5 Sounds that Signal your Car Needs Auto Repairs

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Subject: persistent buzz/hum whenever the car is on

My mom and I share her 2006(ish, not 100% sure of year) Kia Sportage and she is considering giving it to me. However, the constant sound it makes isn't a comforting sound as often as I travel long distances. It's kind of like a hum, but more noticeable/loud (if that makes sense). My mom continuously says she thinks it is the power steering going out, but there are no signs of power steering failure when actually driving the vehicle (the wheel always turns with no problem).


Subject: Winding sound

What would cause my 1999 GMC Jimmy to sound like it's winding when ever I am driving it?


Subject: Old car, squeaking noise

Just a used range 04" HSE. When approaching stops, parked on hill. I start squeaking. I know model is old, but can you fix this? Car picks up beatifully, 1000,000 miles

John Trozzo

Subject: 2010 sonata

When the car sits overnight, a chirping sound like that of a bird seems to come from the right rear tire for about a minute at low speed. After that it no longer makes the noise.

Eric Riggs

Subject: Vehicle

Today My Air conditioner started going haywire and when I shut it off it was still making a sound brakes sounded fine and I hear a pinch sound when making turns and when it start it it makes a noise then it goes down this is my Nissan truck


Subject: Noise

I have a mercury grand marquis 93 and when i drive i hear and feel a vibrating sound comming from i think the back wheels of my car it only happens when I'm going 30-40mph in A straight line can somebody tell me what it is what can i do to fix tbe problem thank yu

Nthabiseng Mashiyane

Subject: roaring sound

My car had a engine problem were I had to fix bearings and pistel all that was done..but now it has this roarig sound when I drive uphill..which it never does before...and it consume more feul now than it used to..


Subject: noise

I use a toyota siena 2002 model. I just replaced the serpentine belt and adjuster bolt of the alternator. Immediately after replacement, I ignited the car only to hear a loud and disturbing noise from the bonnet.
The noise stopped after loosening the adjuster and pivot bolts a bit but once it's tightened the noise begins. What could be the problem?

Mattie Sanders

Subject: Car very noisy? Vibrating

Mercedes 2006 makes loud noise not sure vibrating sounds awful for a after driving 10 minutes it's drives smooth first made loud noise when changing gears now not so much now taken to shop few times each time gears does nothing but they don't know what it is didn't do it much they don't know


Subject: Did they ever figure out what

Did they ever figure out what this was? My truck is doing the same thing. Vibrating when first starting or driving but within 5-10 minutes of running or driving after a "cold start" it stops.


Subject: Rattling sound from front passager side

My truck makes a rattling sound only while driving at first I thought it was my muffler dragging. But it wasnt not sure what it is but its loud and annoying. I dont see anything hanging underneath my truck and nothing dragging.


Subject: squicking noise

I have a Mercedes Benz clk 230 compressor 1999 model , when I release brake pad slowly I here a squeaking sound ( the sound you hear when you put water on a glass surface and the start to starch). This sound also happens when I also release the brake pad after press my brake pad to the fullest. What is the problem can it be solved?


Subject: panic alarm

hello, I have hyundai genisis coupe 2.0t, so,i have recently got new battery and my car is making panic alarm automatically after some time when i had lock the car. Can someone help me find what could be the problem?


Subject: buzzing sound after i go over railroad

Chevrolet tracker 2003 i driving down the road it is fine until I over railroad then it make a buzzing sound. If turn or stop then start moving again it make the buzzing sound. then the sound go away until i go over another railroad. what is buzzing? all my fluid good.


Subject: buzzing sound after i go over railroad

Chevrolet tracker 2003 i driving down the road it is fine until I over railroad then it make a buzzing sound. If turn or stop then start moving again it make the buzzing sound. then the sound go away until i go over another railroad. what is buzzing? all my fluid good.

Sam Garcia

Subject: 2000 buick century,custom

My car is making an annoying chirping sound,i already replaced waterpump,tension pulley,ac compressor last week,and alternator about 5-6 months ago,what else can it be,i really appreciate any help,car runs fine,except annoying,embarrassing noise


Subject: Toyota whirring noise goes with speed of car

My 99 Toyota Camry Le 2.2 has been making a wirring noise that goes faster and slower with the speed of the car. No vibrations. It sounds like it is coming from the wheels, and a friend's mechanic who works at night at home said since the old tires were"cupped",and showed me the insides of each tire were smooth, said it needs new shocks/struts, and buy new tires first, which I did. Noise is still there after the first 100 miles again. I was told the right front wheel bearing needed replacing two years ago by one garage so that was done. Could this noise still be the bearing was not really replaced, or do bad shocks/struts wear down the tires like this mechanic tells me? He just charges for labor if people buy the parts (cheaper online I'm told). Should I just pay $$ and take it in to a garage to look at the wheel bearings and struts to see what really is wrong, or just buy the Monroe Matic Plus struts and see what happens?


Subject: Sporatic washboard sound while driving

While driving my 1993 Ford Crown Victoria I am beginning to hear/feel a rumbling sound as if I ran over a washboard. This is not a continuous sound. It appears or sounds about eight times in a 16 mile commute. Any ideas what I am hearing? I can also feel it a little in my seat while driving.


Subject: Growling at different speeds.

I have what sounds like a similar problem with my 2005 Equinox. It has 120,000 miles. My nephew changed the left front wheel bearing, recommended by 2 out of 3 mechanics.The sound changed a bit and was somewhat less loud but still plays at 45 and 60 and 72. My nephew thinks it might be transmission. I wish I knew. I don't know what to do next. He told me just to drive it until it gets worse and the problem would be more obvious. I drove 75 miles yesterday and came away with Tinnitus that lasted for a about 4 hours once I got out of the car.
Can anyone help? Is there a site that has sounds to listen to to figure out what's wrong? Or some kind of mechanic training information about sounds that are not good!!??

Joseph Boone


I have a 2012 GMC Terrain and am having the same problem. It happens only at certain speeds, 30 something or 40 something and now 20 something and it's something you feel more than hear.


Subject: Clunk Noise

2001-Lexus LS430-Now every once in a while I hear a single clunk coming from the left front wheel. It doesn't clunk when im driving along, but it does when i turn the wheel suddenly to the lkeft. It also makes the noise if the car is off and i move the steering wheel there is a clunk type noise. Anyone have any ideas? It also happens when backing out of the driveway turning the wheel then accelerating forward. It is a single clunk noise, not multiple. Any help would be appreciated.


Subject: Clunking Noise

I had a similar problem with my BMW 3 series earlier this year. It began with a clunk when reversing out of the drive. It ended up being my handbrake shoes. Eventually they completely disintegrated and it locked up my rear wheel!


Subject: 29-07-2015: Loud noises from under the bonnet while driving

My 17 year old daughter is a student and cannot afford much, nor can I, and I am worried that if she takes her car in for a look, the mechanic will overcharge as per usual, as cars are coming back with more problems. Her car is second hand, 5 speed manual, is on her log books to learn to drive, under the arrangement her house mate (she moved to be close to school) would teach her more, but he always uses her car 7 days a week in 4 months and she has only used it twice. I took her car to stay with me and she can drive and learn with me when over, but her car sounds horrid, like a screeching/grinding/rattling noise coming from under her bonnet and the clutch pedal only takes grip part way pressed, so I worked out this: when I am accelerating, even the slightest, there is absolutely no noise, when it is in first or second gear (or perhaps the relevant speed for those gears), there is absolutely no noise, when the clutch is pressed to 'that gripping point' to all the way in, when it feels solid, there is absolutely no noise, so the noise is only when the foot is off the accelerator in third gear or more (or that speed or more) or when the clutch is not used (I pressed and depressed this many times to notice it), If someone has had this problem before/knows what it is/could be, please help me help my daughter, if it is just the clutch? Hopefully not gearbox (she saved her money to buy this cheap from a car yard, a bit concerned)??? Please help??


Subject: car making like a grinding noise in the engine

I have a 2000 Honda prelude an it sounds like metal rubbing in the engine when I hit the gas it gets worse an it does the is in park an while I'm driving I was under the hood an hit the gas an it is coming from in the engine please help


Subject: same problem

I also have this sound coming from my honda civic, did anyone get back to you on the cause of the problem??


Subject: tick tick noise in engine

When I start up my 2009 kia borrego it makes a ticking noise and begins to whir a bit when started up.the noise continues when I am driving it. One shop said its the alternator bearing and the alternator needs to be replaced.what should I do they say it can cost from 350-500


Subject: 2005 pacifica Chrysler

My pacifica is making this horrible noise, it literally sounds like its going to blow up. It usually starts a little after I start driving when I start accelerating. And when I come to a stop It will stop making the noise. And when I turn on the AC when I'm in park it will also stop the noise. I have looled under my hood to see where the noise is coming from, it looks like it's coming from somewhere around the belts. And also I don't know if I have to do anything with my AC but it was just refilled and now it's completely empty.

Gary Jacobsn

Subject: Brake noise

A slight squealing sound from your brakes at low speeds usually indicates the brakes were installed without anti-squealing compound on the backs of the disc pads. It is not serious, only annoying. The mechanic who previously did the brake job should remove the brake pads, apply anti-squealing compound, and re-install the pads at no charge.


Subject: my nissan maximum 04

every time I turn my car off it makes a humming noise an eventually drains my battery? I think its my power steering pump..can that be my problem?


Subject: humming noise

It's definitely not the power steering pump. That runs off the engine, and when the engine stops the steering pump stops with it.

It might be an electric cooling fan on the radiator. Some cars will let the cooling fan continue to run for a few minutes (using battery power) until a sensor detects that the radiator has cooled off below a certain temperature. If the relay that controls that fan is stuck, or the sensor that feeds the relay is stuck, the fan will just continue to run until the battery is dead.

Get a flashlight. Open the hood while the humming is happening. Try to get your head toward the back of the engine compartment so you can look forward and down into the fan shroud. (There might be more than one fan, some radiators have two, side-by-side.) If you can see the fan blades and they're not moving, then that's not the source of the sound. If you can't see any fan blades where they should be, it means the fan is still spinning.

Could it be the fuel pump? In that case the sound would be coming from the gas tank, not from under the hood.

It could also just be that you have a weak battery. It just doesn't have enough power reserve to run the fan for the few minutes needed and still be able to start the car after that. You could also have a good battery but a weak alternator that can't keep the battery fully charged. Places that sell batteries should be able to test the battery and alternator for you.

Hope this helps.


Subject: This sounds like perhaps your

This sounds like perhaps your fuel pump isn't turning off. Is it the same sound you hear when you turn the key to the ACC position before cranking? May need to have someone check the wiring to your fuel pump. A power steering pump is belt driven, if the motor isn't running and turning the belt it won't be operating.


Subject: metal clanking when off and parked

My car drives very smooth, but after a short 30 mile trip when i park it and shut it off it makes a very loud metal clanking sound underneath it for quite some time. It varies in loudness between each clank. I took it to the dealer where it was purchased and they say that it's normal and may be due to the computer systems or a hot exhaust just cooling down. I wouldn't think this to be true. I've only owned the cast for 8 days and think i may have been duped. I have owned numerous vehicles and none of then have clanked metal sounds for 20 minutes after being driven and parked. Otherwise, the car is great. What do you think this could really be? Is it something dangerous or costly? I have a minimal warranty and want to take advantage of it while i have it, but they assure me nothing is wrong.


Subject: Metal clanking sound

It's caused by thermal contraction in the exhaust system as it cools down (generally, stiction where hot parts of the exhaust system contact something that's not cooling at the same rate). Nothing to worry about.


Subject: car

2011 dodge durango doesn't start when I crank the key, I have to put the gear on neutral to start car.then it will start right up.2.the battery dies over night then I need to give car a jump.Bought a new battery and replaced alternator.3. Now I hear a noise under the gas tank like release of air.Tires are brand new.Help.

Gary Jacobsen

Subject: 2011 Dodge Durango

Problem 1--It should crank and start in both park and neutral. If it doesn't, the safety-start switch on the transmission is not aligned with the shift lever. Problem 2--You have a power drain somewhere. Stop buying new parts! Instead, spend a couple bucks on a 12V trouble light (any auto parts store). Then disconnect the negative battery cable and put the trouble light between the batter terminal and the cable connection. If it light up, power is draining somewhere. Note: disconnect the under-hood light when you do this test. Problem 3--that is a mystery.

Terry Bauer

Subject: Roaring Noise

My 2001 Kia is making a roaring noise when I'm accelerating then I can hear it while I'm idling, the three motor mounts were replaced, my two new tires were rotated from the back to the front and just started to make the roar noise plus new front struts, it's never done this before. I've had the car to the dealer and another auto repair place, both told me it's not a wheel bearing.

Gary Jacobsen

Subject: Roaring sound from engine

"Roaring sound" is a little vague. Can you elaborate? A common cause for roaring in the engine area is caused by a locked-up thermostatic control on the fan. Fans are designed to be free-wheeling when temperatures are low, but the thermostatic control tightens the fan rotation when engine is hot. If it doesn't release when the engine cools, you get a recurring roaring sound. It isn't serious, only annoying. Replace the thermostatic control unit (easy job).


Subject: noise when turning wheel

Everytime i turn my steering wheel to the right it makes a heck of a noice. I have 2 little kids and not alot of money. I want to bable to take it somewhere and not get hussled. I just had this done recently. Please help the noise is scary

Gary Jacobsen

Subject: Noise when steering to the right

The problem is the constant velocity joint on the right side, also called the CV joint. It is not the power steering pump or the fluid level; if it were, the noise would appear on both left and right turns.


Subject: Whisteling

I need your help determining what may be wrong with my car. I encounter this problem whenever I start my car in the early morning or whenever I start the car after 8 or more hours of parking. I hear clear whistling sound that sounds like a bird from or around the engine area and this sound disappears after driving for a while. I dont hear this sound when starting my engine after a short parking period of 4-6 hours. what is the problem??


Subject: Car makes "rattling noise"

My car makes a "rattling" or "sound like metal banging" only when it hits a bump, or goes on rough roads. You can still slightly hear some funny noises when on regular roads, but worse on bumps. We checked the breaks, they are fine. My husband said he can't hear it...but I can, and so can a dozzen other people.


Subject: Rattling noise

Have you checked your struts. I had the same problem and when I had the struts replaced the problem never came back


Subject: "Rattling Noise"

Reach under the car and pull on the exhaust pipe. Sounds like you may have a broken hanger bracket allowing the exhaust system to strike either the undercarriage or the frame when you hit a bump.


Subject: rattling noise

I am wondering if you found out what was causing this....because I just had a lot of work done to my car including tires......and out of blue while on road trip it began making loud rattling sound from rear


Subject: my car

My car just started making this tremendous loud noise out of no where it started with just a scratching sound now its so loud A few weeks ago we got the right tire rod fix now its sounding worse what should I do?

Mrs Carvalho

Subject: loud noise

Did you find out what was causing the loud noise out of nowhere? My car is doing that and no mechanic can find the cause as there is no pattern of conditions for it to start and stop.

Anthony Anderson

Subject: Front end

Can you please tell me what the problem could be with the front end of my car.. Every shop i take it to they all say there's nothing wrong with your front end, everything seems to be good, but when I drive my car it makes a few different noises from not so loud to very loud when going over the smallest bumps, the smallest pot holes, the smoothest railroad tracks, all brick roads, all dirt roads, everything! And they all continue to say the same thing " your front end is fine sir". But when i get in my girlfriends car who's front end is also fine when we ride over all of the above her car don't make any noises, our trip is just as smooth and quiet as ever. I don't get it because if both of our front ends are fine then i figure they both should react the same to road surfaces..


Subject: Brake Hardware

Disc brake rotors, calipers, (even the remaining thickness of your brake pads) can be viewed through the spokes of many modern wheels; the saving grace of putting the current technology out there for view. So, look at your brakes from time to time. Go to the local self-serve car wash and wash/rinse everything down-under then gingerly drive to your local expressway and 'blow-dry' everything with a five-minute run at speed. Anticipate stops as you drive and gently apply brakes with an even pressure; this serves, too, to teach one how to 'season' or break-in new rotors/pads when buying new brake hardware becomes necessary; also the hardware will be sound in the event of a "panic stop" All of this I've learned over the course of 41 years of driving. I hope it can help someone.


Subject: Clunking noise

My 1998 chevy blazer makes a clunking noise only when I start to drive the car. The engine is quite. Changed the tie rods and idler arms.


Subject: Car back wheel sound

when making u-turn or right turn on 2004 Cadilac Deville while turning the wheel gets stuck like something not working. When backing up sometimes I hear a noise. What could it be?


Subject: clunking like sounds..........

Hello and to whom it may concern;
After I start my car, its a 93' Buick Regal so its a little old but when I start in drive it makes like I can best describe like a clunking sound?

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Hi, i worked in the automoble field for 8 years, I was the CIO of a large 8 location dealer group.


 Frankly, i would be leary of doing business with a company that is still pushing paint protectant or undercoating.  Undercoating is BIG no no as it will actually cause rust.  It traps water between the steel and the undercoating causing corrosion, it plugs up the door and rocker panel drains as well as drain holes in the uni-body frame rails.  The dealers cost for the undercoating is about 250.00 including man hours, it is a huge profit booster and nothing more.  Although Paint Protectant will cause no damage, it does no good.  It is nothing more than an acrylic polymer protectant which can be purchased at an automotive store...cost for the dealer including man hours, 75-100 dollars.  It is nothing more than a profit booster.


 Gap insurance is worth it, if you are involved in a collision and your car is a total loss, the insurance company generally pays you the trade value for the car.  Gap insurance will pay the difference between what the insurance pays you and how much you owe on the car.  for instance, if the insurance company pays you 2k dollars and you owe 3k, the gap insurance will pay the difference of 1k.  However, if you are finanacing 75 percent of the vehicle cost, then gap is not needed.


  Here is my best advice, pay for the car and not a single additional item.  Pay no more than 10 percent over cost, ask to see the dealer invoice, add 10 percent and pay that price.  Gap insurance can be purchased through the finance company after the purchase.


 So, if the invoice states the car cost the dealer 20k, you offer 22k and not a dime more as that is a fair profit for the dealer.  Puschase no other add ons, none.  If they wont show you the invoice, there are plenty of honest dealers that will.  I would be very careful with this dealer.


 Dealers also make money on financing.  for instance, they submit your loan for approval, the bank comes back and approves the loan at 6 percent interest.  The dealer will add 2 or 3 points charging 8-9 percent interest and the dealer gets the money for the points at the time of sale. Ask them how may points they are adding to the bank rate.


 I summary, be careful.  dont fall in love as there are many dealers with the same car.  Offer 10 percent over the dealer invoice and purchase nothing else.  if the dealer gets defensive, fails to show you the invoice, or pulls other sneaky tactics...WALK.  go to another dealer.


 I strongly recommend visiting visit www.edmonds.com to find the dealer cost for your car as well as many other informative car buying tips.




If it is the original timing belt, then yes - check your owners manual for the recommended changing frequency, but from a quick web search (not knowing your exact engine model) it looks like 60,000 recommended internal, and typically last 80-100,000 miles to failure if not changed.

The most frequent comment (and a red note items on manufacturer's website) is that you probably have a "zero-clearance" engine, an idiotic design that means if the valves are not fully closed when the piston come to the top, it hits the valves and breaks or bends them or punches a hole in the top of the piston. Talk about planned obsolescence !

In short, if that is the case and your belt breaks or gets so loose it strips the "teth" off it or slips, your valve timing will be off, and could cause catastrophic engine damage that would require a complete engine overhaul or replacement !

Unfortunately, after looking at a video on how to change the belt, they build it so almost all the auxiliary equipment has to be taken off to change the belt - the alternator, water pump, radiator upper hose, power steering pump, air conditioner, etc - so rough cost is $800-1200 ! If you are getting it changed, it is also recommended to replace the water pump while it is off.

Hopefully some Montero mechanic will hop on this question and expand on this, but NO engine belt of any type should be trusted to go 115K miles.

A great deal depends on the use of the vehicle.  If you do a lot of mountain driving or heave towing, then a flush would be necessary.  Under normal driving conditions, a flush is NOT necessary at 46K miles.  The shops make money on flushes, that's why they recommend them.  Most transmissions are good for 100,000 miles before requiring maintenance.  Your owners manual should say.....if not then leave it alone.  Maintenance is debated between a flush and a fluid drain and fill.  Both have merits and down sides.  Alternative Car Care is not a fan of flushes and will not do them.  We would rather drain the fluid and change the filter.

Assuming automatic transmission:

At a quick lube type place, with unknown brand of fluid - from about $30-60 depending if done as part of a general fluid change package or all by itself. If transmission fluid filters need replacing too (usually are changed with fluid change on an automatic transmission), more like $75-125 range.

At dealer, using OEM parts and fluid, about twice to triple that. Normal auto repair shop about halfway in between those two. One reason for higher price is they will not (if reputable) extract the old fluid through the dipstick tube and put in new - they will remove the pan or maintenance panel (which commonly has to be done fgor filter replacements) and clean the pan at a minimum regardless.

This assumes you do not need band or continuously variable shift friction surface replacement or adjustment, which can crank it up from $50-100 for band adjustment to several hundreds more for replacements.

Do NOT let some shop convince you to pay for a transmission flush - not only is it unnecessary, but usually uses contaminated fluid from other cars or harmful chemicals (sometimes even tap water or diesel fluid) and can seriously damage your transmission. If your transmission filters were not doing their job or you smoked your transmission fluid, the proper cure (assuming not bad enough to require transmission overhaul) is to change to new fluid and filters, then replace them again in a short time - typcially 50-250 miles recommended by manufacturers, to let the new fluid pick up the dirt and sludge and transport to the filters for cleaning.

IF manual transmission - from about $40-75 for one with drain pan and no filters, to as much as $200 range for one with filters that requires removing side panel to change filter and clean it out. Again, higher end at dealers.

My recommendation - ALWAYS require OEM fluids be used for all but engine oil - mixing brands and additives in equipment is just not a good idea, as they can react with each other and cause serious degradation of the lubricating properties, and even cause gel or sludge in the fluid. A transmission, transfer case, differential, etc should be able to run at least several hundred thousand miles without maintenance if you change the fluid as recommended and use only the same OEM fluids in it. The small amount you will save using cheap fluids is not worth the mega bucks to repair or replace a damaged unit. If you go to an auto shop, find out your required refill quantities and buy the fluids at the dealer and tell them to refill with those - just be sure to get enough to allow for a bit of spillage.