4 tips to save your pet

4 tips to save your pet

The dog days of summer can be prime time for pet injuries. Be sure you know what to do if something happens to Fido or Fluffy on the homefront.

  1. Keep your vet and nearby emergency clinic contact information readily available. All of your pet's records should be in one place so you can grab 'em and go.
  2. Never leave your pet in a car on a warm day or outside with no shade as heatstroke can happen very quickly. If your animal does get too hot, move it to a shaded area and place a cold, wet towel around its neck. Use a hose or pour water continuously over the abdomen to help absorb some of the heat.
  3. If your pet has a seizure, don't get rattled. Refrain from restraining — but make sure it doesn't bump its head or get stranded in standing water. Time the seizure, keep it warm and call the vet.
  4. If you've got a scaredy cat or one that's injured, your pet can go into shock. Symptoms include a weak pulse, shallow breathing, nervousness and dazed eyes. Keep your pet restrained, warm and quiet. If it's unconscious, keep the head level with the body.

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Wally OBrien


I've been a judge for the AKC for over 30 years. Taught obedience for over 35. One of the BIGGEST things for all dog owners is to TRAIN your dog. If you've never trained a dog before, don't assume that you know how to train one. I can't tell you the number of dogs that I've SAVED from being put down because their owners had gotten to the end of their rope. Plenty of low cost dog clubs throughout the country.



With regards to Point #3, when a pet is having a seizure, don't you have to protect the pet's tongue so that he/she doesn't bite it/swallow it? My wonderful dog Barney, RIP, almost bit off his tongue with his first and last seizure (not the cause of his death).



Please, can a professional settle the question whether it's heat or cold on the back for a seizure?? I also keep a blanket in the car and have found injured pets where I needed to cover them and protect everyone in order to get them to the vet. A hurt dog is likely to react strongly especially to a stranger so protection is needed. I just used it to get a giant turtle out of the road. It saved me from being sprayed with urine.

Cindy Campione


Pet Tech, Inc's PetSavers class teaches pet owners how to respond to all kinds of pet emergencies. It is an 8 hour class that can save your pet's life. As a certified instructor for Pet Tech, I am constantly amazed at the calls I get from students after taking the class - how they have helped save theirs or a friend's pet's life. We all take human First Aid classes, why not take Pet First Aid/CPR classes? It's the responsible thing to do for a pet owner.

Suzanne B


Red Cross Pet First Aid class and kits are most helpful.

Teresa H


Another important fact is that animals experiencing seizures --- especially for the first time --may be aggressive. The best think to do is to keep some distance between you & the animal: Call his name,etc. Do not approach until he appears to be responding to you. The seizure takes alot out of him, and it is not uncommon for his blood sugar to drop. I always gave my dog vanilla ice-cream, maybe a TBSP post. Again when he is responding to you, and the seizure has past. Have a blanket handy, for the animal may lose control of his bladder. I too used ice on his back.

Leslie Mink


During this heat wave it is necessary to have extra cool water available at ALL TIMES for your pets. Additionally, they should be kept inside as much as possible in extreme heat or cold.



An effective and safe action to keep a pet from going into shock is to gently grip the ear with the thumb and first two fingers and, beginning at the base of the ear, slide the fingers gently toward the tip of the ear and the exert gentle pressure at the tip. Repeat until help arrives.

Stacy Mays


With regard to point #1, My vet has moved to online records. This has been added to my selection criteria in picking a practice. Complete access to records can be incredibly important especially if you have an animal with a chronic illness. Also, with regard to #4, every animal owner should have a soft muzzle on hand or learn how to gently muzzle with a leash or other cord. An injured dog, particularly one in shock may bite out of fear even if they have no history of aggression.

JR White


Point 3 has a serious error. A pet having a seizure should be kept COOL not warm. There is substantial evidence that placing an icepack on the middle of a dog's back can stop a seizure within minutes without medication. Unfortunately my dog suffered serious damage when I followed the "keep warm" instruction of my vet's office staff. Subsequently I have found that an icepack works.

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