5 things to avoid during pregnancy

5 things to avoid during pregnancy

Healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle can help the pregnancy process. But as there are things to do, there are items to avoid. Here are the "don'ts" before delivering:

Don't smoke. It puts both mother and baby at risk for pregnancy complications, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), stillbirth, premature birth and low-birth weight infants.

Don't drink alcohol. It can put your child at risk for health issues within the fetal alcohol spectrum disorder that can affect him or her for a lifetime.

Don't eat certain types of fish. Dr. Debra Kirkpatrick, the vice chair for clinical affairs for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, Ind., says a pregnant woman should avoid fish that are high in mercury such as swordfish and shark. With more common types of fish, like canned light tuna, try to limit it to two meals a week, she said.

Don't eat certain soft cheeses. It is important for a woman to avoid certain soft cheeses like brie, feta and Camembert, Alice Bailes, co-director of Birthcare and Women’s Health in Alexandria, Va., says. According to the Centers for Disease Control, these types of cheeses can carry the foodborne disease listeriosis which can cause miscarriages and stillbirths in pregnant women.

Don't drink unpasteurized milk. It also can contain listeriosis, according to the CDC.

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No wine, soft cheese, smoking, or fishy food means that every European and Mediterranean has borne unhealthy babies. Come on, now. I smoked and drank (didn't know better) and my son is six feet, gorgeous, and massively healthy. But I wouldn't do that again.



Dental work: avoid having or getting any silvery metal fillings at all, they leach mercury. Even getting them cleaned (polished) can give you more. My 30 yr poisoning and was diagnosed as everything but that until a challenge urine test for heavy metals. SO much better now.

dec, PhD


PhD in Toxicology. Smoking is bad, pregnant of not. A little 2nd hand smoke is noxious, not a real toxicity issue.
Unpasturized milk should be avoided unless you are sure of the source and sanitation. Chemical toxicity risk is determined by frequency, duration & repeated exposure. Biological and immune hazard involves other factors. All modified by individual variability & conditions.



Eating soft cheeses while pregnant is just fine. Labels need to be examined to ensure that the cheese is pasteurized. This is clearly stated by the CDC.



Also, don't change the kitty litter. Cats feces can contain toxoplasmosis virus which can cause serious health issues to the baby.



I think she has missed a variety of other important factors, such as avoiding chemical exposures (like VOCs in paint), lunch meat (which also increases the risk of listeriosis), etc. There are also types of fish with very low mercury levels. I recommend websites from americanpregnancy.org and the CDC.

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