthyroidism? Mayo Clinic's website has excellent info. If he does, please consider surgery very carefully and talk to your doctors. An overactive thyroid gland could have caused my hypoxemia during surgery, and it caused heart palpitations when I tried to take Rx pain medications for severe back pain a year ago.

I hope you find enough information to make the best possible decision for your family. It would be nice if fewer people underwent a thyroid lobectomy before considering all the options. The surgery can create more problems than unnoticed nodules, and sometimes it's only treating a symptom, not the cause. You may have several trial and error attempts to get an accurate diagnosis, but it's worth being persistent, and we're the best advocates for our own health.



Subject: your husband

Go to the best endocrinologist ( or 2 or 3 ) you can find before he does anything. Thyroid surgery is serious. I had non malignant nodules removed ( along with a chunk of the thyroid gland) 50 years ago and have been on medication ever since. I am fortunate to be followed by great specialist and he adjusts my medication according to my blood tests ( every 6 months).
Go slow, get sound advice, good luck. Julie


Subject: hypothroidism and me

I was a construction superintendent who worked out of state for months at a time and didn't pay attention to what my body was telling me until it was almost to late. I was only 52, what could go wrong? My symptoms started as being cold all of the time. Over the course of a few years I gained quite a bit of weight ( from 190 to 260 lbs.), lost my ability to focus mentally, began having real trouble controlling my emotions,and lost quite a bit of hair. Finally, 5 years after the first symptoms, my hands swelled to the point that I could not make a fist and I began experiencing excruciating muscle cramps almost every time I moved. I finally went to my doctor, asked for a blood test, and found out within a day that my thyroid level was 100+. I was immediately placed on 147mg of synthroid and within a few weeks a miracle happened! I got my life back! The mental fog lifted, the cramps nearly disappeared, and I managed to lose 40 lbs. I still can't deal well with cold and I'll probably never be slim again but what a difference that pill made.

Tony senzamici

Subject: Thyroid

In 1990 I had such a severe cough that the doctors were treating me for bronchitis, whooping cough, common called, the cloth was so violent that the only way I could cloth was take my fist and press it into my sternum. After two years I changed doctors he felt my thyroid and immediately sent me to a biopsy turned out to be too large cancerous tumors one pressing on my right side of my throat and the other pressing from the left side causing me to for the violent cough, immediate surgery was suggested I have been on thyroid medication since 1992, I am feeling the effects of syntroid as I am now constantly wweak, thinning hair, after reading some of the posts, I am going to request from my endocrinologist if there is this different type of thyroid medication that I just read about, I am 78 years old, if I can just get a couple more years I be more than happy. It sounds like we should start a thyroid club, LOL


Subject: Thyroid

Reading your comments have assured me that I am not paranoid. Three weeks ago I developed a severe cough that just did not go away. I visited my PCP, was given breathing treatment, antibiotics, expensive cough syrup, and a ventolin pump. The cough did not improved so I went to the emergency room. I was given new antibiotics, capsules to supppress my cough. Chest xray was negative. Diagnosis bronchitis. I still did not improve, went back to my PCP this time he gave me steroids i.e. prednisone in high doses. The cough slightly improved by this medication triggered a new wave of problems. I went to another ER. As a registered nurse with a multi-nodular goiter, I did mentioned the possibility that the goiter may be the problem since a CT scan revealed that I do have slight tracheal and osophageal deviation due to a nodule in the left side of my thyroid gland. When I told the ER doctor this he alluded to the fact that I am panicking T scan results. I have had bronchitis few times before and knew the symptoms were not the same. Doctors need to pay closer attention to what the patient is saying. I told that doctor that the coughing seems to be originating from my throat and not my lungs. Your input have allowed me to know that I was right. I had a thyroid ultrasound done yesterday. I am awaiting the outcome from the endocrinologist. I am thankful that I have God as the ultimate source of my body and my healing. I just stumbled on this web site by accident or may I say devine intervention. Thank You God!

Charlene Simon

Subject: He has a plan!

Praise God! Tony, remember to put Him first and he'll see you through. He said, "You have not because you ask not". Ask Him for what you want. You're His child and He wants to give you your hearts desire. He has blessed you with 78 years and He's the only one that can give you 78 more. He is no respecter of person, He did it for our ancestor He can do it for you. They lived to be 700 years old. Keep your faith and watch Him work. Continue to seek His face and know that He has the last word. Love hard, Laugh loud, and Let God do His perfect will in you. Love and Happiness!!!

Jill Villalba

Subject: thyroid meds

Hi.. yes there is other thyroid meds you can get on. There's Erfa and Armour I believe it is. I believe synthroid is one of the worst ones, most people say.If you want to know much more about this, check out a group on Yahoo, called NaturalThyroidHormones.. its all one word. You can learn very much from the people there and ask any and all questions. God bless you!!
Jill in MI.

diane m

Subject: thyroid depression wt grain thin hair

I have had thyroid deasise for years since i was 18 years old and i am now 58 depression, copeing , feeling like your looseing it mentaly no one understanding what ur talking about gaining wight can not lose it no matter what you do very emontioal how dose this one think do all this to you and its so hard to fine help...on sydroid have been for years on depression medican on vit. hair thin cut it short what else is there to do....


Subject: Thyroid issues

Prayer is the key to all our health problems. Only God can solve our life problems. He is the greatist physician this world has ever known. Singing and giging thanke to God soothes our problems and He opens up the way to channel us in the right direction. Try it you will be glad you did. I am speaking from personal experience. May God bless you.


Subject: Thyroid, depression, weight gain, thinning hair and the whatnot

Yes, I too have had problems in recent years with my thyroid going from being hyper active to hypo active. It is called Hashimoto's disease. If you are having all these problems, you had better get into see your doctor ASAP and have a blood test. I did and I had to have my thyroid medication increased. If you don't go to the doctor, you are a fool. Complaining about it will not fix it.


Subject: Hair lost

I am sick I have lost 8 pounds in 4 days ,I can't keep anything down I am always sweating , I sweat so much that I feel like iam smile bad. Iam in and out of the E R . I feel like shit....no one knows what's wrong with me ....


Subject: armour vs synthroid

Being the "natural" sort, I went on Armour after menopause dropped my hormone levels. After taking it for 7 years, I developed a goiter and nodules that required biopsies. My thyroid doc told me that Armour makes your levels go up and down, while Synthroid keeps them level, and he switched me to synthroid. Have had no problems since, and it's been a decade.


Subject: Bone Support

Re this issue, I experienced that taking the pharmaceuticals only exacerbated my issues causing GERD to develop while not reversing the bone loss. I now take Osteobuild by Rainbow Light and my bone density increased by 7%!!!


Subject: For the comments about bone

For the comments about bone support due to problems of bone loss......I have found best support is not pharmaceuticals but Osteobuild by Rainbow Light. My bone density increased 7% taking this instead of continually falling as it did with the pharmaceuticals which caused GERD.


Subject: Hyperthyriodism

I like most with HYPERthyroidism went through extreme emotional highs and lows including the contemplation of suicidal tendencies. After my gp sent me to a endocrinologist I was placed on propylthiouracil 50 mg tabs 2 tablets 3 times daily, propranolol 20 mg 1 tablet 3 times daily. They have helped control the parkinson like shakes, the emotional overloads and while I do still deal with 20 lbs., over weight I feel almost human again! Hope this info helps someone else! Wish there was more info out there to at least calm the fears of the unknown! God Bless!

william mahiger

Subject: Thyroid Gland

Why aren't there any comments about hyPERthyroid TSH? Mine is and has been slightly elevated. I'm 77 and have a zillion aches and pains, but always have had them, otherwise I seem to be in good health. Again, why no hyPERthyroid remarks?



Subject: Elevated TSH

Re: william mahiger's question

Elevated TSH is indicative of HYPOthyroidism....a low TSH is indicative of HYPERthyroidism. Everyone is different in their tolerance to their TSH levels...so while your TSH may be elevated indicating HYPOthyroidism, its not elevated enough to cause you symptoms.


Subject: thyroid

the issue is also the body's regulation of iodine.... too much (and some diets can put the amount over the top which can increase the odds of hyperT), and iodine was used extensively on women during child birth... no wonder so many women were having mood disorders after giving birth. And with the issue of bad diets (even if people think their diets are good), the stress on the thyroid can come from portable phone use over time, cell phone use, vaccination reactions, too much tea drinking (this is a little known major cause. Besides deleting nutrients from the body, the tannins in tea..iced tea too... can impact the thyroid. also the tannins in wine... besides also messing with the way the spleen regulates platelets in the blood... if there are thyroid problems, first check the ovaries... check the diet for hormone balance... check with an alternate practitioner... much more in the wellness process to bring balance back... but ditch the sodium sodas, sugar-free crap and start eating an apple a day to get the regulation back in the body.





Subject: thyroid

I was just started on levothyroxin. When I had cancer 7 years ago for breast cancer I was told I MUST have radiation. I tried to go and do it 3 different times but it majorly freaked me out and I chickened out every time. I went into major panic attack. So glad I didn't . I have heard of radiation destroying the heart and other organs and I just can't do it! My cancer was caused by estrogen so I am trying to find out when it says that this changes hormones, if it increases estrogen, because that would cause me to get cancer again....


Subject: Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma

My PCP felt a lump on my thyroid May 2012, June 2012 biopsy results came back that the three nodules on my thyroid were cancer. My Endocrinologist said I had Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma. He explained that it was treatable and was the most common type of Thyroid Cancer. The only thing I heard him say was Cancer. I had a Thyroidectomy (removal of entire thyroid) on 9/28/2012 (the day after my birthday), weeks later my Endocrinolist told me not only were the nodules cancerous my thyroid was cancerous. Thank GOD for my PCP, she felt the lump. Thank GOD for my Surgeon, she removed my thyroid and l didnt have to do the radioactive iodine because there were no traces of thyroid left in my body. I have been on Synthoird since 9/2012. This year I will be celebrating my 45th birthday and One year cancer free.
Get checked out, take care of yourself like you would take care of your child. God Bless.


Subject: Thyroid

I've finally gotten my thyroid under control w/ Synthroid but Synthroid has made my hair thinner and sparse. Does anyone out there have any info about how to reverse this unwanted and depressing side effect? Feel free to e-mail me. Thank you

Joy Fonce

Subject: Thyroid medication and thinning hair

I too am suffering from thinning hair. This is a new problem for me although I have taken Synthroid and it's generic as well as Amour for many years. I'm wondering if anyone has written to you with effective suggestions you would share. People and doctors have recommended Biotin, which hasn't helped me. I have been treated for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis for at least 20 years.
Please help. Thank you,


Subject: Low thyroid and thinning hair

For those who have a problem with thinning hair, try using hair volume shampoos and rinses- and applying a sculpting gel like Suave's Sculpting gel on your hair after your shampoo and rinse while your hair is still wet. I have Hashimoto Struma and I find that what you use on your hair helps. Even though one has an illness like low thyroid, one has to look into whatever they can find to help improve their appearance. I have problem with my weight also, and I find that exercise helps. I am working on my home and after I broke the bones on both sides of me ankle by accident, I really put on some weight, I now find that pushing myself up from the floor with one arm is helping me to tone my muscles back up. I find and have always found that by being very active physically in my lifetime keeps me young for my age. I am now 72. I have arthritis pain a lot, especially in my injured ankle when we have rainy weather here in Arkansas. But then, when I was much younger, I worked as a nurse in convalescent hospitals. I saw what happened to eldery people who allowed the pain to rule their lives and from that experience I learned that to give in is to be in a place I really don't won' t want to be in. I too have depression and had a bad case, but I keep active and try to do the things I enjoy the most. I take control, not my illness and pain.


Subject: Thinning hair


I do know that taking thyroid meds and testosrogen makes hair thin.YOu can get DHt blockers and while they are normally for men they work great for women.



Subject: Armour

Armour thyroid...was going to say the same thing. It has all the Ts in it whereas synthroid is just T4. T 3 (generally converted from T4) is the most active and useful, but just because we don't know what T1 and T2 do doesn't mean they aren't useful or medically necessary. Go to thyroid.about.com or something like that to arm yourlf with more information before you go to the doc who has been brainwashed to think armour is actually less reliant than synthroid. Good luck and God bless!


Subject: Hair

I have a terrible problem with my hair also from Synthroid , used to have thick shiny hair, now it looks terrible, thin and spots where my scalp would show if I didn't use a tint....................if you received any good info would you please share it with me.................Good Luck I hope there is an answer out there!!!

Bettie Umland

Subject: Synthroid side effects of thinning hair

I have been on Synthroid for 14 years. My sister was on it for even longer. She became almost bald on the top of her head, and my hair has receded back and thinned. After many years and many doctors later, the only thing offered to me was to use Rogaine routinely. They suggested Men's Rogaine, not women's (too wimpy). So, I use it as much as possible knowing the Synthroid is something I will always have to take and the thinning hair problem is the side effect I will always have to deal with.


Subject: hair loss


Experincing the same problem. If you get a good reply let me know. I'm also taking Synthroid.


Subject: Thyroid

Many doctors poo-poo it these days, but you might try Armour or Erfa instead of Synthroid. Synthroid doesn't provide all the t-whatever hormones, under the theory that your body produces the missing ones out of the one that it does provide. In practice this isn't always the case. Anecdotal, but my mom and friends who are on thyroid have all felt "blah" on synthroid, some with problems like you described with hair loss, etc. My mom talked to her gp, an old-timer, and he looked at her records and pointed to synthroid and said "this is your problem." He consulted with her endocrinoligist (sp?) who reluctantly gave her armour and later erfa and she's felt worlds better. Her friends in her cancer support groups have had similar experiences. If your doctor is dead set on synthroid, they sell thyroid "supplements" that are simply the T-whatever hormones missing from synthroid that are made out of pork, beef or sheep thyroid at some vitamin shops.


Subject: hypothyroidism and children

My 9 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with hypothyroidism this past year. It has been very difficult on her she has problems now with weight gain, headaches and depression .

Susan Skinner

Subject: sound acupuncture

I found relief from depression at a Chiropractor's office. He does acupuncture with sound, not needles. My husband says it is just like a light switch that has been turned on. Also, know that it can take some time to get the right level of hormones in the body.


Subject: Hyperthyrodism

I'm 59 years old now, when I was 48 I started to have many signs of loosing my mind, I couldn't keep focused, I cried all the time and my moods were out of control, I was paranoid and slept more than awake. I went to bed one day and stayed there for 3 months. I finally lost my job/career they were so patient but they had to let me go. I struggled for more than 7 years with antidepressants, hormone replacements you name it. I was still depressed. I contemplated suicide more than once, then the heartburn started. I ate the chalky pills by the handfuls. Finally my new Dr says, has anybody ever checked your thyroid????? Huh, what is a thyroid? My levels were 29.5 needless to say they started me at 75 mgs I am now on 150 daily and 70 lbs overweight. However I'm not experiencing any of the symptoms, I haven't been depressed and I even do some gardening.... I can't loose the extra weight but I get out of bed everyday and make it! I lost a career with the best bosses a person could ask for only from misdiagnosis.... I'm sure everybody out there has experienced this, it really needs to be at the forefront of womens problems at the doctors office.


Subject: hyper and hypothyroidism

I can relate to this dilemma. I was much younger when my autoimmune thyroiditis started wreaking havoc. I was a mom of two young girls and working a job as well. I was experiencing symptoms of no energy, feeling like I was in a dream state during waking hours even after sleeping a full night's sleep, waking up crying in the morning, chronic depression, body aches, and being unable to make it past 3 p.m. without going back to bed. All of this was when I was about 36-37 years of age! My doctor had tested my thyroid levels, and said they weren't clinically low. However, I was experiencing severe symptoms. Finally, over a year later after experiencing debilitating symptoms and questioning my own mental health, I visited an endocrinologist who put me on proper thyroid replacement and I was feeling like a normal person again within about 3 weeks. The lumps in my thryoid have mostly dissapated, I have my life back, I have my energy and vitality and well being back, and I know for certain that I am not crazy and I am not suffering from a mental breakdown. I am grateful for the treatment I have received, and I am fairly symptom free for the past ten years. I would never take these symptoms lightly and I would never go to a GP to get treated, I would only go to an endocrinologist with a lot of experience diagnosing and treating thyroid disorders, these are very tricky to treat and you need someone with experience who knows what they are doing. Take it from me, I got my life back after almost two years of feeling helpless and hopeless.


Subject: thyroid

Mine has been removed ..had slow growing cancer,now I take hormone rest of my life.

Georgette Linquist

Subject: Thyroid cancer

I found a bee-bee sized lump in my thyroid August 2012. They did thyroid tests using standard blood test, it came back showing my thyroid was perfect. All the way through stage 4 thyroid cancer the test never came back showing anything was wrong. I wouldn't put much into the blood tests. I was diagnosed in November after having ultrasounds and biopsy's. The Dr. was suppose to dissect each lymph node that showed a problem on ultrasound. When I got out of surgery he said everything was great he didn't need to check them they looked fine. A week later I find out that my thyroid cancer wasn't normal it was spread through the thyroid. In turn it put cancer cells into all areas of my neck. It had gone into at least 30 lymph nodes and the cancer was spreading into the tissue. I had to have 2 additional surgeries to remove everything the first Dr. should have taken care of. Then had to go through high dose of radioactive iodine to make sure the cancer cells were gone. The dose being so high made my ovaries stop working. I have a scar that goes from one side of my neck to the other. But I am alive. I feel so blessed. If I would have not felt the lump in my thyroid until it was larger I would have died. It is so important to do self exams. Make sure those around you are aware of what to look for and where to check, you may just save someones life.


Subject: Thyroid cancer

Wow I read what you wrote and I feel as if I wrote it! I went thru the same exact thing but I went thru in 2009 and I have been clear so far. I still have no feeling in my shoulder or neck. You not alone, thank you for posting this helps me to see I'm not alone. Thank you again.


Subject: Thyroid

I had problems regulating my thyroid and finally found in Drs office a Medical Magazine that said there are two different tests I was on 175mg then 150mg and then 135mg always changing once he saw it he took both blood tests he gave me both kinds of thyroid meds after that I have had no problems and have felt good it's been 10years. One is 135mg then the other is 5mg I was so happy I gound that. Before always so tired up and down constantly.

Joyce Brown

Subject: Thyroid

Try taking the natural drug Armour Thyroid.... the other drugs did nothing for me at all... got relief for the most part.... Alot of doctors push synroid ( Spelling) Because they get kickback on pushing these drugs... they are crap and do not work because they do not have the combo T4 and T3 together, they are only T4.... T4 converts to T3 but if your body does not convert (like mine) than there is a problem

Regina Clark

Subject: Hashi with gotier

I have been dealing with this for 10 years now. It also occurred after the birth of my youngest son.. went high and then low. I of course being young did not take my meds as I was suppose to and have a very large goiter. It has been biopsied and cancer free. My Endo says if its not bothering me to let it be but 2 other doctors I see keep telling me to have it removed. It has remained the exact same size for the past 6 years. I take .125 mcg of synthroid and my levels are normal. I am seriously considering going ahead and having the thyroid removed.


Subject: Goiter

I let my goiter go too long, and it became huge. It caused my once beautiful singing voice to lose it's higher pitches. Eventually, my voice got hoarser, and I could no longer scream, even if I wanted to. It also made swallowing more and more difficult. It stopped growing for awhile, but later started again. When I had it removed, the doctor told me that the vocal chords would not come back, as the size of the goiter pressing on them had caused paralysis. He was afraid that at the size of the goiter, it may have been cancerous, but a biopsy after surgery said it was not. However, my neck looks so much better, and slimmer. I would advise you to take the advice of the two docs that suggest surgery. It isn't a pleasant surgery, but I had no ill effects from it, and recovered quickly. My surgery was five years ago, I will take synthroid forever. But, all in all, am happy I had it removed. Also, my mother had goiter, and goiter surgery; so I would advise other family members to be vigilant about theirs. I hope this advice helps you decide what is best for you. Good luck! Sandra Larimore

Mary J Bruce

Subject: Thyroid problems

I have been having thyroid problems since I was 20 years old and I am now 77 years old and I recently had a ultrasound on my throat and my doctor told me I have I am small nodules and there is no need to have a biopsy now. I have several doctors but I don't have confidence in my doctors because I have been suffering for so long and it seems as if they don't do anything to help me with my problems I feel really bad most of the tome but when I complain they say its just my nerves or something else but I know smething is going really wrong with my thyroid and Iwonder should I insist that I don't wait any longer should I have the Biopsy now, I am so afraid of Cancer.


Subject: Thyroid problems

I am 73 years old and just went through a CTscan lookng for problems with my lungs. It showed up nodules on my thyroid gland. Being that they were more than 1 centimeter in diameter they put me through an unltrasound and a needle biopsy.I was told if they were 1 centimeter or less, it did not warrant the ultrasound, biopsy and there wasn't any reason for concern.So far I am waiting for the final results



I have a story. I have a pacemaker and my cardiologist was having a carodid artery test done. During that time I was speaking with the tech and telling her I had this annoying cough, was tired all the time and never smoked etc, so she asked me if she could check my thyroid. I said YES. Thank God I let her. She told me to go to my doctor immediately because she saw something that should be taken care of right away. I called my MD he ordered an ultrasound of my thyroid , a legal one, and there it was a calcified nodules. I went for a biopsy and had papalary cancer which is the lowest you can have. The doctor removed my thyroid because the surgeon found more inside that were also cancer. MY BLOODWORK NEVER SHOWED ANYTHING. So you cant count on blood work to determine all the time if its your thyroid. If this tech. did not tell me and check this, these nodules that I didnt know I had would turn evenutally into advanced cancer if I let it go. Thank god for some tech's that go way and beyond to check people because some doctors dont know whats going on in your body at all times. Everyone should have an ultrasound of their thyroid to make sure. I am on synthyroid 112 for life and it doesnt bother me a bit. But, I do not drink coffee or tea, drink alot of water. AND... "do not" drink orange juice or any other juices or eat. for at least 30 minutes to an hour after taking your medication. The medication has to digest which takes around 20-30 minutes. Drink lots of water with the pill. I also drink 8 bottles of water daily and more. Hardly any soda anymore either only if there is a party and I want a change but do not do it often. I did alot of reading about thyroid and everyone should. Your doctors dont tell you everything you need to do and shouldnt.
Hope this helps. Linny


Subject: synthroid side effects

I've been hypothyroid for the last few years off and on. I was put on armour thyroid and it caused my heart to race. I had a friend who told me to try Synthroid and I did. What a mistake. I couldn't sleep for days, my blood pressure went off the charts. It had never been high before. I acted manic, my eyes started bugging out. All this and my thyroid still read low. Has anyone else had similar side effects?


Subject: KELP

Suppose you cannot afford Armour or any other supplements. Would Kelp be a replacement or would Kelp help? Does anyone know of a program that would help with finances? What is TSH?


Subject: thyroid supplements

I take up to 6,000 mg of kelp with 1,000 mg of L-tyrosine. My TSH read normal, but I had symptoms that suggested otherwise. Within days, my hands and feet were no longer cold, my hair became shinier and less brittle, and brain fog is not an issue. Good luck.


Subject: Hypo-thyroid

I have had hypo-thyroid problems since I was two. My mother also had hypothyroid. I was on iodine (taken in juice) and thyroid medication. When I was eight they removed nodules from my gland. They grew back, so when I was 13 they took the gland out. Now I will be a medication for the rest of my life. I go at least once a year for test, my doctor checks the T3, T4, & TSH. After reading up on it, I learned that if you take meds for it, Do Not Eat FRESH Broccolli, Brussell Sprouts, Cabbage, or Califlower, because they contain an enzyme that blocks the thyroid meds. Eating the cooked vegetables is okay, because it destroys the enzyme. I learned the reason from a pharmacist. Also, you should take the medication on an empty stomach and wait at least 1 hour before eating, preferably before breakfast. Many people take calicum suppliments. if you take calcium carbonate within 2 hrs after taking your pills, it will also block the thyroid medication. I take calcium citrate, I still wait 2 hrs before taking it. My endocrinologist suggested the citrate because it dissolves faster.in the your system, because if it doesn't dissolve within an hour it's not going to do you any good.


Subject: Meds and foods

Soy is also to be avoided if on prescription meds for thyroid treatment. Tofu is OK to eat, as it is fermented. And, i think, soy sauce, which is distilled? (that might be wrong!) I think the fresh soybeans (edamame) and other fesh soybean products contain phytoestrogens and can therefore wreak havoc on hormone balances. Since the medicine is trying to balance out the thyroid hormones, an imbalance in other hormones regulated by the Pituitary can mess up everything else. (!). You are urged to BOTH get reliable info from the Internet, AND discuss it with your Doctor. About.com has several thyroid discussion groups, very friendly and informative; look them up.

Abby C

Subject: Normal Labs, but Thyroid disorder AND cancer!

My labs came back PERFECTLY NORMAL! I was in the 3.4 range. However, my hair was falling out, I was losing my eyebrows, I couldn't think at all, and collapsed on the stairs almost every day after work (I just couldn't go any farther sometimes)! It was bad. My doctor looked at the lab report & then at me & said "This is not normal. Plus, your thyroid is HUGE." Turns out, I had Hashimoto's, Hypothyroid disorder, AND ended up getting a cancerous nodule within a month or two after! Removed completely and took radioactive iodine since the biopsy showed the aggressive "mutant" gene. Clear so far, but it didn't go anywhere. I think we caught it early. Thanks doc!!! :)


Subject: Thyroid

There is an excellant website with a LOT of very good information on thryoid abnormalities and finding the right solution. It is StopTheThyroidMadness.com STTM.com There is also a very good book by the same person that monitors this site.


Subject: Thyroid and GERD

40 years ago I was diagnosed hypothyroid. I was over dosed with way too high a level of levothyroxine and it lead directly to GERD - a now permanent condition.

Also found out the hard way that other medication can bind with levothyroxine and triggers bone demineralization and osteoporosis. The pahrmaeutical industry hides the side effects of their medications for as long as they can get away with it. And your MD is likely to be the last to learn of serious but asymptomatic side effects.


Subject: Levothyroxine

I took 175 mg of levothyroxine and I developed Atrial Fibrillation. go figure what is it with this medication that's being given to us?

Jenny Foreman

Subject: Hypothyroidism

Three generations suffering from this disorder. Now my daughter is suffering. There has to be some way for us to get help. Will not give up.

Mindy B

Subject: Thyroid Disease & Celiac Disease

Anyone experiencing thyroid issues should be tested for Celiac Disease. This is a auto-immune disease triggered by ingesting gluten, which is the protein contained in wheat. The gluten content in our modern "genetically engineered" wheat is up to three times what it was a few decades ago. Many dieticians believe that gluten isn't healthful for anyone to eat, but maybe this is the reason for the rise in certain diseases such as thyroid, which can be attributed to gluten intolerance?


Subject: Quackery

My mother was diagnosed with hypothyroidism decades ago before GM foods. Don't distract yourself with other causes. Celiac disease is the flavor of the month, but it's not the cause of all medical problems. Better testing is probably leading to greater numbers of cases being. diagnosed.


Subject: Quackery

My mother was diagnosed with hypothyroidism decades ago before GM foods. Don't distract yourself with other causes. Celiac disease is the flavor of the month, but it's not the cause of all medical problems. Better testing is probably leading to greater numbers of cases being. diagnosed.

Thomas Cooney

Subject: Thyroid

I have hypothyroidism and a few years ago I found out by a blood test that my pituitary gland in my brain does not work.It quit making cortisol,which controls your whole body.It tells all your glands what to do and when to do it.Now I have to take steroids 3 # times a day,and live in a fog,which is very hard for people and co workers to understand.I take levathoroxine for my thyroid and hydrocortisone to replace the cortisol and haven't felt like myself in 12 years.Its very hard because people get sick of my complaining about how bad I feel,just as sick as I am talking about how bad I feel,but don't look for sympathy because people don't understand what your talking about unless they have some personal experience with the disease.I also have to take testosterone pumps n spread it on my arms,which make your PSA go up and tomorrow I have to have a biopsy of my prostate.It seems like it never ends.I have to have a MRI of my pituitary gland because 90 % of the people that have the problem with the pituitary gland is caused by a tumor on the pituitary gland,and if that's the case the pituitary has to be removed by shoving an instrument up your nose and into the center of your brain to take the pituitary gland out thru your nose.Doesn't that sound like fun.I have to have the MRI once a year to look for the tumor..Live life to the fullest because you never know when its gonna be over.

Pat Johnson

Subject: Thyroid and Pituitary

I too was just recently diagnosed with a pituitary problem. Mine is slightly different, it does not secret enough vasopressin, which regulates how your body handles fluid. For a number of years I had problems with my electroytes being high or low, my Internist ran just about every test available to find the reason for this imbalance with no luck. I was thristy all the time and urinated about 30 times a day, sometimes twice in an hour, my body started to bloat, fingers,hands, feet, ankles, face and stomach. My problem was my body became a sponge and started absorbing fluid. I have had a thyroid problem for the last 35 years, and always attributed all my problems to the thyroid. Finally the Mayo Clinic told what tests to run and diagnosed Water Insipidus. Since that diagnosis 3 years ago, I have had problems with the parathyroid and the adrenal glands. Since all glands are suppose to work together, fixing a problem in one, can make another not function correctly. And your right most of the time I feel like crap (have for years). Some days i feel so exhausted I can hardly stand up, much less walk. I have been hospitalised twice in the last year for extremely low sodium, I can eat as much salt as i want because my body can't regulate it. The fluid washes it away, If you have both a pituitary and thyroid problem maybe suggest to your doc to check your electrolytes and other glands for problems. Good luck, hope all goes well and you start to feel better soon.


Subject: Thyroid

Sounds like your Doc is experimenting on you. Try and find another specialist for a second opinion. Often doctors over test and over medicate when they don't know what else to do. You need to verify if your doctor is on the right track for your problems or even if he is causing them with the meds. If your doctor's treatment is making you feel worse, then you need to seriously question if you are receiving the right treatment for your condition. Be reminded that you are the one in charge of your health. It is difficult to function when you are permanently sick. So, change your doctor, change your diet, eliminate all unhealthy foods, change your thinking by realizing that you can and you will get better.
I was overdosed with radioactive iodine back in the '70's and as a result suffered from radioactive sickness. Have been on thyroid replacement for many years, Replaced the synthetic thyroid for the Armour thyroid some years ago and it is a definite improvement over the stuff made in labs. Have learned to question doctor's about everything. I highly recommend it.


Subject: thyroid

I have had Hypothyroidism for about 10 years now, I use the Synthroid to keep it under control, It took several months to find the correct dosage. I get blood tests every 3 months. My tests were always in the normal range until I started taking the generic brand and my blood tests came back real low. Finally I realized it must have been the generic brand, it took 3 months to get my levels back to normal after getting back on the real Synthroid, and I have heard a lot of people don't do well on the generic brand Synthroid. I also tried years ago to go the natural way and use something from the health food store made for under active thyroid,I used it for 3 months and my thyroid level was in the negative, so that's when I went back to the real Synthroid. and now I am feeling normal again.

Barbara Brady

Subject: thyroid

I argued with my wonderful doctor for 2 years because she didn't believe me when I said that levoxyl didn't work for me. Now that it has been pulled from the market she wants to bill Medicare another $300 to give me another synthetic thyroid medicine that probably won't work. I have fired her. It is important to fire doctors who do not listen.


Subject: Thyroid

I too had issues with my thryroid and back when I was 25 or so my levels looks a little off every now and again. Then when I was in my mid 30's my GYN did a blood test for various things and notice that my thyroid levels were raised she asked what med I was on and I told her nothing and she states "oh no we need to get you on some now" About a year later I had acheness on my right side and it was puffy so I went to a ENT thinking it was something with my ear draining. So he did a CT and found that it was just some fatty tissue build up however notice a nodule in my thyroid so long story short I had a partial thyroidectomy thank god no cancer and now am on Synthroid for life. My question is that, is Synthroid over time going to cause me problems, I am 49


Subject: thryroid

I have been on Synthroid for 20 years. Knock on wood....have never had any hair loss or side effects. My numbers are always good and I work out, have lots of energy and good health, in general. I am on low dose synthroid. So...maybe long term is ok. I sure hope sp....

Lily Harris

Subject: Thyroid Stage 1 cancer

It was discovered during a routine exam for a sinus infection that I had a nodule on my thyroid. By the time everything was done and approved, I had a total thyroidectomy. A total of 8 nodules up to fist size. One had began growing into my chest cavity. It was confirmed that I had stage one thyroid cancer. My issue now is I have to take a pill everyday. I am gaining weight to the tune of 25lb a month. Up to 269 lbs. I am constantly hot, crabby, intolerant of everything, very jumpy, massive pain in arm and leg bones, and just chronic pain everywhere. Any advice?


Subject: Remember folks thyrodism is

Remember folks thyrodism is treated so differently. Every doctor intruprets the test results differently. The medicine is different for everyone. I was on 4 different brands before I found the one. If you have concerns do a search on reputable Endocrynologists in your area.

Cheryl Leavitt

Subject: Hypothyroidism

I must be the only one in medical history to "lose weight" with hypothryroidism? I lost the hair, had the dry skin, was bitchy, wanted to cry all the time. And my test said 2.1 below, very small amt off. I take the meds, & am considering changing to Mt.rose herbs instead. Something is up, because suddenly it's all changing again, time for another test. My skin is so much drier, & it seemed to happen overnight? Am considering a specialist as it might make a difference for a change. If they listen it would. Was first diagnosed in 2008.....I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, so I do know signs & symptoms when things change. Most times I work very hard to care with the alternative choices. I feel as though it's important to 'practice' what I preach.


Subject: Skin dryness

Cocoa butter fragrance free mixed with Vaseline even though they said petroleum is not good for you, cell phones are not either, as soon as you get out the shower follow that very warm shower with a luke warm or cooler after all the soap residue is off. The blood work is not accurate all the time, it depends on while you are actively having symptoms if you see the doctor that day of or next week when they are able to get you and appointment the symptoms may have dispersed some hence the normal blood test results or it is not showing up in your blood work. An ultrasound found my nodules and I saw every specialist including psychiatry for extreme nervousness/anxiety and insomnia.
NO HEAT like flat irons, hot curlers is what makes you hair become more brittle and start breaking, washing with natural products and conditioners with old fashion hard rollers with clips seems to work well with me and a leave in breakage conditioner, not pulling hair back in a pony tail will help spare the breakage unless you have naturally oiled hair which is different management which includes the heat aspect. It took 5 years for a diagnosis.


Subject: Actually Armour Thyroid

Actually Armour Thyroid medication is made from dessicated PIG thyroid glands, not cow. It is extremely effective for many that don't get relief from Synthroid. Just very difficult to find an Endocrinologist that will prescribe this...


Subject: Armour Thyroid

If you want Armour you will have to go to a doctor who practices integrative medicine....traditional medicine complemented with effective alternative medicine. I kept gaining on Synthroid because I wasn't corrected. Once my new doc put me on Armour, I felt much better, and dropped some weight, I might add. Walgreens is one pharmacy I know has it in stock.


Subject: thyroid issues

First of all,iodine can be harmful to people with thyroid issues,and so can so called medicine made from animal thyroid glands.In this case,a person with auto immune thyroid disease,a.k.a. hashimotos thyroiditis,a pig or cows organ contains protein fragments and other substances one should be wary of ingesting.If you feel better on the animal based treatments it is probably due to a more active t3 componant so then mabe have your real Doctor check your t3,free levels.There is alot going on and with brain fog I assure you it is not an easy maze.In my own estimation,eliminate hormone riddled food and sugars and gluten.Losing abdominal fat by lower glycimic index foods will correct a losing battle of the bulge,which by the way ,that fat,is confusing the endocrine system and wrecking havoc with our bodies.Good luck.There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is the real you!Peace.

Janice Palmer

Subject: Kelp to the rescue??

I have been gaining weight easily for several years now and my TSH was always on the high side of normal. My Doctor wouldn't prescribe anything so I started taking Kelp .150 MCG and Vit A. I have been doing that for the past year. I am still not losing any weight, am still tired at times, and achy all over. My last TSH showed on the LOW side of normal now. So I know I have done something, but the symptoms persist. What do I do now??? Have I screwed myself up????

Janice Palmer

Subject: symptoms

I felt I had hypothyroidism because my TSH was on the high side of normal. I gained weight so easily, was depressed at times, tired, etc....My blood tests were never conclusive. I started taking Kelp and Vit A My recent TSH was on the low side of normal, but I still gain weight at the drop of a hat and am even more tired, have indigestion and ache all over. Have I done something bad by doing this?? I have been doing this for the past year.

elvira walker

Subject: Thyroid Madness

In 2010, I had a total thyroidectomy. I know what it is to live without a thyroid. I know the ups and downs of trying to find a good doctor who is well knowledged in this area. It is almost impossible. The least informed of all the doctors is the very one what you would think had it down pat. An Endocrinologist is the least informed or concerned, when comes to the thyroid. They rely on the old method TSH for testing. They dole out inappropriate medicine to treat hypothyroidism, while telling patients that it's all in their head. They do not listen to their patients, because their mentality is how does a patient know more than them. They refuse to deviate from the same medicines that do not work on most thyroid patients. Thyroid patients are left on their own to discover what is right for themselves, but, not before suffering years of pain and anguish, and going broke paying for ill advice.


Subject: Hyper-thyroid

My thyroid swell sometime and then go down. I lost about 35lbs within a months time I was eating and still lost weight. My doctor wanted to put me on a hormone pill which is a steroid I refused to take it. A year since my diagnose my weight is still down but it stays leveled I began to exercise and eat healthy to maintain the weight. Not sure what my thyroid numbers are have not had my annual check up yet.


Subject: Thyroid Cancer

I had my thyroid removed 2 years ago because of thyroid cancer. My bloodwork was completely normal and I felt fine; the only sign was a lump in my thyroid. Getting my dose of thyroid hormone medicine right has been worse than the surgery and radiation. I know first hand that too much or too little can cause horrible side effects from constipation and mental fogginess to panic attacks. I have a good doctor who listens to me though: if I'm not feeling right she changes my dose and follows up to see how it goes. A doctor who listens to you in addition to your lab results is the most important thing!!

Rene'e Johnson

Subject: Hypothyroidism and nodules

Wish to say you are so right about a Doctor who listens. If your Doc isn't ok with you asking questions or sharing info that you researched, Find a new Doctor, and I did get rid of the first one. I am paying for a service and if they won't hear your questions they can't help you. Had a traumatic fall 4.5 years ago and nodules were noted in my neck on a CT scan. Told about 50% of people have these, so don't get over worried, just have an Ultrasound. What they look for are called Hot nodules, these may need to be checked and can be pre-cancerous. Finally got tested before my insurance ran out after loosing my job. I took 75mg, then 50mg. and back to 75mg. Levothyroxine(generic). It has made me know I am not crazy. But The edema is so bad in legs and feet. So there is also water pills, Cholesterol med and potassium (OTC was not enough.) My brain fog is bad as I'm under care for chronic pain from my accident,. So not sure if it's one or the other. Hardly any eyebrows left, but hair is ok. I always use a cool rinse, and never use a hair drier. Also I do not even comb it until it's dry. I'm 55 and have waist length hair, so it's something I'm doing right for my self. Did loose some as I got used to all the meds. Remember no one will care about your health as you do. So take care, and get a test . Don't worry until you have reason.


Subject: thyroid supplementation

yes but also look into iodine deficiency no one is talking about this.also do not use Synthroid ask for Armour thyroid at least it is made from an natural source! dessicated cow liver..much better! also thryoid supplementation over time can cause bones to become thin and fragile even more so so one would have to supplement with Biosil Bone Collagenizer and Utlimate Bone Support and sublingual Vit D-3..I do not work for any of these companies but these really really work the discussion must include these points please


Subject: thyroid

I was undiagnosed for years even though I had all the symptoms. My GP found it in a routine blood test and sent me to an Endo. That was 4 yrs ago.
I too demanded Armour after 2 years of trying, and failing, to get Synthroid AND cytomel to get my T3 & T4 readings in the "normal" range.
I take the D3 and a bone support because of osteopenia.
Now my TSH is too low and the Dr wants to cut the Armour. I feel pretty good but do have some palpitations occaisionaly.
Weight is an issue too (30 lbs too much).
Don't know what to do. Any ideas, suggestions?

Jean Harty

Subject: Armour thyroid supplement

Good luck on finding this "drug". I was on it for 50+ years until it was I possible to obtain even on back order. All those years I tested normal. But, I was slowly slipping into hypothyroidism until I was really bad. Went to an endocrine specialist and it took 2 years to finally get me back on track and have been fine ever since on Synthroid. My thyroid gland was removed in the late 1940's due to Graves' disease. It pays to get to a specialist as GP's are not up on thyroid problems if the tests are normal and they will look no farther. It takes more than the usual testing to get it right.


Subject: thyroid supplementation

Armour doe not come from dessicated cow liver. It comes from dessicated cow thyroid. Basically, Armour and Nature-Throid are made by freeze-drying the throid of a cow or pig (some natural thyroid medicine comes from pigs). Then, they pulverize the freeze-dried throid and mix it with various binders. Then it is formed into standardized pills. The advantages of natural thyroid replacement is that it includes all the hormones from the thyroid, not just the T3 or the T4. It also has the T2 and T1, and the calcitonin. Research has not shown what T2 and T3 do in the body, but I am pretty sure we need them. Otherwise, why would our body produce them?

I was on Synthroid (artificial T4) and Cytomel (artificial T3) for almost a year before switching to Nature-Throid. Even with taking an equivalent dose, I noticed a change very quickly.

Most doctors only prescribe Synthroid, and then will not increase the level once you are in the range with your TSH reading. The outer limits of the range are still very uncomfortable, and not optimal. Synthroid is only T4 replacement. If your body is inefficient at converting T4 to T3, you still will have all the symptoms of hypothroid, even though your TSH can be normal. T4 is the storage hormone, it doesn't work by itself. When the body takes one of the iodines off the T4, it turns into T3. T3 goes to work in every cell of your body. T3 is what makes your metabolism. Without it, you get all the symptoms of slow metabolism. It is like someone turned off your furnace, and you are running on fumes.

Everything works slower in your body when your thyroid is functioning slowly.


Subject: Synthroid and Armour Thyroid

I agree natural is better, but there is another difference between synthroid and armour thyroid. Synthroid supplements the T4 hormone while Armour Thyroid supplements T3. Unfortunately what's also lost in the discussion is that most docs only test/treat based on the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) level, not the actual levels of the thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) in your blood. In my case, I could take synthroid all day long, but I can't convert it, so my TSH is low - because I'm supplementing my body with a hormone so it doesn't think it needs to make more - but my body can't convert the synthroid into usable T4, so my T4 levels stay low and I still have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

I do know that iodine (as another commenter wrote) along with zinc and selenium help the body convert the T4. Beyond that, I'm still in the struggle.

Diane Lam

Subject: thyroid cancer

My husband was a teacher who would get hoarse while teaching. He had weigh gain, and a sore throat. Nothing serious we thought. He was even tested for thyroid and nothing showed up until visiting an ENT...at that time it was too late. The cancer had already eaten into his voice box. He lived for one year and fifteen days. It was a slow death, painful, and an experience I will never forget. If you think you have problems with you thyroid, don't walk, run until you find the help you need. Don't let those standard blood tests make you feel it's in your head. Do something!

Arlene M. Baladi

Subject: Hypothroidism

When I was 16 years old I was put on synthroid and lost 35 pounds. I was never put back on it, despite my pediatrician's findings. When I was 49 years old and going to get married I had a blood test, and spoke with an endocinologist who examined me. She asked me if I knew that I ..."could not get pregnant." I asked her what she meant and she said..."your thyroid is the size of a small, shriveled up pea." I was never put back on medication and wonder why the standard blood tests don't show that I have a thyroid deficiency.

Hilda Fowler

Subject: parathyroid

Evidently my parathyroid is releasing calcium into my bloodstream instead of into my bones. Can this be caused by medications used for asthma - i.e.cortico-steroids such as a combivent inhaler or by cough-varient asthma? I was also exposed twice to pepper spray, which caused the asthma syndrome. Could this cause the parathyroid to act in this disfunctional manner?


Subject: Parathyroidism

Parathyroidism, high calcium in the bloodstream, has nothing to do with your thyroid. They are 2 separate organs. The parathyroid is the organ that controls the hormones that control how much calcium there is in the bloodstream. I am an RN and have had surgery to remove one of the 4 parathyroid glands in 2006 and 2012. 99% of the time there is a non-cancerous tumor on one of the glands. This just happens sometimes. I have known dozens of people who use inhalers and do not have parathyroid problems. Tests did not show the tumors in both my cases. Surgery goes well and usually requires a 1 night stay in the hospital. Your medical doctor will do all the tests and send you you to a general surgeon for an evaluation. High calcium can cause bone loss and heart problems and other problems. Get treated soon.

Barbara Kerns

Subject: blood testing

Can blood test catch your imbalance of hormones each time. Sometimes it is off and sometimes it is in range. Not on medication now. What should I be looking for in levels. I have all the symptoms above and have had a goiter. Meds made the goiter smaller,but doctor stated levels ok.

Betty Lee McLendon

Subject: thyroid and other stuff

When diagnosed with thyroid I also had (and still have) high cholesterol and triglyceride.
When I noticed that I no longer had the lump in the base of my neck I asked my doctor about it. I got a needle biopsy as my goiter/thyroid had gone down into my chest. It was benign thank goodness. It is checked almost annually to see if it has grown or moved and it hasn't so far. Initially I gained weight, fatigued (still overweight), joint pain ( I now have arthritis), constipation (had colonscopy and removal of 11 polyps), but not a problem with cold but the opposite, don't do well when it is too hot) This list of things happened over time. Found out also that the doctor had been over medicating me with the thyroid meds. Other doctors lowered the dosage several times to the point that I now no longer take any medicine for my thyroid. I now have type II diabetes and am gluten sensitive. Does all this come from the throid problem?
I am currently on diabetic meds and blood pressure meds.

Joanie Flagg

Subject: Sweats severe

IM on Synthroid, it has been upped 3 times.I sweat so badly that it drips off of me.Everyone will be comfortable but me.Iam so miserable.I have an appointment with an Endo Dr (1st visit) the 30th.My question could this be my thyroid?

Dianne Duncan

Subject: thyroid

Hello there. I am having a biopsy on three nodules on thursday of this week, can you tell me anything about this procedure, I have to say I am a little scared...



Subject: Not many good thyroid doctors out there

The problem is with having thyroid disease or a thyroid condition is finding a good thyroid doctor as they are few and far between. Finding a good thyroid doctor is like finding a needle in a haystack, sic., as most of the thyroid quacks out there are not qualified to be called thyroid doctors, more like certified quacks. Good luck with finding a thyroid doctor that really understands the thyroid and takes the patient complaints into consideration which means research on the doctors part, most of which are too lazy to make the effort to do. With all the hundreds and hundreds of complaints on the web from patients at a loss of what to do in finding relief for many of the symptoms they're experiencing, would safely say this is one of the most difficult part of the disease is finding someone competent to treat your symptoms.

Marlene Poth

Subject: Not many good thyroid doctors out there

I have a wonderful Endocrinologist who is located in the Livingston NJ area. She does her 'research', listens carefully to all I have to say, and tells me to make sure I take the Synthroid either an hour before I eat, or 2 hours after I eat. She leaves no stone unturned. Such a gem of a doctor.



Subject: hypothroid issues

please let people know this is not an "easy" fix much of the time. For a few it's classic, low thyroid symptoms, right thyroid medication, symptoms gone...but mostly it's far more subtle than that and takes some real investigative work on the part of the person struggling with these symptoms, made more difficult if they're experiencing brain fog....


Subject: No. No lumps like that. Just

No. No lumps like that. Just sometimes goiters from the thyroid itself. Mine was large on one side & small on the other. I had Graves Disease. The iodine pill didn't kill the thyroid & after doctoring for 9 months, my hair was starting to fall out so I had them take it out. They'd recommended it before. I've had both hyper & now hypo. Since then I've had esophageal cancer & have had it & my larynx removed. No chemo or radiation, thank God. Not related to the Graves, but now since they caused my parathyroids, what was left of them to freeze, I have hypoparathyroidism. I'm living a new normal, but doing as well as can be expected & it's been almost 14 yrs. My recommendation...go see a internal medicine doctor. Best in health to you.


Subject: My thyroid condition(s)

My thyroid condition(s) happened after I had my daughter. At first it was Hyperthyroidism and I lost 45 lbs in 6 weeks, then it turned to hypothyroidism and I gained 35 lbs in 6 months. I couldn't remember anything, I would stand up to do something and then forget what I was doing, I HAD to take a nap during the day, and I was always cold. They tried to put me on a VERY low dose of medicine and it caused my thyroid to swell (orange size) so I stopped taking it. A few years later I went to my endocrinologist and my levels were normal, but my thyroids were enlarged, one was 1.5 cm and the other was 4 cm. They recommended I had them removed, both actually, but they said if I just have the bigger one out, that the other one might compensate for the missing one and I might not have to be on medication the rest of my life, so I only had the 4 cm beast removed. While the first 2 days were quite painful after the surgery, it was worth it, I feel so much better now and am not stuck taking a pill everyday.

PS I was only 26 when I had my surgery and was 23 when it all started, I recommend having your thyroid tested in your 20s or after you have a child especially if you have a family history of it.


Subject: RE: Hypothyroidism

When I reached 50, I thought I was just depressed, which I have dealt with my whole adult life: I went to work and came home and sat down, pretty much staying wherever I was until I eventually went to bed, and cried easily --everything was too much to deal with, and my skin was looking snake-ish.
I have never had a large income, and lots of medications are not covered under health plans, and some specialists aren't coverd for much, but I finally went to my psychiatrist, got a prescription for a tri-cyclic anti depressant. I didn't cry so easily, and the rest didn't change.
When I went for my yearly physical, I got a letter several days later: "Please come in, we want to check your thyroid again." In a week, I started on 0.025 micrograms of levo-thyroxine. After about another week, I looked outside into the day, and realized the sun was shining!
I felt like it was shining in my head; there were bleeding hearts blooming; a breeze was making the leaves move, dappling the grass with shady patches, there were people in bright colored clothes, traffic was going by on the street!!! I looked at my forearms, they didn't look so much like snake skin anymore, my skin felt softer. The next day when I washed, and rinsed, conditioned, and rinsed my hair, a way lot more came out on my hands than usual, I got a towel and went to call my doctor! I told him of the sunrise in my head, then asked about my hair: what is going on, Please!!
It was old hair, and the thyroid was working; my old tired hair was shedding and the new was coming in, just like it should happen, WOW!! I still take meds for depression. It's and SSRI, which helps to keep enough seritonin free in the brain so the you feel decent.
But if I had to choose one over the other, Seritonin or Levo-thyroxine, I would keep the Levo-thyroxine. The thyroid gland produces hormones that affect every thing that happens in our bodies.


Subject: Hypo

I'm going to piggy back and say my story also sounds so much like yours! It amazing that a disease so common is so often missed my doctors. I complained for 3 years that I didn't feel myself, gaining weight, fatigued, couldn't sleep, paranoid and my initial doctor told me I just needed to lose weight (needless to say I fired her), the second doctor put me through a battery of test to rule out all of the "worst case" illnesses but still no dianosis. I finally got a doctor that gave me the correct test and my TSH level was 63!!!! The hospital said they had never seen anyone with levels that high. I quickly order a book call "Thyroid for Dummies" and I was amazed at how much our thyroids actually do for our boides! I started on the same low dosage of Synthroid and now, 6 years later I'm up to 0.088 mg daily and I can't tell you how mush better I feel. I literally thought I was going crazy during that three years. I strongly encourage anyone who has these symptoms to keep pressuring your doctors and don't hesitate to get a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even 5th opinion.


Subject: Hypothyroidism

Wow! Your story sounds just like mine! I was on Cymbalta for four years, for mild depression, when a nurse who taught the Certified Medical Assistant class I was taking said, "I'd bet you are not depressed, I'd bet it's your thyroid. Have you ever been tested?" Sure enough my Thyroid Panel came back low, they put me on 25mcg of levo-thyroxine. Now, four years later, they upped my dosage to 50 mcgs. I'm off the anti-depressants because they are hard on my liver!
I lost 40 lbs, still have some to lose, but I'm feeling so much better!

Cathy Samson

Subject: Hypothyroidism

I have hypothroidism, and I have blood tests every year to evaluate this. I still have the symptoms of fatigue,Weight gain, sensitivity to cold, joint pain and constipation. My doctor tells me my blood work is normal. What can I do?


Subject: Hypothyroidism

Do you get copies of your lab reports? Get them and keep them. They will tell you whether the lab results are normal or abnormal. Many doctors look at the labs, but have their opinion of what is normal. Bad deal.
Also, everyone is different, so your numbers (where you feel good) may not be the same as other people. If you don't have one, find yourself a good Dr. of Internal Medicine. BTW, Levoxyl has been pulled off the market do to inconsistent dosage level. It will not be available again until Mid-2014 due to re-formulation. This is very popular drug and many people are really upset. I have been re-tested and my numbers are conflicting as I have been switched to Synthroid.

marie shear

Subject: nodules

I have large thyroid nodules but blood work seems ok and biopsy showed no cancer, but I have had all the signs that I do have problems. Is there something that we aren't getting? I have to have a check every 6 months. I just wonder why I have these large nodules on my thyroid and yet not reason why. Any ideas on what might be going on with me?

Rhonda Bradley

Subject: thyroid

I have the same problem--I have every symptom of thyroid problem --but blood test are saying my levels are not bad-???--I also have 2 large nodules on both sides of thyroid--
Sometimes I have pain in that area that's excruciating--but it only lasts a few minutes.--Doctor said thyroid problem doesnt hurt--I beg to differ! -I had a needle biopsy done (not to fun) they numb your neck with ice--and thats all.--also no cancer.
The Endocrinologist thinks I have hashimoto's disease --Did your doctor ever tell you that you might have that?


Subject: I have a nodule as well!

I have a nodule as well! biopsied and didnt rule our benign or cancerous.. I've read several places that iodine deficiency is the number 1 cause of benign thyroid nodules, maybe look into that? I've been taking a kelp source iodine and also kelp flakes (make sure it's not from the pacific thanks to fukushima) I would also recommend getting your overall health checked (on the cellular level) through blood tests for any deficiencies possible and also for food sensitivities and digestion to make sure you are absorbing things properly :)
there is a ton of info online if you research thyroid nodules and also holistic/natural ways of healing them. when I was searching for a naturopath in my town that could help me reverse my tumor (I'm treating it as if I have cancer) I came across one that had actually managed to shrink (until undetectable on an ultrasound) the benign nodule of her secretary through diet and lifestyle changes.


Subject: Thyroid nodule

I just had a large thyroid nodule removed in January after about 5 years of checkups evey 6 months as you described. I also had normal thyroid function and no cancer. Not sure why it happens - tends to run in families - my aunt and grandmother had the same thing. Just keep checking on it. My doctor advised It be removed it as it was getting very large (if it gets too large the surgery to remove becomes very complicated). The surgery wasn't bad and I had very little pain. The entire left side of my thyroid was removed and now I need to take a small dose of synthroid. Good luck and don't stress.

Virginia Prewett

Subject: Thyroid disorders

Going to a primary doctor is often ok to diagnose thyroid disorders but some people in my own family had to go to an endocrinologist to get the correct tests to get the correct diagnosis and medication. I believe I need to see my endocrinologist soon too. I have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism, which I previously was treated for but normal testing says normal results.


Subject: nodules on my thyroids

I have nodules on my thyroid and even a biopsy shows that every thing is ok,but I have a very foggy head some times ,not sleeping properly.I dont get sick often but when I do as now Ifeel very weak.
What do I do .I was on that synthroid but it hurt my stomach, make me feel as if some body was scraping my stomach ,and I had a lot of cramps ,as if no amt of food could satisfy me,there was aways a hollow feeling.


Subject: in re: nodules

in concern about the nodules....your body is not processing your triglycerides properly. either its your liver or metabolic system. you are having fat deposits in the parts of the body where it randomly deposits fat.


Subject: Have them test your thyroid

Have them test your thyroid peroxidase antibody. Could be a condition known as hashimotos. I have the same with b
Nodules. All TSH test were always normal on me also

adele shuldman

Subject: poor thyroid readings

It's been TWO years since it was discovered, thru a comprehensive blood test, that I have a thyroid condition. My reading came back IN THE RED!!! (-.05) that IS minus!!!!
Months of visits, pills, tests and no progress in tresting this condition. Three doctors, with gobble-de-gook/!!!!
Does anyone know a SMART doctor, who has not graduated LAST in his class, who can treat me??? .. in the shore area of New Jersey (in the vicinity of 08759, 732 area code)
Bless you if you help me.


Subject: Thyroid reading

What reading is it that came back in the red? There are about 4 to 6 labs you should have drawn to get an accurate picture of your thyroid health. I am a thyroid cancer survivor. It hit me twice with lymph node involvement the second time. I urge you to please find out what is going on with your thyroid.


kathy MacLean

Subject: thyroid

I have been dealing with mine since I turned 18 and I am now 50 this august .I have had many ups and downs since being diagnosed as a teen . I had a thyroid 3 x higher than the " average" . I have since had radiation at the age of 19 and after 2 children and a life time I have been called in for apologies and my pills have always been at a very high dose ...many docs think you need to be " average " and I have been called in and had my dose lowered many times just to be put back to a liveable level . I just am recovering from having it cut in half while in a rehabilitation hospital in Vancouver for arthritis . I gained 30 lbs and felt awful. If you need anymore advice feel free to message me . I have been thru it all. I am now 20 lbs lighter feel healthier and am fighting back now .. take care

Mary McDonald

Subject: Poor Thyroid Readings

I was diagnosed correctly with hyperthyroidism (Graves Disease) about 6 years ago. Got automatically scheduled for "treatment" -- when I arrived, I found out I was to drink some radioactive goop that will kill my thyroid -- you see, they no longer cut it out, just nuke it.

I declined.

Instead, I went on a macrobiotic diet for 2 weeks and thyroid went back to "almost" normal. Still have Graves but entirely symptom free. I am very glad I kept my thyroid.

After about 3 weeks I went back to being an omnivore. This lasted until recently.

Several months ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Retested and same result.

I decided to again treat it with food. I went vegan and it was actually pretty easy transitioning over. My skin glowed and I am losing my muffin top (I am 5'2 108 pounds). I have not re-tested since, so i don't know what my blood levels area. But I feel pretty fine!

Blood work is not always accurate and these tests are costly (I opted to be self-insured, so I pay out-of-pocket). I did find a good endocrinologist (I am assuming that you are being treated by one), who was happy to find a patient who did not always agree with "standard protocol" and would take sensible precautions with regard to diet and lifestyle -- that is, lose weight, exercise, don't smoke (very bad for thyroid and I love to smoke but stopped), don't do drugs (no prescription drugs, no Tylenol, no aspirin - none), don't drink. He asks only that I come back to see him regularly to monitor my levels and so far, I am still symptom-free. My thyroid may not within normal values, but there does not appear to be any life-threatening or debilitating effects. I will see him end of summer to retest.

The bottom line is this: the human body has had thousands of years of evolution to present the best genetic blueprint to date. So I believe the body knows how to heal. But if I eat processed foods and maltreat the body, what chance does it have to heal?

I am 58 years old and healthy -- thanks to no drugs. People my age are generally on drugs and in pain. As a couch potato-chip eater on-line shopaholic, I am no model for virtuous living. But I do practice virtue and I recommend it. Get data. Read up on the thyroid. Doctors can't know your body better than you, so jump in the driver's seat.

I hope you find someone who with work with you to resolve your health issue. Good luck!



Subject: I have had a thyroid

I have had a thyroid condition for YEARS!!! Got diagnosed in 1998. Mine has been up and down.....I know you live in New Jersey, but there is an Endocrinologist doctor here in MA. Jeffrey Garber, he is the BEST!!!!! He specializes in this disease. He is out of Beth Israel Hospital in Boston. I am sure you will fine his name on the internet regarding his research. Hope this helps. GOOD LUCK!




Tibbi Gunn

Subject: Reply to Poor thyroid readings

I don't know a smart doctor for this matter. Thyroid cancer has occurred in both sides of my parents families. 3 or my sisters have thyroid conditions, 1 has had thyroid cancer. My mother died of the 3rd re-occurrence of thyroid cancer that had become a mutant aggressive thyroid cancer in 1996. I had thyroid issues when I was younger. When I started seeking other health practioners in alternate field the thyroid problems disappeared. When my mom died of thyroid cancer her surgeon said I had the signs of it too. Here is what I have been told, suspect, etc: Check your family for food allergies and digestive disorders. Work on those; take supplements and eat a healthier diet. Keep retesting.


Subject: Thyroid

Try taking three 00 sized capsules of Bladderwrack Kelp in the morning before meal. This will help supply you with the iodine that is lacking in our system. Mt. Rose herbs in Oregon is where I buy. They are an extremely reputable company with fantastic avail abilities . You can fill your own capsules with a small device they also sell for around $12.00. The capsules can be purchased as well. I have been taking this for almost a year, what a difference in my life. I was always borderline low in my thyroid tests. I now have energy,a clear mind, my weight has stabilized and my body functions well. What a change!!!! Wishing you results and good health.

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I second the original question (still unanswered). Speaking as someone who logged in today to try to find an attorney, I see this category as one that's exactly what I have my Angie's List membership for:

1. It's important that I find a good one
2. I'm not an expert enough to know myself who is a good one
3. The industry is full of advertisements and misinformation
4. I wish I knew what experiences other people have had

I don't care about lawns--I planted mine in clover and don't have to mow it. When I do need to mow I use a rotary Fiskars mower, which is great--or a scythe. That's right--a scythe (the European type, which is smaller, and it's very good exercise). Gas-powered mowers, chemical fertilizers and weed killers--all nasty stuff that gets into everyone's air, soil, and water. I'm sure my neighbor doesn't like my wildflowers, semi-wild pockets of fruit bushes, and unmown areas and yes, dandelions (I have 10 acres) but that's too bad. It's better habitat for wildlife, especially the pollinators on which our food supply depends. I think this obsession with the Great American Lawn is a waste of time and resources. Plant some food instead.

I'm not sure Angie et. al. want you to have a complete answer to this question. By re-subscribing at the Indiana State Fair in 2012, I think I paid $20.00 per year for a multi- year subscription. Maybe even less. At the other extreme--and I hope my memory isn't faulty about this--I think the price, for my area, for ONE year was an outrageous $70.00. And they debited me automatically without warning. I had to opt out of that automatic charge. I like Angie's List, but if some of the companies they monitor behaved the way they do in this respect, they'd be on some sort of Pages of Unhappiness. I'll be interested to see if this comment gets published or censored out of existence.

That's very difficult to answer without seeing the house. As one poster said, the prep is the most important part. On newer homes that don't have a lot of peeling paint, the prep can be very minimal even as low as a couple or a few hundred dollars for the prep labor.

On a 100 year old home with 12 coats of peeling paint on it, then the prep costs can be very high and can easily exceed 50% of the job's labor cost.

A 2100 sq ft two story home could easily cost $1000 just for the labor to prep for the paint job. That number could climb too. Throw in lots of caullking  or window glazing, and you could be talking a couple or a few hundred dollars more for labor.

Painting that home with one coat of paint and a different color on the trim could run roughly $1000 or more just for labor. Add a second coat  and that could cost close to another $1000 for labor.

For paint, you may need 20 gallons of paint. You can pay from $30-$70 for a gallon of good quality exterior paint. The manufacturer of the paint should be specified in any painting contract. Otherwise, the contractor could bid at a Sherwin-Williams $60 per gallon paint and then paint the house with $35 Valspar and pocket the difference. $25 dollars per gallon times 20 gallons? That's a pretty penny too.

That was the long answer to your question. The short answer is $2000 to $4000 and up, depending upon the amount of prep, the number of coats, the amount of trim, and the paint used.