5 Tips to Go Gray Gracefully

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Hilary Simpson

Subject: going grey gracefully

I was born with lovely blond curly hair. When I hit 16 I
decided to start colouring my hair because my lovely blond hair was looking dull. The last time I coloured it
was in February. So, this month I am 69 and have decided to embrace my silver locks. The other day I
cut it into a short bouncy, layered bob and am really
pleased with the look. The different tones, are lovely and
it is a nice feeling to feel so natural. I still have some
coloured bits on the ends, but luckily my hair grows very
fast, so soon be all gone. I say, accept our grey and
be proud of our age and what comes with it.


Subject: Glitter and Sparkle

I colored since I was 24, that was when I noticed gray. And it didn't help when I gave birth to my daughter at 22, my hair went from light blond to dark dirty dishwater blond...ugh! But recently at 42, I got a short pixie, that pretty much took all color away and left complete sparkle and glitter. I love it! And it couldn't come at a better time. My first grandchild will be here in 2 short months. It was a constant struggle for 10 years to go gray, but now I am ready!


Subject: Interesting connections!

I gave birth to my daughter when I was twenty-one, and started going gray. I started dying it 4 years later. I'm now 42, and my daughter is about to give birth to her first baby, and I'm seriously thinking about going gray... I have three other kids 16, 12, and 9, and feel really young still, but I hate feeling so bad and embarrassed about my roots! Maybe it's time to let it go! Should I do it? Do you feel just as young? Should I wait til I'm 50 or 60? So much hair dying!


Subject: Loving platinum "highlights"

I'm 45 and after colouring my hair since I was 16 I've had enough. Cut it short to get rid of most of the (faded) colour and shocked my natural colour is a mid ash brown. Rapt that the grey is fine strands all the way through. When my teen says "mum you're grey!" I say "they're platinum highlights". It adds a softness to hair & skintone...as many others have already said, you do have to reassess makeup & clothing colour. Yes to jewel, pure colours no to earthy tones. My hair is a zillion times healthier without colouring chemicals in it. Definitely take the plunge - you may really like what you see.


Subject: Not sure what to do now

I've been rocking my short dyed red hairstyle for a couple years to keep my grey, hid. I got tired of having to cut it every few weeks and dying it even if I only trimmed it. Well, I finally shaved it off to start fresh a couple days ago, but I'll have to hide it when I go in public. I am in need of a head wrap, do rag, or something that won't draw as much attention to me as my shaved head..lol. Any suggestions? Thanks!! BTW...If people wasn't so rude, I'd go out in my shaved hair, I love it! But, not for how it looks, just the everything else factors.


Subject: Get a beanie

Hi Me,
I haven't shaved my head but I have been wearing a beanie for some time now just for fun. But as it turns out I have decided after 8 weeks of no retouch to go gray. The beanie will be perfect. I got mine at Kohls but they don't carry anymore. I have found some on Amazon. They are kind of a knit material and you can change the way you wear them based on your mood. Love mine!!!! Don't be too hard on yourself due to others judgements. You have tremendous courage to shave your head and should be proud of being brave. Seize the day!!!!!

JoAnn Mechetti

Subject: need help with gray hair

Need some kind of help with the gray hair...I have been dying my hair for about 40 years. The grays are no longer taking, so I am letting it go out...Plenty of my friends really like it...But it needs some help...It is dull looking and very dark on the sides and back...My hair is short, the top in beautiful HELP

Bear hunter

Subject: Going grey!

Good morning - I am in a similar spot with my hair and the two tones. Mine is past shoulder length and I have
used semi-permanent hair color on and off to hide the greys. I have noticed that the greys don't change color anymore, either,
so I just stopped using it. I have been using biotin/collagen conditioner and shampoo. It feels like my hair has been thinning, too! So at this point I just want healthy hair, but I can see that there is a bit of two-tone going on. I think I might get some inches taken off, so it will "look more blended. . ." But for me, I braid it and then it blends well, or go loose and fluff it up.(it is pin straight) I also wear hats! Maybe try some curling or fluffing, use some clips, or just go with it - it sounds lovely, and I have seen dark tones on sides and in the back done on purpose. Or maybe a semi-permanent gentle/lighter color would lighten it up all around. . .but I am not good at hair advice! Good luck! :)


Subject: Want to let it grow

I'm ready to let my grey grow in. It's been coming on since I was 16. I'm 44 now and I'm tired of fighting the battle with it. Unfortunately, the battle with my hubby is ramping up - he is dead-set against it, so I may have to acquiesce to his wishes a bit to avoid trouble. I will see my hair stylist and see about letting it come in gradually. I'm seriously tired. I'm ready to embrace it - he thinks I've "given up". In a way, but it's not a bad thing. Try telling him, though. Blogs like this help, though, so thank you!


Subject: Grey "highlights"

I've begun the process of not coloring the grey roots by getting grey "highlights" to blend the roots in with my dark brown hair. It's a process, but I'm ready.Have been for years! I've been coloring since my mid twenties and am now 45. I thought I could keep it up until 50, but no way. I think I've just spent too much time obsessing over the roots. My husband talked me out of this process a few years ago, but didn't put up much objection this time. That might be because I've started making other lifestyle changes that he's excited about (like belly dancing lessons). Now that the first round of highlights are done, he's interested to see the changes. It helps to show him pictures of what I have in mind. Best of luck to you!


Subject: Gray Hair

I just started the process of letting my hair go gray. Right now I look like I have highlights. My husband loves it, we will see what he thinks in 6 months. I'm playing with make up, watching my weight and rethinking my wardrobe. The process feels like the right choice and I'm saving money!

marian houk

Subject: Covering daughters grey hair

I"m a retired 78 old hair stylist & not up to the "new coloring". I cut my 58 yr. old daughters hair after she grew out all the blond color( she was a natural blond) all her life. It's a mixture of salt & pepper & white now. She wants to color it to look a natural blond as much as it can be. We used to use semi-perm color before Lt. beige blond(Wella Brand) . Any help or advice would be great!!!
Thank you,

Mary Camerota

Subject: Change in colors ?

My hair is now turning a silver color, my natural color was dark brown. I am 67 and retired. Ready to start something new. I always had a henna rinse put in and then to coloring my hair in my late 30's. I have an olive skin color. What colors would I need to change to ? Also, moisturizer ,eye brow pencil. Mascara,and lip gloss is all I use for make up. All hints would be much appreciated. Thank You, Mary


Subject: Tired of dying my hair

I'm 52 years old I've been dying my hair since my teens, I want to go grey gracefully but to scared. My grey comes out on my temples, hair line, and on the roots where you divide your hair, when the grey starts growing out it looks like I'm loosing my hair or bald, I would like to blend in a color with my grey won't have to dye my hair every 2 weeks and let my grey grow out, any ideas


Subject: Reverse Ombre

I'm 50 and decided to go grey, I went to a nice hair salon and they did a reverse ombre. I have some white (natural), then light blonde, to dark blonde, to chocolate colors. the white blends in very well and i can let it grow without the awful line contrast.


Subject: Gray

I'm in the exact same boat as this.
I'd like to hear ideas for letting roots grow out and highlighting to blend gray roots.

Jill Summers

Subject: Going gray gracefully and quickly

I have dark brown natural color hair with red highlights. I want my natural gray to grow in quickly and not need to color every 3 months. I don't mind being salt n pepper! What is the best way to do it? I am growing out a pixie. Is it better to keep hair really short to get quick results?


Subject: Naturally 29

I am 29 years old. I started getting sporadic grey hairs when I was approximately 15 years old. I think I lucked out since my grandmother tells me that she was completely grey by then. I started out highlighting my hair when I was younger (and my mom paid for it). But when I got older, got married, and had babies, it seemed cheaper to just color it myself at home. I've always had a nice rich brown color and as soon as I would see that grey growing in, especially right at my hairline, I would color it. I felt like I was being overly critical of myself and didn't like how self conscious I was feeling about my pre-mature maturity. Not to mention I knew the damage I was doing to my hair. So about 2-3 months ago I had a conversation with my husband about it. He said he didn't care what I wanted to do with my hair, as long as I was happy with it. The next conversation was with the hairdresser that cuts my whole family's hair. She agreed that starting with some highlights so I wouldn't have that dramatic line of grey in my very dark brown colored hair would help me work through the transition. She said that whenever I felt it was needed I should come back and have more highlights blended in until I was comfortable with the length of new hair growth. My plan is to have it grow until the new hair length is about chin/neck level and get a new bob-style haircut. And then no more color or highlighting at all. Making the decision has been kind of liberating and has prompted me to make better decisions for myself in every facet of life. Now all I have to do is make it through this transition without relapsing ;)

Sandi Winn

Subject: When I was in my early

When I was in my early twenties ( after second of four kids ) i delivered, along with her, two white stripes at my temples. Quite a surprise since my natural hair color was dark brown like my mothers. My dad was the one who started graying with these same famous " highlights" . Given that my friends were paying good money for what i woke up to , I enjoyed them. That is until they started spreading from one side to the other. My husband, who has always loved long grey/white hair ( his grandma's hung to her buns when not wrapped up ) encouraged me to "let it go" cultural pun intended. lol. I told him there where several things I had inherited besides this early tendency toward snow white ( emphasis on white ) . A receding hair line for one .While I was willing at my age to except a new hairline or white hair; this dynamic duo was not my idea of dynamic and there for, not an option! So began my breaking rule #1 of the hairdressers code; never do your own hair. As life got more complicated, duh, two more kids, etc., i had a choice... drugs or chemicals. ha ha! I had one close call with insanity,( I hear you, " What? Only one!? ), After finding a new product under the label of 'color removal' , I decided to jump of the proverbial bridge. You know, the one my friends were to afraid to jump off. ;-). By now time was at a premium, eye sight starting to fail. suffice is to say , I took the label at its word within the context of my own desire to not have," color hair" on my to do list. i proceeded without caution but with every intent of embracing my natural color at the end of this expedition.Instead I remembered the importance of the small print. when what was revealed from under my head towel was a vision of Lucile Ball. I'll never forget the look on the mail man's face when , having forgotten what my hair looked like as i could not get in to see and old friend still practicing the art of hair color, I answered the door to sign for something! ;-0 I gave in and gave up. i went back to doing chemicals and factored the time in as "my time". Hey, at least i was saving money for soccer camps, music lessons, pet food, vet bills, future braces, and BBQ steaks ( which it seems my Hubby prefers more than white hair! ) Now ,as my last child is leaving the nest ( no helpers left), I have matured in so many ways. I still don't have the time, don't care what others think, still have demands on resources, i am ready to give up this chemical ritual.They say that it's the long term memories we have total recall of but for the white hair of me, i could not come up with a plan to implement toward my goal of going Oh'natural. ( I'd like to come face to face with 'they" before this life is over). Then I remembered," Hey, what about that thing called 'the internet'?! So here I am , having found enough information and encouragement to risk it all ( all things brown that is. lol ). Thank yo for all of your stories of your travels from one color to the one you were made for. ;-) Hmmm? I wonder how many shades i could have concocted in the time it took me to write this? No , no, no. I will not go back! ;-)

Kimberly Rose

Subject: thinking of letting my silver show

I am 48 and color my hair dark natural blond but under that is completely silver and I like to let it just go silver but I'm scared of the change I have always had a vision of myself having long silver hair when I get to retirement age ....So reading how other women have made the step is empowering and helpful and this change ...thank you!

Ellen Miller
Ellen Miller

Subject: gray to silver

Thanks for your comment! As a person who uses temporary color to dye gray at the temples and crown, I envy you your total silver! I love how silver looks, but I'm not crazy about salt and pepper. At least not yet ....   :)

VERY graceful gray

Subject: THIS is how to do it!

My natural color is very dark, almost black hair. Very pale skin. Black eyebrows and lashes.
I am 53. I have 3 daughters, the last of which graduates high school next spring.
I had been coloring since my early 40s. Always wanted it to look natural, just a dark brown until I found Feria # 32, Midnight Ruby. Natural looking in darker indoor lighting but with a little light bouncing off it would look Purple black.
Of course my kids and their friends thought it was the coolest. And I would get compliments WEEKLY from strangers, young and old.
But as I got more gray, it would fade faster and look more red than purple.
My husband kept bugging me that if I wanted to stop coloring it, he'd be just fine with it. But I didn't want to deal with the growing out. Ugg! Plus I had the idea I would wait until after graduation next year.
But this is what I did.
I started coloring with a #2, 24 washings color close to my own color. Some cheap Clairol brand I think. As it would fade, I could tell where the old reddish line of color was. When it faded enough to not look good, I'd just do it again.
Then one day I just stopped, let it fade with each washing. It's very salt and pepper now. The kids and my husband thinks it's pretty and I'm kinda glad I'm like the first of my friends to go for it. I am the trailblazer! And I never once felt embarrassed in public because it was never obvious that I was growing it out.
Very graceful and probably cost me less than $40 total once I started the temporary color.


Subject: Thanks for posting this. I

Thanks for posting this. I had this idea a couple of days ago and I was hoping someone else out there tried it first.

I just realized I can't keep coloring forever. And I don't want to.

Thanks again for your post.


Subject: I LOVE this idea! I am 45

I LOVE this idea! I am 45 and I am very gray, but have covered my "gray babies" since I was about 28. I have got a lot of flack about going gray because I look so young. However, recently, I just feel the need to be more genuine and that includes letting my hair be what it is. This process makes SO much sense! I am also going to highlight to help in the transition. I am so glad I read your post! Thank you!

Elizabeth Cromwell

Subject: gray hair

The assessments were spot on of the changes that should be made once one's hair begins graying. I bought the hair colors that said especially 'for gray hair' and I saw no difference in the ones used before. I tried to buy Loreal but if 2 stores didn't have my color, I would buy Clairol foam. I had been washing my hair everyday, and these do not last on gray very long, 2-3 weeks. The rest of my hair blended well, and I waited to color again until my hair felt repaired. But then I found John Frieda. Oh, my....even the color part one made my hair feel wonderful. The conditioner had such a silkiness, I tried to make it last as long as I could. The John Frieda covered gray better, and (because I tried to shampoo it less, also) the color lasted longer. I was very pleased; I wait until I find John Frieda products.
Back to the one article. I have changed to more solid softer cool colors, jewel toned. I had my hair cut shorter, and then shorter each time I went to get it cut, and now it sits on my shoulders. It can easily be made fun or professional. Great article!
I have tried highlights, and that is great, until I am hot, and I still pull my hair back. A whole ring of gray 'coming out' is what frames my face, after the first few weeks after coloring. I don't work nor have a significant other, but my three daughters are the fashion experts, in our family, They are sweet, and take me shopping, or go for me. I love them much, they are Jesus to me. for their care. There is no threat, but I am glad to please them, and look nice.

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