7 travel tips for a perfect honeymoon

7 travel tips for a perfect honeymoon

Your honeymoon is the time to unwind, relax as a married couple. Ease the way with these tips!

1. Write independent honeymoon wish lists
Each of you needs to take the time to jot down your hopes and desires of what is important in our own mind. Will the desired vacation be relaxing verses active? How important are off property excursions from your resort or cruise ship? Are you both looking for the same experiences?

2. Know your budget- it’s a key element
Your budget should be realistic, but remember you’ll probably get some extra cash as wedding gifts so splurge! Romance can be expensive dependent upon how many stars awarded to the hotel, resort or cruise ship you have chosen. The more stars the higher the needed budget.

3. Create a honeymoon travel registry
Some travel extras are upgraded costs that can seriously add to the expense of your honeymoon. But that’s no problem if you created a gift registry for your honeymoon wants for your upcoming wedding shower. Send a note in the “Save the Date” cards telling everyone that you have a honeymoon registry wish list.

Gifts for travel extras can include things like scuba lessons with a certified instructor or day-trip excursions at your planned honeymoon destination. You’ll need to put down the deposit on your chosen trip to guarantee specific dates, but then let your shower gifts pay the balance and supply your travel extras!

4. Book your travel with a honeymoon destination specialist
All travel agents are not equal. A travel specialist will ask the questions that you don’t even know need to be asked. Will you need a visa to visit a specific country in addition to your passport? Will you need shots? Will you need papers sent in advance if you plan to get married in that country to make it legal?

A honeymoon specialist will recommend taking out travel insurance to be prepared for the unexpected. Don’t risk thousands of honeymoon dollars. Your friends may have told you not to waste the insurance money, but spend a little, save a lot.

5. Use a travel agency that does not charge for services

Most reputable agencies do not charge for helping you book your honeymoon or a destination wedding. Travel agencies are typically paid by the travel supplier when you book an all-inclusive package. An exception would be buying only plane tickets that are not part of a package.

6. Look out for hidden fees especially online

Some really cheap internet cruise prices may be misleading because they do not include all of the necessary costs to get you signed up to sail. Beware if an offered price sounds too good, or too cheap, to be true. A ridiculously cheap price usually does not include all the necessary costs to allow you to board the ship. Often, only the actual price of the cruise alone is shown, without adding the required costs of the taxes, round-trip transfers to and from the airport to the sailing port, and gratuities.

7. Be aware that “all” does not always mean all
If you are booking a honeymoon on a cruise ship or inclusive resort, make sure you question exactly what “all” means before you book. Although touted as the all vacation experience, most cruise ships prices do not include all drinks, so soda, wines or liquors are billed at extra cost. Shore excursions are also not included in one price.

Don’t forget to double check about specific transfers, taxes and gratuities, and ALL restaurants. Some ships and resorts have an upcharge for entertainment offerings, specialty restaurants and menu items like lobster.



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