6 Mosquito-Repellent Plants to Keep Pests Away

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Subject: Cats

How to get rid of neighborhood cats and kittens


Subject: 1000 leggers - house centpedes

Don't like um. Can't stand um. Dynamite and a flame thrower is not out of the question, as long as I don't have to get too close. But any ideas for something a bit less destructive?? I've got the "heebie jeebies" just writing about these things. Don't laugh, actually there's one on the wall behind you right now :)


Subject: Rabbits

I need something easy to dissuade rabbits from digging holes in my back yard and leaving rabbit poop everywhere. Whatever remedy I use must not effect my dog who' s now too old to chase them. Bloodmeal? The dog will probably be attracted to it. Also don''t like the idea of other animal urine or cayenne pepper. Anyone had luck with a stupid owl statue or some other easy remedy? Thx.

Joanna Morse

Subject: Keeping Bunnies out of the yard

I haven't needed to try this, but Daddy used cut, human hair. He stopped by his barber's often for a continual supply that he sprinkled around the perimeter of his garden. Even though I knew it was there, I never noticed it, so it's not unsightly.


Subject: Blasted Bunnies!

Rabbits have eaten my sedum from the bottom up for the past two years. The beautiful hearty plants ended up looking like heads of broccoli. This year I surrounded them with...dadadadahhh...marigolds. Is that it? I'm not sure bc I also stuck two really cool looking decorative dragonflies into the ground making it look like they were hovering/guarding over the plants. I refuse to move either. I believe they may make a good team!

Donna Bauer

Subject: Repel rabbits

Marigolds repel rabbits. When I had a large garden out in the country in Minnesota, the first year it was practically wiped out by rabbits. I found planting marigolds around the edges of the garden kept them out. I think that would keep them out of your yard also.


Subject: armadillos

I bought a bag of ground hot pepper and incorporated it into the soil where they were digging. Seems to be working. I don't think it got rid of them except in that particular planting bed, but you could probably mix it with sand and broadcast it over your entire yard with one of those whirly spreaders. Squirrels don't like it either, but it doesn't bother birds at all; in fact birds like to munch out on tiny Capsicum annuum var. glabriusculum aka bird peppers.


Subject: not sure how to get rid of

not sure how to get rid of them, but don't touch em. Saw a program (discovery channel?) where a kid got leprosy from touching a dead one with his boot! tried to post a link to article on livescience.com, but got blocked for spam...


Subject: frogs

Does anyone know of a way to keep frogs out of my toilets & house??? I not talking about tree frogs, but larger frogs. I have had tem in my toilets periodically for over 2 years now. Not fun when you have to go in the middle of the night with the light off!!! We tried covering the air vent pipes with a fine wire mesh type screen. Worked for a while & just the other night I had another one staring at me from my blinds in the bathroom. Help!!!

Deb Pomplun

Subject: Ants

Mix a small amount of borax into 1/4 cup white sugar. Sugar is a special treat that the worker ants take back and feed to their queen. Since she is the only one that reproduces, when the Borax kills the queen, the anthill is soon empty. Works like a charm.


Subject: Snake Deterrent

Mothballs do not repel snakes.In fact, a snake can learn to associate the smell of mothballs with prey when they have slithered up and over mothballs and killed prey!
In addition, mothballs are very toxic.
The ONLY effective snake deterrent is a snake fence. Contact your local cooperative extension service or local university for more information regarding snakes in your area.
Do not use mothballs unless you intend to kill birds, dogs, cats and other beloved critters!


Subject: Moles

Take an empty dishwashing soap and clean it out. Add a few drops of Tabasco Sauce and add water. When you see a molehole squeeze a little of the Tabasco sauce into the hole. The mole will leave the area.


Subject: Moles

This sounds ridiculous, but, cut a slice in the mole tunnel and insert a stick of Juicy Fruit gum. What it allegedly does is cause the moles digestive system to plug up, thus killing the mole. I have been using this method for over twenty years, and learned of it from an entomologist.


Subject: We live in a townhouse and

We live in a townhouse and have had moles around for years. Our association first used mole traps to get them which worked OK but there were too many of them. Now they have hired a pest firm and they insert poisonous worms into the holes. After two years of this treatment, there seems to be far fewer moles in our area.

Dulce McCarthy Watson


Birds and Squirrels - help me get rid of both please??

As soon as mango season starts in South Florida, I get holes in the tree leaves and bites into the fruit. How can I stop this??
Also, the birds like to "dive bomb" my sweet female Boxer!

doris s

Subject: repel squirrels

Place a radio tuned to talk 24/7 and the squirrels stay away. The volume can be very low. This kept away the two who took over my balcony while I was gone for several weeks duting the winter year before last. They tried to return but when they chattered to the radio, it kept chattering back. They left for quieter places.

Angel Belingeri

Subject: mosqito repelling plants

There is also a citronellas tree that works quite will. we have one about twelve foot tall and does a good job, since its scent is citronella and confuses the mosquitos from its appointed rounds of attacking warm blooded humans. Most people do not know that it exists but are out there, versus plants that repell mosquitoes.


Subject: Mosquito bite prevention

Having sensitive skin I sought ways other than sprays to prevent mosquitoes from biting me. You can't control every outside environment you enter. The solution is simple. Mix 2 Tablespoons of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR into 1/2 cup of water and drink 20 to 30 minutes prior to mosquito exposure. MOSQUITOES WILL NOT BITE YOU!! This solves the problem of "I neglected to spay the bend of my leg/neck" and wind up with bites only in that area. Drink this and ALL of your body is protected.

I like to mix up this solution and it ready on hand so all I need to do is grab a cup and pour and drink some. This works wonders for that one mosquito that won't allow you to sleep!

This would be a great preventative for pregnant women! No neighborhood spraying required.


Subject: Ants

I heard after cleaning your counters with soap & water.
Not s & H2o but whatever you use. Wipe counter With a cloth soaked with white vinegar, let dry. Has any one tried this? did it work for you?

Deb Edwards

Subject: reply regarding ants and vinegar

I believe the vinegar removes the pheromone trail left by the visiting ants. If you know the direction from which the ants are arriving, you may wish to give the vinegar treatment beyond the countertop. I haven't had the need to try this, but I have heard it does help.


Subject: Ladybugs

Every fall I get an invasion of ladybugs (thousands) all over the house ... For many weeks. When they die, just replaced by more ladybugs. I know they are good for aphids, but they are more than a nuisance when they invade, especially when they come inside when weather is cold. They also leave a red-streak and a smell when they die.

Any ideas on deterrants?


Subject: raccoons

I have had problems with raccoons for years. I have a reserve/wooded area behind me. The little critters walk across the fence, scratch up the side of my house, and gnaw their way into the attic. They haven't been in the attic for awhile, but they are always interested especially when the weather turns cold. I have had them removed far away numerous! More come. I have tried to put carpet tacks on the fence, and lately sprayed the fence with fox urine. It is very annoying while I'm trying to sleep plus they cause damage. P.S. I live in suburb of Houston, TX. Any suggestions?


Subject: Raccoons in attic

Raccoons can be 'evicted' from an attic with loud rock music and/or a flashing strobe light. To prevent young offspring from being left in the attic to die, use this procedure: 1. Locate the entry hole and put paper tape over it before starting the music or strobe. 2. Check the tape the next day to see if it has been disturbed. If so, replace the tape. Repeat this procedure until the tape is no longer disturbed, indicating that the adult(s) have left and taken any young ones with them. 3. At this point you can securely seal the entry hole. Notes: Raccoons can usually remove lightweight soffet vent grilles. Use something stronger, like crawl space vent grilles to close the entry hole. When evicted in this way, the same raccoons are less likely to return. If the critters are gnawing their way in, consider covering the affected area with vinyl siding. Do place the music speakers IN THE ATTIC, otherwise you may leave before the raccoons do!


Subject: Cluster flies

How can you get rid of these ? The best room in my house is on the third floor but gets cluster flies on warm winter days and in the spring. The same happens in the playroom above the barn (and no, they are not stable flies. Those are different). I have had regular bug services to no avail ...

Denise Whiting

Subject: Cluster flies

Had this obnoxious things.

I bought a BUG ZAPPER that looks like a tennis racket. It is not a forever thing but a few persistent swipes certainly improved the problem.

stacy suniga

Subject: Cluster flies

Cluster flies are also known as Penthouse flies because they will invade the upper floors of a structure. I would suggest sealing up any cracks on the exterior of the house, especially along the roof rafters, on the warm sides of the house. (The areas that get most of the daily sun). After doing this, then the game is to just catch the numbers trapped inside. Fly strips, blue lights, etc. This may take awhile but once they are gone, and you have properly sealed, you wont have this problem again.


Subject: Get rid of any flies

I saw this online, and tested it in several places. It has worked for me. Put a shiny penny in a baggie and fill the baggie with water. (I used gallon bags) Tie it closed and tie it to a place outside the area that you get the flies, where the sun hits it. It causes so much stress on the fly's many sided eyes that they go in a different direction. I've had a fly free patio for years by doing this.


Subject: Carpenter Ants

Have tried most of the suggestions to rid our house of Carpenter Ants; the great big black ones. They always work for a short time, then not so well. Most years they invade through the bathroom wall and that's always our first line of defense. Last year they made it to the attic and entered through the light fixture in the kitchen. We're in far northern Wisconsin, zone 3, and of course the the first frost stops them. It's the only bright side to having Winters that last eight months. They're hard to kill, and I'm very sensitive to their bite.


Subject: Carpenter Ants

I had a problem with carpenter ants getting into my bungalo's attic space off of the bedroom. Because I was sleeping in close proximity to the ants I didn't want to use poison to kill them. I got a large orange and peeled the rind . I placed strips of the rind in the attic one day before I went to wrk. The ants found the orange peel and carried off the entire rind! They carried the peel back to their hill and it PROMPTLY killed them ALL. I've never had a problem since.

Note: orange peel can be placed in flower beds around the house as a preventative measure.

I also had a problem at one point with sweet ants coming into the house in early Spring. I found a commercially prepared CEDAR OIL and sprayed the outside points of entrance. Cracks in the brick ( holes for cable), window sills, door thresholds. No ants this year. I spayed the cedar oil outside just as the weather began to warm up this Spring.

So ant problems can be prevented and solved with ORANGE PEEL or CEDAR OIL Spray.


Subject: Aphids

We have aphids all around our patio and deck - they love our flowering vines and Sun burst locas tree
Tried dish soap sprays
Any other ideas as we haven't found anything to get rid of them?


Subject: Aphids

I have used Systemic Houseplant Insect Repellent with good results.


Subject: Moles

Any ideas on how to get rid of moles? They are destroying our yard. We live in North Carolina. There are cats roaming about and we have seen a few snakes in our yard. All of which I thought would get rid of them, but so far the moles are still around.

Rob Fleming

Subject: Drain Flies

I had a lot of trouble with the little no-see-ums that hovered over my sink. I tried boiling water, ammonia, drain cleaner, and an enzyme-based drain cleaner with no luck. Then I discovered they were coming from the overflow tray on my Keurig-type coffeemaker. I empty that regularly and no more drain flies.


Subject: Roach

I have roaches, had professional treatment done and yet still got them especially in my kitchen and couches in my living room, please help any suggestions?

Mary Buck

Subject: Roach

Get the little roach trays they sell at the stores and put them under sinks or other areas where you see roaches. Change them every 3 months. Way less expensive than professional treatments. We used to see occasional roaches/water bugs around our house, especially in the Spring. We basically never see them anymore. I rarely buy the trays anymore, but if I do see a bug, then I just put out a new set of trays.

Debi U

Subject: Spiders

Any tips on spiders. I just bought a renovated house with a serious spider problem. I don't know where they're coming from and really need to get rid of them, as my daughter with autism is phobic about them. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


Subject: Spider prevention - dryer sheets

The easiest way to prevent spiders from inhabiting an area of you home is simple. Just take one sheet of any commercial dryer sheets and place that dryer sheet where you don't want spiders. You can even make a rosette from the dryer sheet if it will be visible. I put a rosette in the corner of my staircase that is prone to webs. I like to put a dryer sheet behind my set of dresser drawers to prevent spiders from making webs between the wall and dresser. Slide a dryer sheet into the space near the kick-plate under furniture. Very effective.


Subject: spiders

I have read that peppermint sprayed where you see evidence of webs and spiders will do the trick! I tried it on the back of my garage door, a favorite spot for the creepy critters, and so far so good!


Subject: Ants

Hey:lot of talk about ants.There is a natural way to get rid of ants,termites etc:: Boric Acid is a natural compound mined in the deserts of California.You can find it at the dollar store,just follow directions.


Subject: Lavender photo

The lavender photo is indeed lavender!!! Ajuga aka bugleweed is a very low-growing ground cover, often with a purpleish color; it bears no resemblance to that photo at all.

I know; I have both in my yard.

BTW, there are potted marigolds on my porch and lavender nearby. No problems with mosquitoes there; I'm usually the first person they go for! Works for me. Wouldn't hurt to try it.


Subject: Crickets

Is anything effective at repelling crickets? We have an outdoor storage closet they seem to invade every year and they really smell bad!

Tony Misunas

Subject: "Miskobie" ducks-How do i get them to leave???

Have a small dock over the swimming pond, and at night these ducks" go" there for the evening. I mean they really "go" all over the dock. Must put out at least a pound of poop each. Don't want to kill them, just keep them off the dock at night. Tried rubber snakes, plastic head turning owl's, electric noise/light boxes, etc. Running out of options........


Subject: Wasps

Hi -- Great article, thank you! I'm wondering about wasps -- there's one big one building a nest in a doorway corner. Just about every 2-3 years, they build one, I get an exterminator, and then the wasps rebuild. Anything that can help prevent this recurring? Many thanks!

cheryl hunt

Subject: Wasps

had wasps nests around my front door and one summer had put up some wind socks and hum noticed that did not have as many wasps didn't kill them they just moved on didn't like the movement of the wind socks when the started looking tattered got some new ones great for the environment no poison now if could just run off the rats in my back yard!!!.


Subject: How to get rid of wasps and hornets

This really worked for us. We could never use our deck to eat outside as the wasps and hornets would drive us into the house. I bought the fake hornet nest from an organic gardening catalog and hung it as instructed under the eave of my house. They are made of paper and look like a nest. The catalog said that wasps and hornets are territorial and will avoid other wasps and hornet territory. They really worked! We're able to enjoy our deck again!


Subject: Wasps and hornets

This is all so interesting! We have yellowjackets/wasps/hornets/maybe bees in the siding of our house! I would love to find a nontoxic solution because they are even eating their way through the wall in one place. I keep finding dead bees/wasps every time I go into the room where they have a nest in the siding.

A few years ago we sprayed insecticide into an opening between the roof and siding. That kept them a;way/killeld them for awhile, but now they are back.. If i could find a nontoxic solution, I could use it all the time in that room or outside and possibly send them away or get rid of them.


Subject: Mixed results at best

My parents were firm believers in the marigold properties for repelling insects. They planted a few and with the way they seed themselves, in a just a few years their front porch was completely protected--or so you'd think. With a 3-4' deep planting on all three sides of their wrap-around porch, they shouldn't have a single insect descend on them--yet, the mosquitos are plentiful, even without any standing water. Perhaps this works elsewhere, but not for them.


Subject: Keeping squirrels/deer from eating bulbs

Didn't know this when I planted 75 tulip bulbs one fall—and ended up with 16 surviving the next spring: When planting bulbs, add moth balls to the soil surrounding them—won't hurt the bulbs, but will keep away predators.

Karen Plantz

Subject: Pasture Ants

We have tried several items to get rid of our pasture ants. They just keep on multiplying. If one mound is gone another one pops up. We have horses plus a dog and a cat as do all of our neighbors. We have a total of five acres fenced and cross fenced. They seem to love areas around the wood posts, but certainly are happy inbetween, as well. Any help is appreciated.


Subject: Pasture ants

I have successfully used orange peel to kill ants. It worked for both Carpenter and Sweet ants, so you might want to try it. Leave the peel near the hill/nest and they will carry it into their nest.

Another solution I have used for outside nests is BOILING WATER. Pour a pot of water into the nest and problem is solved.


Subject: Wasps

Any way to get rid of the wasps once you knock their nests down? Anything to spray where they build them so they won't rebuild?


Subject: Also Scented Geranium

I asked our great nursery about repelling mosquitos, and they recommended Scented Geraniums that are called the Anti-mosquito Plants. They told us to put 4 on each side of a 15 ft patio area. Haven't noticed any mosquitos, but it's early days to say if it works.


Subject: mosquitoes

fill a gallon jug 1/2 full of water add a banana peel and a cup of white distilled vinegar place around yard ALSO IF U HAVE A LOT OF STANDING WATER TROW UR USED COFFEE GROUNDS IN THE PUDDLE ETC THE BABY MOSQUITOES WILL DIE


Subject: Birds

Will tossing the used coffee grounds into the standing water affect the birds that drink the water?


Subject: citronella

The picture of the citronella plant is wrong. That is a citronella shrub and it is not helpful in repelling mosquitoes. What you need is a picture of citronella grass or aka lemon grass.

Paul Kruger

Subject: Citronella is a myth

While Citronella Oil has shown to be effective, it is only the concentrated extract that repels. The plants themselves do not produce enough oil to have any effect on mosquitoes. A Google search will provide much information on the myth of Citronella grass in this application. Even the candles are mostly useless unless you have a bonfire and sit in the plume of smoke...then any smoke will scare away insects.

Not sure why the myth is constantly propagated unless for pure profit motive.

Stan Mabbitt

Subject: comment by Andrea

Andrea is correct that the picture of citronella plant is wrong. But, it is not at "citronella shrub." It is a lemon-scented geranium, which, in fact, is helpful, as are marigolds, basil, rosemary, at repelling mosquitoes.


Subject: Lizards

Does anyone know how to repel Florida lizards? I don't want to kill as they supposedly eat mosquitos. I just want to keep them out of my shed and off my furniture; they leave droppings everywhere.


Subject: Lizards

Get a young cat. The lizards won't stand a chance. BTW the lizards I see don't leave droppings. Maybe the cats get them before they stand a chance!


Subject: Lizards

Mothballs work great at keeping lizards out my shed in Ft. Lauderdale.


Subject: To keep the lizards from

To keep the lizards from invading your home and outdoor living areas, you need to keep the insect population down to a minimum. If you control the insect population around your home, the lizards will move to a place where food is readily available.


Subject: Lizzards

I use to live on Fl. I was advised by a garden center to use mothballs. It burns their membranes. Good luck.


Subject: Lizards

If you find out how to get rid of lizards PLEASE let me know!!! You are so right you can be outside withou lizard poo everywhere.

Marilyn Forbes

Subject: Lizards

I was just reading your problem with Florida Lizards. We like them, they give one of my dauchounds a great deal of fun.
They get in his territory, he catches them bites their tail off , plays with them a while then lets them go on there merry way.

Lana Loeber

Subject: Lizards

Some believe pepperment repells bugs, spiders, mice and the like. Add pepperment oil to water in a spray bottle. Worth a try.

Jack Powell

Subject: Lizards

Just think, it could be seagulls, who can leave a half cup of droppings. Catch them and send them up to me. Of course, the birds can catch them for you and bigger birds love them.

Bettye Logan

Subject: Keep away Flies

I have had success in keeping away flies by using a gallon size storage bag filled with water and a few shinny pennies. Hang a few around the patio. Don't know why it works but have heard that farmers used this method.


Subject: water and pennies

i have a barn with horses pigs chicks and then the house dog and cat, i have pennies in baggies with about 1 1/2 cups of water hanging on my barn openings and umbrellas on my deck. to the bugs it looks like a swarm and they stay away from them.


Subject: mosquito-repellent plants

hi, and thanks for the suggestions for plants to repel mosquitoes. HOWEVER - the "lavender" in your photo appears to be ajuga, aka carpet bugle, which is no relation to any of the lavender species that i know of...


Subject: Ajuga?

Ajuga is a low growing plant, Not sure the photo is lavender -- but it definitely isn't ajuga


Subject: keeping mice out of patio furniture cushions

I have a rather expensive, very upscale outdoor sofa but before I set it outside under my gazebo I'd like to find out how to keep any mice away from it. I'm concerned they will chew the cushions and make a cozy little nest there. What a surprise when you seat a guest!!! Oh no! Any ideas?

Martin Shepherd

Subject: Keep mice away

Snake skin that has been shed is an effective natural deterent for mice and other rodents. I've used them in vacation homes, sheds and in automobiles in storage. All applications worked without fail. You might be able to obtain the shedded skin from a pet store that sells reptiles. Place the skin inside the cushion cover. About 6 inches in each cushion near the zipper or in a paper envelope under the cushion has worked.

Garen Herd

Subject: Bounce to repel mice

We also use Bounce drier sheets to repel mice. We had a major problem with them getting under the hood of our vehicles (We live in the country). It works like a charm.


Subject: keep mice away

The best way to repel mice is to buy oil of peppermint ( a good one from a natural food store, NOT WALMART). Put a few drops on a few cotton balls and place them under cushions or hidden place. Warning it has a very strong smell. My mother throws the cotton balls under her house and hasn't had any since.

Flie Hater

Subject: Flies

Hello all ,after reading everyones suggestions on mosquitoes and such I was wondering if anyone had any great tips on keeping pesky flies away.
Also another great trick for mosquitoes is putting Listerine in cute containers such as candle holders not only does it help keep the pesky skin munchers away but it adds a nice center piece to your table or seating area ...


Subject: Repelling flies from picnic tables.

Quarter a fresh lemon; pack open pulp sides with cloves... (use at least one lemon per 1 foot section) spread throughout table.. I use 4 pieces in a pinwheel design on very small plates in between all food dishes in an abstract pattern... Depending on weather temperature; every 1/2 hour or so squeeze pieces gently to release citus/clove scent.... Flies will attempt to land, but give up shortly.... won't disappear, but very few will stay around and will NOT land on your foods... Prepare day ahead; store in plastic baggies or containers until ready to use.

Richard Harris

Subject: Flies

This is not the most attractive but I've tried it and it works. I saw it at a Cajun bar. Fill one gal clear plastic bags about half way with water and drop in a shiney penny. Tie the top with strong string and hang these around you patio. You'll get questions from your guests but very few flies.

Gail Hurewitz

Subject: Snakes

There have been many sightings of snakes in my community lately in pools, sheds and gardens. I just found a snakeskin. How do I get them to leave my property alone? I am quite phobic.

Mel P

Subject: Snakes

Get cats. Mine keep our acreage snake free.

Joanne Smith

Subject: Unwanted yard Snakes

Having lived on an old ranch with my nearest 'neighbors' being deer, elk, skunks etc. PLUS rattlesnakes, after much research and experimentation I found that 'my' snakes promptly fled vinegar/water spray and stayed away from anything scented with cinnamon. Though now and then a bear came to check out the cinnamon, it was worth their entertaining visit to keep away the rattlers. Good luck.

Pam Almandinger

Subject: snakes

Garter snakes eat slugs. Here is the northwest, it's not such a bad thing to have a couple in the flowerbed.


Subject: squirrels

Same question as Pat . Is there anything to discourage squirrels other then BB GUN


Subject: Squirrels

Squirrels were chewing the leaves off my sweet potato vines. They don't eat them they just chew them off and then discard them. I have found that they hate Blood Meal. The bonus is they it is a great fertilizer.


Subject: getting rid of squirrels

People we know bought a Humane Trap and trapped them, one at a time, with sunflower seeds. They then carted them off to some green spot several miles from their yard and released them.


Subject: Rabbit and squirrel repellant

How can I keep rabbits and squirrels away? The squirrels have bitten through outdoor electrical wires, and the rabbits are eating my lettuce. What can I do to keep them away? Thanks.


Subject: Squirrel / Rabbit deterrent

A miniature Blue Heeler / Australian Shepherd / Border Collie mix and a runt Jack Russell terrier have kept the pests at bay, as well as providing hilarious entertainment for the last few years at our place. The pups never catch up with their "playmates" but got a good romp and prove their worth.

Richard J Callant

Subject: Rabbits

Rabbits are known to love Copper and will strip and eat the copper of a car or truck.

Susie Moskowitz

Subject: Squirrels

A woman at Pike's Nursery told me not to use the expensive "anti-squirrel" bait they had but to buy moth balls. Squirrels were eating my potted plants on my deck. So I sprinkled a few moth balls in each pot and no more squirrels!!!! It smells a little strange at first, but it sure works.

Beverly Keenan

Subject: Rabbit repellant

Get or make some little cotton drawstring bags. Fill with bloodmeal (garden store} or the clumped urine from your cat box. Hang them around your garden. Putting them on the garden fence keeps deer away, too.

Linda Hemphill

Subject: Rabbit and Squirrel Repellant

Many commercial deterrents are expensive but temporary and consist mainly of simple black or red pepper! Capsasin is pepper. If you can go to Costco or some such place and buy red or black pepper - the kind used in the kitchen - this will temporarily repel the critters. I have also found fox or wolf urine - REALLY - found in the hunting department at any sports or discount store. Comes in a spray bottle and a few sprays and you are good for a while - as long as you don't have a lot of rain. Be careful not to get this on you :)


Subject: Wishful Thinking

Unfortunately, this is all nonsense. Any actual qualified horticulturalist will tell you that there aren't any plants with any effectiveness at actually keeping mosquitoes away. This entire list is basically just a perpetuation of internet myths that have zero basis in reality. You can find many webpages spouting the same nonsense.

Mosquitoes do not travel far. If you actually want to keep mosquitoes away, eliminate sources of standing water. It takes 10 days of standing water to hatch dormant eggs. The mosquitoes biting you on your back deck most likely hatched within 10 yards of that location.

Mel P

Subject: Re wishful thinking

I rely on these plants to keep all our Texas mosquitoes away. Not having standing water is not an option. Our livestock and pets must be watered. We have tried Mosquito Dunks, bleach, dripping water to keep tanks in motion. All failed, even in the fountain. We always go back to plants at the barn and porch area and supplement with citronella candles when we will be out on porch after dark. We have Zika, west Nile, chikungunya, eastern and western encephalitis, and now possibly dengue. We take all the precautions we can!


Subject: Re: Wishful Thinking

Hi Zetai. Perhaps, from your post you haven't tried or been successful with your efforts to help deter mosquitoes and others pests with plants. Just because it didn't work for you doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't work at all. Every area is different and certainly not the same. In our area, we have gotten an overly abundant amount of rain this year and it's next to impossible to clear any standing water when your soil can't soak it up fast enough for the next rainfall. So, in situations such as these, we use what we know can help, has been tried and been successful. We have marigolds planted all around the landscape of our home, around the landscape of our pool and we also have potted citronella plants throughout our back deck, patio, outdoor kitchen area and pool area. (We cover our pool when it's not in use.) In years past and this year (despite the constant rain), we host many family events, BBQ's and outdoor events at our home. Have we or any of our guests complained about being eaten alive by mosquitoes? No. In fact, many of our guests are always asking what kind of chemical insecticide we use to keep mosquitoes and other pests away. When we tell them we use marigolds and potted citronella plants, they are shocked. Now, wishful thinking would be to move where rain doesn't go, but we all know that is indeed called wishful thinking and not reality.


Subject: ants

We have tons of ants in the yard of our new house. They are not fire ants, but I want them to leave nonetheless. How do you get rid of ants?




Mary Gill

Subject: Ants

Too many ants can be a problem. But remember, ants kill termites. They are, in fact, the termites main predator. I don't want ants in my home but a few outside can be a good thing.

Carol Vollandt

Subject: Getting Rid of Ants

Ants, spiders, mice, snakes and raccoons HATE PEPPERMINT. I get extract at the store and mix with water and spray around.
Also ants will go away with CORN MEAL....the eat it and it expands and kills them...

Dane Courney

Subject: Killing ants and orther vermin

Mix a little boric acid with some jam or preserves and cheap, soft cat food. The ants will chow on it, take it to the queen and wipe out the entire nest. Been using this for decades and it works. It is especially effective against the little black ants that invade your home.

Check out boric acid on the net. You will find it is useful for for killing all kinds of insects. Just make sure it is some place where kids and pets can't get to it. It is toxic, although not as much as other insecticides. It is only harmful if it is eaten or inhaled in relatively large quantities. 5 to 20 grams is enough to kill an adult human being.

When you check out the stuff, you will find it has a multitude of uses.


Subject: Pesky pests

Dear wishful thinking, if all of these are internet myths please tell me how and why Native Americans (Seminole Indiand in my case) have been using many of these remedies for decades? Way before the internet was conceived these were well known facts here in south florida.


Subject: Getting Rid of Ants

I spread cornmeal near their hills, or any area where I see them heavily. They take it back to their nest, and they can't eat it, and it kills them. Cuts down on the amount of ants for awhile, but there always seems to be more coming from somewhere (babies, I think..LOL) ...so I have to keep spreading it. Also found out ground cinnamon can be used to keep them away from areas. I had a barbecue set up a screen tent, and put ground cinnamon all around the outside edge of the tent where no one would be walking, and under the tables I had set up....no ants!!!

Bob Medley

Subject: Ants

There is an easy, inexpensive was to get rid of ants with a nontoxic substance available in nearly every restaurant. I have used, with great success, the artificial sweetener in the BLUE package. It contains aspartame. I sprinkle a package on an ant hill and very lightly mist it with water. The ants are gone in 24 to 48 hours and they do not return.


Subject: Marigolds

Marigolds are great at repelling squash moths as well, but keep an eye on them because they attract earwigs. These little guys can do serious damage to the marigold in a very short period of time.

T. Berg

Subject: Bugs

All bugs are insects, but not all insects are bugs. There is a difference. Mosquitoes are not bugs. True bugs are from the order Hemiptera. They have 4 wings and their fore-wings are half leathery and half membrane. For future reference, a lady bug is not a bug either. It is a beetle.

A mosquito is part of a group of insects called true flies. True flies have 2 wings. It is part of the order Diptera.


Subject: Ants

are there any plants or other natural cures or repellants for ants.


Subject: Fire Ant Deterrant

Fire Ants were a true menace in North TX in the 1990's. I am a dedicated gardener, and battled both the ants and our heavy, black, poorly drained, alkaline soil (clay) for years. The solution for the soil was building raised beds, adding generous amounts of organic material and inorganic material to improve the structure every year. Unfortunately, the ants also preferred this mix to the native soil which hardens to a rock like consistancy when dry, but they avoided the beds where I grew cilantro. I happen to love the flavor and the fragrance of the herb, but it does produce intense cravings for guacamole. Cilantro is a cool weather herb in Texas that reseeds itself generously but germinates very slowly. It will bolt in late April and Early May producing great quantities of the seed which is now the coriander used in baking and various exotic cuisines. Leave some seeds on the plants or sprinkle some on the ground for next year. Here in zone 8, the new plants emerge in late Winter, will tolerate a light frost, but should be protected from a hard freeze. The planting dates on the seed packet do not work for us, and the young plants sold in the big box garden centers will usually bolt within 6 weeks after they become available for purchase.


Subject: Re: Ants

A great remedy I have used for several years is Peppermint to keep ants away. I have 3 dogs, who are usually very curious and into just about everything. So it's very important for me to keep their outside and inside environment safe. My dogs have stayed clear and have shown no interest to my peppermint potted plants and everywhere I have used peppermint to deter ants. Peppermint essential oil is all-natural yet very effective. The easiest application is to make a spray of peppermint essential oil mixed with water. (I use a 4oz bottle with a pump sprayer, add 8-10 drops of peppermint essential oil and about 1/4 cup of water to the bottle). Gently shake the spray bottle before using. Spray directly on the ant colony, thresholds of doors, around the home, etc. (I don't recommend that you use peppermint essential oil with a carrier oil (such as olive, almond, or avocado) because if you are spraying indoors, the carrier oil might stain floors, carpet, paint, etc.) Peppermint essential oil is reasonably inexpensive and a little will go a long way. It's important to note: Wash your hands thoroughly if you happen to get peppermint essential oil on your hands. It is a hot oil that will burn. Keep it away from your nose, mouth, eyes and sensitive skin areas. Peppermint is also great to deter mice.


Subject: Ant repellant- CINNAMON

I had to deal with an ant invasion every Spring until I read that ants won't cross/ walk over ordinary CINNAMON. I put a line of cinnamon powder along the outer edge of the door threshold and inside the sides of the door frame. No ants this year!
When I did have ants previously the best solution was to put a few tops of PIC "Liquid Bait Ant Killer" down where the ants could easily find it and they would drink it up and then take it back to their nest where it would kill the whole nest. It would take about 3 days before they stopped showing up to eat the bait. This is the blue liquid that comes in a small/ 2 ounce plastic bottle. It must be kept out of reach of children and domestic animals!


Subject: Basil


The Basil may repel mosquitos. But other insects like to munch on Basil. How do I eliminate the Basil eaters without killing the Basil?

Thank you,

helen hardin

Subject: birds

The birds are getting into my attic through my up high vents. What can I do to resolve this issue. Thanks so much


Subject: repelling critters in the roof

When you have the defective wood or vents replaced, have the roofers throw the contents of a bag of mothballs in before they close it completely. Works for squirrels, I know. Don't know if it works for birds, haven't had that problem. Also, if you have an armadillo burrow, drop a few mothballs down it while the animal is away. It will repel them, too.

michele prokop

Subject: stuff in the attic

Use a large space screen material over the attic vents. Regular screen material tends to get clogged up and then you lose the necessary ventilation to keep heat build up in the attic. Use a larger screen that keeps out birds and bats but remember that you can still get wasp/bee hives in your attic. Although they don't like them because an attic doesn't have as much ventilation--they like airy places.



Hi Garrett- any info on how to keep Go
phers out of your garden? Would any plants deter them from the yard?


Subject: Mosquito repellant plants

Hey Angie --

You need to be a bit more careful about what you post. The citronella grass, Citronella mucronata, you refer to in the article is not the plant you show on the photograph, Pelargonium 'Citrosum', a scented geranium. Nor is either particularly effective as a mosquito repellant. Both smell rather nice, however.

Lisa Hesmondhalgh

Subject: Friendly Plants

Enjoyed the article. Could an update include information on which are safe to have near pets and children? Listing toxicity and potential allergy triggers will help readers who may not realize there are other things to consider.


Subject: Mosquitos

I've had luck using the scented dryer sheets to repel mosquitos. I stick one through the web on the back of the patio chairs and also stick them under the narrow ropes on my awning. I have not seen any mosquitos around the patio for the last two years, so I'm assuming this is really working. Also, if you can find the sticky fly paper cones to hang somewhere outside - you will be absolutely amazed at all the flies, gnats and no-seeums that you didn't know were everywhere.

David Child

Subject: Pollinator safe

Make sure that your plants--if you purchase them--have not been treated with neonics. If you are buying milkweed to help the monarchs, make extra sure that the plants have no neonics.

Elise Knaap

Subject: Pollinator safe

I agree, David. A few years ago I discovered local (Illinois) nurseries that specialize in native plants and promote natural diversity to create a healthy environment for birds, bees and the like. I bought a few varieties of milkweed this year and look forward to seeing more monarch butterflies. Since I haven't used any toxic weed control products in years, I have high hopes.

kathleen cerillo

Subject: cats

Are there any plants that would keep the cats out of my yard? They walk the wall and jump into the hydrangea -- that was just planted. Also when I chase them, they jump into the planter -- also just replanted, then up the wall. Very frustrating.

Charles Emilita

Subject: Cats over wall

If you don't want cats on your side of the wall, just sprinkle a packet of catnip seeds on the other side of the wall. I'm being sort of whimsical but I have done it. If the other side of the fence is a prized garden but an unfriendly neighbor introduce your cats to him.
Your cheerful nature loving friend maker

Jon W.

Subject: Deer

How about an article about plants that repel deer?

Mel P

Subject: Deer repellent

I save old socks, knee high stockings, etc and hang around inconspicuously in flower garden and veggie garden. When I go to garage sales I always buy any old perfume any scent and use it to spritz on these items in my yard. I change scents every few days. Takes only a minute to spritz and keeps the deer out.

Gail McNabb

Subject: Mosquitoes

Are there any plants that would keep the mosquitoes away around our back door that is in the shade?

rose teske

Subject: Deer repellants

Would you please let me know what to plant around my yard to repel deer and rabbits from eating my flowers and garden? I do not want to use any kind of chemicals.
Thank you!

pat fitzpatrick

Subject: Organic treatment of ants

We have found that using regular chalk around entry areas of ants keeps them away--we just scribble a thick chalk line. Also, boric acid--the stuff you can rinse your eyes out with--can be applied in powder form to discourage ants--it sticks to their feet, they carry it back to the nest & it ultimately kills the ant hive.

Marian Roy

Subject: keep mosquitoes out of yard

I love the look of all the plants suggested in the email for deterring mosquitoes in the yard. I might just purchase all of them for my little yard out back at my home in Lancaster County, Pa. The basil and lemon balm will be useful in cooking.


Subject: lemon balm plants for mosquitios

Just avheads up about lemon balm, I inherited lemon balm at my last home and though it's a nice plant it choked out other plants & spread like crazy no matter how I tried to get rid of or contain it.


Subject: gardening

send more informations on everything about gardening. And how i can keep insects and mosquitoes away from my garden

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How to Get Rid of Springtails

One of the most effective ways to control springtails is to dry out the infested area. Springtails require a high-moisture environment to breed and thrive, living mostly off of algaes that grow in moist conditions. They will either leave the infested area or die out. If there is an infestation that cannot be controlled by drying out the infested area, use an appropriately labeled insecticide with a residual time These will typically be a liquid concentrate form, a wet-able powder form, or a dust product.  DO NOT APPLY UNTIL AREAS ARE DRY.  If area will not dry naturally, use Corn Starch to soak-up any lingering moisture and otherwise 'steer' any rain water or irrigation away from area.


Also, if there is a noticed springtail infestation around the perimeter of the structure, use the insecticide to do a barrier treatment and apply corn starch to reduce or eliminate moisture. Caulk and seal all cracks and crevices and inspect potted plants before they are brought into the house.


I would talk to your local lawn and garden supply store (or mill and feed) - NOT a box store or hardware store. There are also selective grass control chemicals. YOu can research this by Googling using search string      "Tall Fescue Control" - there are lots of articles by the USDA and individual state cooperative extension services.

There is a treatment called chlorsulfuron TFC (Tall Fescue Control) that will do this - it worked for me in western New York, but took 3 years to finish out all the tall fescue. It may now be limited to use by commercial applicators - pretty potent stuff. Can yellow bluegrass or make it phytosensitive, but our looked OK during treatment because the TFC was applied in the fall for best results, and our lawn was dormant till spring anyway.

Tall fescue can also be controlled by real short mowing, but only in areas where the bluegrass is dominant and really thrives so will eventually crowd out the trimmed fescue, but you may be too far north for that.