7 Ways Honey Makes You Feel Better — or Worse

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Jackie OGuin

Subject: raw honey

i buy from local beekeepers but I get the strained honey not raw. Do I really need to eat the wax and parts of bees in raw honey? If I do I will, yuck
Love my honey, has helped with cough and acid reflux

Rosemary Baues

Subject: Honey

Yes, honey is okay for diabetics. You just have to calculate the carbs. in a teaspoon of honey and add or subtract from your daily allowed card.
My husband and I are beekeepers and we only sell raw honey. We also sell beepollen which I find is better for allergies. It took me one year of useing the beepollen daily to completely get off my allergy medication. That was over 8 years ago. I find a good quality raw honey works as well as Manuka honey without the high price. Just remember the honey must be raw and local (in you area) is the best. It doesn't have to creamed raw honey (Ihis is a solid form). I use the raw honey and beepollen daily. I also use propolis from the hive as an anti-viral. It helps with cold sores.

h swan

Subject: diabetics and honey

All honey will raise your blood sugar.
Follow your guidelines for sugar and any other honey you would normally use. If you can't have those, you can't have tupelo honey either.

Art Scott

Subject: Honey

Manuka honey is not alone in it's healing properties. All honeys share this propensity.

Stan Diamond

Subject: Honey

It is true that all raw honeys share the healing properties, but Manuka Honey from New Zealand is the Gold standard for anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-cancer and many other areas of healing. In part at least because the bees that make this honey take nectar only from the Tea Tree.
Unfortunately it is also at a gold like price.

Michael Schroeder
Michael Schroeder

Subject: raw, local honey

Thanks Kathryn for your comment on this. While certainly honeys like Manuka which comes from New Zealand and Australia have been shown beneficial, there's much support for consuming local, raw honey, too,  — to get, as you mention, an unadulterated product. While the National Institute of Health cautions against it, including to prevent food poisoning, other experts recommend this to get maximum benefit from consuming honey. This is definitely a topic worth following up on!

Michael Schroeder

Kathryn L Ryan-Dale

Subject: Must be RAW local honey

You should definitely add that the only kind of honey that has all of these properties is RAW local honey. Most commercial honey on the supermarket shelves (including many well-known brands) actually originate in China, where it is highly adulterated and "faked" on a huge scale. Reputable sources will verify these facts.

Sileste Roy

Subject: Local Honey

Good point to bring up. Also, in order for honey to be used to help fight allergies, it has to be local honey. That is the only way you can fight allergies for things in your living area.

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