6 Steps to Prevent Carpet Mold After Water Damage

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Subject: Hose Bib Froze, Flooded Finished Basement

I turned on my hose bib for the first time this spring and didn't realize it had cracked over the winter. I was outside for about 30min before I came into the house an realized what had happened. Water run down the wall in one corner of my finished basement.

I have pulled up the carper all the way where I can see dry concrete.

I know I have to dry out the floor, padding, and carpet. But what do I do about the wall? Do I need to rip out the drywall that got wet? It got wet with clean water (not like a storm). Should I be concerned about mold if I don't replace the drywall?


Subject: Same Situation - House bin froze

Hi Leo,

I wanted to know how you took care of the situation. Mine was exact the same. I rented carpet blower and dehumidifer for a few days and that seemed to have worked thought psychology I feel the basement still feels damp. Did you end up removing drywall? Also, did you do anything with the carpet after it was dry (like steamvac etc.?)

Anna Levis

Subject: Mold removal

You have written amazing points in the post even i try to make it as practice whenever I find that situation but fo we need professionals help for this mold removal ? Because when i was reading a post i saw that they mentioned that mold removal needs professional assistance.

Can't we remove mold by ourself ?

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