6 Important Wisdom Teeth Questions Answered

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Samuel Glasgow

Subject: 26 years old Just had my wisdom tooth extracted.

I am just back from the dentist a couple of hours after a wisdom tooth extraction. I wanted to share my experience as I couldn't find much on the web when I was looking prior to my procedure. I wasn't offered a general or any form of sedation - I live in Scotland and these types of things are seldom offered for dental procedures. My dentist took me in, give me around five painless injections of local anaesthetic (I didn't even feel the needle going in or realised he had injected me until he was finished) and preceded to remove the tooth once the local had kicked in. There was a tiny bit of pressure, nowhere near as intense as I had suspected, and after about two minutes the tooth came right out. It was neither violent nor uncomfortable and i experienced zero pain. My dentist told me to rinse with salt water to stave off infection and that I could take some tylenol if need be. I was in quite a bit of pain with this tooth and was extremely worried before the procedure. Turns out this worry was needless and I wanted to share my story incase anyone else is feeling sick with anxiety as I was prior to the extraction. I realise this is only one person's experience and am sure there are others who have not faired so well but really, in this case, it was worth it.


Subject: Thanks

Thanks for your story. I feel at ease reading your story & my anxiety level has went down. Thanks again


Subject: Thanks for that... Oral

Thanks for that... Oral surgery this next Thursday for all four wisdom teeth. NOT looking forward to it.
I've Ben having insane nerve like pain in my wisdom tooth random times of the day.
Anyhow, I'll be put under general anesthesia, and 3 of my teeth are impacted :/ were yours?


Subject: Wisdom teeth impacted

My lower jaw started swelling on the left side , a few days ago there was a small part of my wisdom tooth finally coming through. I have a knot that was the size of a pea,is now as big as a ping pong ball from my jaw down my neck it hurts so bad. The pain is even hurting my ear but the tooth that was coming through the gums have swelled completely over it. what should I do or if anyone else has had this happen to them. I just need to know what's going on with my wisdom tooth. Can my dentist pull this any replays would be appreciated thanks.

dina paulus

Subject: tooth

My dentist pulled out my wisdom tooth then when he finished, my mouth was numb an I couldn't talk an he didn't give any painpills or antibiotics or instructions what to do..I'm scared.


Subject: My back tooth hurts!

I had both my bottom wisdom teeth taken out back in 2013 but, now my back tooth on me left side is hurting me. Is the same kind of pain I had when when I had my wisdom teeth. What does this mean ?


Subject: My back tooth hurts!

I had both my bottom wisdom teeth taken out back in 2013 but, now my back tooth on me left side is hurting me. Is the same kind of pain I had when when I had my wisdom teeth. What does this mean ?


Subject: wisdom teeth

My wisdom teeth are laying horizontally and I plan to get them out asap. However, my cheek is swollen and I'm in so much pain. My dentist reffered an oral surgeon and I'm going in for a consultation but I can't bare this pain another day. Will I be able to get my surgery done the same day as my consultation?


Subject: wisdom teeth

i just got all 4 of my cut out last thursday and that was the same day of my consultation and i can tell you i was fine under my 3rd day i was in pain but i took the pain meds and i was fine after that and i was so scared to get dry sockets cuz all these stories of other people but if you do what the surgeon tells you to do and keep ice of your face every 15 to 30 mins you will be fine..and all your going to do is sleep anyways and you will need someone to sit with you for a few days so you not up and down cause you need to rest...


Subject: 4 wisdom teeth

My left mouth I have been having pain like crazy I had got my teeth clean. I'm 30 now the doctor notice none my 4 wisdom teeth are not out I told her I have been having pain top in bottom all around teeth on the side of my mouth. But my wisdom teeth are not finish growing all the way yet I'm afraid that they will have cut my gum also of course anyone experience this?


Subject: 4 wisdom teeth

I also have the same issue as you have. I am also not able to see my wisdom teeth but if you take an x-rays they are growing downwards which is wired. We need to get it removed by an oral surgeon.



Subject: How long at a time does wisdom tooth grow

My teeth are killing me. I had a cap put on a tooth 3 weeks ago and a filling put in 4 days ago. My mouth is killing me. All of my teeth are hurting, but it feels like the pain is coming from around my wisdom teeth. How long at a time do they grow?

Corynn Meyer

Subject: All coming in at once...

About a year ago me dentist told me to get all of my wisdom teeth removed and I said I'd wait and see how it goes and now withing 3 months my bottom left came in and just about fully out and now my bottom right has started coming through the gum and there is only pain where the tooth is coming through but otherwise there is now pain and my top left one is probably going to start soon because I can feel it under the gum and it is the only one that is slightly angled so should I worry?


Subject: 1 side swollen

I got my wisdom teeth out about 5 days ago, my swelling is almost completely gone except for on my right side. The dentist said he had to take extra gum off that tooth to get it out. As I said it's still pretty swollen, a couple days ago I had this really bad taste in my mouth but it's gone. Is it just from removing the gum or do I have an infection? I've been doing salt water rinses 4 times a day.

p.s. I don't really get ANY pain in that side of my mouth, although I feel something going on.


Subject: I have two wisdom teeth that

I have two wisdom teeth that are exposed, both are on the bottom. They have been exposed for over a year now. It started with gum swelling in the back, then progressed to small flaps in the gums opening over the teeth. These formed a pocket where food would get stuck and was very difficult to brush (and uncomfortable). I did the best I could but knew that I still wasn't getting them clean enough because I could press on the areas with my tongue and... without too much detail, let's say the taste was bad. This could be immediately after brushing and mouthwash- the taste is still there. Now the teeth are almost fully exposed (took almost a year to get to this point) and they are rotten. I can tell just by looking at them. Super self-conscious because I am sure my breath is terrible. Finally went to the dentist to see if he could take them out, he told me his office can't because it requires sedation. He said that the two that are exposed are impacted and I might as well get all four of them removed at the same time. I don't even know if I HAVE any in the upper part, never seen or felt anything up there and I didn't see my xrays. That visit was done without insurance. Now I have had insurance for three months (Delta Dental in Iowa- have to look into policy to see if they will even help with something like this) but I don't know if I should go yet. I have dealt with it this long and amazingly, as bad as those teeth are, they do not hurt. I'm just wondering if internally I am causing harm to the rest of my body for waiting. After all, they say overall health starts with your mouth. Plus it would be nice if my breath was better. I guess I'm just scared of how much it will cost, that is really my only excuse for letting it go this long.


Subject: I have two wisdom teeth that-sheena

Get them out as soon as possible I'm 25 and my wisdom teeth started coming in at about 22. I then had one out in my local dentists office and honestly didn't go so smooth which prolonged the removal of the others for four years. I had my bottom left wisdom tooth also make a hole between my gums going into my jaw bone exposing the tooh still hidden underneath as well as the jawbone. Then my mom told me I was being removed from my dad's insurance at the end of the year so I went back to my local dentist's office to hurry and fix the issues and they told me it's more important than ever now to get it done because of the hole, that food and regular mouth bacteria were getting in the hole and actually disinagrating portions of my jaw bone. The wisdom tooth was also coming in sideways and pushing the root of the molar in front of it which if not fixed could break off and cause a cyst in the jawbone and around the tooth. So I went in the referred oral surgeon today and got them removed which has definitely a plus I was put under general iv sedation and everything went smoothly. So my advice to you is stop prolonging it and just get it done or you might have more serious complications down the road. Good luck.


Subject: Post surgery

I previously had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out about 5 days ago. I was sedated and everything was fine. But now I've had 3 stitches come out, and nothing hurts except my lower right jaw. It's like excruciating pain. i don't know if it's because that was the only tooth that grew in a little bit before surgery, but it's bad pain. I've become really dependant on the pain meds they prescribed me because it's the only thing that REALLY helps. If I hold my jaw it helps also. But I'm nervous. Why does the lower right jaw only hurt extremely bad and none of the others?


Subject: Reply

It could be dry socket, which is where the blood clot vanished that was supposed to let the empty tooth socket heal. You will have to revisit the detist for this


Subject: Teeth

I'm 15 and My top right furthest tooth has been coming through and aching for almost a week. The gum behind the tooth is bumpy and hurts to what's the problem?


Subject: Does anyone know...?

Not SUPER related to the article, but I'm kind of desperate.
I got my wisdom teeth extracted on Feb. 4. On Feb. 8, I noticed that the bottom left side of my jaw was hurting. Eventually I got curious and looked. I discovered that my gum had swolen to the point that it was over my back teeth and the swelling stretched into my cheek. Its not apparent if you just look at me, but it hurts to laugh/smile. Since then, my top left gums have started to swell as well.

Does anyone know why? Should I go back to my dentist?


Subject: Go to your dentist.

Your tooth is infected and can spread the pain and swelling to the throat, neck, and mouth area including you cheeks and other teeth. I've been getting frequent sore throats due to an infected wisdom tooth. I'm hoping to arrange to remove them soon. In the mean time, frequently flush with a warm salt and water solution to reduce swelling. The ratio can be googled.


Subject: Yes- go back asap

That sounds like an abscess- a dangerous dental condition. It needs to be drained and you need to GO to the dentist NOW or risk sepsis. Take care.


Subject: Possible problem after having wisdom teeth removed

So I had my upper and lower wisdom teeth pulled out on the left side of my mouth and it has been been hurting really bad on the upper part of the back of my other molar. Like I can not put no pressure down on it when I try to chew if any cold or hot water touches it like you would not believe the pain that I get from it. I figured since it has been a month I would not have these type of problems anymore but now I'm starting to get a little concerned that something is wrong please let me know what you think.


Subject: wisdom tooth

I've noticed a "gum flap" on top of my last molar, my jaw has been hurting, I can't talk for a long period of time cuz itss feel sore, do I need to get my wisdom tooth pulled out? Could that be the cause for the pain at the top of my jaw?


Subject: Wisdom teeth

Yes you should, I had never had wisdom tooth pain and one night a week ago all 4 just started hurting and then over that week they got worse and it hurt to talk a lot and eat and I just got them out today and I feel so much better and if you take the meds when you're supposed to and follow all instructions on what and what not to eat/do you will be in very little pain and and have a smoothe recovery!


Subject: Wisdom teeth

I'm 19, have had my wisdom teeth for a few year.. Up until recently they didn't bother me. I made the decision to get them pulled and I went for surgery today (Jan 21 2016)

To anyone reading this, you can make the decision to be put under (its more preferable) I highly recommend it. My father law dropped me off, they set me up with my IV and it literally felt like I took a nap with a numb mouth. I've heard that typically the freezing lasts for awhile but if you are anything like me and anesthetic swear off fast, keep some pain killers on hand! During the procedure you literally feel nothing but after the numbing wears off, your jaw is so sore and just trying not to play with your stitches is a pain in the butt!
Good luck to anyone getting the procedure, I promise you'll be fine!
From: A huge hypochondriac


Subject: single wisdom tooth extraction

my insurance do not cover dental & my wife recently started feeling a lot of pain & swelling in particularly single wisdom tooth(tooth poped up lot many years ago). Now i started hunting for dental insurance because lot of people suggested it will be very expensive. But I doubt will dental insurance cover such very near feature tooth extraction surgery like may be within a week after purchasing the insurance?


Subject: Wisdom teeth

I found an income based dentist and that was a huge decision maker for me. I pay 20% of costs. Only downside no general anesthesia just laughing gas n local anesthesia.


Subject: Most dental plans would have

Most dental plans would have a one year waiting period on major services like wisdom teeth. Some, like a delta dental plan in FL won't have a waiting period. Then you have to factor in if your plan will accept your dentist.


Subject: Wisdom teeth

I'm 15 and my wisdom teeth or picking thought and sometimes they will show and they will go back in my gums it the normal?


Subject: My teeth are 99% all the way out

Alright... I'm 21 and my teeth have pretty much been completely pushed out. I'm in the process of getting them taken out but I'm concerned about being put "under" .. Can they just do a quick yank ?


Subject: wisdom teeth horror

Im 19 i had 3 wisdom teeth pulled/cut out WITHOUT anything no gas or sedation just the numbing shot to the say the LEAST it was the worst pain i have ever felt in my whole life worse then giving birth ! And right next to when it got infection. Its still infected now theu admitting me into the hospital a couple days ago im out now but the pain is unbearable i wish i would have just left the teeth along the daye after i realized it was infected and swelled alot more then the other side i went to the dentist where they attemped to drain it i screaming and cried and this was with more numbing shots i felt everythinf i almost passed out and got sick i left there with a red golf ball sized cheek and went to the ER.


Subject: No sedative

I just had two wisdom teeth extracted yesterday. As I had to drive after I could not opt for the sedative. I personally thought the local anaesthesia they used was quite sufficient and the procedure was done in 20 minutes. One tooth was semi impacted and the other grew in straight. I personally felt no pain during, after it wore off about 45-60 min after the procedure it felt like I got punched in the face. This level of pain wore off within a few hours and I'm left with a slight discomfort in my gums and a stiff jaw.

Now remember everyone is different but I personally felt having the procedure without sedative wasn't that bad, not nearly as bad as I was dreading it to be. I was also told that many people choose not to have the sedative.

Kyra Savona

Subject: Wisdom Teeth

I recently turned 16, but now, in the lower left part, I can feel my wisdom tooth trying to push through my gums, but I don't think it's going the right way, since the gums aren't really letting it do anything. This is the only one growing in though, and I looked at it with one of those weird dental mirrors with my mom, and she said she can see it growing in. The others haven't even started, but should I try to have them all taken out?


Subject: How do I know when the wisdom teeth are growing in?

I am 13 turning 14 in a couple of days and I have bumps behind my second molar but I am not feeling any pain. Is it possible that they are starting to grow in and come out of the gum? On the bottom left the bump seems to be bigger than the others and looks like it could be a tooth. The bumps are all hard as if there was something hard underneath them. Do I ask my orthodontist or dentist about the bumps?


Subject: Mild pain bottom left in the back of the mouth

I am 14 and I have a mild pain when I bite down and it stings a bit. I think it may be my wisdom tooth but I'm not sure. My parents say that it's fine and I don't need to worry about it because they say that it's happening because I'm growing up. It hurts a little but then goes away as quickly as it comes and then comes back. I don't know what to do.


Subject: wisdom teeth ☺

Okay so I'm 14 turning if and honestly. I have had the dentist say my wisdom teeth are fully grown.. but I only have 28 teeth when I'm supost to have 32.. what do I do?


Subject: Trust My Dentist?

I have all 4 wisdom teeth and they've never given me any trouble. I'm in my 30s and they grew in straight. I went to a dentist who said my teeth were fine. A year later my new dds says the other guy was a quack. He says I have 8 cavities and should have my wisdom teeth pulled as well. I don't know who to trust...

not important

Subject: third maybe

I would say try a third dentist and see what s/he says. Maybe ask a friend for their dentist that they trust and try them.


Subject: @urmom, see a third dentist!

@urmom, see a third dentist!

Also, you can tell if you have a cavity without a dentist. Read up on it, buy a probe for $10, have a friend help you probe and photograph your teeth, and ask for copies of your xrays.

Educate yourself and ask the second dentist for the evidence that you have 8 cavities.


Subject: Wisdom tooth pain

I have a wisdom tooth pan only while eating if food sticks to the teeth..else I am fine..there is cavity on the wisdom teeth which is visible. Can you please suggest something as I sm scared of tooth extraction...

Helen patterson

Subject: Bone growth

I have had an cray on my last widsom tooth. Had three removed when younger this is my last and a bit broke off so visited the dentist. It is very deep rooted and now have none growing around it. I'm worried is it going to be risky to be removed?


Subject: Wisdom teeth ripping gums

so my lower left wisdom tooth is about half way its growing i have no idea on what happened but about 6 days ago i woke up to brush me teeth when i do in my mouth the inner side of my check where my teeth meet my gums it feels ripped and now it hurts like hell at first i thought it was a sore so i rinsed with salt water after that didn't work i know something was up i plan on going to the doctor but i just wanted to get an idea of what was happening so i can explain


Subject: Wisdom teeth trouble

Ok so I'm 14 and I went to my dintest today and they took pictures of my teeth. They noticed my wisdom teeth were growing in sideways and its below the surface now. This is only on my lower ones my top ones are up high. They don't have their roots yet and my parents don't want me to get them removed yet, neither do i. How long does the roots normally take for them to fully grow so I know how long to wait before they grow their roots. My dintest said they are a lot easier to get them removed without the roots and they would heal faster. I want that to happen but like I said i don't want them removed just yet. I've already had braces and if I wait to long they said it could push my teeth in and make them overlap maybe or shift around. Please help. I just want to know how fast the roots grow because I wanna wait at least till summer and hopefully the roots won't grow in.


Subject: teeth

l had mine pulled an my left side hurts still from it an looks lile they didnt.get all my tooth what can they do for that? an what can.be.the.cause of.the pain off an on its been six days since my surgery.


Subject: Extra wisdom teeth

I had a wisdom tooth removed a few years ago but recently where it was is hurting, my jaw is clicking again and the gum has come away from the tooth in front, exactly what happened when my first one came through.
Is it possible to get a second but in the same place?


Subject: Extra wisdom teeth

No, you do not have another tooth coming in in the same place. When your doctor removed your wisdom tooth a few years ago- he took an xray called a Panoramic. This is a picture of your whole facial structure, teeth and jaw. They would have seen an extra tooth there and removed it at the same visit if needed. There may be another issue going on in your mouth and I suggest going to see a dentist soon!


Subject: How long can I wait?

So my wisdom teeth have started growing in the top left is the only one that's broken through the gum at all and it's growing pointing the top of the tooth at my cheek and now the bottom right is starting to really push out. I can't do anything until Thanksgiving will that be horrible to wait that long it's the first day of November now?

Tricia santos

Subject: Wisdom teeth

My daughter is 16 years old and I took her to the dentist. They took X-rays and the dentist wants to remove all wisdom teeth. Should we wait until she is at least 18 years old?


Subject: Wisdom teeth

17 this year had 3 wisdom teeth growing . at first my gum seemed to hurt really bad but after some time they grew and protude out from my gum like just a part of the teeth and it doesnt really hurt anymore . my down right gum also had the same thing but it never grew out and the gum is not hurting anymore. Should i get it extracted or????


Subject: yes!

my wisdom teeth did that. swol up went down swol up went down. every time it swol up it hurt soooooo bad. i kept saying one day it wont hurt one day.........that time has never come and it hurts 10 years later. almost all the time. GET THEM REMOVED AS SOO AS POSSABLE!!!! If they are giving you trouble now they will forEVER!!!!!


Subject: during recovering after removing wisdom teeth

I removed my 4 wisdom teeth a month ago. It looks like recovering well. But there are few yellow protuberance stuff inside of my mouth. I don't feel painful at all. But I am worried about if I was infected or something.


Subject: Is it a Wisdom tooth?

Just yesterday (Friday) I noticed pain at the very back of my left molar. I didn't really mind it at first since the pain wasn't that bad. Whenever I touch the gum area where the wisdom tooth is "supposed" to grow I do have mild pain, but I just relieve it with advil. I did some research about wisdom teeth and I'm guessing I might have one. I've never had a wisdom tooth grow fully or felt this kind of pain before. As of today (Saturday) I am taking erythromycin and advil to relieve the inflammation. I do notice that I am kind of biting against by gums too. My dentist appointment isn't til Oct.14th which is 11 days from now. I was wondering if it's safe to just relieve the pain and inflammation for now til I have my dentist appointment?


Subject: Wisdom teeth or molars??

Ok I am 13 turning 14 and all 6 starting from the way back teeth hurt?? My school nurse said it is my molars and wisdom teeth.. Both of them yes! And it's on both side.. What do I do?? Go to a dentist??

Johnathan Maqueda

Subject: Your wisdom teeth are

Your wisdom teeth are probably impacted to your normal molars. You'll need to get them removed, the dentist will explain the procedure. If you do not remove them they will hurt more when your older and are likely to get infected.

Hoped that helped!


Subject: I have all 4 of my. Wisdom

I have all 4 of my. Wisdom teeth none bother me exept the left bottom one touches my cheek a little and its getting annoying can my dr drill the points down or does
She have to pull it out?

Sabrina Turner

Subject: Wisdom teeth

That's the best time to remove them is when you don't have a problem. (Well if they don't hurt) If you wait until they start hurting then it could mean there is an infection there. I got my wisdom tooth pulled today, the same one. (bottom left) My dentist kept telling me to have it pulled but I didn't listen. I kept having them fill a bad tooth. By the time I broke down and let them pull it, the tooth was badly decayed that he couldn't get a good grip to pull it out because it kept breaking.


Subject: wisdom teeth

I am 23 and I have all four, but they haven't come up yet. Nor do they hurt. My bottom left one isn't growing up, but sideways straight into the other molar. The bottom right is almost as bad. The top look ok, but there isn't enough room. I am getting them out on the 15th along with for other teeth at the same time. No one can understand why they don't hurts. Only my gums itch. It is so strange.


Subject: Wisdom tooth

HI, My bottom left wisdom tooth is in serious pain and my face is swollen about an inch past normal. Throat is sore and cant swallow saliva. All four teeth are coming in crooked against the 2nd molar. Is it possible to bear through the pain and let the teeth push through and see what happens?


Subject: Letting Wisdom Teeth Grow? No.

I'm 26 now but I used to feel pain from my bottom left wisdom tooth since around your age. I decided I'd let it be and just have it take its natural course.

Wrong move.

I'm here now, in my University dorm room with my face swollen and that tooth had fully burst out of my gum but grinding up against its neighbor. It's been 8 days since the pain started and today, in a few hours will be my meeting with a dentist to hopefully get something done.

I recommend taking them out while you can and while you have insurance.


Subject: my wisdom tooth on the top

my wisdom tooth on the top right of my jaw is growing still and it's pushing the tooth in front of it and that tooth feels like it's getting loose. I can't chew food without it hurting really bad!

Shirley Adeyemi

Subject: wisdom tooth

Hello I had my wisdom tooth pulled. They pulled out my bone so the have to cover it with my gum and stitch. She said this is common when pulling wisdom teeth. Ive had 3 pull and I never heard of this happen. Is this common? I cant find anything about.


Subject: Wisdom Teeth

I just noticed a wisdom tooth come in. Come to think of it, I think I've had it for about a year now. But it doesn't hurt. It doesn't seem to affect me at all. I've noticed the tooth is there, just I really just noticed that's it's an extra one. Should I be concerned? Should I have it removed? Or is it fine as long as it's not causing problems? It seems to b growing in fine and straight. And isn't angled weird or anything. Just wondering. Thanks.


Subject: Wisdom Teeth

Hi I went to the Dentist not long ago because my bottom Wisdom Teeth are impacted and they hurt very bad, but my top ones are fine. He told me as long as they don't hurt or cause you any problems then there is no need to get them taken out, some people have more room for them to grow than others. Hope this helped.


Subject: Wisdom teeth at age 64

I'm 64 years old and never have had any problems with my wisdom teeth as I still have jaw space behind them. Last week I had one with a very large cavity just below the gumline removed. It was painless (novicain only) with no swelling though I iced it for an hour.anyway. It had only one root and came out after a little rocking followed by one pull. The extraction took about 5 minutes. A clot formed immediately and I ate a lamb chop dinner about 4 hours later. On-line it says most wisdom tooth removal is unnecessary!

Kathleen Wildrick

Subject: Wisdom teeth

if it's grown In nicely and doesn't hurt, leave it alone. I have all 4 wisdom teeth, thanks to orthodontics when I was a teen. He made room for them to grow in, and they grew in straight. I would leave well enough alone. See what happens with the others. X-Rays should reveal whether they will grow in straight.


Subject: My wisdom teeth

I have a very painful impacted wisdom tooth.
after x rays he has suggested filing the tooth rather than extraction. I have never heard of this . Does anyone have more information


Subject: filing wisdom tooth

Yes, I had a wisdom tooth that just came out and it was poking on my cheek until it made a hole in my cheek. My dentist filed the wisdom tooth to make it smooth (no extraction). 3 years later and I never had a problem with it again.

David Smith

Subject: Wisdom tooth removal

I have a wisdom tooth that has caused severe pain and swelling so bad it has affected my entire left jaw including my tongue and throat. My problem is I underwent radiation treatment for tonsil caner which was completed four months ago, the oral surgeon insist I go through Barametric oxygen treatment because of the radiation treatment, however my ENT which found the cancer says it may or may not be needed, but the tooth must be removed and if problems arise, we deal with it then. My dentist says he can remove it safely because the roots are straight and should have no problems. Two conflicting ideas, what should I do?


Subject: Wisdom teeth

My wisdom tooth is almost done growing but I been noticing that my lower jaw has been hurting. It's on the same side as the tooth, but it hurts in the middle. Is that right?


Subject: wisdom teeth

No, that is not right, it must be interfering some how. Possibly too small of a jawline. Same thing happened to me on my top left. had to get it pulled.


Subject: Mine too

Same here I am 40 years old and had 2 wisdom pulled in my 20's then had the other two pulled in my 30's. Now the dentist has said i have wisdom teeth to be pulled. She told me i was crazy, that wisdom teeth dont grow back once pulled.


Subject: wisdom teeth keep growing

Hello, I'm a little concerned with my wisdom teeth, they keep growing back. I just had my bottom right wisdom tooth removed at the end of november 2012, now it's starting to grow again. This is not the first time either but I didn't make a big deal because the assistant dentist said it is impossible for a wisdom tooth to grow back. So I questioned myself on exactly which teeth I had gotten removed. Now I know for sure that my wisdom teeth keep growing back in. What does this mean, am I abnormal? Because everyone says it is impossible for wisdom teeth to grow back.


Subject: this is a medical condition

this is a medical condition known as "supernumerary teeth," it is quite rare but is not anything to be concerned with other than the fact that it could cause problems just like regular wisdom teeth because that is what they are. i am not a dentist just to clarify i am just in a lot of pain with my wisdom teeth growing in "buccoangular" so i have been doing a lot of research on this and i hope that helps.

Dr Richard Ting

Subject: the physiological reason of having wisdom teeth

the reason of extra sets of molars in this article is not exactly true. there is a physiological reason why out body does that. Our permanent molars come in 3 sets in 6 years intervals respectively. That is 6 years old, 12 years old, and 18 years old. Before the development of modern dentistry, our molars would easily decayed out and broken apart completely simply in a few years. So the 12 years molars and later 18 years molars will naturally have spaces to grow into. But due to the advance in dentistry, we stop losing our molars, so naturally there is not enough spaces for those spare molars. The wisdom teeth are not there for extra chewing power, but for replacement at a later age.


Subject: Wisdom Tooth

I had a question. I am 25 years old once my wisdom teeth grew in I've never had any issue with them. But I did however notice I lost part of my top right wisdom tooth. Like its decaying away as I grind my teeth and eat crunchy things. It doesn't cause me any pain at all. Is this normal for wisdom teeth?

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 I am familiar witht he ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers across the country, in particluar, the one in Overland Park, KS.  They are a "one stop" implant center.  The doctors there are at the top of their field, and an advantage is that you have all of the specialists that will be working with you in the same place.  That would have to make communication easier between doctors.  They usually offer seminars for patients and I think, offer free consultations, which is always worthwhile.

  If you chose to go the other way, some Prosthodontists will place and restore the implants themselves. In other cases, an Oral Surgeon or Periodontist will place the implant and a Prosthodontist or General Dentist restores it.   Fees can vary quite a bit from office to office and with the different options for restorative materials.  Some offer free consultations, for others, they charge a fee that might be applied to any future treatment in some cases.

The first step is to schedule a few consultations with different providers, which it sounds like you've already done.

The most important factors when deciding which practitioner to work with:
.1.  You should feel comfortable asking your doctor any questions so that you have a good understanding of the procedure itself, healing time and long-terem outcome, and possible complications.  Write down a list of questions and take them with you to the consultation.

2.  Ask about the experience of the practitioner. How many similiar procedures have they completed?  Have they had any major complications with any cases?  Ask to see photos if possible.

3..Figure out if it works out better for your schedule, to go to a "one stop" provider or to separate providers for the placement and the restoration of the implants.

4. Follow your instincts.  If you feel rushed, didn't get direct answers to your questions, didn't communicate well or had any other negative feelings, this probably isn't the doctor for you.

5. Consider insurance coverage and financing options.  If your dental plan covers implants and it is important to you to use a preferred provider, you will want to check your list.  Many times, insurance does not cover implants, or at least not all of the steps.  You may want to inquire about payment and financing options.

I hope this at least helps you feel a little less confused and a little more directed. Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of further help.
Beth L. Gehring,DDS, PC
816 NW Vesper
Blue Springs, Mo 64015
As a  Dentist, I am sorry to hear about your denture nightmare and I know how frustrating that can be.  I am surprised that your doctor wasn't willing to work with you on some type of solution.  A few options would be either remaking the dentures once more,  or offering to return some of the money and have you return the dentures.   Unfortunately, the doctor has put in a lot of their time and lab expenses, but the patient also  has time and money invested.  You might try sending a letter re-explaining the problems you hand and offering an acceptible and fair solution.  Be sure to keep a copy of it and any correspondence you receive from the Dental Office.  In the event that you don't get anywhere, you have documentation of the problem. 

At any point in the process, did they have you sign something saying you were happy with the denture set up?  Some practitioners will document the patient's acceptance at the try-in appointment, before the denture is processed.  At that time, changes in tooth arrangement, size and color can be made with minimal lab expense. 

If the letter doesn't get you anywhere, you might try going to the governing body of the dental profession in your area.  I am a dentist in Blue Springs, Missouri, USA.  Here, we have the Missouri Dental Board  (or the Dental Division of the Missouri Department of Professional Registration.)  This is the entity that licenses us to perform our professional duties in our state.  They often have a process to file complaints against a provider if you were unable to resolve the problem yourself.   After your complaint is received, they will contact the doctor to get their side of the story, then try to mediate a solution between the two parties.  

As far as a new set of dentures, you might seek out the services of a Prosthodontist (specializes in dentures and removable appliances - extra training and certification beyond general dentistry) or go to a local dental school.  The students are supervised and checked off at each step by professionals.  Most dental schools also treat patients through their faculty practices, and you can often get the services of a specialist at a lower price. 

I hope this information is helpful to your situation, and I wish you well. 

Beth Gehring, DDS
816 NW Vesper
Blue Springs, MO  64015  USA
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