6 Tips for Moving Out of State

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Mark Hendrickson

Subject: Upright grand

I am a musician, so moving the piano is important to me. I have had good experiences and nightmares. I don't know how far you are going, but I would check with the most reputable piano store in the area, such as Schmitt Music, and see if they can move it for you, separate from all your other stuff. I have had them do this to an adjoining state. It may cost more, but far less than a damaged piano. Many movers say they are experienced, but don't know what they are doing.

Bob Hadden

Subject: Moving and Storage Options

When moving across country, will moving companies usually store all our household items if we don't have a new house to put everything? I am considering to store all our items in a public storage facility. However, I don't know whether to move everything to public storage before I move or after I move. Obviously, it will require two moves (one from old home to public storage, and one from public storage to new home). So, if a moving company will do the storing for me, then I would like to know if they do that?

Jennifer Smith

Subject: Planning Ahead

When you are planning a move between September 15th and May 15th two weeks notice should be sufficient for most movers. But if you are planning to move during the busy summer months, May 15th through September 15th, you should plan AT LEAST one month in advance. Movers book up early during this period and if you wait too long you may not be able to find a mover who can accommodate your moving dates.

Also, it is good to have the mover out BEFORE you start packing. There are two reasons for this; number one - you will get a more accurate estimate of the weight, and number two - your mover can give you tips on how to pack specific items and where to get the best pricing on packing material.

Judith Houlding

Subject: More moving tips!

At least one month before moving, make sure you're only taking what you need! Don't pay to move old clothes you no longer wear, furniture you don't like or can't use in the new home, broken lamps or other things you meant to repair but never got around to, books you haven't reread in a decade, linens for beds you no longer own, "extra" parts to the refrigerator from the house you left 15 years ago, every art project your kids every made (and don't want at their house!) .... This list, I hope, gives you a sense of the sorts of things we acquire and store in our basements and garages, linen closets, kitchen pantries and tool sheds. Now's the time to sort through it all and move only what you know you'll use and have a place for. If you need help, call a professional organizer!! We also can help you organize the move-in so that your stuff is placed in logical order, customized to how you'll use your new space, within 24 hours of your move to the new home.

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Don't think of it as necessary because movers are paid low wages.  Tipping is always optional.  Some service industry's normally see tips, such as food service and moving.  Others such as plumbing and painting do not.  Why?  I don't know.

Generally, our movers are tipped and the prospect of a tip I believe keeps them moving with "a sense of urgency".

If you feel that the movers are already getting paid, and they are... you don't have to tip.  Some people that receive a service like to recognize service that is above normal with a tip.

Either way we hope your move went well.

Bryan Bloom
Priority Moving, Inc. - San Diego Movers


If you desire to attempt to save Dollars, offer the buyer a Discount , a % OFF the settling price  to accomodate New carpet installation . Typically the carpet is replaced  and floors REfinished , to present the house you are selling at the best possible appearance , not showing the wear of your stay there.

  Think about IT , which house would you rather BUY ?


A home with  New Flooring , or one where you see every  scratche and stain left by the former Owners ?


Discount the sell price  ,DO NOT Refinish the Floors at all and Sell  AS IS ,  or  refinish and install NEW CHEAP CARPET !