6-inch gutters best to withstand Atlanta rainfall

6-inch gutters best to withstand Atlanta rainfall

Reporting by Nick McLain

What types of gutter options are there?

King: The 5- or 6-inch K-style or ogee gutters are the most common. We recommend the 6-inch seamless aluminum K-style.

Wade: K-style is pretty much across the board. We typically recommend aluminum seamless K-style gutters. With aluminum, there is no worry about rust.

Tremain: Most common would be the aluminum seamless gutter. I'd recommend a 6-inch as opposed to 5-inch, given the amount of rainfall we get here.

Do you recommend any kind of gutter guards, screenings or covers?

King: We don't, unless the gutters are difficult or dangerous to reach or the homeowner can't physically clean them.

Wade: Yes, but it depends on the situation. If you're a homeowner who doesn't like getting on a ladder, they are basically maintenance free. But the covers can be more expensive than the gutter itself.

Tremain: Yes. We have a full line of covers, one we manufacture ourselves.

When should I call a professional rather than clear or repair gutters myself?

King: When you are not 100 percent sure you can do it or when you think it might be out of your comfort zone.

Wade: If you're starting to have water issues like rotting fascia board, overflowing of the gutter, etc.

Tremain: For anything that involves removing the gutters or resealing seams and joints.

What are some signs that my gutter is leaking and what material should I apply to patch it up?

King: If you see wood deteriorating or brown stains on or behind the gutters. Seal with a gutter sealant available at home fix-it stores.

Wade: Mold on fascia board, gutters drooping, wood damage, etc. Call a professional to seal it.

Tremain: If, after a rain, you're still getting a drip, or rotting in the fascia board or soffit. Get a pro to seal it. Widely available sealants are typically not designed to be used in a gutter.

What is the best way to extend the lifetime of my gutters?

King: Clean them at least twice a year and make sure they are draining properly.

Wade: Get it professionally checked and cleaned once a year, if possible. Proper maintenance is key.

Tremain: Keep it clean. Once a year minimum. If you have lots of trees, especially pines, 4 to 6 times a year.