3 DIY masonry repair projects

3 DIY masonry repair projects

Most masonry projects require the help of a professional for successful completion. However, there are a few minor projects that may fit the category of "do-it-yourself" if you have a little experience and can handle a bit of sweat and labor.

Three DIY masonry repair projects include:

Sealing a crack in a concrete patio. With a few tools and the right skills, you can easily repair a crack in your concrete patio on walkway. First, you'll want to perform the repair on a cloudy or overcast day since the sun can dry out the sealant.

1. At your local home improvement store, purchase the following items: acid cleaning agent, epoxy tubes, caulk gun and concrete mix.

2. Thoroughly clean the affected area with the acid cleaner to ensure a secure attachment of the old and new cement.

3. Insert the epoxy tube into the caulk gun and inject the epoxy into the crack. Wait for it to dry so the epoxy can set properly.

4. Mix together the concrete mixture and apply a thin layer over the top of the affected area to create a smooth, even surface. Wait for the area to dry completely before using your patio again.

Replacing a damaged kitchen tile.  Although tile flooring is usually fairly strong, sometimes it can undergo irreparable damage due to harsh contact with a heavy object or severe scratching. In these instances, the tile would have to be replaced instead of repaired.

1. You will need the following materials for this do-it-yourself project: one replacement tile, tile adhesive, grout mix, hammer, cold chisel, vacuum, putty knife, notched trowel, grout float, sponge, grout saw, towel and safety glasses.

2. Using your grout saw, cut around the damaged tile to isolate it. When the grout has been removed, lay your towel over the damaged area and use the hammer to break the tile into more manageable pieces.

3. Wearing gloves, carefully remove the broken pieces. Use a chisel to remove the old adhesive and vacuum up the debris.

4. Spread the adhesive on your new tile using the putty knife and use the notched trowel to create a more even surface on the back of the tile. Set the tile in place and use the handle of the hammer to ensure a firm attachment to the floor.

5. Wait at least 24 hours for the adhesive to dry thoroughly. Then, use your grout float to press the grout into the edges of the tile.

6. Use your damp sponge to wipe any excess grout from the top of the tile and buff all surrounding tiles for a more uniform look.

Repair a scratch on marble countertop. Since marble is a porous material, it can often be vulnerable to scratches and other damages.

1. To repair a shallow scratch on your marble countertop, collect the following materials: steel wool, hand buffing pad, portable drill with buffing pad attachment, marble polish, one gallon of distilled water, and soft towels.

2. Use a neutral pH cleanser with no abrasives to completely wipe the marble surface clean.

3. Apply the steel wool to the damaged area and clean up any bits left behind.

4. Spread a generous amount of marble polish on the hand buffing pad and apply it to the entire surface, allowing time for the counter to dry.

5. Use the buffer to restore the shine of the marble and eliminate the scratch from the surface.

6. Clean off any residue with the distilled water and dry thoroughly using the soft towels to prevent streaks.

Although these projects can be completed with the appropriate tools and experience, it is always recommended that you contact a professional mason contractor for larger repairs.

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