1966 Fairlane GTA gets laundry list of upgrades

1966 Fairlane GTA gets laundry list of upgrades

Company Name: Valley Vintage Cars
Company location: Hadley, Mass.
Category: Restorations - Classic Car
Member name: Michael Cahill
Vehicle Make: Ford 1966 Ford Fairlane GTA
Work performed? Yes
Hire again? Yes
Approximate cost: $7,756


Description of work:
My 1966 Ford Fairlane GTA needed some upgrades. Mike DiCola [the owner] picked up our car in Framingham, Mass., in his closed car trailer and brought it to his shop in Hadley, Mass.

Mike did excellent work upgrading the Ford as follows:

  • converted manual steering to power steering
  • converted manual 4-wheel drum brakes to power front disc and new rear drum assemblies with new brake lines
  • added an extra leaf on rear springs with new bolts/clamps/rods
  • installed a new Griffin aluminum radiator, thermostat housing and thermostat
  • installed new transmission oil pan
  • installed a new distributor
  • replaced the transmission mount
  • modified the outer tie rod ends
  • installed a new spark plug wire set
  • installed a used Holley 650 carb
  • replaced valve cover gaskets and a leaking freeze plug
  • performed a lot of miscellaneous adjustments and corrections as needed

Member comments:
We gave Mike a very good Classic that needed to be upgraded and made safe to drive as a safe dependable car once again. He succeeded on all counts as I knew he would after having a number of discussions with him before I turned the car over. When we drive the car now we have no concerns regarding safety or operation.