7 Organization Tips to Make Moving Easier

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Subject: Any advice for moving with kids?

We are moving, within the same town, with 6 kids who all have disabilities. The last time we moved I found it worked well to pack the kids' rooms last, then completely unpack them first and COMPLETELY set them up so the kids had a place to be out of the way in the new place.
But this move is already different. To prepare for open houses and showings we did a major purge, the moved about 1/2 the house to storage. We are moving just a couple miles away. Some of our kids require a fair amount of crucial medical equipment and supplies. Do you have any suggestions for this type of move?

George Parker

Subject: Beware of unlabled boxes/bags and keep an eye on your helpers

As the article says, label your boxes. Do it even if you're moving to a 3-room apartment.

A relative moving out of her apartment didn't label anything. She also decided to pack her pillows and some other soft stuff in large trash/leaf bags.

When she got where she was going (a distant city) she discovered the family members who had carried everything downstairs and loaded it, hadn't told each other which bags were good and which were trash, so all those leaf bags or soft stuff had been thrown away.

So, if you put anything of value in a box or bag, label it and put it in a staging area as this article suggests, especially if you have volunteers helping you move.

In fact, if you have friends helping you move, organize them into a organized crew. Don't just let everyone start grabbing things and packing.

George Parker

Subject: Keep an eye on what the movers are packing

Keep an eye on what the movers are packing. Remember that most moving companies get paid by the pound, so their crews have an incentive to pack everything in sight. Case in point: A friend discovered while unpacking at his new house that the movers (a major brand name company) had packed and moved the five large bags of trash sitting on his back porch. 20 or 30 pounds of extra weight at so-much-per-pound on an interstate move adds up.

I'll leave it to your judgment who was at fault here. I'm just saying, whether you pack your own stuff or they pack it for you, be sure you know what's getting loaded.

Sue Anderson

Subject: Keep an eye on what the movers are packing

Another good point, George. We recently helped a client unpack after a sloppy moving job by the movers only to find that his large container with approximately $4000 in coins had disappeared. It's so important to use a service like Angie's List to locate good, reliable people to help you with any project.

Jeanette Hunt

Subject: Set-up 'new' house boxes

I always packed a couple boxes to set-up housekeeping in the new house when I got there rather than going thru all the boxes trying to find single & double sheets, a few towels, etc. I would pack one box to set up the kitchen with paper plates, silverware, plastic glasses, can opener, 1 knife, a pot and small skilet, etc. Write on boxes and then put them in a "locked" closet or your car or trailer so the moving people wouldn't get them!!!

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Don't think of it as necessary because movers are paid low wages.  Tipping is always optional.  Some service industry's normally see tips, such as food service and moving.  Others such as plumbing and painting do not.  Why?  I don't know.

Generally, our movers are tipped and the prospect of a tip I believe keeps them moving with "a sense of urgency".

If you feel that the movers are already getting paid, and they are... you don't have to tip.  Some people that receive a service like to recognize service that is above normal with a tip.

Either way we hope your move went well.

Bryan Bloom
Priority Moving, Inc. - San Diego Movers


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