5 Common Pool Care Mistakes

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Subject: Pool filter

I just got a better pump but now can't find a b type pool filter anywhere. Have type a,c which kinda fits in the pump. Is it ok to subsitute them till I can order the correct ones?


Subject: swimming pool

my friend added about a pint of b1 vitamin plant food to my pool, he grabbed the wrong bottle before he realized what he was doing. i immediately poured in 1/2 gallon of liquid chlorine to the pool. does this hurt the water quality in any way.

Mike Mason

Subject: Brushing pool

We have a new pool and was told to continue to brush it 2 or 3 times a day. Is this overkill or smart practice conditioning the pool? I was curious what was the reason for the constant sweeping after the new pool build.

Thank you for the professional feedback!

M. Mason


Subject: brushing pool

Sound`s like over kill to me, once every day or other day should do it.
Might be that since it`s a new pool there may be a lot of dust, or plaster from construction,
or if you have really hard water (calcium) you need to brush,or at least lightly brush every other day.
That should be plenty, other than that check basket`s,
sweep, backwash, before adding chem. you should be good to go!

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My order of preference - first choice a jacuzzi/hot tub repairman (from a jacuzzi/hot tub/sauna distributor), second choice a plumber (many do not work on hot tubs, jacuzzi's and sauna because they cnanot afford to stock parts). An electrician might be able to fix it if it is a connection problem, but such motors are seldom repaired if the problem is internal, just replaced - which would be a jacuzzi repairman/plumber type job.

You will have to find out what your model costs new - looks like they run from about $400 to 1700 depending on size. IF yours is at the lower end, might be just as cheap to replace it, with parts and labor. If not low end, then repair probably works. Typical pricing of components that might have gone out - switch $80, timer/control unit $130, heating element $100 (probably most likely to have failed) - so if only one of these went out, figuring $100-200 labor, probably cheaper to fix it. I would contact your dealer for a better idea.

BTW - here is a Saunatec instruction on maintenance on the heating element and rocks, failure to follow can shorten heating element life, if that is what went out (and probably the simplest to replace) -