5 questions to ask about eco-friendly cars

5 questions to ask about eco-friendly cars

Going green when buying a car means saving more than gas. “You’re [also] lessening exposure to greenhouse gases,” says Ryan Pesin, vice president at highly rated Ardmore Toyota in Ardmore, Pa. Hybrids like the Toyota Prius and other eco-friendly models made by competitors such as Honda and GM cut tailpipe emissions. “Green is different for every person,” adds Travis Decker, CEO of highly rated Atomic Auto, which services foreign and domestic cars in Portland, Ore.

To make an informed decision, he says, look at EPA ratings on relative greenness and reliability reviews, and ask an auto salesperson these key questions:

1. What’s the gas mileage of this green car?

2. How do emissions compare with similar non-green vehicles?

3. How does this vehicle hold its resale value over time, compared with less green alternatives?

4. What’s the warranty on this car and battery?

5. How is the manufacturing process greener than its competitors?