5 Things To Know About Shellac Nails

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sylvia schnelkerj

Subject: Biotin

I am a senior citizen and have never been able to grow my nails. I have used various Biotin for several years but they have not helped untilI switched to HSN Andrew Lessman's Biotin. In a little over 4-6 weeks my nails and nail beds are strong and long enough for a manicure. I also use QVCs Perfect Formula. WOW. Family and friends thought I had acrylics.


Subject: Biotin

What does this have to do with the article regarding Shellac nails. You are obviously just advertising.


Subject: Chiped nails

I have a very thin nails which chip and peel all the time. I went to the Dermatologist but Dr said there is an aging process and there is nothing she can do. I was taking vitamins , Biotin. Nothing helps.
Any suggestions beside the Cuticle Oil?
I would really appreciate any help. Can I try Shellac?
Thank you!

Laura Rubio

Subject: Thin nails

If you have already tried some of the suggestions below and nothing has worked, perhaps my story could help you. I used to have the same problem, my nails were very thin and would chip and peel easily. My hair got also very thin and started falling. I tried many nail and hair supplements and remedies and nothing worked. One day I was referred to an endocrinologist. It turned out the thin, brittle nails is a very common symptom of hypothyroidism. Once I started treatment, my nails got stronger and thicker. I now have normal nails.


Subject: Hair skin & nails + hard as hoof

I had a nail biting problem for years. I started taking 2 supplements of specifically hair, skin & nails a day (6000 mcg biotin) and I always apply "hard as hoof" multiple times a day. My nails have gotten so much stronger in just 2 months, I was finally able to get a shellac manicure! Also, if you have any rough edges on your nails, it helps to keep a GOOD file with you at all times so that they don't break/peel. I also used to take just regular biotin supplements and I hated them so I definitely think the Hair Skin Nails is better.

Amy wilkinson

Subject: I know an amazing product for beautiful healthyb nail growth!!

I have recently started juice plus and am amazed by the results im seeing with nail growth and they are so beautiful and healthy!!! Please have a look at my face book page be living proof with amy and message me for more details im reluctant to even paint my nails they are so beautiful and ive been a nail biter for years with brittle flakey nails!! X


Subject: My mom had the same problem

My mom had the same problem with her nails. I suggested that she go to the nail shop and get her nails done with shellac and she has loved them ever since then. She says that they make her nails strong and that they have helped her nails to grow. I can definitely attest to that her nails have grown and they look a whole lot better and healthier even my grandmother noticed her nails and now she's going and getting shellac as well. Go on and try it polish remover is easy as well. Just make sure to have the technician the Polish when you are ready. Before I got it done this way my nails would grow out but they would break... They were not very Strong. But ever since I've been getting shellac they have not been breaking they've actually been a lot stronger than they were and they're growing as well.


Subject: thin nails

You just described my nails! They are thin, break, peel, chip, they grow very slowly, and they split from the corners sometimes. I take biotin religiously. I got a beautiful shellac mani a couple years ago and, though I would love to get one again, I would not risk it. The buffing of the nail to apply the mani thins an already too thin nail. Removing the shellac, they had to buff them again, thinning the nail farther. My nails ended up being paper thin and the manicurist suggested we put a gel polish on them to add strength (they were very flimsy and almost transparent at that point). Adding more polish to an unhealthy nail seemed a terrible idea. Because the nails grow out so slowly, I had to deal with 4 months of ultra thin nails as they needed to regrow from cuticle to tip. They tore so often, I ended up wearing gloves during the regrowth with bandaids on quite a few. Maybe shellac would work for you, but they always buff the nail, and that's a big no-no for thin or weak nails. I would not recommend shellac.


Subject: umbalanced

Hi I've been using shellac at home for about 4 yrs now. I never leave my nails without shellac or gel on them . I redo them every 1-2 wks because I like a change. When I remove products my nails are healthy. I use baby oil every night to feed my hands and nails. But for the last 7 months I have had trouble with my balance and have had a lot of tests to find the problem including an mri brain scan. Nothing has found the cause yet and I'm waiting to see a neurologist. Could it be due to long term use of nail products? .vapours lack of oxygen to nails. I'm just trying to rule out any more causes. Please help. Thanks diane.


Subject: unbalanced

I had balance issues for a few months after returning from vacation last year. The Dr initially thought it was vertigo, but when I went for treatment it did nothing. I went to a vestibular specialist at a physio/rehab clinic and he said I had a virus that attacked some nerves in my inner ear. After a few weeks of special exercises for my brain I am better. He said because of the nerve damage I had to retrain my brain. I also had an MRI. If Dr's can't see an initia infection in your ear they assume right away that it's vertigo. If you can find a vestibular person in your area it's worth a visit. Good luck!


Subject: SHELLAC

As a CND Certified Shellac pro all I can sayis use a salon/spa that know what they are doing with Shellac, that is the product any other brands are not Shellac. If asking for Shellac make sure it is CND. Many salons will say yeah sure we do Shellac and they pull out something different. There is also no buffing or filing of the nail beds when Shellac is applied and it is taken off with wraps/foil never peeled or soaked in Acetone.

The product is fantastic it is the hundreds of techs or messers out there that are not trained to use it.

Susan Capenos

Subject: Shellac for Nails

I go to a shellac only salon. They use only c.n.d. products. Onyx Salon in Bridgeville PA has been my go to nail care salon for 1+ year. I have had no problems. I keep my nails shortish,just visible tips above finger. This salon is spotless. The owner and her assistant are attentive and professional. Never crowded. Space appointments so you get a full hour devoted to you. Other services are available. Thank you Ida and Keri for a wonderful experience. I will never got to those nail mills again.

Daniella u

Subject: Peeling nail

I had my nails done a week ago. They are areqdy peeling I have NEVER had this happen at the place I go to. They always last 3 weeks. Should I ask for a redo or at least have them fix the 3 nails peeling. The polish he used seemed old it was super thick and didn't really go on well. My polish is lifting right off without me touching it. Don't want to piss my nail place off but paying 40 bucks I thought I at least get two weeks.


Subject: Gel Salon Polish

My gel polish at the salon only lasts one week before it peels away frfom my nails. I have a good tech - and she has put base coat on my nails - also tried two top coats. It doesn't help . . . I love gel nails - but can't keep paying 40.00 for one week of good polish Help!!!!!!!

Hayde gutierrez

Subject: try this

why dont u get a sole manicure every week
My manicures last about a week and they only cost $15!
Of course I use gloves when I do housework


Subject: gel manicure

i've been having the same problem! the gel starts peeling away by one week. super frustrating! my manicurist seems to be surprised every time i tell her.

Abby bacarisse

Subject: nail polish used for shellac kits

my sister got me dally Hansen nail polish for X-mas. on the handle thing that the brush and stuff is attached on, it says "no sans lamp" and "no light". does that mean I can't do shellac nails with that nail polish?? :/ plz reply fast,, I'm doing them like now. thank u so much!:*


Subject: There isn't any such thing as

There isn't any such thing as "Shellac" no light. The problem is people think Shellac is a service, it's not. Snellac is the brand created by the original gel polish, CND (Creative Nail Design). The service is gel polish. Shellac can not be purchased in retail stores as it is only sold to professionals and a licensed is required. There are many imitators, but if the bottle doesn't say CND shellac, it's imitation. Even licensed professionals are supposed to go through CND training and become certified to use Shellac. It is not the same as applying regular polish as it looks.

Jodi haynes

Subject: No light gel

That is not real gel nail polish. Many companies are producing regular polish using the word "gel" to deceive customers or make them think it is tougher than regular polish. If you don't have to use a UV or LED light it is not gel and just regular nail polish.


Subject: Shellac nail problem or not?

I have severe arthritis in my hands, and was over the moon to find a salon where I can feel confident and unembarrassed by the shape of my hands, I have had shellac now every 2 weeks for 4 months, and have been very happy and proud of the results. HOWEVER over the last 2 weeks, a couple of days after my last manicure I found that the base of my nail has vanished and that the sides of the nail are still attached to the finger but there is a hole at the bottom of the nail, and just the base of the finger showing through the hole. Going to walk in clinic tomorrow to try and find the route of the problem, but do wonder, is it the result of the Shellac or something to do with the arthritis - anyone any thoughts or solutions????

Carol Tyrell

Subject: shellac and arthritis

I have had my nails done 4x now with shellac and want to know if this treatment increases the arthritis in my hands as they are much worse since I started having my nails done.


Subject: My experience w/ Gel

I have had Gel nails done at the same salon and never had a problem. I tried a different saloñ and; by the next day they were smudgy and thick lookiñg. I went back 3-4 days later and asked for them to be redone. A different Tech explained that the color I had chose was a regular polish NOT a gel polish, but she had used it anyway. A similar Gel color and a redo lasted over 4 weeks.
Just a point that I now know to make sure all the products are meant to work together.


Subject: gel polish turning color

can someone please tell me why my gel polish always turns color...i use opi products only, I'm really into the whites, pales and pink colors right now..but after a few days my nails start to turn like a yellow/orange color, and ruins my manicure..i have tried replacing my products thinking it was cause they were old, but that didn't solve the problem. I use gloves if I have to use cleaning products..but what else can it be???


Subject: In my experience, some

In my experience, some topcoats are very porous and soak up hair color. I have some clients that dye their hair often and I have to use a special topcoat. Could be that?


Subject: nail colour

I know that my nails often turn colour because of excessive exposure to water. Sounds outrageous but ultimately it alters the colour of nail polish over a short period of time.


Subject: Yellow/orange nails

Your nails need plain old sun light. You need to leave them natural for awhile .
The natural colour will come back


Subject: Yellowing

Clear or whitish gel colors will yellow with uv exposure. There is an anti-yellowing polish that you can put over the top of your gel manicure that will help. I got some at Sally Beauty for around $6.50.


Subject: yellowish color

Hi Denise!
As a licensed Nail Tech, I can tell you that OPI as a gel polish brand just doesn't do the job. I have had a lot of problems with it. You may be experiencing a bad bottle that the vapors have escaped by leaving it open for too long and did not get mixed together prior to opening it. Or sunlight may be causing the yellowing. Try taking it back to where you got it for a replacement before purchasing a new one. Also, try the actual tried and true brand of CND shellac, I have never seen it yellow. One more thing that could be causing the yellowing is the top coat. Try shaking it vigorously before applying, at least for 30 seconds, and always stick with the same brand when layering base, color, top coat.


Subject: I had the same problem with

I had the same problem with my polish when I had my acrylics. I found out that it's due to too much sun exposure or heat, causing the discoloration. To get rid of it temporarily, I take a cotton ball with acetone or non acetone and gently wipe the surface, but not getting rid of the polish underneath the yellow. Your nails will look brand new again! This only lasts a few days if you expose yourself to a lot of heat and sun, though.


Subject: RE: gel polish turning color

Do you use a tanning bed by chance? That causes nails to discolor. If you use a tanning bed, check with your salon to see if they have "nail caps" to protect your color during tanning :)


Subject: polish

Hi Denise, usually white-ish colors tend to change into a yellow tones due to chemicals in cleaning products and hair products.


Subject: Shellac

I've just started having shellac nails, I'm on my third application. The last lot peeled after 3 days. I've now had a thin layer of gel put as a base and guess what? I've just had two nails peel after three days!! Absolutely useless and cost a fortune! Is this usual? Should I demand a free manicure? The girl that does them seems to be good and thorough


Subject: I also had a problem with my

I also had a problem with my nails peeling shortly after my first try with the shellac. I told my salon and they now put on three layers of the shellac so that my nails do not peel.


Subject: shellac peeling

mine peel also. it's because my nails are thin. if your nail bends at all, it can cause the shellac to lift and peel. just because it's not lasting doesn't necessarily mean your nail technician is doing something wrong. have her do your toes. see if the shellac stays there. if it stays with no problem, then she is doing it right. i am licensed to do nails also, so it can be a challenge when a person has this problem.


Subject: I get shellac done every 3-4

I get shellac done every 3-4 weeks, and never because its peeling, but because my nails grow to quickly. A few times the very bottom closest to my nail beds has begun to lift but nothing tht wrecks the manicure. I work with food so alot of hand washing, wet hands and harsh chemicals i wear gloves most times but stuff soaks through, my colors have faded but i have yet to have a manicure not last a min 3 weeks.

your girl is doing somethign wrong

Linda Fletcher

Subject: Shellac nails versus gel

I been getting Gel mani cures on nature nail, it last about 2 sometimes 3 weeks so I am pleased with it, I streach it out another week and get a match up color and redo myself and use acetone at home to remove gel polish. I am thinking of switching salons and the new one only does shellac not Gel they said no difference. My nails break off a lot and peel somewhat but been better since getting manicures with gel polish, will the shellac weeken my nails more then Gel?.


Subject: False false and false!

There are so many inaccuracies in this article, that for one, as a licensed Nail Tech, my professional opinion is to take it off your site and have someone who knows the correct information rewrite it. I would recommend Doug Schoon for cross checking your information. Even the comments from other nail techs have false information. I don't have time to point out the misrepresentation in your article, but I couldn't, in good conscious say nothing. All I can say is that there is absolutely NO product on the market that damages your nail plate. The damage is caused by improper nail prep before the product is applied, as well as improper aftercare and improper removal. My number ONE PRIORITY as a nail tech is to protect the integrity of the natural nail when performing services. I would also venture to guess that CND would have legal issues with the use of the word "Shellac" in this article, as it is causing harm to their brand.


Subject: soft gel nails

i want to open a spa where i can have nails done. Can u suggest be some of the best soft gel lamps? i dont have a background at nails but i want to have some at store

Melinda Valdez

Subject: shellac

I agree with this article. I've had Shellac (CND) for about 1/2 year now. My Nail Tech does an excellent job preparing my nails & take a high dosage of Vitamins & Biotin. But my nails don't seem to grow & rather chip & peel alot. The gel only lasts 2 weeks as well. So i find according to my experience this article not only to be factual but on point.

Eve Amore

Subject: agreed as well

Absolutely agreed, lots of false information. Apparently author has no idea about this subject.


Subject: agree

Nail tech here. I thought the same thing reading this! It's horrible information, misleading, and you're right-I'm sure CND would not be ok with this.

S Finley

Subject: UVA Drying Lamps

I just recently moved to California from out of state. I was so surprised at the heat of the UVA drying lamp. Is it unusual to feel like I'm being totally cooked? I've had gel nails done off and on for years and have never had this experience. My former salon had cool lamps. Are they available in CA?


Subject: With the currently available

With the currently available gels, there is always heat transfer. The amount of heat you feel is determined by many different factors; the thickness of your nail plate, the type and amount of gel per coat and the intensity/type of the light. Some lamps will pulsate the light so the heat spike is spread out and less noticeble.

If you're getting an uncomfortable spike during the first few seconds of curing, just pull you hand a couple inches away from the light bulb then move closer to it after 10 seconds.

Cheryl McEvoy

Subject: Because there is no way to

Because there is no way to file off the product without filing into your nail which takes a layer of the nail plate. That is what makes nails thin, weak and damaged. Acetone does none of those things, permanently. It loosens the gel polish away from the nail plate, leaving the nail in a healthy state.


Subject: False false and false

1) Shellac can treat dry brittle peeling nails. They make special formulas for this purpose. Plus, the added strength can prevent splitting and breaking. 2) The removal process while yes, somewhat harmful, limits said chemical harm by wrapping ONLY THE NAIL in said "colorless manufactured liquids," there by limiting clients exposure. 3) Shellac can be cured with LED doesn't have to be UV.
That said you should see a licensed technician and discuss any of these concerns with them not some half wit writing a blog.
I am said licensed tech, been in the biz for 13 years. Generally this option is the best for everyone out there with EXTREAMLY RARE exceptions to that statement.


Subject: I Guess Everyone is Different

I had Shellac done at a CND-certified salon and have had no ill-effects whatsoever from it. First of all, a truly professional salon will NOT file off Shellac polish! The proper technique is to soak the nails with acetone-soaked wraps until the polish is softened, then the polish is GENTLY scraped off with an orange stick. No fuss, no muss, and absolutely NO trauma. Just because those walk-in nail shops are cheaper doesn't mean they're a good deal, ladies! You get what you pay for!


Subject: Not right

You may be very well experienced with this but are you a doctor or a scientist? Acetone is very dangerous to be exposed to regularly so it's in appropriate for you to say there no ill effects. Be careful


Subject: You're probably allergic to

You're probably allergic to something that is being used on you or possibly your hands are bring dehydrated during soak off and need some moisturizer.


Subject: Wrong

"Second, it cannot be used to lengthen the nails, so people who opt for this treatment should have nails at the length they like."

I have my nails shellacked and they grow just like normal. At the salon, they take off the shellac and reapply and my nails are longer every time... because healthy nails grow. Common sense.


Subject: Shellac

Shellac has ruined my nails after removing my nails are so thin and brittle I wonder how long it will take to get them back to normal. I will never have them done again I am so furious at the mess it caused my nails. If you can don't have shellac it comes with future damage!!!

Cheryl McEvoy

Subject: Blaming the product is an

Blaming the product is an easy excuse. It is because of improper application and removal that causes nails to get weak and thin, just like when wearing artificial nails. Unfortunately, there are a lot of discount, walk-in shops out there who don't care about what they are doing who give a nail product a bad name.


Subject: Never again...

I was religious about my Shellac!

Nearly two years; every two weeks...just took it off because I could feel how thin my nails were getting; even with the Shellac on them they were bending at the tips.

My finger nails are destroyed! Paper thin and sensitive.

I never considered the fact that the acetone is the equivalent of a paint thinner and I was soaking in it regularly.

I will never do Shellac again...


Subject: Shellac

My nails crack and don't grow so for the first time I have used shellac to help them that's what I was told is that true, do you have any other ideals how I can grow my nails and make them strong and grow please. Thank you



Hydrate your nails by using oil , use gloves when you do house work , chemical dry out nails, use vitamin e oil or olive oil that will make the nail more flexible and prevent it from splitting when you hit it.


Subject: Shellac

Hi Sandra,
One way that might help improve your nails, try warming a small amount of olive oil, then massage it around the cuticles paying attention to the cuticle area at the base of the nail, do this daily,
I hope this helps you


Subject: gel nails

I'm curious about that as well. My nails are so thin they rip instead of breaking and I was told they'd grow long and strong with gel but I'm really new to this and so far my nails aren't any longer at all :(

It's funny because I had a lot of questions before getting the gel and I'm so glad I found this site because none of what the salon told me was correct!

I'm on my second set in less then three weeks. I just the 2nd set done six days ago and the polish is already flaking on the sides and the French tip on one nail is already gone. The first set looked and lasted longer so I'm curious if french tips don't last as long?

Last question: do they fill these in or do I have to keep buying full manicures each time? I'm not a fan of acrylic nails but I'm starting to think that's the way to go? Seems a lot more cost effective and a lot less hassle!

Arlene Daykin

Subject: Shellac

I am having so much problem with my nails after having Shellac applied. Would not recommend use of this product to anyone.

Cheryl McEvoy

Subject: This has nothing to do with

This has nothing to do with the product itself. I have clients I've done Shellac on for over 7 yrs now and their nails are healthy and strong. It depends on how the product is being applied and removed.


Subject: Shellac

Using shellac for the last four months. My nails are very short. After 4/5 days it starts chipping. I have very weak nails - they split - crack - peel. I don't think for one minute it is the fault of my technician. I am paying £25 every two weeks. I do feel I shall stop using anything. I'm sure the medication I am I am on does'nt help.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Subject: To help your nail

My nails are the same way. I get gel on my natural nail now. I used tips for about 6weeks then I had them removed at the salon and just had gel applied to my natural nail. Gel is a little more expensive bit very hard prevents the breaking and chipping good luck hope this helps

Ultimate Nails Shreveport

Subject: Shellac Gel Nails are much

Shellac Gel Nails are much better and healthier then Acrylic nails.
Acrylic nails requires filing on your nail bed for applications which after time weakens your nail bed and alos requires refills every 2 weeks.The Shellac Gel looks just as great as ACrylic. No refills - Only removal and reapplied. They generally lasts up to 3 weeks. Another positive is that There are no waiting time for the polish to dry as it is cured under the UV light. Removal takes 5 minutes compare to 30 for Acrylic. The majority of our clients now prefrers Gel rather than acrylic.
On a final note, If you do tip polish (french or color tip) you can go longer since once your nail grows out, you can see the gap between your cuticle and where the nail has grown out if it is full color. By doing tip polish the base is clear..therefore the growing gap is clear and not as noticable.

Cheryl McEvoy

Subject: Incorrect!! When product is

Incorrect!! When product is applied and removed correctly neither will damage the natural nail, therefore neither is healthier or better for the nail. And getting fill every two weeks makes no difference. And the longer you wait between getting gel polish it takes longer remove.


Subject: first time

i have never got have nails done with shellac before and i want to know if it a good idea??


Subject: Shellac is good!! Key is proper removal...

I naturally have long and strong nails. I'm no good with filing my own nails never really tried to consistently maintain my nails, just occasionally. So I finally saw my nails were all the same length and decided to start polishing them and said what the heck let me have them done for Valentines day Groupon special. The person I found is a new grad, works alone out of a hair salon, and takes great care of my nails with shellac/gel. I'm on my third visit.!She takes her time to soak, lightly file, and she uses a cuticle filer( I think) to scrap only the shellac/gel during the process. My nails are still very healthy and are Not discolored, no hang nails or splits. She really cares for nails!


Subject: Can you have a fill-in done

Can you have a fill-in done with shellac nails after they grow out on a month or do you have to remove & completely redo each month?


Subject: fill on shellac

As a certified CND shellac nail technician it is not recommended. I soak my clients every time.
However, It is possible to get a fill as long as you get the same color. Most technicians will not guarantee the manicure If you do this as it thickens the layers and the bond isn't near as strong.
I have found most clients like to change their color after 3 to 4 weeks anyway, unless you like french manicures.


Subject: very soft nails after having used shellac polish

I have been getting my nails done every 4 weeks last month when i removed the shallec my nails were very soft and bendy and this month they are the same i have used astaone nail remover but the first and seconed time they were find do you think it is the shellac polish or could i have a deficiency off something hope you can advise me

Cheryl McEvoy

Subject: Acetone will temporarily make

Acetone will temporarily make your nails soft and bendy, just like water does. It does not last. Proper removal is important in that your nail tech is not aggressively filing your nails to remove the product.

Vicki Hitchins

Subject: soft/bendy nails

I've found that if I have gel after gel after gel with no break I get soft/bendy nails which break easily. If I have a break for a week or so in between and use decent hand cream a few times a day (my favourite is Vaseline Intensive Care - Health Hands Stronger Nails) then my nails recover sufficiently to continue to grow and stay strong. Hope that helps


Subject: spoilt nails

I had shellac on my nails by a professional,but had them removed at a walk in shop. They have ruined my nails.They filed off the polish ,so my nails are very very thin and brittle. I always had good strong nails. I went back to complain,but they didn't seem to understand me or maybe they didn't want to. Will never have them done again.

Cheryl McEvoy

Subject: You shouldn't punish the

You shouldn't punish the product because you went into a walk in place to have the product removed. That is your fault. Should have gone back to where you had it applied so it would have been properly removed.


Subject: For anyone out there try to

For anyone out there try to soak ur hand in acetone remove shellac is wrong. To much soaking will make ur nail break n weak. Shellac is great the only thing make ur nail thin is the tech n urself. No experience tech will buff out the shellac thats will thin out ur nail bed. First take a file rough the top coat of the shellac. Then foil the nail with acetone n cotton ball. Leave it for 8min get woodstick push it out if som part is not remove rough it with a file n foil fir another 3min. If you leave the foil tight enough for 10min ur shellac will come out without any problem.



Hey guys
I am new to this site. I had a shellac done for the first time today. I have good strong healthy nails which grow quite long and then break when they reach a certain extent, so i decided to treat my nails to a shellac but from reading some of these comments, i'm wondering if i made a mistake lol. She said after 14 days i need to have them done again and then she said i can remove them myself at home with a strong acetone but i've heard i shouldnt remove the polish myself. I dont know what to think now.


Subject: Shellac

any professional two week manicure product is ok for your nails. It's the REMOVAL process that destroys the nails. if the product is removed properly it causes no problems. Two week manicures are NOT a fix to a problem just a patch if you have problem nails. you can't slap a bandaid on a knife wound and expect it to go away right? well same thing for your nails. if your nails are not healthy to begin with then shellac will not make them magically better.

Ryan Garner, Certified Shellac Pro

Subject: Shellac Not porous

Shellac is not porous. The only thing it's designed to be porous too is the shellac remover solution. If you have CND Shellac Polish on your nails and you wipe them with acetone, it will not be removed. Several companies offer home UV lamps. Be careful when using them, they may not dry the CND Shellac polish correctly. This product has it's own UV LAMP, and it's a professional product, not for at home use. Gel polishes are a home use product, and are in no way the same thing as Shellac. In fact, the word gel is not found anywhere on a bottle of Shellac. Remember, there is a major difference! Shellac will never cause nails to turn yellow. And will not damage nails either. Please use the Solar Oil that's given free when CND Shellac is applied by a Licensed and Certified Shellac Professional. Solar Oil by CND, nourishes the nail thru the skin, not the nail. It hydrates the skin cells by three levels. It contains four essential oils. Removal of Shellac is never soaked in a bowl of acetone, never scraped off w metal. Only wrapped in special solution the gently dissolves Shellac's layers are release from nails.

Ryan Garner, Certified Shellac Pro

Subject: Shellac is not a Gel

Hello and a few quick notes... there is only one product on the market called Shellac. It is made by CND. There are over 68 fake copies of "Gel Polish" that call themselves shellac. Of which, none are "shellac". Gel nails and Acrylic nails are an artificial enhancement to the natural nail. So to answer correctly, Hey Kelly... Shellac polish or Gel Polish can be used together. Neither are strengtheners for natural nails. If applied by a LICENSED professional, with certified training, there will always be the best outcome. Shellac Polish lasts two weeks on natural nails and does no damage. And when removed by salon professional, it melts away like bread crumbs in 10 min. Amazing! When Shellac is applied over a Gel or Acrylic nail it will last up to three weeks. Plus, there is new technology in the Gel Enhancement world. Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel and Brisa Lite Sculpting Gel. Both are helpful tools for not damaging the natural nail. Adding length and perfecting. Any questions? I'm available....

Marrisa Towles

Subject: Shellac nails

I normally get acrylic nails, but within 2 week I have lost my pointer finger nail and need a fill in badly. I'm tired of dealing with the money and the trips every 2 week sometimes 3 if i'm lucky. I have heard about the shellac nails and was wondering if I should replace the acrylic with shellac nails? Please help!


Subject: nail polish

Shellac nails aren't a substitute for acrylic, its simply another type of polish. However if you want to make your nails last longer, try using gel instead of acrylic. It tends to last longer and its more healthier for your natural nails.


Subject: Researching before doing...

Is there a difference between gel nail polish and shellac polish? The process and benefits sound the same so I am unsure if it's just a branding deal or if they are really two different things.





Yaya Williams

Subject: Similar experience with Shellac

I have pretty strong nails, unfortunately Shellac caused my nails to become brittle and crack. It also caused a yellowing of my nails. This usually happened after my third application (5-6 weeks). It would take 2-3 weeks for my nails to recover, looking bad most of this entire time. I have decided to use Shellac only for special occasions. I am however thinking I might give it one more try at a salon. I had my nails done previously at a regular walk-in nail shop. I think the problem with the nail shop is how they removed the nail polish. They didn't remove it with a wrap as illustrated on the web, they had me soak my nails and then they would use a nail file and file some of the color off. They would repeat until all the polish was removed. At first they attempted to use a cuticle pusher and scrape the nail polish off instead of using a file and I was like I don't think so. If it's not the removal or application process then I guess I'm just one of those ladies for whom Shellac does not agree with. Darn it!


Subject: Shellac Lamps

Hi! Useful review - didn't realise shellac is porous :-) However, UV lamps for shellac have been available for home use for a couple of years now, as have the nail polishes and IPA & acetone solutions needed. My mum has been doing shellac manicures at home since well before this article was published.

Cheryl McEvoy

Subject: There is only ONE lamp that

There is only ONE lamp that is available for Shellac which is sold by CND and is only sold to professionals. There are other UV lamps available to the public but they are not the same. Shellac is not available to the public, so your mum is using some other gel polish line.

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I second the original question (still unanswered). Speaking as someone who logged in today to try to find an attorney, I see this category as one that's exactly what I have my Angie's List membership for:

1. It's important that I find a good one
2. I'm not an expert enough to know myself who is a good one
3. The industry is full of advertisements and misinformation
4. I wish I knew what experiences other people have had

I don't care about lawns--I planted mine in clover and don't have to mow it. When I do need to mow I use a rotary Fiskars mower, which is great--or a scythe. That's right--a scythe (the European type, which is smaller, and it's very good exercise). Gas-powered mowers, chemical fertilizers and weed killers--all nasty stuff that gets into everyone's air, soil, and water. I'm sure my neighbor doesn't like my wildflowers, semi-wild pockets of fruit bushes, and unmown areas and yes, dandelions (I have 10 acres) but that's too bad. It's better habitat for wildlife, especially the pollinators on which our food supply depends. I think this obsession with the Great American Lawn is a waste of time and resources. Plant some food instead.

I'm not sure Angie et. al. want you to have a complete answer to this question. By re-subscribing at the Indiana State Fair in 2012, I think I paid $20.00 per year for a multi- year subscription. Maybe even less. At the other extreme--and I hope my memory isn't faulty about this--I think the price, for my area, for ONE year was an outrageous $70.00. And they debited me automatically without warning. I had to opt out of that automatic charge. I like Angie's List, but if some of the companies they monitor behaved the way they do in this respect, they'd be on some sort of Pages of Unhappiness. I'll be interested to see if this comment gets published or censored out of existence.

That's very difficult to answer without seeing the house. As one poster said, the prep is the most important part. On newer homes that don't have a lot of peeling paint, the prep can be very minimal even as low as a couple or a few hundred dollars for the prep labor.

On a 100 year old home with 12 coats of peeling paint on it, then the prep costs can be very high and can easily exceed 50% of the job's labor cost.

A 2100 sq ft two story home could easily cost $1000 just for the labor to prep for the paint job. That number could climb too. Throw in lots of caullking  or window glazing, and you could be talking a couple or a few hundred dollars more for labor.

Painting that home with one coat of paint and a different color on the trim could run roughly $1000 or more just for labor. Add a second coat  and that could cost close to another $1000 for labor.

For paint, you may need 20 gallons of paint. You can pay from $30-$70 for a gallon of good quality exterior paint. The manufacturer of the paint should be specified in any painting contract. Otherwise, the contractor could bid at a Sherwin-Williams $60 per gallon paint and then paint the house with $35 Valspar and pocket the difference. $25 dollars per gallon times 20 gallons? That's a pretty penny too.

That was the long answer to your question. The short answer is $2000 to $4000 and up, depending upon the amount of prep, the number of coats, the amount of trim, and the paint used.