7 Signs It’s Time to Break up with Your Doctor

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Subject: Doctors

Our whole family has been going to the same doctor for 16 years. Many changes have taken place over the years most of them not good. Our daughter went in very sick and pays her co pay in cash. When she called to get a Rx refilled they told her they would not refil it because she did not pay her $10.00 co pay. She said she did and had a receipt for the visit. They said they had to see it. When she went to get it the girl, a new hire, had printed out the wrong thing. She tried to explain this to the office manager. He got very defensive and said they had no new hires. Two days later she received a registered letter stating that they would no longer see her. She called to get her records and was told they had destroyed her records.

Gayle Sokolsky

Subject: Office Staff

I have been treated by a doctor I love and trust explicitly for 8 years. Since my first visit I have had trouble with the office staff.

For all of my 70 years I have used my middle name. I had to fill out paperwork with my first, middle and last name, as my I insurance company uses my entire name.

The girls, (all of them) refuse to address me using my middle name. They insist they must use my first name. I think by the 8th year of my office visits they could remember to address me by my middle name. Every doctor and dentist I have ever gone to have had no problem with this. Since they all have the same attitude, obviously they have discussed my issue. I think I have been labeled with a negative reputation, although I have always tried to be courteous, patient and cooperative.

Their customer service is terrible, especially on the phone. I have made my living on the phone, for years and I know good service when I hear it. These girls answer the phone with rude, monotone voices that imply they do not want to be there. They interrupt frequently. "Whadda want"? "Hurry up, I'm busy" or "Hello, holdon", clunk. Patients have to wait several minutes on hold before addressing their issue.

I have stayed with my doctor in spite of this irritation all this time, however, I have often been tempted to leave his practice because of his rude, uncaring office staff. I am now looking for another doctor, and will be sure to pay attention to the attitudes of the staff before I commit.


Subject: Office staff

When the office, behind the front counter, is chaotic and unorganized. My primary doc has other issues as well. But his front office is certainly troubling as a first impression.

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I don't know why they wouldn't. If you're looking for a new doctor, you can find tons of information on individual doctors and practice groups on Angie's List.

I'm sorry to hear of your situation. Finding a primary care physician can seem daunting, but with some research and asking the right questions, you should be able to find someone who understands your condition and your needs. Be sure to rely on member reviews and ratings of Cincinnati-area doctors


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