7 Natural Home Remedies for Cat and Dog Allergies

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Subject: Horrible ideas

Marshmallows are a terrible option for animals, and even humans! They are nothing but a bunch of sugar held together with gelatin. And feeding so called "complete", but really are rancid oils to your pets, that shouldn't even be used for human consumption!!??What kind of ideas are these?


Subject: marshmallows

i agree marshmallows are absolutely horrible. Try pieces of carrots, apple pieces no seeds, for some dogs raw almonds, cooked beef liver preferably organic.


Subject: Kitten Sneezing

The first day our kitten adopted us, he started sneezing (sometimes 10+ in a row.) The frequency (24/7) and intensity level of sneezing was above chronic.

The vet was consulted and he thought (as we did) that the kitten had Feline HIV.

We tried the Lycine and changed cat food. Nothing helped.

A few months later the light-came-on! The kitten stopped had sneezing. What had changed? Remission? No! We had changed cat litter.

After comparing cat allergies and the kitten's recent history, we concluded CLAY DUST was the allergen. Clay is a very common ingredient in clumping litter.

After a couple months of non-clay litter which was either too expensive and/or never neutralized the urine odor. So we resumed using the clay based litter with one change. The litter is now filtered for dust through nylon fabric made of an itty-bitty really small mesh (bright orange safety vest commonly worn by street maintenance personal).

Filtering the smallest dust particles seems to have worked.

The sneezing no longer interrupts the kitten, I mean the teenage kat's 18+ hours of sleep each day. All is well.


Subject: Clay based Litter allergy

Our daughter had to deal with some litter which really made her sneeze. For her own cat she used the pine wood pellets, so no clay or perfumes were involved. The pellets are sold for wood stoves at larger hardware stores. They were a good alternative. After a number of years, she transitioned her cat to use the toilet, with a program she found on line and ordered a book and dvd to instruct her. For almost a year now, we have not needed any litter in our home at all! Must remember to leave to toilet lid up at all times and flush for the cat. She figured she could train him to flush too, however we did not want the increase in water bills from a cat who had fun watching the water swirl, and might over use the flush handle. Just ideas that might make a difference.

Wanita Smith

Subject: My blue nosed pit

Last year MJ was scratching, BADLY, she ended up with lock jaw. I almost lost her, she's scratching again, I cannot go thru her being sick again. Vet keeps "guessing" what's wrong, ridiculous ....would Noxzema really work, you think?


Subject: blue nose pit biting its skin

Your pet has a skin allergy an most foods have in them wheat an meals that cause allergies give wholesome natural foods without additives .

Valeria Rogers

Subject: Pets with allergies

I had a Westie that suffered from 27 things in our lawn. He almost went into shock and died. Smelly, greasy skin that he would rub and chew raw, mostly on his rump. Vet had me giving him allergy shots, two shots per month. Poor dog got worse and worse until I called the lab and flat out asked if between the shots and the allergens outdoors my dog is overwrought. They said yes. I thought, "Now what?" I didn't want to continue the shots. I went to a bookstore (no Internet) back then. It said to give the dog a human antihistimine tab along with a fish oil capsule in his food everyday. I had a script for Claritan myself and gave one a day to my Westie and put fish oil on his food. It worked! The dog was a little itchy still but his fur grew back, he wasn't greasy and smelly where I was bathing him every 3 days to clean him up. He wasn't miserable any more. All was GOOD. A new vet asked what I did? He started prescribing what I told him. It has a 60% chance of working. It's believed human antihistimines don't affect animals immune systems the same but it's worth a try because sometimes it does. My two cats are getting older now and they've come down with horrible derm allergies too. Poor Louie's eyes got infected badly. I didn't know what it was. It's allergies from pollen and our yard. Vets have come far enough to recognize what the culprit is by narrowing the symptoms down. What responds to whatever they given them. He said I could try a Claritan or Loratadine too but it is not working as well with Louie as it did with my Westie. The vet has given him eyedrops Ciprofloxacin to help too. Those work but I can tell they burn at first like a lot of eyedrops. Murfy, my other cat suffers from hairloss and watery eyes from allergies. I'm finding that keeping them in during the early morning helps with their particular allergies. It's when the weatherman says pollen and mold counts are highest. When they go out around noon and come in for good, I wipe both their face and paws with a wet towel. I notice Louie's eyes are fine until he starts scratching them because they itch. It's the scratching action that puts tiny cuts around his eyes that scab and look far worse than what we might think. Also KNOW THIS: a cat's tears turn pink or red in the air. It's not blood or bleeding but cat tears. So make sure to wipe the cat's paws off too. It's also all right to use a very light film of Neosporin (regular not the kind with pain relief!), over the rim of the cat's eyes if they're scratched up. It will prevent infection. Do NOT slap it on. I'm talking very little smeared across your thumbs and then gently run your thumbs across the cat/dog's eyelids. It's a chore but they're suffering the same as everyone else with a stuffy head (depression/sleeps a lot), watery eyes, and just plain yucky feeling. A cool damp towel across their face, head, and ears done GENTLY feels good to them like it would for us. So do likewise and help your buds. Oh, if you do decide to try loratadine (Claritan), the dose is one tab for ANYTHING. There is no weight adjustment, animal adjustment. One dose/24 hrs. for all. Don't substitute ANY other antihistimine either. They are not interchangeable. Of course, consult your vet if you're worried about it. I've done a lot of research, use holistics on pets too, and have consulted with reg. and holistic vets over the years on what I'm doing. Pets, especially felines, have different systems than dogs. Dogs can take a LOT more human remedies than cats. Cats can die easily just from an aspirin. So don't venture away from specifics. Consult a vet.

Edward Clark

Subject: my dashound itches

my dashound itches all the time we took him to the vet twice he gave him shots and pills it worked for a while he we back to itching agine what can I do thank you.


Subject: Get him allergy tested

Both my dachshunds have severe allergies find a vet who can a run a blood panel to test for allergens it's a more inexpensive treatment than going to dermatologist but it's been life changing for my two.


Subject: hot spots

You people" unsure of what to do " need to get a clue and common sense and go to the vet! You are putting your,dogs health in jeopardy! My now 7 year old bull terrier started getting huge bumps all over his body at the age of 1 I had no idea what was happening.After vet visits and animal dermatologists and biopsies ruling out autoimmune because his allergies are so bad a vet thought that was what he had we found out he's allergic to almost everything environmental and food.We took allergy tests to find this out food items are avoided but the environment is unavoidable.We tried the allergy shots antihistamines even prescriptions steroids and Atopica.What works for his is Atopica and not as bad as steroids for long term he neefs life long care and dedication there isno cure he needs medications for life on days off of that he usually gets antigistimines.Sometimes he gets the huge hives that get infected and get staph that's what happens they get staph then he goes to the vet for steroid and antibiotic shots a few times a year.Other things that help is medicated chlorhexadine shampoo my fav is Davis 2% when he has bumps if not oatmeal shampoo.Also epsom salt soaks he chews his feet if they are inflamed I use chlorhexadine solution to soak him in and have diluted solution to apply also.Watch your dogs food feed high quality not store brand crap and crap like beneful and any other garbage that is corn and other junk and no real meat .This is no joke your dogs are suffering and infections do spread internally instead of looking to the internet for quick fixes you need to find out what your dogs are allergic to and plan and treat accordinally Go to the vet!!!!!


Subject: skin allergies in dogs/ hot spots



Subject: Skin problems and allergies

Hi I am sorry to hear of your dogs skin problem, I had the same with my Bedlington terrier and he was put on Atopica when he was young, was on it for about 5 years. He has now been on a new drug called Apoquel which is safer and he is doing fine. It's much better for the dogs health. Ask your Vet it's about same price. Sam is even allergic to storage mites in dry food. Good luck. Jan


Subject: Allergies....

I don't know that the people who are discussing home treatments have NOT already spent hundreds on Vets.... QUITE often vets do NOT have an adequate answer and more often their answer is fiscally over the top for an average pet owner ( as a shelter volunteer I am progressive MORE and MORE concerned at the prices of veterinary care which is causing more and more people to think twice about getting a pet leaving that many more pets to either languish in no kills or get put down in Kill shelters).... After much deliberation I just adopted two ill young kitties that I knew no one else will adopt.... I HAVE to find alternative treatments for them or I will not be able to afford them in my retirement .... They are SO happy being able to have a real life right now that it is imperative that I find alternatives..

Danny Amato

Subject: Pomeranian Allergies

I have a 6 year old male Pomeranian suffering with allergies ( says VET ) won't eat, lethargic, smells, Crusty growth in ears, soar swollen paws, oozing discharge from eyes. Very worried and medications are not relieving his conditions. PLEASE HELP.


Subject: Yeast

You are describing a serious systemic yeast infection. Google it and you will find what you must do: eliminate all yeast-feeding items from his diet, bathe with anti fungal shampoo. I did this with our yorkie and he is so much better! Had to change him to a diet of ground beef and egg with proper supplements. What a difference!

Amanda Russell

Subject: Look for all possible causes.

Look for all possible causes. Could be a food allergy, dust or even a houseplant. Benadryl can help relieve the symptoms but it sounds like your dog may need an antibiotic at this point. Sending good vibes and well wishes <3


Subject: Pom.

My pom had similar problems. The first thing I done was add a high quality probiotic to his food to restore the gut due to the yeast infection. The other thing I did was add some glyconutrient powder to his food on alternate days. The glyconutrients balance the immune system,this is a very effective product for so many disorders. I originally bought them for myself,but once I found out that they are safe for animals. I tried them on my dog and they worked like a charm. He is now a very healthy dog.


Subject: my 8month old catahoula /American bull dog mix puppy spots

My puppy just started getting these like blister spots and i know they hurt her . The spots are only one her back legs and back half of her body... She has no fleas I bath her with either oatmeal bath or dawn once a week... she chews at the spots and won't let me near them . Unsure what to do


Subject: If when you said you bathe

If when you said you bathe with dawn you are talking about Dawn dish soap, stop using that. Dawn is made to cut grease and oil, if you use it on your pet more it will dry out their hair and skin and give her dermatitis.


Subject: cat allergy relief

My cat has been suffering with nonstop itching, biting at his skin and trying to get away from his own self. It's hard to see him like this. He's been to the doc a few times and given a steroid shot. I believe they have hurt him even more. His eyes are all runny and he's not hungry or energetic. Have any advice for natural cures?


Subject: One of our cats started

One of our cats started biting his hair off and had bald spots on his front and back legs, tummy, and thigh areas. We did blood work, skin tests, and tried changing his food over and over again. In the end, it was the food. He stopped biting his hair off when we started feeding him raw food (Primal). His hair grew back completely. When we started introducing a jerky-type treat (made of only chicken, salt, and honey), his starting biting his hair off again. Back to just the raw food now. Hope this helps your kitty!

Jessie Lipoma

Subject: I wish there was a response

I wish there was a response to your question as my cat has been to the vet recently for the same thing and a steroid shot with maybe relief for a couple of days and now back the same...

angel garcia

Subject: my dog is a weinner dog

My dog is 11years old average size. She is sneezing alot with mucus real bad in her sinuses . Sometimes struggles to breathe. Is there a natural home remedy i can give her for this


Subject: your wiener dog

i have a wiener dog also.In the past I have taken a squeezy bottle (resturant red ones) and filled it with warm water not hot,and a little bit of salt , tilt your dog vertically and squeeze warm salt water into nose a few drops at a time.if dog also has hotspots
rub them with listerine and bag balm. the bag balm heals it while the listerine keeps them from licking it off.


Debbie Laframboise

Subject: Dog allergies

Our dogs both experienced terrible itching in the Fall one year; they looked like they had mange. One of them would scratch until he bled. After trying everything and spending literally hundreds of dollars for medication/food from the vet, a friend recommended spraying the dogs with tea. So we boiled some plain regular tea on the stove, let it cool, put it into a spray bottle and sprayed all the itchy/sore/red areas on both dogs. Within less than two days, the itching completely went away and a few days after that, the scabs and redness was gone! It can stain the skin but we had two long haired black dogs and it did not show on them. One area where we had shaved one of them a bit showed a bit of tea staining however that also went away in a few days. It doesn't hurt them, it's cheap, it's natural and it worked for our babies.

Sue crain

Subject: Cat sneezes constantly

We have a female cat which is 16 yrs old, we recently lived in a apartment about 4 yrs ago that had black mold myself and our cat were the only ones it effected, but we can't seem to get anything that truly helps our cat, when se starts sneezing she will do it non-stop till it scares her. Her noise runs and waterey eyes! What can I do to help our baby!


Subject: Sneezy cat relief

My cat also sneezes a lot which makes a mess around the house! I use L-lysine capsules which I had read a lot of good things about. Also, a local cat rescue organization also uses it for their cats. You can buy the capsules on Amazon which are usually 500 milligrams you can give the whole capsule sprinkled on their food or just the half a capsule a day... amazon also has a product called Pet Naturals of Vermont l-lysine fun shaped chews for cats. There are 60 soft chews for $7.69. It definitely has helped him! Good luck! I hope your kitty feels better!


Subject: Relief

Our sweet rescue pup used to look like a mangy mutt. After rounds and rounds of antibiotics, allergy shots & steroids he would clear up a little then get a lot worse.
We switched him to 5 star kibble, he got a little better, then to cooked meat & veggie (people food), to raw frozen dog food. He looks like a show pup! We tweaked what type of meat and veggies find the easiest one for him.

Marshmallows are high in sugar, usually a GMO corn Syrup. this unnatural food will in no way support anyones immune system. *Try: Treats made from only whole food ingredients of meat, fruit & veggies.

Corn, safflower/vegetable, & peanut oil are often GMO, which weaken the immune system.
*Try :Coconut oil which is anticandida and antimicrobial (Great for topical or internal). Salmon oil is the healthiest source of omega 3s & pups love it. Alaso flax seed/oil is a vegetarian source of omega 3s (if using flax seed, grind before serving).

The best topical treatments are a black soap with shea butter, coconut oil, lavender oil/ tea & chamomille oil/tea.

The best food I have found for our pup is Bravo or Blue ridge beef ( both raw organ and bone blends).Best kibble is Orijen.

Avoid Wheat, gluten, corn, soy, rice, potatos & other filler/binders, high sugar/sweet foods, or heating foods like garlic or ginger (while healing they increase inflammation.
*Try: Nutritional yeast(b vitamins), turmeric (anti inflammatory), probiotics, digestive enzymes, Quecerin (a natural antiinflammatory), diatomaceous earth (food grade ( for parasites & shiny coat), clean/filtered water.

Finding a holistic vet and getting a food allergy test can save a lot of time:)


Subject: cat with allergies

I have a 7 month old kitten who sneezes alot, just like my son. Is there a way to treat her allergies without going to a vet?


Subject: dog

My boston terrier eyes get like cold in his eyes and he rubs them what can we do to stop it


Subject: My Boston does the same thing

My Boston does the same thing. It started recently due to a weather change and her eyes get quite goopy and itchy. Originally I took her to the vet and they gave her steroid eye drops to make sure she wasn't getting an eye infection. It cleared it up in a few days but as soon as I stopped with the drops the problem came back even worse. I didn't want to continue with the steroids because long term they can harm your pet, so instead, twice a day (usually after I take her on a morning walk and after her evening walk) I rinse her eyes out with a saline solution (you can get it over the counter or make it at home) and then I wipe her face with a povidone iodine and water mixture to make sure all the cuts, pollens and bacteria are off her face ( I only do this step because she has allergies and not an eye cold) and then I put allergy eye drops in her eyes. I got mine from cvs pretty cheap. They are ketotifen fumarate ophthalmic drops and are safe for long term use in dogs. Since doing these steps twice a day, my dogs eyes have cleared up completely and she doesn't rub at her eyes or face. I hope that helps!


Subject: Try Original Refresh Tears eye drops

It could be allergies I have a couple cats with that the eyes water, I have to wipe them off.
The ONLY eye drops that can be used on dogs and cats are the ORIGINAL REFRESH TEARS It's a small green bottle they do come in a box from Walmart. shake bottle a little before giving them. they have other kinds in that brand so remember only the original Refresh Tears eye drops. Hope that helps.


Subject: My dog

My dog is a Chihuahua. Her name is chinchilla maria. She's 6 1/2 yrs old. She's shedding extremely sneezing with watery eyes more this year than ever before. I'm worried. I give her a bathe wkly with oatmeal shampoo.she has eczema so I put baby oil on her fur n gently rub it into her skin. I like doing things with natural remedies. Hope u can help??

Linda Essex

Subject: Home remedies

Baby oil is petroleum based. Probably not great for the dog. Why not try organic coconut oil. It's cheap. I give a teaspoon of it to my French bulldog every morning and a little less then 1/2 teaspoon of brags apple cider vinegar and one drop of colloidal silver in her breakfast. I feed her very high quality dog food. I use filtered water. I wipe her down every morning with a warm washcloth and to include face, belly and genitals. I also rub witch hazel on her belly if it looks a little rashy. You may want to try the apple cider vinegar rinse before you bathe her. Pour on slightly diluted mix; leave on ten minutes (don't get any on her face), then bathe her as usual with a gentle dog shampoo that has no added ingredients.

Rob Elkins

Subject: Shih Tzu

My Paris Chanelle has Seasonal Alergies! I am wiping her down when she comes in& we don't leave our shoes at the door any more. We are giving her the med's. from the Dr but they really don't seem to be working! Do you have any ideas! We are desperate! PLEASE


Subject: rashes

I have a boxer that is mixed with red nose bull pit, and I also have an red nose pit that have like rashes on their body's and they scratch a lot, I have used oatmeal,epsome salt, and changed foods and still there, its not mange or fleas, i had that checked and they get baths 1 week. do you have an ideas on what i might can use help them?


Subject: website information

hi, as linda has asked ..how much epsom salts to how much water please ? there are so many websites offering advice re allergies & skin problems ive looked at in the last few days; so many comments from both forum members & website owners dont give us specific quantities for ingredients. as has been mentioned here, dogs dont have the same skin as us, so to accept the dosage on any household products eg epsom salts would be for animals risky. please can you tell me how much epsom to water? re the oatmeal skin treatment i doubt anyone could keep a dog from rubbing it off for 10mins :(.. thanks ryan

Anita Laramey

Subject: hot spots

I use to have a Chow Chow and he developed hot spots. After going to see my vet and having him shave my dog and prescribe a salve I took my dog home and applied the salve. My dog was crying and withering in pain; I could not believe what I was seeing. It was like I had applied acid to my dog. I felt so bad and I preceeded to call my vet and blast him for giving me this garbage to put on my dog. I stopped using it and that weekend went to a dog show and started talking with another chow owner about these hot spots. She told me to go and buy a jar of Noxzema and put it in the fridge to keep cold. Apply it to the afflicted area and Voala; it worked, like a charm. I was so happy that I spoked with her. Best advice I ever got!

Kristy Esch
Kristy Esch

Subject: Epsom salts

Hi! This is Kristy from Angie's List. You can give your pet a bath in warm water and Epsom salt or soak a clean cloth or towel in the solution. Then apply that directly to your pet's affected area.

Linda Sullivan

Subject: hot spots

How do you apply Epsom salts , to a folded cloth and applied gently to the affected area.
Do you soak the cloth in Epsom salt then apply

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The first answer is pretty thorough but I would like to add a few points. 

First.. the type of food you are feeding your dog may be the key.  If you are using a food that is grain, rice or corn based in the first three ingredients, please change to a food that is meat or chicken based.  Many dogs are allergic to grain, rice, wheat and corn and these things are used as primary ingredients in many well known, name brand dog foods.  Secondly, all treats that have these ingredients should be cut out.  It takes weeks to months before a food change can show results so you must be patient.  Jumping from one food to another will be counter-productive. 

Some dogs are so allergic to flea or other insect bites that one or two bites can cause a severe reaction.  Once the itching/scratching cycle begins, it is hard to stop it.  Benadryl is good but I suggest liquid form.  You can get it inexpensively at one of the dollar stores.  The pills take time to break down in the digestive system so you get better and faster results with the liquid.One tsp= 5cc and most dogs of average size can tolerate that much and more if the dog is a larger breed.  

Allergy testing is very expensive and most dogs will test positive to some things.  That does not mean that the itching is coming from those things as many things in the environment can trigger positive test results.  Breaking the cycle of itching is primary and that can be done with prednisone ( short term and last resort after benadryl and bathing), allergy shots( same deal, last resort after easier methods).   This spring and summer have been particularly hard, weather-wise.

Good luck!